The first 23cm EME QSO OK1DST with G4CCH (JT65c)

Hello Mateji,

in enclosure I send some pictures and print-screen of QSO, use it if you want to.
BTW you can use anything you want from my yesterday mail + my equipment info.

Transvertor DB6NT 144/1296
PA 2x 2C39 (max. 160W out, WSJT cca 120W)
LNA 0,8dB
Rectangular feed with septum polarizer
Dish 2,4m

L. -dst-

.. maybe you're curious about "doghouse" - yes it's really doghouse and it works FB, it's from stiff plastic material :-) (they have similar one for bigger dogs as well...)


Hello Mateji,
some pictures I'll send you tomorrow because of lack of time... I did it in the afternoon and I still have some problems with dish rotation control. I have to complete triac regulation - so I'm rotating semi-automatically yet (PC is shaking with dish and I have to make eye-metric manual correction   :-))

That drift I've been solving [note of 1teh: thermal signal drift during each period], lucky I have on intermediate frequency (I'm running via db6nt transvertor from 144 MHz) IC-910 with 23cm module, so I can listening on SUB rx and I'll put there Spectran and I'll see my output signal - then I start with fan experiments :-) I've almost completed QSO with Franta, OK1CA during last week, but he didn't decode me (he saw me -17dB) and at that time he hasn't CW paddle, so we didn't make it (we hrd each other on speaker so CW QSO would be easy). At that time I had my equipment below antenna on the grass, HI. I never imagine, that completion takes more then one week..

So greetings and thanks for help with info about my signal!
L. -dst-  (translation into English for OK2KKW web by OK1TEH)