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This weekend has been held ARI EME C-test. We move this page to new webhosting. Sorry for any outage. VHF Contest 2022 by: OK1KKI, OK6M, OL80WPN, LZ5AE. Final results of VHF Contest in DL. 3cm EME Radioclub OM3RRC already completed new dish for 13 + 9cm and look for QSO. OZ9AAR build 7m EME dish. OK1TEH short report from the IARU VHF Contest (in JN82). 3cm DX QSO. Tools, maybe useful for you 1, 2, 3. VHF Contest 2022 by: ON4KHG, DL0GTH, OK1KPA, OK2KOJ-2, OL3Y, OL4N. 3cm EME web S57RA +pic. This weekend: ARRL EME C-test 2022. Abt. rules. Last day of 4U1ITU today? Suggested info. What abt. this? VHF Contest 2022 by: OK4C, OK1OPT, OM3KII, OM3KSI, DR2X, F6KFH, F8KID, HA5KDQ, TK0C, S59P, ++. Effects on GNSS receivers, due to hamradio interference on Galileo signals. Frenstat early morning meeting. As echo to OK2KKW review we got a several emails from hams who shares our 23cm fear. Even IARU & more. A bit more to Galileo and hamradio 23cm band conflict: G4SJH presentation and few comments by OK1VPZ. VHF Contest 2022 by: OK1OPT-pic, OL2J, OK2PPK, S59DEM, 9A5Y, 9A4M. 10 GHz transverter by N5RJX. VHF Contest 2022 by: OK1KFH, OK2KOJ, OK2KRT, 9A4QV. Claimed results in: 9A, Eu, OK, OM, PA + G. More fundamental documents by IARU, about contests + 23cm critical status. OK1TEH's microwaves in PL. Don't forget to let info about your activity in IARU Region 1 VHF Contestu 2022. Weather prediction is online. New 122/134/242 GHz records of DB6NT in OZ. SP5XMU has been QRV from Snezka 1602m ASL on 3cm. Zieleniec 2022 by SP3RNY, Holice 2022 by OK1IF, FH Hamradio 2022 by OK1MHK. Photos from OE/OL0M. Preliminary results of OK Microwave contest 2022 for check. End of  4m Es season OK1TEH + QSOí /LigthPreliminary results of Summer VHF QRP Contest.  Alpe Adria VHF Contest 2022 by F6KFH. 400W 2m SSPA I4CIV. Short remembrance of 21st August 1968. Would be for SHF hams available GHz bands transceiver? Few pics from 60th.SP UKF Conference in Zieleniec. May VHF Contest OK results. Do you need CRC effort? Well don't buy it...It's a sale. OE5XHE at 23 in JN79IX. And that is! Test your 23cm EME gear, until possible. July Field day results in DL + YO and preliminary in OM. After strong eruption on Sun NOAA released warning for possible Aurora, see more. Declared results of AAC. On 15th. Aug. we celebrated 22 years since start of our hamradio news web OK2KKW. TNX for support! Collection of OK1TEH pics from EME 2022 conference in Prague. Do you receive Austrian beacon OE5XHE? A.A.& QRP C-test by OK1FEN. Be ready for possible termination of 23cm band operation. AA C-test OM0A. Perseids 2022 - latest photots, radar, ZHR and traditional MS Sprint contest 2022 + MS expeditions list 2022. AAC VHF and QRP Contest 2022 by: OK1TEH, OK2KJI, OK2KRT, OK2PPK, OE/OL0M, DL3IAS, 9A0BB. AAC VHF and QRP Contest 22 by: OK1OPT, OM1HI, S50C, S59DEM, S56P. Field day 2022 in: I1KFH, OL4N. Nine from ten tomcats prefer FT8? Not only 4 CB. More. Overcurrent protection of SSPA. AWGs generator. ON4AVJ SK. RIP. Next weekend will be held EME conference OK1DFC. However without more usual guests. The First QSO DL-PA on 122/134/241 GHz, QRB 16km, more here, congrats. SHF tools on OK1EM's web. 6/3cm beacon OK0EA is temp. QRT. August Es, see 6.8. 