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Amateur Radio Propagation Studies - DK5AI

SW by K1JT for weak signal VHF communication (older versions here)


History, present, articles and even more concerning DX VHF operation

English articles:

1959 On 2 m from Snezka ( history of first QSOs with G a GI (remembrance to fascinated articles of  OK1VR)

1999 Hawaii Tropo Ducting - new 2m World record (KH6HME ( BK29go ) and W1LP/mm ( DL51ce)

2002 Atlantic overcomed? (hoax article abt the 1st MS qso over Atlantic on 2m by N2PIG)

2002 VHF-Transatlantic-Experiment 2002 (however no luck :-(

2003 History of Microwave ham radio communication in UK by G3PHO.

2005 Ground Gain on 21.04 2005 (what may happen on 2m during Moonset)

2005 Tropo condx across East Mediteranean, or not only GSM DX-ing (tropo in 5B4 on UHF)

2005 WSJT for Meteorscatter  (by Catharinus van Tuijl, PE1AHX) (ufb article for beginners on 2m MS)

If you know any other interesting, in english written VHF DX article, don't hesitate contact us, please.


Czech articles:

1935 VHF tests from Praděd hill (Report OK2BR from of old history of amateur VHF operation in OK)

1948 When VHF DXcondx are coming (info about propagation on 50MHz and above)

1949 Africa calling Czechoslovakia (what we did not found in travelogue of Mr. Hanzelka and Zikmund)

1949 Radio reception and meteors (probably first note abt VHF propagation via MS in OK)

1950 Reports and consideration about Field day VHF Contest 1950 (what happen in the second OK Field day contest)

1951 Reports and consideration about Field day VHF Contest 1951 (what happen during third OK Field day contest)

1953 Czechoslovak hams on VHF (review of VHF operation on the beginning of 50ies + first 23cm qso in OK)

1953 Reminder to First OK VHF Field day Contest ever in 1949 (how it begun in OK)

1953 OK1KAX on 23cm wave (Worldwide DX record on 1215 Mc/s in 1953)

1956 "Day of VHF Records" and European VHF Contest 1956 in KN09CE (VHF DXpedition OK1VR on Lomnicky peak)

1956 The very first ham radio contacts on 13 and 9 cm in OK (equipment description)

1957 On 2 m from KH6 to USA in 1957 (Worldwide DX record on 144 MHz - 4087 km - already in 1957 ! )

1957-1962 History of first aurorial QSOs (1957 - 1962) (Detail history of first QSOs via Aurora since 1957)

1958-1966 History of first MS QSOs  (1958 - 1966) (Detail history of Meteor Scattering on 145 MHz in Europe 1958-1966)

1959 On 2 m from Snezka ( history of first QSOs between OK and G & GI)

1959 On 220MHz from KH6 to USA in 1959 (Worldwide DX record on 220 MHz - 4087 km in 1959!  tnx OK1VR )

1959 Using of meteoritics for VHF DX connections (First OK MS QSO in 1959 & 3.rd in Europe!  tnx ZS6AXT, OK1VR )

1959 Ionosphere during extreme conditions (what may happen during atomic blast)

1960 VHF power inputs rules in EU (How we were discriminated)

1961 First QSOs on 10 GHz in OK (3cm tests of OK1KAD)

1977 On VHF from Jugoslavia (OK1AIY experience in YU6 during UHF-SHF Contest in 1977)

1983 Planning of MS QSOs (Detail explanation of MS operation tnx OM3BH )

1986 FB tropo condx to G during UHF CONTEST 1986 + results (how the first time the 300 000 points border on 70cm has reached)

1989 Probably biggest radio Aurora of 20.th Century [13.-14. March 1989] (a lot about this event)

1995 FB tropo condx in UHF Contest 1995 in OK1OKL + 70cm log OK2KKW & maps + OK results + IARU results

2001 Abt. interference and QRM in VHF Contests. More 2 and 3.  (about always hot issue)

2004 How to make your first MS QSO (FSK441)? (Detail instruction "How to do it" for beginners)

2005 Ground Gain on 21.04 2005 (what may happen on 2m during Moonset)

2005 Tropo condx in East Mediteranean and/or not only GSM DX-ing (about tropo condx in 5B4 area on UHF)

2006 History of TEP tests in OK (will be sometime possible make a QSO on 144 and 432 MHz between OK and South Africa?)


History, present, articles, ... about EME

1960-1966 History of first EME QSO  (1960 - 1966) (Detail info about history of first EME QSOs in 1960, tnx OK1VR, (z) OK1TEH)

1976 History of first  EME tests in OK (1960 to 1976) and first OK EME QSOs (reminder of 30 years anniversary offirst  EME VHF QSO v OK)

1990 History of EME operation in OK (1977 to 1990) and first OK VKV WAC awards (how the OK hams were successful in the world EME history)

2002 Franta OK1CA has made the first Czech EME QSO on 9 cm (and new World record too :-)

2006 Septum Feed Septum feed history in OK - František Střihavka OK1CA  [pdf]

2006 Septum feed revisited - Rastislav Galuščák, OM6AA [pdf] + more

2006 How to begin on EME with WSJT: Your first QRP EME QSO (by EA6VQ, look for pictures here)

2006 How to begin on EME with WSJT: Your first QRP EME QSO (part one)

2006 How to begin on EME with WSJT: Your first QRP EME QSO (part two)