A VHF/UHF Contest program VUSC for Windows by OK1DIX

sion 7.06  from 19th March 2024

New generation of the free VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Log VUSC for WINDOWS XP, VISTA, WIN 7, 8, 10 and 11

Main features:
  • The program is a freeware, neither fee nor registration is needed.
  • Free QSO editor. Any QSO can be changed at any time in the entire log.
  • Entering QSOs directly into the log or in the TACLog/Atalanta style.
  • Both modes of entering QSOs; on-line during the contest as well as off-line after the contest
  • Broad options of screen layout setting (window sizes and positions, font types and sizes)
  • High data security in case of hardware/Windows failure
  • Database of calls, locators and bands from previous contests as well as import from external data sources.
  • Support for various input/output file formats (EDI, ADIF, text).
  • Support for QSL card printing and QSL database
  • CAT control of multiple TRXs for each band. QRG/mode display and tuning from the band map.
  • Keying of multiple TRXs from serial or parallel port with automatic switching according to the selected band.
  • Integrated software elbug. Paddle connects directly to the serial/parallel port without any interface box.
  • Support for separate sound cards for multiple TRXs (SSB CQ and audio recording during the contest).
  • Support for DX cluster, ON4KST chat and band map with filtering of incoming messages, spots and logged on users as well as on-line result sharing on the SLOVHF.net
  • Communication with the program AirScout (DL2ALF), automatic data requests for the station logged on the ON4KST chat and other options.
  • Network support for MULTI category. Log sharing, sending skeds and messages among operators.
  • Packet radio server - sharing of the TNC5 packet modem over the network.
  • Control of up to 10 rotators. Automatic turning to a locator, support of YAESU and SPID communication protocol. A special VUSC rotator interface with enhanced options.
  • Automatic band switching and external band switch control over serial/parallel port

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The last "DOS based" version VUSC 4.08 from January 2005 here.