24 GHz G4FRE. 122 GHz by OK1AIY. 9A meeting. Already next Sunday join OK QRP Contest. Meteorscatter Contest will be held within Perseids 2022. Condx. Field day by OK5K, OK2KYZ. OK1EM launched 24GHz beacon & made an antenna test. Perseids on the way. Lunar reflection reception tests at 47 GHz by CT1BYM. OK1KIR has new first 70cm QSO. OK-OJ0. Congrats! Field day OK2ZR below OL50RK call Note. OK2ULQ: 47GHz info abt. QSO OK - HA. OK0EA is QRV again. Field day 2022 by SN7L. MMIC PA 15W for 3cm. Special 100W PA for 24GHz. LNA MMIC chip at 10 + 24GHz. Generator based on ADF5355 up to 13GHz. Field day C-test 2022 by OK1KMP, F6KFH (but without F1OET). Contest report OK2KKW/OK2A from 74.OK Field day contest. FD by OL7C team used special call OL80WPN. Interesting - online FM radio DX observation may help us to monitor possible incidence of 144MHz Es condx. Use this small PA for 3cm faster, than WIFI ISPs. 53.anniversary today. Historical 13cm PA for sale. More. OK2A logs from July contest. Did you gave points in the VHF CQ contest? OK7C in FD 2022 from JO70SS. New EME Newsletter K2UYH for 70cm & up released 432MHz RU EME C-test. 2m EME Newsletter DF2ZC. Field day 2022 by OM6A, or contesting event from 1500m asl where tropo open duct to western EU countries. July Field day 2022 in clubs: OK1RCA, OL1Z, OK1KKY. When commercial SSPA unit in warranty burn out. Proposition, written by G4SJH for IARU meeting of 23cm issue isn't satisfactory. Why defence of FM + ATV? July C-test 2022: OK1KOB, OL1C, OK2KOJ, OK2KRT, OM3KDX, OK2PPK.  DX QSO can be a bit different. July C-test 2022: dozen pics + log OK7SE. OL3Z report from antenna days & C-test. How many PAs used? :-) Field day 2022 by: OK1KUO, OK1OPT, OK2PVX, OM3RRC, OR6T, DR2X, IQ1KW, I4CIV, IK3GHY, HA5KDQ. Info YR5C. Our 23cm signal by YU1LA. July 2022 C-test by OM3KTR & OK1RW. Video SV1BJY, shot OM6A. Invitation to 60. SP VHF meeting in Zieleniec. It will be held on 19-21.8. 24GHz video of 112km QSO. 2% coils. VHF Field day 2022 by: OK1KFH, OK1KPA, OL2J, OL3Y, OM0FC. Claimed results: 9A, OK, OM, PA, S5, G. Don't forget to leave info about your further activity in 74th June VHF Field day. Weather forecast for FD. OK1TEH in June on 4m Es, 3cm RS + in NAC. Alpe Adria UHF Contest: OM0FC, DL0HAL, S59DGO, 9A4QV. OK2A release the Contest report from June Microwave Contest. Summer 2m & 4m DX-pedition LA/PE1ITR. IARU wiev on EMC conflict between satellite navigation and hamradio operation in 23cm band. Critical situation. June SHF C-test by: OM3PV, OK2KOJ, OK1OPT, F6KFH, DR5T, I1KFH, OK1KPA +. 60W 10GHz PA DB6NT. Small 23cm antenna OK2HM made by aluminium soldering. Satellites info at the blog DK3WN. 6m ham TV? Cik-cak antenna DK7ZB - funny  experiments for Summer portable QTH. IARU VHF Newsletter 89. About FT8? IARU R1 50MHz 50MHz Contest & Alpe-Adria UHF/SHF claimed score. IARU R1 VHF & UHF-SHF Contests. Reminder: this weekend will be held OK Activity C-test, Alpe-Adria UHF/SHF Contest + IARU R1 50MHz C-test. Contest logs OK2A from last two events. At 3cm were in SHF C-test completed by SSB 13,8% QSOs only. EME DXpedition W7GJ on the edge of HF to Mayotte island. How to set a tube PA match? Useful online calcs. SHF Contest report by: IN3HOG, IU4CHE & I4CIV. On 12.6. morning has formed 2m Es into EA6 direction. OK1TEH Es report from 11.6. 2m Es and his 4m log. Check GS35 tube type emission. K5SO offers big dish. Info from time of SHF contest: OK2KOJ, OK2ULQ & from May Contest: OK6M, OM3KHE, OM3TRN, OK1RCA. Wireless Power Transfer for loading of EV. Small antenna for 23cm EME. Es 2m condx of these days. More. Take care with SMA connectors. Forgotten solution. What's your plan for 2nd week in August? WPT at 6 MHz. Already it is here - see text 3 lines below. Abt. history of hamradio. 