OK2KKW - first in EU !

We are very pleased, because REF, the French amateur radio association after a long time finally released Official list of the International IARU 2004 UHF/SHF Contest results, where our Contest club OK2KKW was evaluated as the European winner in the Multi operator category on the most occupied 70cm band, where we beat our long time rivals DL0GTH and OL4A. This win is for us even more valuable, because our opponents reached brilliant results as well and behind our success is not some bad luck on their side. We are proud, that after long years, where we were several times in the top ten of the International VHF Contests results, we finally reach (side by side with other superb OK stations) the entitlement to have a record in the European VHF history.

However we need accent, that this success was resulted not only as our club  effort only, but as well as result of help our friends from OL9W team. And due to that this success should be consider as their's success too.

Unfortunately, Official REF Contest results are not complete yet and more national result, such a PA, HB9, I, OM, HA, S5, 9A and very probably even more, were not evaluated at all as a part of the International result list. We are very surpriced, that such uncompleted results could  be published as an Official...


Because we want offer  for EU amateur radio community more complex information, unofficial Result list was prepared as a compilation of the REF results and more missing national results. But we believe, that REF will prepare soon new re-evaluation of this contest and for new final results list all EU contest logs will be evaluated.

Congrats to all winners!

OK2KKW story from this contest is (in Czech) here.