Best DX for OK0EP
On 2.nd February 2006 was our 70cm beacon OK0EP, which is in operation from Praded hill JO80OB (since 1982) heard by G0HIU in IO83LS. 
This is probably untill now the best DX for our beacon, which transmit with 1 W RF PWR only. Distance has exceeded 1445 km! 
Annonce by G0HIU in DX Cluster:
G0HIU    432886.0 OK0EP/B     539              2134 02 Feb2006
More about OK0EP
Some other observations within last few days:

DL3LFA   432887.0 OK0EP/B     jn67->jo80 569!!!             1041 31 Jan2006
DJ4TC-@  432886.0 OK0EP/B     539 jo80->jo63                2236 01 Feb2006