Why we are not members of Czech Radioclub (CRK)


It may be a mystery for many foreign hams, why we are not members of CRK, which is the largest Czech ham radio organisation and the national member of IARU.

It should be noted, that only a minority of Czech ham radio license holders are members of CRK - it mean, individuals, who really signed membership of CRK, are aprox. 20 % of all Czech license holders only. The reason is, that in our opinion (and in opinion of many other Czech hams) CRK is a successor of old SVAZARM, the communist semi-military organization, which controlled and restricted ham radio activities during the 40 years of communist ruling. The fact that CRK is controlled by the same people of former SVAZARM (some of them were also active agents of the communist secret police STB) only confirms that. Under the new name of CRK they gathered all the property of the SVAZARM ham radio branch and prevented its returning to the hands of the legal successor CAV - the ham radio organization destroyed by communist in early fifties.

Simply, we don't want to participate by our membership on authentication of this organization (controlled by encrypted communists) and support this unfair situation.

Maybe, some time in the future, when CRK individual members will change their organization and elect a complete new management, not related to the previous dirty times. We hope we won't have to wait for so many years, as we had to before.


We are not only one, who has the same opinion - for next similar pages (unfortunately in Czech only) you can click here.

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