The 1st qso OK-VK on 13cm & 1st JT65C on 13cm in OK


we have pleasure to announce, that we worked on June 2007 between 02,06 -02,11h the first VK EME QSO on 2301,965 MHz. The second station was well known Rex VK7MO from QE37PC. QRB is some 16 385 km. The contact was made via JT65C O/O -18/-25dB.

73 Tonda, OK1KIR (JN79DW)

->> How about problems with signal drifting? (1TEH)

We had some problems on our side with OCXO. So we have to look on it for the future attempts.

73 Tonda

Note of OK1TEH: The very first WSJT - JT65C QSO on 13cm was made several days earlier by W5LUA and WW2R. The 2,3m dish of Rex, VK7MO you can see on the right picture. BTW for the CW QSO you need JT65 signal on about -21dB level. It's great news for all of you, who have the tropo equipment for this band.

If you are interested in 13cm-up WSJT - JT65C QRP tests, try visit new SHF board at:

Can we look forward to first 9cm WSJT soon?

73 & CONGRATS guys! de Matej, OK1TEH