News of 2004  published on the OK2KKW web page here:

During Christmas wkd Jirka OK2POI via EME (jt65b) RN6BN with 50W & 8.el Yagi. Try it as well. More.

Most Wanted European Square & Lands Inquiry for 2005 has published. On the top are 1A + 3A. More.

G3PHO report from MW Ham radio convention in Dallas - USA. In 2005 can OE hams use OE50 prefix. 

Best Christmas gift had David OK1RK.  Congrats!   First tropo QSO on 70 cm between G and Ukraina.

On the beginning of December were ufb tropo condx, reports: OK1UND, OK1MZM, OK1TEH+OK2CRT.

OK1TEH made QRP EME with RN6BN with only 4el.Yagi and 100W RF!  More here. G2 power supply.

EME success of OK1CA. What is antenna size limit for completion of EME QSO?  S5 70cm MS QSO.

On 6 to 10. Dec were fb tropo condx from OK to G, F and to SE.  What OK1TEH did during NAC here.

Final OK national results of UHF- SHF Contest 2004 you can find here. We won on 70's! Compare this.

Final results of Czech 144 MHz pure telegraphy Marconi memorial contest / A1 Contest 2004 are here.

HAREC Syllabus -copy of CEPT recommendation regardings ham radio operators licence examination.

Amateur EME history (in Czech).   Aerials web pages of DK7ZB  were updated.   Fast web of YU1AW.

UHF Contest 2004 final results in DL, OE, HB and claimed in S5. DF6NA top list of 50 -241GHz bands.

Amazing! November mystery?  On the end of Aurora something very unusual has been observed.

MMC 04 by:  SK7MW, OL7C, OL7Q, OM3KII, S53VV, S50C + 9A2L, YO2IS, 9A4M, DL0TUD, OL7M.

On 8.11 early morning was Aurora even in OK, due to X class solar flare!  MMC04 OK2KKW story (cz).

DL8EBW/P, IK5ZWU/6, SK7MW, OL7M and others would be QRV in Marconi memorial Contest 2004. 

Send your contest story and upload log on International VHF Contest web page, conducted by OM2TW.

Table of most used coaxial matching lines. Large list of interesting technical web links made by HA8ET.

Final results of IARU UHF Contest 2004 in OM  New web of PA6NL club.    OK2KKW logs are here.

AD6FP and W6QI break the 47 GHz World Record - 290km, more here and hereNext μW info is here.

Some info about great tropo condx on 6.September.  Interesting 2m MS gallery from EI5FK is here here.

Comparison of UHF Contest 04 development by : OK2KKW, OL4A, OL2R, DL0TUD, DL0RTA, SK7MW.

UHF Contest 2004 by G3XDY.   New OK EME record on 3cm between OK1UWA - WA6PY. Congrats!

UHF Contest 2004 by : DF9IC, F1PYR/P, S51ZO.   For final OM results of  IARU VHFC 2004 look here.

UHF Contest 04 by: DL0GTH, S59R.   Claimed scores of IARU UHF Contest: OM, OK, S5, PA, G, EU.

OK2KKW report from IARU UHF-SHF Contest 2004 (in CZ).  Final national results of the OK VHFC 2004. 

UHF Contest 2004 by:  OM3KII, OK1KPA, OL3Z, DF0TEC, OZ1IEP, DL3YEE, SK7MW, S50C, DK0OG.

DL3YEE, PI4Z, YT1VP, DL0TUD, F4CKV/P and others will be QRV in IARU UHF Contest 04. Look here.

IARU VHFC by: 9A4VM, S53VV, SM7WT, SK7JM, DK0OG, DF0MTL.  Final results of IARU VHFC 2003.


IARU VHFC by: OL7C, OL3Z, OL4A.   Claimed scores of IARU VHF Contest: OM, OK, S5, PA, G + EU.

Final national results of the OK July Field day Contest 04.  Final results of the OM July Field day Contest.

SK7MW, G5B, DL0RTA, YO3FFF/P, TM8MB and others will be QRV in IARU VHF contest 04. Look here.

Final national contest results of  July Field day in OM. Polish VHF/UHF hamradio meetingPreamplifiers.

What should be read by any EME ham operators.  Useful hamradio software. Hidden menu of FT1000MP.

Canadian hams prepare new options, how on 144 MHz cross Atlantic ocean.     More novelties by DF5AI.

Huge Aurora on 25 and 27 July. Even on 70cm!  More info by EI5FK+ 2, S51ZO + S52AA. and by OK1AR.

