Below you can read copy of one email. Do you think, that OK2ZI some-how responded to it? Or even support it?

No, absolutely not...


PS: my appology for gramatic mistakes in the below wording. Sorry, I'm not machine. But I hope, it's still quite well possible to understand, what is thought...


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Hello Michael and Karel

Let me inform you about the email below.

I would ask you find the right way, how to ask (probably by CRC) IARU for support in the matter of 10GHz operation in the Czech republic. The present situation is not very promising for future.

Probably the only way is ask IARU representative at CEPT to support us there and (I hope) within few years push the Czech telecommunication authority to accept CEPT recommendation, which is for us maybe the only way, how to maintain amateur radio operation on 10GHz in OK active.

Thank you in advance for support. It is very important for all of VHF community here.



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Subject: 10GHz and amateur radio in the Czech republic


Dear Sir

I would kindly ask you for help. If the info, which I got in ITU is true, you are the right person, who may bring amateur radio issues into FMWG discussion of CEPT. My ask is not related personaly to me, but to all amateur radio community in the Central EU region. Because you will have within few days next meeting of the FMWG in Warsaw, I would ask you, if possible, support us to keep 10GHz amateur radio operation active in the Czech republic as well as interesting for neighbouring countries.

Czech republic amateur radio community is (resp. were) very active on 10GHz and together with Slovenia we are probably the most active on that band (in respect to the number of population) worldwide. However this year starts with very sad decision of the CTU (Czech telecommunication office), because our 10368-10369 MHz segment was covered by new free in charge (issued as a general license) allocation for terrestrial P-P links intended for interconnection sites of small WIFI commercial operators. Such free allocation allocation is unique accross EU and broadband data operation will significantly interfere with our interests. What is important - the P-P commercial traffic allocation does not respect CEPT recommendation, which gives and advice to the member countries, how to allocate traffic in the 10GHz band.

Within last 15 years CTU authority managed similar general license on 10GHz, but terrestrial P-P links were allowed to use (before present CTU decision) exclusively as FDD links only and such links were for small WIFI operators quite expensive. So the density of commercial P-P operation accross our DX segment was not very high and even we had a bit higher level of priority, than free general license links. Due to that the P-P operation coexistence with our 10368MHz segment was possible and collisions were unique.

However in spring of 2012 were introduced on Czech market extraordinary cheap (650 Euro for complete link) Chinese links produced by Ubiquity, which uses TDD and both polarizations - even shifted by 45 degrees from H/V. And on the top, this equipment has automatic searching of unused channel - and this functionality use full power of the link. Because the link is cheap, it would be perfect gift for small WIFI operators, but nightmare for our amateur radio operation, because it produce amazing level of noise in our still relatively quiet DX band. But the previous general licence had restriction to use TDD and cross polarization. Unfortunately, the WIFI lobby convinced CTU to change of 10GHz general license, although all professional operators as well as amateur radio operators were against such change. Even we managed petition of more, than 500 amateur radio license holders support (as well as all major Czech ham radio assotiations did the same) amateur radio community in the matter of request to CTU to maintain amateur radio DX operation on that band and manage the frequency allocation for P-P links in conformity with CEPT recommendation.

But we failed...

Next week (mid of January) will start to be effective new general license issued by CTU, which de facto demolish amateur radio operation in that very interesting band. The new general license give to commercial operation full priority and even in the general license license says, that the commercial service has exclusivity (!) there, although formally the amateur radio operation was not terminated on 10GHz yet.

I understand very well, how complicate the issue is. CEPT recommendation of 10GHz allocation is not decision accepted by EU yet. But even in that situation I still would ask you to open that issue on FMWG and try slowly move the enviroment on that working group toward future CEPT decision focused to the acceptance of commonly harmonised frequency allocation in EU. IARU will support you for sure, when our Czech IARU member society (CRC - Czech radioclub) will ask IARU for help. However at the present time the CRC prepares new elections, so the request to IARU maybe will take some time.

But if the general license on that band will stay here valid in the present wording for long time, I would express a concern that the future change of allocation in the Czech republic will be more and more complicated. At the present time the interference between amateur radio on 10368MHz and commercial P-P links is not horrible yet, but I'm afraid, the door for us is going to be locked soon.

Please help us if you can to maintain amateur radio operation in such interesting band. If you have any question, feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you in advance!

Vladimir Petrzilka

(OK2KKW Radioclub chairman)


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