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No agreement in ITU‑R WP4C on the measures needed to protect the RNSS in the 23cm band.
No agreement in ITU‑R WP4C on the measures needed to protect the RNSS in the 23cm band.  

 Leave announce about participation in the UHF/SHF C-test. SHF hamradio is everywhere. SSPA for 24GHz. VHFC 2023 by: OL1C & OM3RRC. Tropo 9/2023 by SM7LCB. 150W 13cm PA I4CIV. Commercial BPF & TVI. ARRL EME Contest 23 - microwave part by: OK1CA, OK1KIR, OK2AQ, OK2ULQ. OK1UGA's article abt. TVI. Hamradio stories. Reparation of YAESU G1000DXC rotator. Circuit for speed control of 230V/50Hz fans in PA. Marek SP2MKO SK 20.9. Remind experienced 3 cm opertor. RIP!  LDMOS RF5L052K0CB4: 1,6kW at 70cm. Look for sales, 2kW LDMOS for 144MHz. Linearity test (at 6th.min). Compare here. Tropo condx next week? ARRL 10GHz & up Contest in September 2023 as seen by AF4JF: 1st part.  Today (19-9-23) were Au condx. VHFC 2023 by OK4C from Klínovec hill. From QRO perspective this coax.relay isn't any miracle. (tnx.YO5LD). DB6NT & DK5NJ worked first contact DL-F on 76/122/241 GHz and also first contacts DL/PA-ON, congrats. VHFC 2023 by OK1KKY, OK6M, DR2X, F6KFH,DL. Tropo 9/2023 CW/SSB by: OK1MZM, OK1TEH, OK1ZHS. Tropo 9/2023 FT8 by GM4FVM, DL3IAS, OK1ADT, OK1KZE, OK2WO, OK2ZAW, S50C, S51ZO, PA0O, FM. OH0 at 23cm. New firmware for IC9700. Will they simple stop 23cm? PA microwaves. Download tech.articles. No measure -> no knowledge. A bit abt. 23cm PA KL7UW testing. Written abt. us. Tnx!  FT290 display change. Real Hamradio adventure on Microwaves by W5LUA. Digital archive focused to hamradio and communications. Anateur radio daily. Link, which you may consider useful. Claimed results in the IARU VHFC 9A, S5, OK, OM. For sure you know it: antenna (Hi PWR) relay shall be in case of transmitting in sleep mode and active for RX! Tropo log 2023 (w/o FT8) from Prague 8. North American VHF Field day - report VE3IRR: compare EU results. Such strong were on 8.9. morning Slovak beacons in Prague. VK3FS video records - microwave adventure. K2UYH released his EME Newsletter for 70cm and up. Good tropo to North continues, NAC's log of OK1TEH. VHFC 2023 at: OK1KKI, OL2J, OK1OPT, OR6T, HA8V, S50C, S59P, 9A0BB, DR9A, HB9HLM. 24G Wavelab. VHFC 2023 reports: OK1KPA, OL7M, OK2KRTOM0FC, ON4KHG. Claimed results: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA, G. Sunrise on 6.9 in Prague across thermal inversion layer. EME beacon DL0SHF at 10GHz is temporary down. Next weekend will be held all bands ARRL VHF Contest. Try your first EME QSO. When Sun getting fever. Results of the 75th OK VHF Field day Contest here. Final results  of July VHF-C in OM & DL. CRC in silence. Give a new life to old power transistors. Construction of small & middle SSPA. EU results of the 2023 FD-C.S End of August for full of nice 3cm RS openings, log OK1TEH, F5LEN. Analysis of usable SCP by OK1TEH. Remind to leave an announce about your planned participation in IARU VHF Contest 2023. IARU rules>here. SP SHF meeting Zieleniec 2023, photos by: OK1TEH, SP2IQW. 8-10.9 will be held the Weinheim meeting. Don't forget to send info about your participation in IARU Region I. VHF Contest 2023, weather forecast is here.  CRC meeting in Holice 2023 by OK1EM. From where are visitors of OK2KKW web? IC7300 firmware update. Useful tool for quick for a quick measurement of waveguides. Kuhne restarted selling 1W PA for 47 GHz band. What new on the DG7YBN web: more info about crossed Yagi antennas.  