Copy of few emails, exchanged with HB9DRI on the Moon-net discussion conference (first email on the bottom).

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For HB9DRI: Alex, I'm happy that we finally found common agreement: you are closing discussion with me (and Matej), I'm closing discussion with you. It has simple reason: you are not able understand the whole issue regarding VHF contesting and even you did not read my presentation about QRM in contests. OK, both of us can live with that and keep our original view on the "reverse SDR" matter. You still will believe, that we are stupid, ignorant, arrogant, dishonest, offenders, cheaters and what more you used on our address - and we are keeping our own feeling as well... That's the live, Alex. I will wish you good results in both EME operation as well as in business with your products. 73! Vlada

For SM5BSZ: I'm sorry Leif, if there was some missunderstanding in our discussion. You mentioned parazitic radiation measurment, I spoke rather about my feeling with suggested use of such device for contesting. Then I wrote my opinion about IQ+TX and contesting only, not about use it for EME. That's it. Just few words about your measurment - you are of course very experienced ham and based on it you probably you will confirm my experience, that sideband noise measurment of commercial TRXs has many variations - it is not often issue of type of radio, but rather piece by piece of type and measurment of different pieces gives sometimes even by more, than 6dB difference. And I don't think, that with devices by Alex's production it will be different. It is just my few cents to discussion, where are compared products if they are better or worse each to other by 3dB. We are able to manage such measurment as well as - for example here is a measurment of K3 sideband noise with additional crystal filter on 21MHz: 
What is related to your ask to modify my expression in the report from the discussion with you after EME meeting, I will do it tonight, when will be back home. Check it tomorrow, please.

For all others: at first - thanks a lot to all, who sent me and Matej supporting private emails. It is really very appreciated. Let me add just few note points to the below expressions of my oponent:
a) we never exceed (not only in the contesting) within last 10 years the legal power limit. Anyone is very welcome to visit us during VHF contests and check our output PWR.
b) we are using FT847 (with modified ALC and next tricks) in contests just on 23cm and above. Who knows a little bit about level of sideband noise on GHz bands, he will confirm, that it is not any disanvantage for anybody.
c) what is related to sideband issue in contesting - because VHF is not HF - if you have a local QRO competitor on opposite hill, naturaly you will make an agreement to run on QRG not 20 or 50kHz away, but at least 100 or even 200kHz away. So the sideband measurment is very important as well as in such frequency distance. And very often there would be an additional problem as well: present modern synthesizers, designed for digital communication (mostly on COFDM) are optimized for as low as possible noise level few kHz close to the operational frequency and the noise level in the distance 100kHz or more is already not declining like "old fashioned" PLLs, which vere quite bad close to QRG but the noise envelope declines theoretically to infinity in a far away. So, it is the next point of view, which we should take a care in case of comparison of up to date designs. VHF amateur radio contesting is still rather "old fashioned" telecommunication's style service with analogue processing of very weak signals..
And for final:
d) we are not feeling to have a right to measure "how much we made for VHF hamradio community". The others will do it. And it is the best scale of evaluation I think...

Best 73 to all!   Vlada   

PS: If someone has any additional comments or asks, please send me rather a direct email. More info is as well as available on our OK2KKW's web page. Thanks to all for patience with us due to "needlessly" used "bandwidth" on Moon-Net email conference.

From: "Alex Artieda" <hb9dri{zavináč}>
Subject: Re: [Moon-Net] [Moon-net GG] RE: Response to HB9DRI:
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Cc: linrad{zavináč}, moon-net{zavináč},

Dear Matej

You still without understand was disturb me and why I don't agree with you and Vlad.

Both publish in a report a personal point of view about ME and the IQ+XT without crossing one single word with me, you and Vlad make a priori opinions, that's ok in philosophy but not in our hobby where more facts count and worst both try to use the public reputation of Leif SM5BSZ to validate your comments, this attitude is CHEATING, nothing else.

Leif already answer in public his disagree with you and Vlad, and this is a big slap on both due your dishonest behavior, if showing your dishonest behavior is crude, hard and you think is and attack, YOU ARE RIGHT, the only way to dismantle dishonest people is go straight forward and show the offenders in a crude way, if you don't like, sorry , this is something you need to consider next time you expose yourself in public with dishonest manners, this is a fact and you cannot change, period, now you accuse me to be arrogant, big ego, bla bla bla. May be is reverse, next time before write a report think what you are writing and the possible consequences of your wrong statements.

The day you and Vlad will do really something for the EME community you will understand my position, before of that impossible!! Remain in the ignorance is just your option.

By the way my ego sends to you and Vlad very nice greetings. :) :)

For me this topic is close.

73 de Alex, HB9DRI


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Subject: Re: [Moon-net GG] RE: [Moon-Net] Response to HB9DRI:

Dear Friends,

as you know I've never told that HB9DRI is stupid, or any rude word or that his SDR is a crap, I just expressed in my report personal fear about the usage of IQ+TX for serious VHF contesting in Middle Europe.

