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Tks, Zdenek !
Just done. Very good "O"+, so finally exchanged 549/549.
Every meter on the dish counts for,no excuse, hi.
After 70cm will wait for the list to be sure, hi.
for OK1KIR


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Hi gang,
we are very sorry to cancel all skeds for tomorrow on 13cm, this time wx forecast seems to be right: we were urged to take the mesh panels out of the dish, as we already announced yesterday. Just because of this we are vERY happy to have qso'd 6 stations on 13 cm today: G3LTF (tnx Peter for giving us guidance to the moon!), RW1AW (very easy copy Alex), SM3AKW, OK1KIR, VE6TA and OZ4MM.
We have to correct yesterdays list, as VE4MA was NC, because though O/RM was exchanged, Barry missed our finals. Sorry for that...congrats Grant: you made the first VE/TF on 13 (hope you did not get too late to work, tnx for insistance and patience).
Again our thanks to all in the community to work with us on a normal working day!
On 23cm we made two additional QSO's this morning with SM5LE and GM3SBC, mni tnx!
Hopefully we will put the meshes back for Saturday, as WX forecast looks a bit brighter then (which doesn't mean too much, as we have learned in between, hi!)
With all carefulness from 2day's view skeds would be possible, of course outside the contest. During the contest we will try to give out an additional multiplier on random.
many thanks to all from cold and windy, but now sunny Iceland,
vy 73 / 88 de Monika & Michael