To: Users of WSJT
From: Joe Taylor, K1JT
Subject: WSJT 5.9.4, r159

WSJT Version 5.9.4, r159, is now available for free download from If none of the
problems listed below has bothered you with version 5.9.3, there is little reason to upgrade at this time.

The following list of changes is extracted from

As always, the WSJT developers will be happy to receive your feedback on
this new release.
-- 73, Joe, K1JT

Changes in WSJT 5.9.4 (r159): April 11, 2006

This is a maintenance release.

1. Problems exhibited on some computers with dual or "hyperthreading" CPUs have been fixed (or at least reduced, see below).

2. Problems with reading previously recorded files (such as the sample files in the WSJT tutorial) have been fixed.

3. Bad data could cause an error message "Error in KV decoder, or no KV decoder present" in the console window. Fixed.

4. The delay between PTT assertion and start of Tx Audio, and the delay between end of Tx Audio and release of PTT, have been increased
by 0.2 s. In addition, a bug in the T/R timing logic was fixed.

5. There was a minor bug in computing the position of the moon. (The displayed Az and El of the "home station" were correct for a time 100
seconds earlier than the actual time.) This has been fixed. In addition, refraction adjustments are no longer made in the Sun and
Moon elevations.

6. A minor bug when displaying large negative Doppler shifts in the file azel.dat has been fixed.

7. As an aid to future development of WSJT, the program is now capable of transmitting "test files" with arbitrary audio content.

NOTE: If you have a computer with multiple CPUs or a CPU with hyperthreading, and if WSJT 5.9.4 does not run properly for you,
please reboot your machine, enter the BIOS Setup screen, disable hyperthreading, and see if WSJT then runs properly. Then let me know
the results of this test. Note: you will probably notice very little (if any) degradation in performance by leaving hyperthreading turned
off. For now, this is the recommended procedure if you have problems with it turned on.