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Odeslano: 26. srpna 2006 10:19


first of all let me thank you very much for the great resonance
to my last VHF-DATABASEs after the refresh in mid of 2006.
Its a pleasure for me to help a bit to increase the vhf-activity...

For updating my VHF-DATABASEs, we do have a facility also ONLINE.
This is maintened at DH3YAK, Winfried, and called "ONLINE-DATABASE"
and is reachable at:

http://vhf-dx.scam.de/addme.htm or http://vhf-dx.scam.de/orderpwd.htm

In europe we have a big net of input and update possibilities
(in VHF/EME/MS chatrooms like ON4KST or at DK3XT, DK5YA, EA6VQ and
other well popular VHF-homepages...). All those Updates and so all
DATAS, are comming to the right place and will be maintained weekly!

In about 2 month, I will spread out the new issue 2.30, which will
include the new VHF-DATABASE (also for DXCluster again!), the MS-BASE,
CALLSIGN.TXT and CALL3.TXT, with all the thousands updates since last
october issues.

AGAIN - please do not hesistate to send YOUR update!

If you are using EME (with or without WSJT), or if you are active on
any VHF band, please let me know. Use one of our updateplaces:


or please do fill in the following sample:

Call : Rufzeichen : AB1CDE
DXCC/WAE : Land : AB
LOC-WW : Lokator : JO55AF
PR-Adress : PR-BBS : DB0CDE
PR-Cluster: DX-Cluster : DB0CDE-9
E-Mail : Internet : user@Botatown.de
Op-Name : Vorname : Siegbert
Activity : Aktivitšt : 50-144-ms-eme-WSJT-WWConvers
RIG : Equipment : 144: 100Watt 11el MGF1302
NOF/LPM/MS-RIG : 155 3000lpm MSDSP
Update : Update : 07/06

and send it back to me direct. These DATAs above will be public
within my next VHF-DATABASE. There are no adresses, neither telefon-
numbers getting online, do to privacy-reasons!

Kind regards and hear you soon on the VHF-bands!
73 de Guy DL8EBW

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