------------ Původní zpráva ------------
 Od: Franta Strihavka <ok1ca@ges.cz>
 Předmět: [Moon-net] Activity 3,4GHz
 Datum: 18.6.2007 14:37:51


I worked at Sunday on 3400 MHz LX1DB 579/579 and SSB 57/55 , OK1KIR 549/O ,  crossband 3400/3456 MHz VE4MA O/O ,
on 3400 MHz again G3LTF 559/559 and   VK3NX O/M today morning, tkanks Charlie for patience.
Total 9 QSO, 8 stations.  The contacts with LX,VE and VK is first from OK on 3,4 GHz. 
Thanks all activity stations on 3,4 GHz, it is very nice weekend for me. The activity day on 3,4 GHz is good idea.

73 Franta OK1CA


------------ Původní zpráva ------------
Od: Charlie Kahwagi <ibnkarim@bigpond.net.au>
Předmět: [Moon-net] 3.4 GHz Activity weekend VK3NX
Datum: 18.6.2007 12:32:57

Thanks to all who came up on the weekend on 3.4 GHz.

I had a "ball" . Following is the "report card"

17th completed with W5LUA & G3LTF, did not work OK1CA. Heard but not worked.... OK1KIR. Due to moon declination I had a very small window.

18th Wkd completed with OK1CA .( long weekend!) I would like to hear from anyone else who heard me on.

It was good to make contacts on 3400. I will leave the feed in the dish for a few more days if anyone would like a sked.I have excellent windows over the next few weeks and I can Rx on 3456 if required ( Tx ONLY on 3400). After this I can run with skeds on 5.7 and 10GHz again. Many Tnx to Peter G3LTF for "kickstarting" the whole activity weekend idea a few months back and tnx for the QSO's. 3 new initials makes for a lot of fun! 

73 Charlie VK3NX