První 24 GHz EME test u OK1KIR

Během víkendu 8.- 9.3. jsme v našem EME deníku založili stránku pro osmé pásmo. Po sobotních úspěšných testech šumů a vlastních odrazů jsme očekávali, že se v neděli povede udělat nějaké spojení. Dopadlo to to takhle:

9.3.08 11,03  DF1OI   O       O     #1 JO42UF  410
       11,34  DK7LJ   O       O     #2 JO54BE  552
       14,01  LX1DB   449     449   #3 JN39CO  584  prvni OK-LX 24 GHz QSO
       16,01  W5LUA   549     449   #4 EM13QC 8582  nový ODX
       17,06  VE4MA   O       O     #5 EN19LU 7173  první OK-VE 24 GHz QSO
Naše signály poslouchal ještě PA0EHG.

Použili jsme toto zařízení 4,5 m parabola s lineární otočnou polarizací, DB6NT LNA s WG vstupem a asi 20 W výkonu z TWT v zářiči. V neděli byl šum slunce 14,8 dB a šum měsíce 1,9 dB. Přikládám fotky z ohniska antény s tranvertorem pro 24 GHz.

Za OK1KIR Tonda

Změna do OK TOP EME listu:
  24 GHz, 5 WKD, 4 DXCC, WAS 1, SQR 5, field 4, ODX 8567 km, W5LUA

  The first 24 GHz EME test in OK1KIR

Many thanks to all who participated in the great weekend party on 24GHz EME !

OK1KIR finally got on the board completing the rig after 4 yrs (hi) and contacted all stns available on Sunday, Mar09:

11:03 UT 24048.100 MHz OK1KIR - DF1OI O/O
11:34 UT 24048.100 MHz OK1KIR - DK7LJ O/O fb
14:01 UT 24048.200 MHz OK1KIR - LX1DB 449/449
16:01 UT 24048.100 MHz OK1KIR - W5LUA O/O --> 549/449
17:06 UT 24048.150 MHz OK1KIR - VE4MA O/O

We are really happy for each one contact, especially mentioning the first OK-LX and OK-VE QSOs. Rotating the feed (LP) showed low influence (as perceived, not measured) except approx. +/- 10 ...15 deg from quite deep minimum at perpendicular polarization. Signals showed frequency spreading from about 100 Hz up to 200 or 300 at maximum on Spectran waterfall. Very clean (narrow) signal during QSO with DK7LJ and later on quite clean from LX1DB and especially from W5LUA. RX CW bandwidth about 1 kHz was optimum for most of signals during the day.

Sun was 14.8dB morning at 09:00 UT (lightly cloudy) and 14.4 dB afternoon at el 43deg (more cloudy). Respective Moon noise was approx. 1.95 dB in both cases. Noise ratios were measured to close sky (not searching for maximum in the couldest sky like few weeks ago). Antenna beamwidth slightly over 0.2deg (hard to measure on noise sources of 0.5 deg size). Moon tracking F1EHN with incremental steps of 0.02 deg was used to point the beam to the Moon centre (tested every 10...15 min with small but necessary corrections). Changes less than +/- 0.02 dB in Moon noise when rotating the rig focus gear.

OK1KIR 24GHz rig: Primary solid dish 4.5m, horn feed - linear polarization+ transverter+TWT/PS all in the focal point and rotable over +/-90deg. LNA DB6NT 1.5dB (not measured), rf pwr about 20W (not measured precisely as each one piece of WG or transition swallows 0.5 dB or more. Two WG switches in series after TWT (continuously powered up) with proper sequencing to safely operate LNA. We are ready for anybody else interested in tests, just send e-mail in advance !

We preliminary agreed with Per, DK7LJ to be QRV on 24GHz on the Saturday, Mar15 afternoon during the DUBUS contest. Anybody else interested to arrange (agree) a time window on 24 GHz during the contest?

Vy 73s,
Vladimir, OK1DAK for OK1KIR

More at:

2008-Mar-8 OK1KIR first ever 24 GHz echoes rotable TRX in the dish focus

2008-Mar-8 OK1KIR first ever 24 GHz echoes rotable TRX in the dish focus

OK1KIR 24GHz   2008-Mar-09