178 years ago. VHF conference Weinheim. SHF Contest 2022 by: OK1UFF, OK1ZHS, IQ1KW and 9A4QV. Claimed results in: 9A, OK, OM, PA and S5. Low phase noise TCVCXO for IF transceiver. Fast and simple RX chain verification by usage of Sun Noise. Design and realization of BPF for 3400MHz. And here? We have CRC... Consideration abt GHz bands defence. RA3AQ contest feed for deep dish in the 23cm band. News in last Funkamateur? BEKO released new PA. OK2A contest report from May UHF Contest. Leave your announce abt.participation. New RF PWR producer. How IARU will defend one of the most popular GHz band? Or IARU again prefer few kHz somewhere on HF? Last days OK1TEH's log update: tropo QSOs, 3cm RS condx and start of 4m Es season. Water cooled PA. When the aluminium profiles weren't so expensive as in the present time. SP6MLK meeting in two weeks. K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 70cm + up. Short 2m Es opening. Milan OK2AP from  OL2R SK RIP. KA6U probably uses PA Tajfun from OM. Transverter 21/432MHz by S53WW. VHF Contest hi performance rig. In the UK still exist some chance to defend 9cm hamradio band, similar to what we agreed, but CRC broken it. On May 30. observe sky for opportunity of new MS Shower (Tau Herculis). AZ/EL rotator display by ON4CDU. Check, what has written in the Australian hamradio QTC magazine. E.g. on p.31 abt.interference. Wifi by Icom. Interesting statistics from the IARU UHF/ SHF Contest 2021. Updated internal overview of our results + awards. European results of the Marconi Memorial Contest 2021 and we completed as well as next EU C-test results. This MMIC power amplifier would be suitable for your HW. Similarly as the new 6cm vector network analyzer. This season Es awake. Be in vigilance. OL3Z weren't QRV in the May Contest, due to collapse of one mast? May VHF Contest by: OK1KKD, OK5K, OL2J, OL4N, DR5T, HA5KDQ, HA6W, HA1KYY. New QRO 23cm PA. May VHF Contest by: OK6M, OM3PV, I4CIV, IU4CHE, DL3IAS. Claimed results in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA, G Well known VHF DXman RX1AS passed away. RIPLet the old things live againMay Contest by OK2KRT. Well known connectors, but who in reality produce them? May 22 VHF Contest by: IQ1KW, DM0Y & OM0FC. Always valid knowledge. May VHF contest reports: OK2KOJ, OK1KUO, F6JMT/p, DD6FM, IZ5HQB, OK1OPT. About missmatching of SSPAs. Analyzer of sideband phase noise. BLF978P - new kW transistor for 70cm PA. May 2022 subregional VHF C-test - OK claimed list. Reports: OK1ZHS, OK1KFH, DA0FF, PA3GEG, F6KOP. 23cm EME C-test within subregional event - something is wrong. Leave your info abt. participation. GS3PYE/p. Building of 6m EME QTH N1BUG & AA0RS. K9CT: US VHF contesting. KB7Q plan activate 70cm in Montana. VCO for 1,7GHz by S53MV. SDR issue: 2012, 2022. Spectalular X class Sun flare weren't focused to us. Convention by SP6MLK. Es ante portas. Rotate equipment for 70cm linear feed into EME dish by VE7BQT. New EME Newsletter K2UYH foro 70cm & higher bands. OK1UGA: EME dish project. EME US activity KA6U. 144MHz LPF by DL2VL. EME Dish project VE6BGT. Suspected 2m opening between CQ1PBA and PY4CEP. Preliminary list from the Easter Contest. Reports from OK Easter contest by: OK1KMP, OK2KJI & OK2PPK. Final results of March VHF/UHF Contest. Leave your announce for May C-test. 200mW MMIC for 76 - 77GHz. Two design tips from our hamshack. About varistors. GHz news from the Northern Texas: 122 and 134GHz DX. I don't like reading about the items, in which we failed, but it is always very useful. 