EME DX-pedition VK9X and VK9C on 144МHz   Версия для печати 
source: RA3AQ    
Rex Moncur VK7MO annonced preparation of  EME DX-pedition to Cocos-Keeling and  Christmas Islands on 144 MHz  EME

Cocos-keeling Islands, VK9CMO, locator NH87KT, planned 20 to 30 th August 2005

Christmas Island, VK9XMO, locator  OH29TM, planned 3 to 21-st September 2005


6 wl Yagi and 200 W RF. Frequency: 144.146  JT65b  first period

Time of activity: when Moon will be visible

Only Random operation, no skeds. No Internet connection available. Just time to time are planned skeds with  Dave VK2AWD, which may put some annonce into N0UK-logger.


More abt. Christmas Island - look at HF page: http://www.qsl.net/vk2mb/vk9xd.html