A bit another access to KST chat.  On August 21, let us recall radioamateur stories of 1968 and more. MP3 archive, emergency TV broadcasting. VHF Contesting -> reciprocal interference & ok2pwy's opinion. 3cm RS: DL3IAS and OK1TEH on Sunday 13.8. 15th August OK2KKW's web celebrated the 23rd anniversary, Mni thanks for your interest for our daily info! Perseids 2023 - CZ photos, reports: OK1TEH (70cm), OK1UGA, OK1DIX, UA3MBJ. GM4FVM and Tajfun PA. Alpe Adria VHF & QRP Contest 2023 by OK1RCA at Klinovec. New records on 76GHz++ by SP/DK5NJ JO71. Perseids 2023 - history, gallery, when to set sked, MS radar, ZHR, on 2m is running UA6LQZ from LN16IX. Perseids 2023 - tracking of reflections via PSK reporter. MS Sprint Contest. Update of Sun & Moon noise table. Alpe Adria VHF & QRP Contest 2023 u: OK1OPT, OK1TEH, OK1KMP, OE/OL1P, S59DEM, S59P a S57O 20W GaN amplifier module for 10GHz + LNA MMIC for the same band. EME NewsLetter K2UYH for 70cm + up. Patch feed into a parabolic dish for 70 and 33cm by W5LUA. Maybe it would be upgradeable for 23 & 13cm. Pavel OK1AIY celebrated round birthday starts by eighty. Let's wish him concrete health & new DXs on µW! 6.8 night passed away microwave admirer Franta OK2QI. RIP! W6PQL visit Azores & already he's QRV EME. Since August 6th. till EOY 2023 Italian stations are allowed  to use 70MHz under condition not to exceed 10W. On August 27th W7GJ starts 6m EME Dx-pedition to Mauritius. MS QSO at 4m you can wkd with TF/SP7VC. Funny...why IARU defend rather HF? New OM beacons. Alpe-Adria C-test on Sunday in a rainy weather. Update of meeting Agenda of VHF Convention Zieleniec. July C-test 2023 of OK6M. 300mW 76GHz amplifier. New Slovak beacons OM0MVB and OM0MUB from JN99EH, at 144,422 + 432,422 MHz even heard in Prague. July Contest 2023 I1KFH, IU4APB, IQ3LX, PA1T. Difference evaluated by marketing guy. FT8 box for disgrace? It is not related to VHF, but maybe such DX-pedition may kick on someone to arrange this trip QRV EME incl. Video of the "Youth FD" and July VHF contest 2023 by OK1KEO. HW gadgets by DK3HA. July Contest in DL. Known results of contests were added. Waiting for July Contest evaluation. Perseids hits starts up short Es. OK1DOM invites you into Summer QRP Contest. 2m Meteorscatter Sprint C-test 2023. 3cm DL0SHF QRV. Why it must be complicated? Let's use simple way monitoring. For sure you will use such rejection filters unit. Reports from July 2023 FD by OK2A & OM3RRC. IARU released EU incl.OK results of Microwave C-test 2023. July Contest 2023 by OK1KMP (OK5P), pics from Russian NFDs and simple rotator. Directional coupler. Test. July Contest 2023 by RX3DR, OL2J, G4GA/p. Planar antennas - design and use. EAGLE PCB for OS LINUX. July Contest 2023 by OL7K, OM4C, OK5K. This weekend join "US" CQ VHF Contest and EME RU C-test. 250W 23cm PA US4ICI. Prefinal European results of the May VHF 2nd.subr. Contest 2023. We won 3.bands! Field day 2023 by: OK1KUO, OL2J, OK5K. KM5PO's news with 24 GHz WaveLab, see more. WB8LYJ's rover. Field day 2023 by: OR6T, S51ZO, S50C, S59DEM, S59P, HA6W, HA1WD. We published OK2A's VHFD logs. Field day 2023 by: DK0NA, IQ1KW, DR2X, OM4C + 9A4QV. Claimed results in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA and G. Last night we had lightning in Prague. OK1TEH's pic. July Field day by IQ3LX, EI7T, OK1OPT. News SM6VTZ. Shortly we can await OK QRP Contest & "adult" Alpe Adria Contest. Remind as well VHF meetings SP6 + S5. 