432MHz simple driver unit. UHF/SHF Contest results. Note. New mixers line for general use. Interesting device for 122GHz transverter. Video records by VE6BGT focused to monitoring design of 23cm EME PA, cooled by liquid look here and here. Update of old article of PIC free design of monitoring unit for peaks limits detection  helps protect your SSPA. On 14th April had 95th birthday Jindra Macoun OK1VR, OK VHF Guru and antenna expert. Good health Jindro! On 14th April nice 2m Aurora appeared, reports: OK1TEH, R4NAT and more. 25th Solar Cycle Progression. This Easter's Sunday will be held the Czech Easter contest.Give us points. Paralelly will be OK Activity C-test. WHRO support to keep coexistence of hamradio use and RNSS at 23cm. More. Conclusion: IARU_document. High tech design of LNA for 47GHz band has been born in Spain. Congrats! Amateur radio club SP3YDE. DF2ZC released new 2m EME Newsletter. For conception, how rare the hamspirit is. Improve it. Steel tripod. Transmitting power in contest, unit is Watt? What is IARU request? Vertical lobes of 2m antenna versus height. CRC didn't responded, but few mistakes were fixed. OK1VAO released prefinal results list of March Contest. Don't miss opportunity - tomorrow: Italian EME Spring Contest 2022.  DK5NJ about GHz "mad" DX QSOs. Results of the Winter QRP OK VHF test. Somewhere we have such link, but here is the next one. Questions. Prefinal March 2022 contest results in OM and final in DL. Simple and cheap 144MHz SSB + CW radio by MFJ. Construction of 24 GHz beacon by OK1EM. 400W 3cm TWT PA. OK1EM's experience with cheap reference. Helpful paper of K9LA focused to VHF/UHF solid state PA design. Indický UHF polovodičový PA - PWR 50kW. OK1DIX introduced new version 7.03 of VUSC contest log. Cheap 10 MHz reference. 122 GHz tests KM5PO. YouTube series of microwave experiments. Nice photos of moon libration. Ham devices at Tiangong station. This may come in handy: online calculator allows you to design coil dimensions, number of turns and more. Bulgarian SG Labs introduce transverter for 9cm band. Tests of 122GHz rig of F1VL and F6BLC at 28 + 59km. Ivan OK1LL passed away. RIP!  New generation LNA device up to 3cm. OK1UFC's news. Future of 8m in UK? When you know Russian, check this 23cm article. However the design with MRF9260 has made by F6BVA. Final results of ARRL EME Contestu 2021 are online. VK2XAX's movies dedicated to measuring on 122 GHz. Don't miss possible 2m Auroral opening on 31st March. News at Kuhne company. An article about circulators. March VHF-C by OK2EZ, OK6M, IU4CHE. Big EME expedition by KA6U. OK1DIX in Dubus CW EME Contest. 