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Předmět: New circuits of April 2007

» Analog & Mixed-Signal Processing
MC33580: Quad High-Side Switch designed for low-voltage automotive and industrial lighting and motor control applications
MH103A: High Dynamic Range PCS-Band MMIC Mixer
WJZ2020: Low Cost Mixer...
ECG012: 0.1 Watt, High Linearity InGaP HBT Amplifier...
EC1089B: InGaP HBT Gain Block...
ECG015: 1/4 Watt, High Linearity InGaP HBT Amplifier...
ECG055C: InGaP HBT Gain Block...
ECP053D: 1/2 Watt, High Linearity InGaP HBT Amplifier...
MCP6034: Operational amplifier has a gain bandwidth of 10 kHz with a low typical operating current of 900 nA
TSC101: High side current sense amplifier..
ADA4937-1: Low noise, ultralow distortion, high speed differential amplifier
LOG114: Single-Supply, High-Speed, Precision logarithmic amplifier
AP358N: Low power dual operational amplifiers.
MCP6031: 0.9 µA, High Precision Op Amps
AP393N: Low power low offset voltage dual comparator
VP16256: Programmable FIR FIlter
AD9271: Octal LNA/VGA/AAF/ADC and Crosspoint Switch
AD8175: High speed, triple 16 × 9 video crosspoint switch
HMC596LP4: SMT CMOS 4x2 switch matrix, 0.2 - 3.0 GHz
ISL54054: Ultra Low ON-Resistance, Low Voltage, Single Supply, Single SPST/1:2 Distribution Analog Switch

» Automotive
MCP6G01: 110 µA Selectable Gain Amplifier
AH375-P: Internal Pull-up Hall Effect Latch
ATS177-P: Single output hall effect latch

» Communication
XE2422H: Complete miniature, surface-mount, 2400 bps modem.
DS26519: Single-chip 16-port framer and line interface unit
MT9072: Multi-port T1/E1/J1 framing device that integrates eight fully independent, feature rich framers.
ZL30107: Low Jitter Ethernet Synchronizer is a single chip low cost
W5691CY: 16 notes polyphonic ringtone chip
MAX8805Y: High-frequency step-down converters are optimized for dynamically powering the power amplifier (PA) in WCDMA or NCDMA handsets
MAX3580: Fully integrated, direct-conversion TV tuner is designed for Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T) applications.
AT86RF535B:WiMAX Transceiver 802...
VT5365: Complete system on-chip for use in wireless optical mice
XE24S500: Miniature 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum transceiver.
XE900S-500: Smart Spread Spectrum Transceiver

» Data Conversion
TSC2007: 16-Bit, Dual, Parallel Input, Multiplying Digital-to-Analog Converter
SN65LVCP404: Gigabit 4x4 crosspoint switch
ADS6425: High performance 12-bit, 125-MSPS quad channel ADC. S
DAC8822: Dual, multiplying digital-to-analog converter

» Discrete
AH180-P: Low Power Omnipolar...
SBR10U200CT: SBR® Super Barrier Rectifiers: 200V-300V...
SBR120S3: SBR® Super Barrier Rectifiers: Small Outline Packages...
FFPF08S60S: Stealth II Rectifier...
FFPF08H60S: Hyperfast II Rectifier...
BAS16VV: Triple high-speed switching diodes, encapsulated in very small Surface
STTH120R04TV: The STTH120R04TV series uses ST's new 400 V...
DRDNB21D: Relay Drivers...
CPC1218: Miniature voltage-controlled 1-Form-A Solid State Relay
BTA312: Passivated, new generation, high commutation, high temperature triacs
DCX100NS:Pre-biased NPN/PNP Transistor Complex Arrays...
LMN200B02: PNP Transistor/ N-Channel MOSFET with Pull Down Resistor...
ISL73096RH: Radiation hardened transistor array
DZT3150:NPN transistor...
FDA18N50: N-Channel enhancement mode power field effect transistor
FAN5336: High-efficiency, low-noise, fixed-frequency PWM
IRF6716MTRPBF: 25V Single N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET in a DirectFET MX package
NMSD200B01: N-MOSFET/Schottky Diode...
ISL6313: Two-phase PWM control IC provides a precision voltage regulator
FCP11N60F: SuperFETTM is, Farichild’s proprietary, new generation of high voltage MOSFET family
AAT4285: SmartSwitch is a P-channel MOSFET power switch