2023 Es season is still ON. Try it not only on FT8, but as well as on CW + SSB at almost HF bands 6 & 4 m.  43. Nordic V/U/SHF meeting 26-28 May 2023 & Swedish DX record at 122GHz. Metamagnetism and RF filters. Report from July Contest OK2KRT, OK1KKY, OL4N, OL70KVK, OL7M, OK1KPA, OM3KTR, OM3KSI, G3PIA. Delayed report of OK2A from the June Microwave contest 2023. Microwave Contest by OK1KPA and OK1EM. No agreement in ITU‑R WP4C on the measures needed to protect the RNSS in the 23cm band. Next risk 4 us. Combination of Es allow to set new 2m Es DX record 5354km: CT9/OM3RG - RN4AT. Congrats!  Web G0ISW. Don't forget send your logs from July C-test into IARU evaluation. About noise from LDO stabilizators. Part one. 75. OK VHF Field day is over. Claimed OK list check here. OM3TRN, well-known designer has 70. Congrats! OM Power working on upgrade of theirs 2 metre PA: the new OM2002W may deliver 1800W and water cooling. Announce your plans to participate in comming July VHFup 3rd.subregional Contest. Fotogallery of YT0A club. Alpe-Adria UHF-C - video from IK4HLQ team. Sky above OK and DL traversed bright bolid. We would support it. We were in Friedrichshafen on Hamradio_2023 convention and from IARU we received some pricing.  1, 2, 3, 4. Based on the successful negotiations of IARU with ITU-R starts clearance sale of amateuradio 1296MHz gear. Final results of the May VHF-C (2.s) in DL. Did you wkd "impossible" Es QSO to EA8? 23cm band 1298 -1300. OM5CM released final OM results of the May 2.subr. Side band noise measure by ordinary spectr. analyzers. YAESU by FT710 model has shifted 70MHz band into HF hamradio bands. Unfortunately it probably helps FT8. 13cm driver by RA3APW delivers 4W only. Check another way here. More. On July 5. will be FT8 outrage test. Final results of the May 2nd. subregional Contest. Thanks to OL9W help we won (hattrick). Where await RS? Hamradio (primary) 24GHz band you can support by 100W SSPA. Microwave connectorsRelays for antenna. On August 18 - 20 will be next SP VHF hamradio convention Zieleniec. News on DL7QY web. Beacons for Es. On 15.6 was unique 2m Es from CT3 into OK/OM, more here, OK1TEH's log G7RAU a DK5YA about 2m Es. New 2m EME NewsLetter DF2ZC. Don't miss weekend 6m IARU and popular Alpe Adria UHF/SHF Contest. New EME NewsLetter DF2ZC. Yesterday (15.6) were again Es opening. This weekend join 6m IARU Contest. SHF Contest 2023 by: OK2VMC, OK6M, OM3RRC, DL3IAS, F6KFH, 9A6C. Mem.OM3AU: OM0FC, OL7C. SHF Contest 2023 by: DK0NA, IQ1KW, 9A4QV, S51ZO, S59P. Claimed results at: 9A, S5, OK, OM and PA. SHF Contest 2023 by: OK2VMC, OK6M, OM3RRC, DK0NA, DL3IAS, F6KFH, 9A6C. Mem.3AU by OL100RJ. 13.6 was 2m Es from OK into UA4, EA. 4m Es log OK1TEH. OK2A's logs from June Microwave Contest 2023. Present EME NewsLetter K2UYH for 70cm and above, July issue in preparation. Microwave contest OK2KOJ. Interesting web pages: 1, 2, 3, 4. Claimed listing of OM Microwave Contest. 09062023 Es open as well on 4m. USA will be held this week ARRL June VHF Contest. As well as EME contacts are valid. Give them points. Book, which should be not missed in your library shelf. Alternative software for communication by plane scatter. 