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YL 1st Moonbounce experience !

Od: Panagiotou Victoria SV2KBS <sv2kbs@gmail.com>
Komu: moon-net@list-serv.davidv.net , moon@moonbounce.info
Předmět: [Moon] YL 1st Moonbounce experience !
Datum: 16.4. 2008, 17:26 - včera v 17:26

Greetings gentlemen !

Before moving on, I would like to clarify this: I deeply regret the fact that I decided to get started with CW EME recently and I did not dare to do it before, just because of a misconception of mine: that CW EME is an unreachable form of communication and that requires extremely expensive equipment and a large property. I deeply regret that I did not get involved with CW EME before, because during the last 4 days I realized that is a feasible achievement as well as viable to the average ham.

Of course this could not be reality without the great support of the extremely helpful and alive CW EME community, consisted of generous people that they are always there, ready to share their knowledge and experience and give you the best they can.

The big MoonFest began for me Friday night, when I established my 2 first CW EME QSO's ever !! I was eagerly waiting for my clock to beep 21:30z until I suddenly heard a series of dashes coming through !!! Ooooh ! I just could not believe it !! I jumped off my chair holding my headphones tight to my ears and I was just so extremely happy that I could not really enjoy my happiness !! Strange, huh ?! I know, but this is just simply the way I felt !

My first QSO was with Jimmy, SV1BTR, great signals, beautiful copy and very fast QSO ! (He had warned me to be concentrated and not to let myself to get carried away, otherwise we could miss the QSO: now I can fully understand that the was not exaggerating !) My fingers were shaking out of my happiness and excitement - I even did a few keying mistakes because of my trembling fingers - but I just could not help it !

Then, a second vibration of excitement came from Jørgen, OZ1HNE calling me, tailending this way the QSO I had with Jimmy. Smooth operation by Jørgen, nice signals and I enjoyed the fact that it lasted a little bit longer (as far as I remember I sent him R's for 2-3 periods, since at that moment it felt so nice ! HI !)

Thank you guys !! It was tons of fun !!!

I need to say that it was my great honour and pleasure to have participated in European EME Contest 2008, establishing my first random CW EME QSO's. Having been so far QRV exclusively on HF bands, shifting my main interest and efforts to VHF CW EME, I see that greatly enhances ham radio challenge, technical knowledge and operational just enhances my skills.
Thank you all for giving me this wonderful opportunity !!!

During the contest I was QRV 80% of both 2 moon passes, and I had the real pleasure to make the following Random QSOs:


Partial and NC with YO2AMU , Doru sorry for finally missing you. We exchanged the calls, he heard my report, but I never heard him coming back - although he did...

CWNR: F1FLA, F3VS and other stations like OZ1HNE, IT9CJC etc. but they went qrt or qsy'ed just when I had the chance to copy their full callsign. H-frame was finally managed to be fully lifted 2.5 hrs after Saturday's moonrise. Propagation conditions wise, there was deep QSB in the daytime and signals improved in the nightime, however activity did not support the better conditions.

This weekend was an exciting experience for me, I really loved it and I am looking forward for more in the near future !
Therefore I welcome CW EME skeds (pse e-mail me direct) , that would help me acquire hands-on experience and a new initial for you. As first sked attempts with stations having at least 4 yagis, and good power; qrm in a city of 60,000 people and myself wanting to build operational experience & rx skills, slowly but steadily, requires a more sensible start .....

At this point, I would like to take this opportunity and express my heartfelt thanks, congratulations and appreciation to all of the contest participants especially to my elmer Jimmy, SV1BTR and all of you Lunar Fans out there that made possible my dream to hear and work my first CW EME signals as the most amazing, to me, ham radio reality!

Happy DXing and Moon experimenting
de Victoria SV2KBS


 Od: Panagiotou Victoria SV2KBS <sv2kbs@gmail.com>
Komu: moon@moonbounce.info , moon-net@list-serv.davidv.net
Předmět: [Moon] First Young Lady from SV on EME!
Datum: 10.4. 2008, 21:41 - před 7 dny

Greetings gentlemen !

Wow ! This was the best end of a quite strenuous day ! To read all these warm welcomes ! I really do appreciate this and thank you all of you, sincerely !

This boosts my confidence as well as my commitment for what I have been working on during the last months and I am very enthused as well as anxious for the EUROPEAN EME CONTEST on 2m CW this weekend !! Needless to say that this setup would have never been reality without the constant and valuable support I got from my elmer Jimmy, SV1BTR, the fb amp of Marko LZ2US and the fb ants of Kenny, ON4DPX.
They have always been by my side always willing to help with endless patience !

So, tomorrow I will "get my feet wet" for the very first time via the Moon path and I hope to make my elmer, Jimmy SV1BTR proud and happy - he has devoted some hundreds of hours for me and my station so far and I need to express my deep and sincere thanks to him via the Moon also ! So, I do hope that I will work you during the weekend - I know for sure that this weekend will be the most exciting experience for me in Ham Radio, working in CW the ultimate DX, the quintessence of all Ham modes and forms of communications ! I am looking forward for Saturday's moonrise !

See you off the Moon and once more, thank you all !

de Victoria SV2KBS
4*17el. 3.3wl - gu74b


 Od: jimmyv@hol.gr
Komu: moon@moonbounce.info , moon-net@list-serv.davidv.net
Předmět: [Moon] First Young Lady from SV on EME!
Datum: 10.4. 2008, 13:23 - před 7 dny

Lunar Fans

A Special Day for SV in Moonbounce: It is with great happiness that i want to share with you that EME has the first Young Lady from our country, in its ranks.

Victoria SV2KBS from kn20wu, is 24 yrs old and a student at Medical school. For her first experiences with ham radio you can look her up at qrz.com (the valid e-mail will be changed to, shortly)

She will be QRV on random for the European EME Contest April 12/13 2m cw section for her first EME QSOs.

System is finished and working FB. Only thing remaining is for the main vertical mast to be lifted to its final position (not an easy task) on Saturday before moonrise. Right now elevation is restricted to 20+ degrees, but if all work out on Saturday full elevation capability will be a reality.
2m Rig: 4*17el. 3.3wl, an lz2us 1*gu74b amp, and a 0.6nf in-shack preamp.

QRM in the city of 50-60,000 people she lives in, is evident but in my distant view not a prohibiting factor for EME work.

It has been a pleasure for me to closely work with her in the last 3 months in setting up the station (even though we stay hundreds of km away) and guiding her in her first steps of Moonbouce communication. What i saw is a fellow station eager to learn, with a big dream and commitment for CW EME, focused on the operating principles of Radio.

Anyone that so wishes can welcome her here, as she is in Moon & Moon-Net reflectors.

73 & GL to all in the FB Contest!
Jimmy SV1BTR

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahMfUoBPOVY  )