From: Vladimír OK1VPZ [mailto:ok1vpz{lot}]
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2017 12:56 AM
To: 'Jacques Verleijen'
Subject: EU table of frequency allocation

Hello Jacques
we already discussed few months ago about contesting, but now I have another and quite serious issue. Check the European table of frequency allocation - the latest version from June 2016 and look on page 199 - there are ECA footnotes included in ECA Table - and in note ECA17 is written:
"In the sub-bands 3400-3410 MHz, 5660-5670 MHz, 10.36-10.37 GHz, 10.45-10.46 GHz the amateur service operates on a secondary basis. In making assignments to other services, CEPT administrations are requested wherever possible to maintain these sub-bands in such a way as to facilitate the reception of amateur emissions with minimal power flux densities"
Nice note, but: check the 6cm amateur radio bandplan and the 5660 - 5670MHz segment - it isn't where it is sensitive for us, because rather 5760 to 5762 MHz (at least) should be protected. Yes, it was probably a mistake, made by someone many years ago. But - because IARU have representative body in the WGFM (Working group of frequency management of CEPT), I would kindly ask you prepare for next meeting of WGFM (now will be the next in March, but it is too late, so IARU shall be prepared for June session), some official request for change of the ECA17 note and put there ask for protection of terrestrial and EME amateur radio freq. segment 5760MHz!  I hope it would be possible without any major troubles, because it is just correction of old mistake.
However: the VHF Commitee of IARU Region I. (and not only Region I.) shall discuss as well as possibility by effective way to follow the British experience of negotiations between RSGB and OFCOM and try to swap extraordinary and in practise not usable very broadband amateur radio allocations on 13,9,6 and 3cm by better protection of our low level signal DX subbands. In fact we do not need more, than have a 1 or 2 MHz noise free, by better support from national and European regulators (What about use the BEREC society of EU national regulators?) and change unusable tenths and even hundreds uneffective amateur radio allocations by relatively narrow, but for contesting, DX and EME very valuable allocations with better, than only declaratory "soft good will" as requested above in ECA17 note.
In another case we will lost everything soon! For what I will have right to transmit somewhere, when there will no chance to receive opposite station? For exemple 10GHz band is in the Czech republic already fuly occupied by WIFI providers with P-P links (
and now in correlation with extenden freq. allocation for WIFI we will lost forever the 6cm band, because 1W RF RLANs will be placed there within a year. It is EU wide issue of next two years. Not here only. I cannot to do myself anything effective, Czech CRC has no interest to protect such bands, but IARU can, I hope!
Please consider it, and /or even ask Murray Niman G6JYB for advice, because he has lot of experience due to RSGB-OFCOM disputes. And please try to save what you can. I think 2MHz solid protection (athough still on secondary base) in the each band against covering of broadband data occupation would be the great win!
best regards and 73!
Vladimir OK1VPZ