When the first EME QSO on 47GHz became reality? More. Web page of OK2KKW celebrates 4. Birthday.

Review, measurments + manuals of some transceivers, f.e. TS2000, IC746PRO, IC910, FT847 here & here.

Preliminary results of OK July Contest 2004. DB6NT enlarged his HQ transverters line by new 23cm model.

First World WAZ EME Award is in OK! More. Why is this year Es season so poor?  Look at DF5AI  pages.

Comparison of July contest development by OK2KKW, OL4A, OL2R... Similar, but more on 144 + 432 MHz.

Few days ago were suberb RS condx, Karel OK1JKT for example made on 3cm I6XCK/6 843km. Congrats!

Interesting measurment of VHF transceivers. Look as well here. Check your (not only) technical knowledge

OK2KKW Contest Logs of FD 04 + new ES/MS/AURORA list. Sun activity going up, Aurora uncertain yet.

Field Day 04 by:  OE1CWJ/3, IK5ZWU/6, DH9NFM, DK0OG, DL0RTA, HB9FX, OK1VEI, OK5Z, OK1KHQ.

July Field Day 2004:  S50C, S59R, S51ZO, S59DEM, S57C, I4XCC, DL3YEE, G3XDY, DF0MTL, DF0TEC.

Some beacons exact frequency has measured. Claimed scores of July Contest: OK, OM, S5, UK, PA+EU.

At 12.7. summ of hits to our web page exceeded 100 000 (!). Thank you for interest. It's commitment for us.

02, 03, 05, 08, 09 and on 10.07 were several short Es openings.  On 9 - 12.7 was active expedition to OJ0

July Field Day Contest story of OK2KKW (in CZ). July Contest info of OM3KII, OK1KNG, OK1KGR, OL3Z.

Field Day July Contest by: OL7C, SK7JM OM3AU memorial and Slovak Microwave Contest 2004 results

OK5Z, YU1B, S50C, S59R, HB0/IW2NEF/P, TK/OK5DX/P and others will be QRV in July VHF Contest 04.

OK2KKW logs from June SHF Contest are here. List of Es QSOs on 26.6 and 27.6.  OK1TEH Es records.

Interesting large comparison plots of HF transcievers based on G3SJX measurments setup by UU2JJ here.

Final results list of czech 2nd Subregional contest 2004 (May VHFC) is here.   Slovak results list is here.

Results of OH0 MS expedition OH9O/0 (KO09CX).   Traditional MS expedition OM3KDX - results are here.

After short Es openning on 04.6 & 10.6 was another one on 15.6 from SV to F, more info. u can find here.

Preliminary MW contest results in: OK, S5.        Have you changed web address of OK2KKW web page ?

Microwave contest 2004 in OK2KKW 9A/S52W/P, DL0TUD, DL0RTA. DL3YEE, DF0MTLOL6R, OL9W,

Extraordinary tropo condx from EA8 to EI on 70cm, EI5FK wkd EA8TH QRB 2687km, - congrats Charles!

S59R, S58W, DL0VR and others will be QRV in June Microwave and OM3AU Memorial VHF contest 2004.

Mini MS expedition OH8K (# KP13,..) - more here.    Preliminary results of the March VHFC 2004 are here.

New METEORSCATTER - DATABASE Version 2.05 from well know Guido, DL8EBW u can find on his page.

On 27.5 was next 2m Es from G to YU.   Results of BCC MS contest 2003 are here.   Webpage of PA2CHR.

MS DXpedition to ZA continue, daily info u can find here, from OK wkd: OK1MS(EME), OK1KT, OK1TEH ....

Comparison of progress within May VHFC between OK2KKW, OL4A, DL0GTH,...   DL0GTH May VHFC Logs.

On 23.5 was another Es on 2m from OK,DL to RN6,UT, more here.   Next MS expedition on 2m J48XG (SV).

DXpedition to ZA would be qrv from 23.5, more here. Announcement about change of OK2KKW server address!

Interesting article by DF5AI, focused to the mystery of Es here. 23 cm FET >30W hybrid amplifier for 85 Euro.

OK2KKW logs from may Contest 2004 here. First large Es between OK, SP, DL, 9A and UT, RN6, more here.

May contest in: I4YNO/4, DL0GTH OK2KKW, OL4A,YU1ARL. Short Es 144 MHz oppenings on 11. and 14.5

May VHF Contest in: OK1KNG, OK1KFH, G3XDY, IK5ZWU/6+pic. 128000000km DX de G3WDG, more here.