100W PA for 24GHz band. June DX-pedition OJ0EME plans to be QRV on 23cm. Spaceklabs µW amplifiers. Microwave contest 2023 by OK1EM. OM3PV SHF_OM & OM3KTR head is SK. RIP! March C-test OM results. June 2023 SHF C-test by OK1KPA. UHF + µW Alpe Adria C-test will be on 18.6. Data of Russian EME C-test. OK2KKW's report from May subregional contest on 70/23/9/3cm bands, pictures in full resolution are here. Prefinal results of 2.subr. appreciated. SDR microwave transceivers from S53MV. 24GHz modules by CT1DMK. New in EU ECC Newsletter from May 2023. VHF/UHF/SHF handy beacons OK1EM by OK2MMO. 23cm ODXs. G4SJH & PA2DW declared satisfaction with meetings results between IARU and ITU in the RNSS 23cm issue. Leave your announce about participation plan in Microwave contest and OM3AU Memorial at 144 & 432MHz. 7kW out SSPA from MAPC-A1605 GaN up to 23cm band. Web OM8AND. IARU direction to 10W at 23cm? This weekend were E sporadic on twometres. Connectors & contacts Molex for your gear. Morsefree web page. May VHF-C 2023 from JN54KK hill - video. Free download of SW AppCAD by Agilent. DL7QY going to QRT. May VHF-C 2023 by OL7K. As a each year, first real 144MHz Es came around May 23.rd, see here and here. Low loss microwave laminate R-5375 for PCB by Panasonic. Substitute for 23cm?  uW, 4, 6m C-tests: no FT8! May VHF-C 2023 by: DC6CX, OL7C, OK1RDO, IK4HLQ, IU4APB, IU4DCR. FT8 plague already at 23cm EME. May VHF-C 2023 by: OL7M, OK1KKD, OK1KUO, OK2KRT, OK5K, DR2X, F6KFH, G3XDY, HA6W and S59P. On 18th May we had 100y anniversary since start of First broadcasting in OK. K5FF SK. Wavelab 24g upgrade. On 18th May was first bigger 2m Es. Update of QSL cards (tnx OK1KIR). 23cm antenna at DK0NA. ARI IAC. Soldering is a science (low-temp-melting tin you may buy here, good soldering pistol here). 10 G DX by N0UK. Short report OK6M from May Contest. History of U.S. ham radio microwave communication. More. By OK1AIY. May VHF-C 2023: IK4WKU, DA0FF, HB9GF. Other: VUSHF meeting, DXYO, RCC, FYI. 4+ 6m: IARU & Tesla. FR5DN still operates experimental TEP beacon in LG78QS. It could be interesting for southern OM, HG + YU. May VHF-C 2023 by: OL2J, OL3Z, OK1KMP, OM0FC, OM3KSI, OM3RRC, 9A6A, DK0NA, OR6T, ON4KHG. May VHF-C 2023 by: OK1KFH, OK1KPA, OK1OPT + IQ1KW. Claimed results at: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA and G. On 8th May was first 2m Es of 2023 season. Check out possible Aurora on 10.5. May 70cm NAC by OK1TEH. Actual questions of next progress in the issue of WRC23 hamradio GHz bands. More plus here. Why that way? Leave your info abt. plans for May subregional VHF Contest. For 70cm MS DX via Aquarids use FSK 441 mode. Weather forecast 4 May VHF Contest. EME beacon DL0SHF by info increased 24GHz PWR to10W. Aquarids. HW for 47 and 76GHz by OE2IGL. From OK2IMH's web page and PA0EHG view. 47GHz EME by DL7YC. OJ0EME. Aurora log on 23.4 by DL6BF and OK1TEH. Presentations from Spanish Micromeet meeting. MS trip - 4m locs. Transverters OE2IGL for 10 a 24GHz. Article not only about TEP condx history. Small 2m PA unit with BLF278. Isle of Sark. Nice trip? More. OK1IF remind old style booklet.  KA6U is again on the EME road. G0KSC wrote. Beside Aurora you have over the head as well MS shower Lyrids. Check as well as more sensitive mode FSK. Probability of Aurora await as well as tomorrow 24-4. afternoon. Web PE0RWE focused to technical  matters. Due to CME of M1 class on the Sun at 21-4-23 arrived on 23.4. to Earth plasma cloud & made a nice Aurora +. K2UYH sent EME Newsletter for 70cm & above. We got a MSG, that first 2m QSO OK-CY0 wkd OK1UGA. Page update 1, 2, 3, 4. Parabolic dish antenna basics: OE2IGL & RA3WDK. Ham radio history in City of Telč. This weekend join VK3UM memorial EME C-test. VK3UM RF calc based on old hygienic limits of EMF in EU. Julda OK1NE passed away. Remind him! Hygienic limits for RF EMF exposure in EU are unclear. More. Friedrichshafen 2023 info. The fair will be held a week before July FD C-test. FCC limits of EMG field exposure. How to shift a local oscillator of the microwave transverter by DB6NT. Prefinal results of March sub.C-test. ICOM published price: microwave transceiver IC905 price would be (w/o 3cm ODU) up to 5000€. 