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 Od: ON4KHG <on4khg@voo.be>
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Předmět: More info on Ground Gain assessment 
Datum: 18.10.2011 00:00:40

Dear OM, dear friend, check this link: http://on4khg.be/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/EME2012-Slide-Show-Ground-Gain-ON4KHG.pptx

Since you have shown some interest following the publication of the article "Ground Gain in Theory and Practice" in DUBUS 3/2011 or since I suppose you are
interested in the subject, I send you the present mail to advise you I have updated my website with the following material:

At the URL http://on4khg.be/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Ground_Gain_Geometry_and_Magnitude_Calculator_File1.xlsm , you will find   2 tools, under Excel format :




The complete package as a whole (.zip file) is also available on the website (16 MB).

Feel free to forward to whom may be interested.

Should you be performing your own measurements, I'm eager to receive any  feedback related to them.

Best 73,
Gaëtan, ON4KHG