Today on 10.5 was another 2m Es, this time from LZ to EA3,F Actual Es info you can find: here, here, here.

May VHF Contest in: OK1AR, OK1KGR, S51ZO, S52ZW, S50C(70, 3cm+ pic). New 9A 3cm station 9A2SB.

May VHF Contest in: SK7JM (tnx Henrik), OK1KPA, DK0OG, DL0TUD. On 16.5 will be 2m Pokuplje contest.

May VHF Contest 2004 in: OM3KII, TM7M (OL7M), I4XCC, HB9FX, OK1VEI.   S5 final results March VHFC.

May VHF Contest 2004 in: DL3YEE, ON4AKV/P, HB9FX     Claimed score inOK, OM, S5, SM, UK, PA.

May VHF Contest 04 in: OK1MCS, OK1VVM, S5043WW, S59R, S57O + S57WTT, SK7MW, OZ1IEP, PI4Z.

May VHFC in: OL6R, OL7C.   On 02.5 was 1st Es on 2m.  OK-OM stations May VHFC spots on DX cluster.

OK5Z, TM7M, F4CKV, SK7JM and others will be QRV in May VHF Contest.    Club F4CKV have a new web.

Since 22.7 till 8.8 u can start looking forward to CN2DX (IM63DM) DX expedition on 6 & 2m again, more here.

On 22.4 was done qso between S5-9A on 9cm.   On 21.4 the Es season 04 on VHF has already started.

Result list of VHF March Contest 04 in: OE, SP.    Tardy French final results of IARU UHF/SHF Contest 2003.

ZA on 2m still missing?  On 22.5 - 4.6 next MS ZA expeditionResult list of Czech VHF March Contest 2004.

Final DL results of March contest 04 here. Would be possible to detect TV broad. via EME? More here + here.

Locators JO74, JO75 on 2m + 70 & 23cm are not in your log yet?  DF0TEC club will be in June on "Bornholm".

OK Microwave and EME VHF hamradio meeting, managed by OK-VHF Club, will be held on 16 - April. 

Final International Results of the 2003 Marconi Memorial Contest herePreliminary results of Easter contest.

The official preliminary final results of the IARU VHF Contest 2003 (error logs included) are now available here.

OK2KKW logs from March VHFC.   Preliminary results of OK March VHF contest (inclusive of logs) are here.

March VHFC in: DL0GTH, DF0MTL, S56WTT, S57O ,,,, DL3YEE.   Claimed score in: OK, OM, PA, UK, S5.

March VHF Contest 2004 in : OL7C, SK7MW, OZ1IEP, SP9KJT, 9A4VM, PA6C, G3XDY, OL3Z, OK1KPA.

During March Contest beside many others would be QRV these stations. Some pictures of well known DB0KI

On Feb. was a bigger eruption on the Sun X flare class,  By NASA we would await Aurora on 29.2 - 1.3..

Most wanted squares of 2003, Your suggestions for 2004 send here. GU78 2m QRO PA design by OK1BAF.

On February will be in Vienna next VHF IARU conference. Precise freq of some VHF beacons have measured microwave and EME OK ham radio meeting, managed by OK-VHF Club, would be held on 16-18 April. 

OK1MS received in OK DXCC 2m Award. Congrats!  Well-known VHF Club SK7MW have new web page.

MS callendar 2004 here Info - 70 cm beacons . Final international results of POKUPLJE Contest 2003 here.

A new large intnl VHF Top List (from 50 MHz to 241 GHz) by DF6NA is here. YU1AW's simple PA (2C39BA).

In January have began run WSJT CN8LI and CN8KD (100W, 13el Y,IM63NX). M.Shower Calendar 04 is here.

MS Quadrantids 04 by: OK1TEH, OK1MZM, SP3VSC, EI5FK, IK2DDR, OH6ZZ, RK1B/1, ES1RF, PA0JMV.

WSJT - JT65  new Version: 4.3.4, released December 31. '03   New interesting article from DF5AI is here.

To all readers of OK2KKW web page we would wish Happy New year 2004, all the best for you
and for your family, good health, nice weather during contests, no QRM and a lot of hamspirit.

OK0EP beacon exact frequency has measured.  Updated list of European beacons on 2m & 70 cm here.

Volker, DF5AI (tnx!) calculated  Aurora / FAI maximal range for OK1 area (+ - tropo) - final picture is here.

New 64x mp3 records (including 70cm) of Aurora November (such as qso ok1teh- gw8asa) are here.


Older news from 2003 here, 2002 here and even older from 2000 and 2001  here.