23cm troubles. New OK1UGA's dummy load for 23cm band. 47 GHz rover by KM5PO with TRSV shifting instead of WG relay. An another usage of 9 MHz band. FT8 and "deus ex machina".  ICOM 905 - advertising movie. 60km on 122G. OK1DOM sent us final results of the Winter OK QRP Contest. On 14 - 17.4. will be activated via EME ZB2BU. Today is an anniversary of the first man flight into space. Remind first VHF hamradio QSO from the Earth orbit. Thank you for understanding and repeated download of corrected SW log VUSC 7.05. New files from NTMS. VUSC v.7.05 OK1DIX released 2 days ago. See below. Unfortunately incl.mistake. Download it again & install! Already 44 years ago were first release of Amateur optical communication article and the content is still actual. Web page update. DB6NT archive. On Sunday April 9.join traditional OK VHF Easter C-test. 23cm from SP5. OK1DIX released new version (7.05) of the Contest log VUSC, now with ON4KST update of telnet connections. E-shop RFMW can give you chance to buy microwave components across all EU. Have you worked Gibraltar? Moon-net is tempr. swtiched off, try DF6NA's EME-net. 10 GHz net in USA and 122 GHz net from UK. Refurbishment of old 70cm ant. F9FT. Results of ARRL EME Contestu 2022. Actual wording of CZ Telco act. Simple dual feed for use of geostacionary satellite Es'Hail-2 (Oscar 100). More. 9A 23cm beacon in JN83CW. Ham community lost Simon G3LQR. Sad news by G3LTF. Simon was very active incl. EME since 70-ties. RIP! By IARU were in March VHF 991 active logs, but maybe still not all from Italy. DL stations: 54% and OK: 14%. Italian EME trophy ARI - spring part of EME contest at ordinary VHF/UHF/SHF bands this weekend. Coils.. Antifreeze antenna DL7KM modified for higher gain. 70cm version. Simplified 23cm solution. Test your design. Attenuator for drive of microwave transverter unit in the ODU of your GHz gear. 5,e+6 visits of OK2KKW web. More info to new 2m 7.el. DG7YBN antenna (see below) you can find in OK1NOR article, who participated in it. Download nice technical presentation K6JEY. Microwave update - 47GHz by WA1MBA and millimetre mixers. Discover IC905 gear for GHz bands. If you have IC9700 new firmware has released. DG7YBN: new 2m antenna. VE7BQH released newly updated table of the best antennas for amateur radio bands. Sable island EME trip. Auroral weather, but digitals were focused to FT8 local QSOs. Don't ask 70cm kW out from the ITB SSPA. Some motion in IARU? PA2DW resignation from C5. Maybe 23cm is lost? Interesting African web & records. Sable island CYOS would be QRV at 2m already on Monday. SZ5RDS is preparing EME activity from Rhodes. DK7LJ info: 10GHz Moon beacon DL0SHF is QRV again. FM radio from MIami at 93.9MHz received in CE. VHF & up contesting by IARU R1. March Contest report by OK2KRT, OL7C. How to start VHF+  contesting. Video report UA3DJG (now SK) and UA3ATS to UA2 in July FD 2011, to activate UA2 at 23, 6 and 3cm. Contest report from March VHF-C by ON4KHG. RSGB video record: building of the VHF/UHF C-test station. Standa OK1MS, OK EME guru, celebrated few days ago 80th birthday. Congrats! Today has name day No.Pi For download (Cassegrain design by W1GHz). Great antenna system F8KGU (by YU1CF): a dream of  2m op? G4RFR EME