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Hello Charlie nad Peter !
Sincere congrats to new world record on 13cm !!
Your antennas were close to touch ground on both sides to get this happen ! Great signal from VK, Charlie ! GL in contest 2nd pass ! Vladimir & Tonda for OK1KIR EME

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spojení VK3NX - G3LTF je nový WR via EME na 13 cm - ctverce a vzdálenost viz 9 cm EME WR. (16756km)
73 Tonda

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Subject: [Moon-net] VK3NX 1st pass report

Hello everyone...

It was my first time QRV on 13cm. Many tnx to all who called me. It took a lot of effort listening on 2 bands. I also had some random contacts on my own QRG.....I didn't realise that some countries have 2300-2304 as an allocation. I am very sorry that I missed some stations on 2320...I did QSY for Rx on that band as I said I would. Wx was very bad here...wind gusts 60 km/h...created a lot of QSB...but nonetheless I was AMAZED at how loud the signals were.. I think my feed efficiency is very good as I am receiving at least 0.3dB Moon noise...(due to wind accurate pointing difficult) I was also amazed to hear my own echoes through the ground noise and some big signals.

Here is my Wkd list...almost all planned skeds were completed random before the sked time.

W5LUA 579/559 , RW1AW 559/559, OK1CA 579/579, OK1KIR 539/539, ES5PC 519/559, F2TU 569/559, F2TU SSB 45/44, SM4DHN 519/549, IW2FZR 529/549 , G3LTF 579/569, G3LTF SSB 52/42.

9 new initials ...made getting up at 3am local time worthwhile!

I will be happy to work on 13cm again next WE for those i missed out on but I have placed the 6cm feed in the dish and I will operate on 6cm on the 2nd pass. Please be patient as the winds are forecast to continue which will make operation on 6cm very difficult.

I look forward to working lots of stations.

I am happy to take skeds for NA as my window is limited.............starts at ~1330 and I am available to 1500

My european ops will start from ~ 1930 through until moonset (Wx permitting)

73 Charlie VK3NX