Free VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Log Software by OK1DIX

the very last version of  VUSC 4 WIN 7.06  has been released on 19th March 2024

As you probably heard, Lada OK1DIX released in spring 2005 a new, fundamentally different version of the well known free VUSC contest log SW for VHF contests. A new version of this program is intended for use on computers running Windows  XP, VISTA and Windows 7,8 and even 10. Since its first introduction in the mid of 90 years this software has undergone many upgrades, and each was in the newer versions substantially better in support of the top VHF contesting and, ultimately, much more stable.

The present version provides the latest modifications which are in response to long-term experience with multi-multi contest operation on VHF & UP at OK2KKW (OK2A, OK4W) as well as at OL4A, OL9W, OK1KUO, IZ4BEH and DM7A and many other users / testers (TNX!). The development of any software product, of course, does not end with putting it to use for public. There is always room for some improvement. We therefore encourage you to join the wide family of software users of VUSC log and tell us your findings and suggestions!

Find out last improvements & changes in new version 7.06

Full English manual for VUSC v. 7.06 as well as Full German manual

Download English & German version of VUSC 4 WIN ver. 7.0 [+ Eng read me / DL read me]

Why VUSC 4 WIN? Whether we have various relationship to Microsoft software, you cannot deny the fact that it's definitely the most widely used operating system. Although the new OS Win 7, 8 and Win XP are much stable then previous versions (Win 95, 98 and ME), they don't contain full support of software which was written for the DOS.. It's valid particularly for full hardware support like connection of paddle or rotator controller and support of multi microwave bands. As the further extensive development of new improvements of software based on DOS was limited, new VUSC4WIN had to be born.

The new VUSC 4 WIN log includes all the functionality of previous versions of DOS VUSC series. However, it has more advanced graphics and is much more flexible in use. OK1DIX therefore looks forward to working with all users of this software product. With your experiences please contact autor (please don't forget to mention what kind of OS and hardware did you use).

The view of one possible adjustment of PC screen with software VUSC 4 (operated together with ON4KST chat) is below :