PEEL16CV8J-25: CMOS Programmable Electrically Erasable Logic Device

» Interface and Interconnect
MAX6618: PECI-to-I2C translator provides an efficient, low-cost solution for PECI-to-SMBus/I2C
DS25BR100: Single channel 3.125 Gbps LVDS buffer
LMH0344: 3Gbps HD/SD SDI Adaptive Cable Equalizer
LMH0346: 3Gbps HD/SD SDI Reclocker retimes serial digital video
LMH0341: 3G, HD, SD, DVB-ASI SDI Deserializer with Loopthrough and LVDS Interface
DP83849I: DUAL Industrial Temperature with Flexible Port Switching
TMDS141: HDMI hider is designed to accommodate a 1-m HDMI cable bet
LAN9132: High-performance, wired 10/100 network multimedia co-processor

» Memory
FM22L16: 4Mbit Ferroelectric Nonvolatile RAM...
AS4DDR16M72PBG: 1.2Gb DDR SDRAM MCM, is a high-speed high-speed CMOS, dynamic random-access
M36L0T7060B2: 128 Mbit (Multiple Bank, Multilevel, Burst) Flash memory and 64 Mbit PSRAM

» Microcontrollers
ADUC7028: Fully integrated, 1 MSPS, 12-bit data acquisition systems
MCF5253: General-purpose, cost-effective system controller
HT48RU80: 8-bit high performance, RISC architecture microcontroller
HT49RV3: 8-bit high performance single chip MCU.
PIC18F2410: Up to 10 MIPS performance, C compiler optimized RISC architecture

» Multimedia
ZL38005: Voice processor with Butterfly hardware accelerator
W99685BS: System Camera device support Parallel Bus Host , YUV Interface
W99685FS: USB bridge for data transfer between phone and PC...
W99686F: Plus resolution of VGA, 1.3M, 2.1M pixels & Secure Digital card interface
W99702G: Multimedia Application Processor for Camera Phones; JPEG, MPEG4, MP3
AD9889B: 165 MHz, high definition multimedia inter-face (HDMI)
HT82V739: Integrated class AB mono speaker driver
TDA8932B: High efficiency class-D amplifier with low power dissipation.
THS7316: Low power single-supply 3-V to 5-V, 3-channel integrated video buffer.
TPA3120D2: 25-W (per channel) efficient, Class-D audio power amplifier
TPA6040A4: Stereo audio power amplifier and DirectPath headphone
PCM3060: Low-cost, high-performance, single-chip, 24-bit stereo audio codec
PCM4222: High-performance, two-channel analog-to-digital (A/D)
TLV320AIC3106: Low power stereo audio codec with stereo headphe
WM8593: High performance multi-channel audio CODEC with flexible input/output
STw5098: dual low power asynchronous stereo audio CODEC device with headphone amplifier
ATR0874: 10-channel High Speed Photo Detector IC for DVD/CD...
TSH173: Single supply triple video buffer...
W55V91: Highly-integrated chip for TV-toy applications

» Optoelectronics
VL6522: VGA imager on chip (IOC)
TSC101: 18 + 1 channel buffer for TFT-LCD panels
STP08DP05: Low voltage 8-Bit constant current Led sink with full outputs error detection
HT16566: 1/2 Duty VFD Digital Clock...