I believe that everybody has right to express his opinion in polite way, this is called democracy by the way. My report from EME meeting was expressing my personal feelings, opionions and wasn't any official report at all, I've never written that everybody must agree with me...

Well, I'm always ready for polite discussion but I must say I really wasn't expected such a rude and arogant attacts to me.......

While I was writing my response to Alex's rude text, Vladimir OK1VPZ wrote his fully explanation about the technical matters. Since then and after next DRI's (full of hate) response I don't see any relevant reason to continue in this topic.. By the way my report from the EME conference was large and it wasn't easy to make it for me because of lack of free time.

I'll consider if I write something else from next EME Conference at all..

Enjoy Alex your big ego & have a nice day...

73 Matej, OK1TEH

Od: Alex Artieda <hb9dri{zavináč}>
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Datum: 1. 10. 2014 8:45:56
P?edm?t: [Moon-net GG] RE: [Moon-Net] Response to HB9DRI:

Dear Friends

This could be a never ending story, is not the first time we had this kind of behaviors, especially for those who are desesperate for public recognition...

OK1VPZ and OK1TEH publish a priori information regarding me and the IQ+XT without understanding properly how a SDR works, the worst part is when they try to validate their comments using the name of Leif SM5BSZ who already in publish correct both guys and demonstrate how wrong their comments are, is pathetic, anti-etic and demonstrate just "ignorance" when somebody try to bias the information spread on the web using the well reputation of other ones, this spoke about how low is the self-confidence of both guys about what they know and what they did, my recommendation sincerely for you both is take a self-confidence seminar and improve your social competence, not everything need to be technical stuff, give yourself a chance to grow; then probably both will understand what we are talking about here.

If somebody take care so much about "Serious contest in Central Europe" why they still using a nasty FT847 radio, one of the worst radios in side band noise, an clicks and pops???

The problematic about contesting in EU is not only noise transmitters, for me existing two serious problems: the proximity of the stations and the tremendous Illegal power the terrestrial stations are using, period... just browse the internet, this people is so stupid even they claim in public the amount of kilowatts they use, that is a really problem.

73 de Alex, HB9DRI

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Subject: Response to HB9DRI:

Dear all

Although my English is rather poor, I will try express here my short opinion to Alex's quite arrogant message. Please take it as it is: I am not novice on VHF and for sure not ignorant as he wrote. And even not some "no name" stupid boy from the East as Alex thinking. I was always focused to the EMC and particularly QRM issue in central EU contesting - already within last 30 years. Alex should to know, that we have produced in OK 30 years ago transceivers with optimized sideband noise performance, which were better from such view, than any on his list. And even I could put here for him a question, why somebody, who doesn't understand the QRM problematic in VHF contesting now become so critical to the personal opinion, what has written on one private web page? And how many IARU VHF/UHF Contests he won? How many QRO+ contest competitors he has again and again in 20km distance? Or... No, I don't want to be as somebody is. It is below my dignity.

Let's look on the issue with cold head:

I wrote on our web page: "Due to my opinion Alex has little bit too much business look on this matter and some of his specific technical conclusions we found, let's say as a little bit too optimistic. Particularly VHF contest operation in Central EU has it's own specific technical categories and optimism are not in place."

Yes English is not good, but it is a clear expression. And still it is my belief. Why?

Commercial transceivers performance is not good enough to fulfil needs of QRO VHF contesting in central EU. Yes, K3 is a bit better, but still far away not enough. We are running contests in very dense populated areas and average distance between one to more QRO stations is about 25km. If you will calculate, what will be the noise level from near competitor, even if the best transceivers on both sites will be used, the noise level will be above S9. So, some additional smart solution is needed to be able make some valuable contest QSOs. Who has interest to know more about it, here is my poor translation of presentation, written for Polish VHF meeting this year:

However phase noise as well as the sideband noise (what difference in between!) are not the only critical phenomena, which have significant influence in the QRM issue. It could be very complex issue. Each theory is grey, green tree of life! For example ingress from your own antenna may be spreaded around and go back into bad screened exciter, running on low level. And particularly into the oscillator, where the loop must suddenly correct influence of high level of EM field into each active component. Commercial transceiver, even the worst noisy legendary TS770 had very well screened LO as well as all low signal level parts of transmitting chain. How looks the mechanical solution of the "reverse SDR"? How good screening is used? And what about the noise from supplying? And how looks the LC circuit of LO? As high as possible Q of LC resonator circuitry is significant part of long way to get low noise level from the LO. How high Q has LO in presented gadget? And it is not the only one group of questions - what about DAC? What dynamic range has the used DAC? How sensitive will be LO for vibrations? Any vibrations - for example from the fan from near PC may have significant influence to the LO phase noise performance. And next - what about intermodulations? The LTC5598 IQ modulator has in datasheet max output level for acceptable IMD less, than 3dBm. How bad will be the IMD in the presented "reverse SDR", if the author declares output level + 20dBm. SSB is not a FSK... I will not continue in more suspicions, why not to use it in contesting and repeat only the expression, written in the report: "VHF contest operation in Central EU has it's own specific technical categories and optimism are not in place." Next time, when you will look forward to participate in such hard core operation and you want to run QRO station, I would say: please do not use this toy. It will be in your interest as well as in the interest of all others up to 100km distance!