story. March VHF-C by OK1KKD, OK1FEN, OK2KOS + more reports from S5. CRC wkd MMC. TEP, F2 or another condx? VHF DX-pedition CY0S (ostrov Sable) is QRV now. What use on 9cm VE6BGT. Preparation of 6m EME DX-pedition 3B9 (Loc. MH10RH). Already in April: planned EME DX-pedition Gibraltar. IARU simulations confirm low probability of interference for 23cm RNSS RXs. March EHF Microwave activity. VHFC 23 by: OR6T, OK1KMP, OK2PVX, OM3KTR. 47 GHz dual mode feeds by EA3HMJ. Blue Jets sprites. VHF Contest 23 by: OK1KFH, OK1ZHS, OK1OPT, IQ1KW. Claimed results: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA and G. Short comparison table, described older hybrid Mitsubishi PA modules with the new semi-replace devices. Prefinal evaluation of the OK Winter QRP Contest. Flashback to the first 725GHz QSO. Did u visit Cambridge? Scale of panel meters and MS Office. First QSO abroad OK - YB. Tip 4 trip. 23cm PA W6PQL cable cooling. Milan OK2BFF passed away. Microwave operator, who had not only skills, but deep knowledge as well as. RIP! When you want to limit sideband noise of your local oscillator, consider to use low noise stabilizer LP5907. Visit Czech Ampér 2023 show in Brno from 21.3. 3D printed gear for real microwave. Funk.Tag Kassel 15.4.23. K2UYH released EME Newsletter for 70cm & UP. 2m Aurora on 27.2 by OK1TEH. 23cm EME OK2UZL. Spectrum analyzers overview of the last year. IARU 2022 TROPHY results -> however only from 144MHz band. Linear PA 75W out for 10GHz EME band here. Probability of the Aurora at 2m on February. 27 has increased. OZ1FDH sent an article about Aurora. Swedish 2023 meeting focused VHF-UHF and SHF. View back to 2022. Do you know RADIX? - low loss resin for 3D print, capable to create microwave structure with requested  εr. 2/2023 70cm NAC u: OK1TEH, OK1KZE, OK1FEN, OK1FQK, OK1ZHS, OK2IGG, OK2WO, OE3JPC, S51ZO. Manufacture of microwave antennas thank to 3D printer. Don't forget to upcoming Dubus CW EME Contest. Aurora today? Check the CW segment. 122GHz DX record. K9YO club made a job for NORAD. Actual results? PLL for microwave xvertors & beacons. OK1DFC meeting. Alert! Windy forecast! What new at 122GHz. More. When you are collecting the morse keys. Which DX QSOs has wkd by OK2WO (why FT8?) and by OK1VUM. Handy MMIC up to 4GHz PSA4-5043+. "Normal" SMD mixer ADE-2ASK. Tropo condx OK1ZHS. Small 2m PA. On Tuesday 14.2. were on Keilberg nice inversion - abt.12°C - and tropo condx were good. 70cm log OK1TEH. Tropo duct in OK1 were on Monday too high. On Tuesday will be NAC. OK2PPK info from Winter QRP C-test. Winter 2m EME NewsLetter DF2ZC. On Monday night could be tropo condx OK-GM & on Tuesday to SM/LA. Suitable transistor for 13cm SSPA. Now you can measure phase sideband noise up to -180dBc/Hz. RX noise. BBT/Winter QRP contest by: OK1DIX, OK1RCA, OK1FEN, OK1TEH, OK1OBR. Good SW for training of CW. New American "progressive idea" - speeding up pileup in contests by removing of report exchange in "contact". Currently the best World wide Yagis in VE7BQH table. JD1YCC on the air. DD1US: how to retune a circulator. Be ready for hot Summer not only due to Sun... 10GHz hamradio traffic in the Western part of USA by AD7OI. 70cm TEP shock me, due to I tried find a ZS6LW story. Read here. TEP QSO were 64 years ago. On 5.2. were noted extraordinary TEP condx at 70cm: QRB 4850km! Do you remember 8654km? 24GHz ODU. Next part OK1EM abt. mods of Nortel link for 24GHz. Today abt.waveguide relay OK1UMA. Join QRP-C + BBT. MS opportunity for February & March. Do you know Vivaldi antenna? For FT8 jocks. How to erect it (antenna). Finally we seen changes at ČTÚ. Now should be good time with new managers negotiate again 9cm matter. USB spectrum analyzer up to 12GHz. In the task of 23cm defence (WRC23) nothing new. IARU push QRP DX. Crazy ideas with high voltage. Micromeeting. EME web I0NAA. News from PA microwaves session Heelweg. NTMS meeting papers, focused to 122GHz:1,2,3,4. Cheap frequency normal 10MHz. Harmonic µW measure. 