23cm LPF production. HA8UG's key bugs for sale. Online calculators EA4BGH. Events callendar by OK2IKT. OE3EMC' first steps at 3cm. Written 50 years ago. Still you can register for purchase of 134 GHz by VK2XAX. New IARU R1 record 467km on 24 GHz completed by DK3SE + IU4MES, Congrats! March contest by I1KFH. DF2ZC released new March issue of 2m EME Newsletter. Did u wkd 23cm EME QSO to Hawai? Info. Reasonable note. Test here. From the YO8RHM web page. Broad scope of circulators and PWR attenuators. DB6NT succeed new World DX record on 134GHz & new IARU DX record on 241GHz, see more. Congrats! March VHFC-test by: OK1KMP, OK1KKD, F6KFH. SSB EME Contest by OK2DL. EME dish by VE6BGT. Fragments from GHz technology: 60GHz kit TX/RX, 76GHz chip. Extraordinary low humidity enables GHz DXs. K2UYH released EME Newsletter for 70cm and UP. On 14th March could be weak 2m Aurora opening, > more. March VHFC-test by:OK1KUO, OL2J, OK1OPT, OK2KOJ, OK5K, OM3KTR, HA5KDQ, HA6W, S57M, IQ1KW. Commercial 23cm band PA. Hawaiian trip. Two EME meetings: 1, 2.  CW DUBUS Contest will start tomorrow. March 2022 subregional C-test OK1RPL. How powerful is your 76GHz TX? Optical communication IW3SGT. Few words to the SM4IVE 13m dish issue. New web page of OE2IGL. Special kind of mobile traffic at VHF. March VHF Contest 2022 by: OK1KFH, OK1ZHS, OM0FC, I4CIV. Claimed results: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA + G. Good GHz antenna relay is not for free. March IARU test is over. EME Basics by W5LUA. MS trip LA/PE1ITR. Did you wkd on 6m FH? New opportunity. Saturday' polish activity. On the East. Unusual antenna by DG7YBN. Declared results of Czech Winter QRP Contest 2022. What we published just 20years ago. Backscatter book. Don't forget to announce your activity in 1st subregional March VHF contest, check out weather forecast. SM7LCB's new maps. F2CT's new QSL card. How can be met at the band. Beacon DB0KK on 24/47/76G. Lars, SM4IVE lost his beautiful 13m dish due to gale strike, more here Hunt for HF pirate. News in  WSJT-X. Building of 47 GHz LNA by EB3FRN step by step. Our web is going to be switched in HTTPS within few days. DC7YS's visitation. Are you looking for WG? BG7TBL's new 22G generator. Winter QRP Contest by OK1OTM. Winter BBT Contest by DL3IAS at 23cm. VE7TIL & Moon impact. DL6NCI beacon. 2m/70cm portable antenna. Final OK results of UHF Contest. Home magnetometer for AU monitoring. On 17th Febr. take care due to wind. How to match 53dBi antennas for 122GHz? 117km on 47GHz via Snow scatter. BayCon 2022 VHF meeting. Winter QRP contest 22: OK1TEH, OK2PPK. Ernie, HG5ED, became SK, RIP. mm link calc. Interesting topic. DF2ZC released February volume of 2m EME Newsletter. Talks w. OK1MU. On HF will be active OL50RK. Added more QSLs for 1.connection abroad. Flower pot half wave antenna VK2ZOI. Released just 15 years ago. Microwave components. PJ2BR completed with power 10W on 144MHz DX QSO 5461km QRB via TEP condx. Strong wind on mountains. Check your masts at contest QTH. Precise machining + microwaves: visit G4DBN. UHF TV PA conversion for 70cm band. Web archive of DB6NT & in EN. Shall we convert web to https access? TEP 144MHz DX QSO: SSB contact 5000+km by vertical antenna on the car. SP6 VHF meeting by SP6MLK. Tests of tropo propagation of 47GHz transmission. OK QRP C-test & BBT on Sunday. Kit of 2m trv. for IC7300. Interesting response to our info abt.23cm by UA9FAD. Japan support ham radio, but CRK supports CB way. Rosenberger is moving to India. Interesting article about GNSS satellites freq. channels. Will we defend 23cm? OK final results of the VHF Marconi Memorial Contest. VHF DX-peditions: videorecord from RSGB convention. Wrote 20 years ago. Sometimes is needed use a bigger coaxial relay. 3155km QRB at 2m between VK & ZL. K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 70cm & up. Czech Christmas C-test results. 