HA8V KN06 in IARU VHF Contest 2023 - 144 MHz

It's been 10 years since I last run VHFC with serious antenna systems. Nowadays all antennas are gone so I decided to put up at rotator 14el DJ9BV and 6el DK7ZB fixed to YU/SV. My main problem on 2m bands is very high local QRM from BTS which isn't bigger issue on 70cm and higher bands however on 2m it's really something.. As the result I contacted local mobile provider, he changed frequencies remotely and suddenly all interference is gone!

Next issue was the adult power on 2m, I had to replace old GS35 tube with new one and borrow IC9700. Due to condx forecast I expected some better tropo into the West however I had to stop for 2,5h because of strong thunderstorm. But contest was running quite well I slept only 3 hours. Reaching 100 000 pts from my QTH isn't so easy but I did it so I'm really happy. I was pleased with very good activity from LZ/I and I was surprised to be called by SX6B as I expected some other SV hi. Due to QRM I chose the end of band around 144,399 MHz which was found to be good decision, the QRM from other stations was minimal.

73 & tnx all for contacts
Gabi, HA8V