10GHz equipment by OE2IGL here. New update of Airscout SW for download. June µW meeting by SP6MLK. Mods of obsolete microwave links Nortel by OK1EM - 2.part. OK1DOM invites you into Winter QRP C-test. OK1EM bring invitation into articles series abt. Nortel links modifications for microwave amateur radio purpose. Beside Italian ARI (close to IARU) exist as well as independent URI unie, who even held free 2m VHF Contest. 23cm is still alive. For replacement of FET based hybrid SSB module Mitsubishi you can use bipolar M68719. Were released Czech and International results of the Marconi memorial CW VHF Contest 2022. SSPA for 4m. Detail description of 300W SSPA design for 144MHz. Similar solution: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Completed list of results. Accessible data of the 2022 VHF Contests results were completed. Complete contest logs and OK2A awards. New EME NewsLetter DF2ZC for the 144MHz band. January tropo 2023 of OK1TEH - w/o FT8. VE6BGT pics. CRC is perhaps unhappy about our hattrick in the Field day. Rare country - JD1 - on 2m & 70cm. Circulator. Sad anniversary - 4.years since OK1RK passed away. RIP! Final results of UHF/SHF/µW Contest IARU 2022. This Sunday will be held OK Activity C-test and as well as YU Activity Contest, open for all VHF up stations. Could be it helpful? Moon callender DL7APV for 2023 weekends. KA6U again on the DX trip. Has FT8 value? IARU R1 list of Region 1 VHF & up beacons. However OK beacons, operated under CRC subject are missing. On January will be held Contest Romagna. Costs for our OK0EP 432 MHz beacon has paid. SMD codes. Well known DL1SUN passed away! RIP!  Membership 2023 fee to Polish PZK now approximately 31 € only. Article about Space weather and the Earth magnetic field. Peak of Quadrantids arrived this year a bit earlier. Vojvodina's Hamradio Union held the YU Activity Contest parallel with OK and OM. Your edi file log send here. More papers: several projects N5BRG, 24GHz G4FRE, 241GHz OK1AIY, EME Basics W5LUA. Lightning protection by WA5TKU, a bit older information abt.QRP EME KC1HTT, pics of Geminids, Quadrantids theatre. KC1HTT speech about 2m QRP EME now as well as via Youtube, so you can switch on your translation.  CRC announced changes in the OK Activity C-test. Scatterpoint, magazine of UK µW group of 2021 has open. Lot of happiness, peace for everyone, strong health, sunshine and humour to all visitors of OK2KKW web. Radio enthusiast, focused to VHF and microwaves need to make everything. Snow scatter DX & 10GHz EME. Joe K1JT replaced home page of the WSJT web. Now here. New year's AGCW Contest. Still valuable reading.  EME NewsLetter by K2UYH. How to modify obsolete solid state 200W PA for 13cm band. New 10GHz MMIC. IARU decided to destroy our 23cm DX hope (by G4SJH). OK1DIX released new version (7.04) of the Contest log VUSC, now with ON4KST update of telnet connections. IARU results of VHF Contest. What about ICOM 905 and microwave options guide prices?  Link to 2022 News. 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