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OK2KKW web on 15.8.2017 celebrate already 17 (!) years since launch of our daily effort to be an actual information source focused to the VHF DX  amateur radio operation in OK and abroad. We are thinking abt. possible improvements, but because we are not sure, how much is our work valuable for you, we would kindly ask you for feedback if some further changes would be invited, or if will be more convenient (due to pressure of CRC) to swap the content by ordinary club presentation only.
But for now we have decided to keep ordinary operation at least till of year end. However we are looking forward to a bit slow down in preparation of our information service, because it is very time consuming. And excuse for our poor English!

Our club station is not member of Czech radioclub (CRC or ÈRK), so please your QSL send direct only either via OK1DIX, or OK1VPZ.

Here on OK2KKW web page you can find large list of czech and european VHF contests results.