News of 2000 and 2001 year  published on the OK2KKW web page are here:

Lot of QSL from OK2KKW were sent. If you have an interest for it, look here: www.eqsl.cc

Page, where are published contest results, has updated. Results of 1997 and 98 were added.

Czech national results of the IARU UHF / SHF Contest 2001 here. Merry Christmas to all.

Check, if just now you can use new tropo opening. Tropo ducts forecast here.

Next meteor shower - Geminids, probably will be above us at Friday 14.Dec. More here, here & here.

National results of the Marconi memorial contest 2001 you can find here and here.

This year Leonids results are here, here and here. Tell us something more abt.your results here.

Preliminary national results of the Marconi memorial 144 MHz contest 2001 here.

Preliminary national results of the UHF/SHF contest 2001 here.      Leonids behind the doors.

OK2KKW contest log from Marconi memorial contest is here. Updated map of WW loc.here.

Tropo link across the Northern Atlantic? More informations abt. extraordinary opportunity here.

VHF DX-pedition to SAN MARINO is active via EME and TROPO this weekend. More here.

Page with int. web links has been updated.    New web pages of DF0MTL group are here.

Updated page of DX records here.         Some informations abt. Marconi memorial contest here.

OK1MG published czech results of VHF contest.    Copy of these results is here as well.

At 28.10.2001 first QSO OK-OK on 145 GHz has made. At 3.11. first OK-PA QSO on 9cm (QRB 770km). More...

Who has experience, that 2 paralle FETs have better noise, than single ? More infos here.

In the contest noise interference issue here.       Performance table of HF transceivers is here.

Comparison between OK1KIM and OK2KKW 432 MHz claimed results in UHF Contest 2001 here.

New VUSC 3.17 VHF-UHF-SHF Contest SW with DX Cluster support has launched ! More info here.

OK2KKW logs from UHF contest are published here. If your connetion to QSL.net is too slow, try this one.

Short info of OK2KKW results in UHF Contest here.   Claimed results of OK1KIM, PA6C, S50C a RSGB.

Well-known German contest station DF0MTL will be QRV in UHF contest from JO60LK. More here.

Our QRO and links web pages have been updated.   Polish national VHF contests results page here.

OK0EA beacon czech web pages here. Updated list of czech and slovak ham radio web pages here.

Preliminary czech results of the VHF Contest 2001 here.    Updated list of OK and OM beacons here.

New QRO page OK2KKW here.     Do you need improve filter in your receiver ? If yes, please look here.

List of VHF Contests till EOY 2001 here.      KI4FL useful links here.       Do you want upgrade your rig ? Look here.

OK2KKW log from VHF Contest here.     Are you waiting for Aurora ? Let's look here.

Yugoslav contest stations QRV during VHF Contest - list here.      Branko S57C will be in Contest active from Slovakia. More here.

Well tried circuit for BIAS of the bipolar RF power tranzistor, developed for improvement of the amplifier intermodulation parameters here.

July Field day contest 2001 Czech national results here.      If you need circulator for your 23 cm PA, look here.

New OK and OM links here. "Roger beep" circuit for new YAESU transceivers here.

At 15.th August 2001 our OK2KKW web pages celebrate 1.st anniversary of operation. We are glad for more, than 5800 hits within first year, which shows, that these OK VHF contest pages are useful for visitors. We are feeling this success as our commitment to keep them always fresh and helpful for anybody, who is interesting to VHF contesting in the Czech republic. We will be happy if you leave your comments, asks and suggestions here.
73 ! de OK1VPZ & OK1TEH

New version of "VUSC" (VHF-UHF-SHF-Contest SW) is free to download here.

Sporadic E "history" of 7.th July is here.   OK2KKW contest logs from Field day July contest are here.

VHF DX page by DK5YA here.        OK1ORA VHF DX-pedition to LX. Logs are here and here.

Do you need any special connector ? Solution is here.

Next updated news page about sporadic Es layer you can visit here !

Results of the 2.nd and 3.rd subregional contests in the Czech republic are here.

New useful links to weather informations are here.

Large sporadic E layer across Europe on 2.nd July ! Did you made QSO as well ? More info here.

List of 1.st VHF till Microwave QSOs from OK abroad here.

Updated list of Czech and Slovak Amateur radio links here. Aurora pages here

Several years delayed results of the UHF Contest IARU 1997 here .

Hall of Fame - List of Winners in IARU VHF / UHF Contests and Marconi mem.contests here.

New possible changes on the UHF bands ?       List of Russian Power Tubes here.