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Here is my experience using the JT mode:

The maximum rate of working stations using JT65 is about six per hour. And that
is with stations lined up calling, and completing in a minimum number of sequences. 
These same stations could easily be worked on CW at a rate of about twenty-five or 
so per hour at the beginning of the contest, because they are generally the BIG 
stations with loud signals. Unfortunately, CW activity is down, and this trend 
started well before JT arrived on the scene.

For working small, single yagi, 100 watt type stations on JT65, my experience is 
that it is do-able, but not as simple as the uninitiated might expect. For example, 
I spent several days running with OK1TEH, who was using 100 watts to a 4 element yagi. 
A QSO was finally accomplished during our last schedule after he called me for hours 
on end before I ever decoded calls from him. Another very small station, YO4FNG, was 
worked after three hours of a running schedule on a very good day!  These are typical 
examples of how I am doing with small stations. So you see, the competitive advantage 
during a contest just isn't as much as one might assume.

Back in the "good old days" I would receive telephone calls from stations who heard 
me and wanted to run a schedule. Well, the telephone just isn't ringing as much today, 
because it is now called "internet". I whole heartedly agree that using such aids 
during a contest gives one an advantage over those who do not use them. That is why 
I submitted my log to ARRL stating that I had used the Internet loggers for spotting, 
to assist me during the contest. However, no advanced, or on-the-fly schedules were 
made on the loggers. I chose this operating strategy with the proviso that my log be 
considered differently than those who were unassisted, and not using the Internet. 
I see that the contest results posted by ARRL do not distinguish this fact. I even put 
out the statement on this reflector prior to the contest start that I would use any 
and every means available to maximize my QSO total, because that is what I wanted to 
do: work as many stations as I could.

I think JT is bring a whole new group of hams into the EME fold, and I welcome them. 
I still want to work you old timers again also.

73, Dave - W5UN						w5un@wt.net

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