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[Moon-net] Satellite Scatter

Datum: 2.12. 2007, 15:19 - včera v 15:19

SV3AAF Petros wrote:

BTW! real big fun on 144mhz CW yesterday when i tried to work SM2CEW > with reflection on the International space station when it was passing > over EU. Amazing big doppler and we came to RO received and R sent but not completed.

Ben SM6CKU and I, with a lot of heavy mainframe computing assistance from John, G(W)(M)4ANB, co-inventor of the so-called 'Maidenhead' locator system, and now N6something, played extensively with scattering from 'space junk' on 432MHz in the 1978 - 79 era. That was in the era before PCs were cheaply available! Using his 8m dish Ben heard my 8yagi/kW ssb signal scattered by a COSMOS launcher in a decaying orbit, although we never completed a QSO, as the windows were very short, as Petros and Peter have discovered. The tests were reported in the 4-2-70 section of the RSGB's Radcom at the time.

I'd hoped to return to those experiments when I came back on the air, just under five years ago, but I haven't yet had time to do so.

One of the reasons for the previous series of tests coming to an end was that our 'back door' source of orbital information closed. Such data is now much more freely available, and the computing could easily be done on a PDA!

'Satellite scatter' is a viable dx mode on 144, 432, and maybe the higher frequency bands, particularly if you use a scatterer in a relatively low orbit, with a radar cross-section as big as the ISS! To use it effectively would require the adoption of suitable operating procedures.

My current EME activity is mainly on 10GHz. It seems a pity to leave the system unused for half of any month, and I've wondered if it would be possible to use one of the constellations of geostationary DBS satellites as a scatterer. I can't find any information on the RCS of the satellites, which doesn't surprise me, but a few casual calculations based on educated guesses suggest that it's possibly a viable means of making QSOs by EME equipped 10GHz stations, particularly if the solar panel arrays are suitably aligned.

Does anybody have any more information or even want to try?
Vy 73


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Předmět: Re: [Moon] Scatter via the International Space Station

Datum: 2.12. 2007, 17:55 - včera v 17:55

Hello Peter and All.

Very good reading on your page, I was smiling a long time after i heard you from the south (We live over 1000km apart)

Rune SM5CUI have sent me a recording that i have uploaded on my satellite page http://web.telia.com/~u37027643/sida3.htm
Go under the ISS picture where it stands ISS Bounce.

TNX to all involved! i am sure we will hear more about this during the winter.

73 Hakan SM7WSJ


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Předmět: [Moon] Scatter via the International Space Station

Datum: 2.12. 2007, 20:02 - včera v 20:02

The other day SM7WSJ suggested that we should try to communicate by using the ISS as a passive reflector.

Contrary to my belief, we were hearing signals and almost completed a QSO on the 3rd attempt.

I have put some recordings on my webpage www.sm2cew.com/iss.html if anyone is interested.

I am sure that we can complete a QSO, now that we have figured out what the difficulties are.

73 de Peter SM2CEW
www.sm2cew.com http://blog.sm2cew.com

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Předmět: Re: [Moon] Scatter via the International Space Station

Datum: 2.12. 2007, 18:04 - včera v 18:04

FB guys! What a challenge it apparently is to find anything there given the blazing Doppler shift on that thing! Neat!

73, Joe K5SO