Od: OK1XU [ok1xu@arrl.net]
Odesláno: 14. března 2007 21:31
Předmět: [ok_list] *****SPAM***** Amateur Radio in Iraq has been suspended

Amateur Radio in Iraq has been suspended until further notice. Yesterday Iraq Amateur Radio Society (IARS) President YI1DZ, Diya Sayah, reported a letter was sent from the Iraq's Minister of Defense to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki agreeing to halt issuing Amateur Radio licenses and to cease all current licensed activity from Amateur Radio operators in Iraq.
This would include both nationals and any and all visitors (YI9). This is apparently in an effort to increase security. Diya is hoping someone can convince the Ministry of Defense that Amateur Radio will not cause interference with the military communications.

73, 1MP

Dear Fellow HAM radio HF mangers and officers;
greeting to you all...well hereby i officially announce that two days ago we received a letter from the prime MInistre office to suspend Iraqi Amatures Licenses and to turn our equipment to the society untill further notice or as the letter qauted " till the security turns better" from now on no Iraqi station should be heared on air till we regain an exception order the reason behind the letter assumes HAM radio gears could be used to survilance and intercept of  military and police communications and messages during the security operations ...the society will work hard to make it clear to the goverment that the amateurs gears are not as they think and can not be used and it is not a threat to the security issue in IRAQ .

thank you all we will continue our activities as a society and we'll try to keep tracking and monitoring the amateurs interest ...

thank you all

      Laith Tariq
IARS liaison Officer to IARU