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OK2KKW web site celebrated 22 (!) years since its launch on 15.8.2022, focused on the up to date info about VHF amateur radio events in OK and worldwide. But OK2KKW Radio Club has much more rich history. It was founded in December 1989 and has already 33 years of quite successful activity. Not to mention the previous long history of the OK1KRA club (since 50-ties). We are thinking about possible changes and improvements to our efforts to provide independent information to the amateur radio public, but since we are not sure if there is any point in embarking on any major projects anymore in a world of continued pressure from the militaristic CRC, we would like to ask you, to briefly re-evaluate in hindsight whether our work is bringing you something positive, or whether the time for this kind of public activity has run out in OK and it might be more useful if we were to focus on other activities now and just turn the website operation into a regular club presentation like others do. .. If you need to contact us, write or call OK1TEH via email or phone + 420 603 489 490
For the time being, we have agreed that we will keep the website running at least until 15.8.2022. In any case, we plan to reduce the activity in the operation of our information service and it is not excluded that it could be completely closed down in the next few weeks.And excuse us for our poor English!

Our club station is not member of Czech radioclub (CRC or ÈRK), so please your QSL send direct only either via OK1DIX, OK1TEH, or OK1VPZ.

Here on OK2KKW web page you can find large list of czech and european VHF contests results.