New 144 MHz beacons in strategic position

[April/May 2004]. The team around DL8HCZ, DF7KF, DL7AJA and DL6FAW is currently busy implementing the new EA8VHF beacon on La Palma (IL18BS). That beacon will provide 50 watts rf output into two yagi antennas beaming towards Europe and towards North America on 144.484 MHz (source: Dubus 1/2004, Funktelegramm 4/2004, personal communication). Click on the map to view the beacon's single and double hop target areas and the corresponding reflection areas in the E region of the ionosphere.

In the 2004 sporadic E season, you may chase another beacon in very attractive geographical position, i.e. 5T5VHF (around 144.302 MHz, 50 W) and 5T5SIX (50.028 MHz, 15 W) in Mauretania (IK28AC). 5T2SN, DL8HCZ, DF7KF, W3CMP and DL8YHR will bring the beacon on the air this summer (source: Dubus 1/2004, Funktelegramm 4/2004 and 5/2004). Click the image to view the beacon's beamer map in single and double hop sporadic E propagation.

Fellow hams in North America should also keep an eye on both beacons. EA8VHF shows a quite large target area in North America which covers in particular all territories in New Foundland and in New Scotland. Even 5T5VHF/5T5SIX is available from the most eastern tip of New Foundland (I wish the Canadian VO1ZA beacon would have a receiver module monitoring its companions on the west coast of Africa and vice versa). Thus, talking about double hop sporadic E also means talking about terrestrial transatlantic VHF propagation. It is perhaps the Dubus team that will invite all of us to this big Brendan Trophy party, who knows?

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EA8VHF beamer map (click map)
5T5VHF/5T5SIX beamer map (click map)