I have asked Alex to borrow me his product for testing, but he refused... OK, maybe it really is so good as he declares. But based on his declaration only I will not to buy it.

But anyway - it is nothing against Alex. He made an excellent job, not only in IQ SDR for both polarizations antenna for EME, but as well as with his experiments, which may help to designers find a way to a "new generation" equipment, already usable in VHF contesting, hi. And present "reverse SDR" may be for sure successfuly used in EME operation, where almost everything (except PA) is very different compare to VHF contesting.

For final: experience and knowledge of all complex aspects in EMC creates humbleness. And oposite - lack of it helps to intumescence of Ego only. And such ego is not good advisor, believe me. We should be rather modest and take all of such novelties with suspicion. And if it is really so good - well any of us want to have real happy day time to time. Isn's it?.. :-)

Best 73 to all! Vlada OK1VPZ


BTW: I have participated on first EME tests in OK on 2m already on early 80-ties, if someone remember OK1KRA call. Later on I am rather in the back of complete contesting team below OK2KKW and OK2A calls.


Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 16:02:17 -0000
From: "Alex Artieda" <hb9dri{zavináč}>
Subject: Re: [Moon-Net] HB9DRI Job to optimistic!!
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Dear Friends

Leif refer page 140 from the proceeds, that was RC1 , the proceeds went to printing before I finish the test of the latest IQ+XT RC2, during my presentation i use data coming from the latest IQ+XT RC2 with this results:

at 20Khz----noise at 50KHz

IQ+XT(RC2)>>>> -128.0>>>>-133.0

Have a look how noisy are radios like FT-847, IC821 and IC910, Now I'm testing RC3 with even much better results than RC2, I'm using now a new extremely low noise Opamp on the audio stage after the D/A and this has good impact on phase noise, more results later All radios was tested on my WSE units with an unmodified DELTA44 follow 100%

Leif recommendations how to do the test, and the test was done the same day. Comparing with Leif results my results confirm +/- some small variation, my test was done properly. and additional 2 weeks ago i was able to test another TS-2000DX and i confirm the IQ+ XT outperform the Kenwood TS-2000 radio by 3dB in side band noise, now my big conclusion is from what is available now is much better use a IQ+XT than any other radio on the list I tested and compared, you can use the IQ+XT in Central EU during contest, will work much better than a lot traditional commercial radios and I'm sure will work better than almost all SDR transmitters I put an extra effort to filter properly the signal path after the D/A as a consequence Leif article in Dubus in 2013 and this part delay my project 1 year until I was convinced no distortion and noise are send to the air at long separations like most of the SDR Transmitters do. Is very dangerous when somebody like OK1TEH make hard conclusion in topics he didn't manage in a professional way, he start his statement with:

OK1TEH wrote:

"....I'm not so familiar with SDR problematic..." and later he conclude very hardly:
"....I'm a bit afraid that Alex didn't understand to all aspects of the QRO
resp. QRM issue (which is by the way very different between HF and VHF because of different dynamic range) such as phase noise, etc. and if his new  SDR IQ+ XT will be used for real VHF contesting in mid EU region it would create significant increase of QRM (everybody had similar problem with OL4A
and their SDR used for TX on 2m couple year ago)...

How somebody who declares doesn't understand the SDR problematic now become a SDR critic and predict what could happen if you use a particular radio? Misinformation?, Arrogance? Or Ignorance?, probably a little of everything. Just because OL4A use a SDR transmitter and make interference this is enough to conclude all SDR transmitters are bad? Such a mediocre and superficial analysis!. Probably he needs to listen less his dad and do serious things alone by himself without pre-conclude false statements without the properly analysis and later spreading on the web as a fact Our hobby unfortunate is fully of a priori conclusions; understanding for a priori a fact that is assumed to be true prior to any empirical research, I prefer the empiricisms where then a posteriori knowledge based on the properly observations give you a better scientific approach Just to be clear my friends; i think almost everybody knows me and follow my projects, even if my radios has a brand and i had a homepage all this project are far away to be a really commercial activity, IQ+ receivers are undervalued at least 30%, i use 4 hours per day to do an online support totally for free even for those who build their own IQ+ radios based on softrocks and personal designs, even providing BPF or si570 oscillators or Pulse generators at cost to calibrate NB Linrad, for those who cannot access parts in small numbers even if this cost me money, for those with no idea how to setup Linrad I will never risk all the well job done until now with stupid design errors, for that reason my mentor and the most hardly critic of my job inspire me to be better and better each time, thank you Leif.

73 de Alex, HB9DRI