» Power Management
FIN212AC: Low-power serializer / deserializer
LM26400Y: Monolithic, two-output fixed frequency PWM step-down DC/DC regulator
AAT1120: SwitchReg is a 1.5MHz step-down converter
NCP1351: current mode controller targeting low power off line flyback
TPS65053: Integrated Power Management IC for applications powered by one Li-Ion or Li-Polymer cell
TC7WPN3125FK: dual supply, advanced high-speed CMOS 2-bit dual supply voltage interface
BQ29410: Secondary overvoltage protection IC for 2-, 3-, or 4-cell
TPIC74100-Q1: Switch-mode regulator with integrated switches
AAT3697: Battery Manager is a highly integrated single-cell lithium
BQ27350: Battery fuel gauge with secure authentication support
AAT3670: BatteryManager is a highly integrated single-cell lithium-ion/polymer (Li-ion) battery charger
AP1522W: Step-Up DC/DC Converter
TPS40131: Two-phase synchronous buck controller
SC4509: Highly integrated step-up DC/DC converter
XC9120: PWM/PFM auto/external switching controlled step-up DC/DC converter controller IC
TPS61202: Low input voltage synchronous boost converter with 1.3-a switches
TPS2068: Current-limited, power-distribution switches
CAT4004:The CAT4004 provides four matched low dropout current sources to drive
ISL97801: High-power LED backlight driver
TLC5945: 16-Channel led driver with dot correction and grayscale pwm control
SP6415: Integrated OLED and White-LED Driver...
SP7686A: Constant Current Flash Driver in DFN 2mm x 3mm
HV853: high voltage, low noise EL (electroluminescent) lamp driver.
SSM3K123TU: Field Effect Transistor Silicon N-Channel MOS Type
ISL6314: Single-phase PWM control IC provides a precision voltage
CAT6219: 500mA CMOS LDO Regulator
AP78L05S: Linear Voltage Regulator
AP78L12V: Linear Voltage Regulator
AP1084D15: 5A low dropout positive adjustable or fixed-mode regulator
AP451S: 2 Channel Linear Controller with Independent Enable Function
NCP3520: Low Drop Out regulator control
UCD7230: Digital Control Compatible Synchronous Buck Gate Drivers
XC6221: Low noise, high speed, low dropout regulators.
STCS1: 1.5A Max constant current LED driver
MAX8643A: 3A, 2MHz Step-Down Regulator with Integrated Switches
DVRN6056: NPN Trans/Zener - Voltage Regulator...
ISL21007CFB825: Voltage references are extremely low power...

» RF & Microwaves
ADDR9501: complete SDARS (satellite digital audio radio services) RF front-end solution
HMC338LC3B:24 - 34 GHz Sub-harmonically Pumped (x2) MMIC Mixer with an integrated LO amplifier
HMC144LH5: Double-Balanced MMIC Mixer housed in a hermetic SMT leadless package
HMC615LP4: High linearity, GaAs FET converter ICs that operate from 2.3 to 4.0 GHz
CV110-1A: Cellular-band High Linearity Downconverter...
CV111-3A: UMTS-band High Linearity Downconverter...
CV210-2A: Cellular-band Dual-Branch Downconverter...
MRFE6S9130HR3: RF Power Field Effect Transistors...

» Sensors
ADXRS612: Complete angular rate sensor (gyroscope)
ADUM1233: Isolated, half-bridge gate driver
MLX90316: Absolute Rotary Position Sensor IC...
MLX90609-N2: Angular Rate Sensor
AH173-P:Hall Sensor...
AH284-P: Smart Fan Driver...
MMA7260QT: Low cost capacitive micromachined accelerometer...
AP1346S: Motor Driver ICs...

» Timing Circuits
AD9516-0: 14-Output Clock Generator with Integrated 2.8 GHz VCO
HT13R90: 40-Bit Programmable Timer
CDC421100: High-performance, low-phase-noise clock generator.
CDCE421: High-performance, low-phase-noise clock generator.
CDCVF855: High-performance, low-skew, low-jitter, zero-delay buffer
DS28DG02: 2kb SPI EEPROM with PIO, RTC, Reset, Battery Monitor, and Watchdog
DS3641: Secure supervisor with 1,024 bytes of SRAM
DS32B35: Accurate real-time clock (RTC) is a temperature-compensated
ISL12020: Low power real time clock with an embedded Temp sensor