24GHz gear by F1FIH. UKμW Group publish 2020 volume of  Scatterpoint magazine. Microwave constructions of JH1GYE & JA0RGP. ČRK preconceived OK list of the IARU UHF C-test 2021. Tropo condx ON->IT9 in January. Gale this weekend. OK1DFC's meeting on 20.4. ARRL defended 9cm. CRC + SSA were focused to HF only? 9cm has almost lost. Invitation to VHF Winter QRP Contest. This year will be held on 6.2. Update of OK1VEI's locators statistics. Transceivers mods in one directory ->YAESU, ICOM, KENWOOD. Topolna LW transmitter: about next steps? Results list of DL "activity contest" at GHz bands. A bit "mystery" TEP condx at 2m were open 21.1.again. G4SJH reported necessity to find a compromises in the issue of potential interference between 23cm & RNSS. This week we remember David OK1RK who passed away 3 years ago at the age of 47. Remind him please! 3cm LNA for EME. Upgrade of antenna system IK2OFO. OK1FRU, co-owner of Alcoma microwave is SK. RIP! ČRK released MMC2021 results list for final check. But UHF Contest results are obviously huge coconut :-). Telescopic masts. 200W TWT PA for EME in 47GHz band. CB club OK1RDO. Web of OK1RPL. H.M. mast. Antenna system utilize more Yagis -> interconnection optimalization. Irritating interference? UWB like PLC. Traditional 2m OK XMAS Contest from home shack -> report OK1TEH. DF2ZC has new 2m EME Newsletter. Where are these EME Chinese ops? Update. Remote QTH. LDMOS project HA1YA. G4WJS SK. From OL7C. Old 70cm beacon OK0EP expenses were paid incl. update list of DXC spots. New satelite "cubes" launched. Tuesday on 70cm QSOs rom Prague. "all bands" driver. Ukraine VHFDX new page. Faraday & Maxwell lesson. On Thursday + Friday maybe would be tropo condx. DB6NT introduce new 122GHz gear with 200mW power. Pinch of physics for new week. Combiners issue. More. Broadband combiners. Gysel combiner and rat race. This weekend will be held Contest Romagna. OK1KIR EME C-test: Veni, vidi vici. Congrats! OK1TEH w/o FT8. Results of the IARU UHF Contest in OM & DL. Results of MMC Contest in OM & DL. What about in OK? Note. Did U wkd Mississippi + Alabama on 23? Use the KA6U trip. OK1UGA wrote few years ago "How toward EME". 70cm Moon beacon. Well-known EME op. UA1MC passed away. RIP! Nice pwr box. More calcs. News by ITB. Next extension of 2m DX records near VK coast: QRB 2927km. Antenna SW EZNEC by W7EL is free now! Nice small CNC milling machine (Made in the Czech republic) suitable for production of special components. Next Saturday join OK non FT8 activity on 6m. Quadrantids MS shower already here. And what about 70cm? New year is dedicated to 122 GHz at KM5PO. Interesting M2's EME system. How to get 20mW on 241 GHz? Thanks to all readers of this web for visit and let us wish you for 2022 lot of felicity, health,success, peace + love! Try the MS DXing on 70cm - already in few days will be good chance. UK Microwavers open Scatterpoint 2020. VHF radioamateurs were always ready to do something at home. Maybe this kits web page will be inspiration.  The Czech republic terminated after 99 years AM radio broadcasting. How the Czech voice will be listen in EU? Jubilee transmission on VLF is a radiocomm. celebration of our roots. Sweden state have respect, OK not... Home brewed waveguide relays for 24GHz. More. Ice on antenna damaged this year MMC from > 1000m hills. Link to 2021 News. Statistics.


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