News of 2002 year published on the OK2KKW web page are here:
Very preliminary, unofficial international results of the IARU 2002 VHF Contest setup by OK2KKW here.
Few days ago (20.12.02)  has updated 144 and 432 MHz Beacon list by DL8WX. 

Dutch VHF/UHF results of the Mai,July,September & October Contest 2002. VHF Contest results in OE.

Swiss results from the VHF Contest, UHF Contest and  Marconi memorial contest 2002  in PDF format.

List of European VHF Contests for January & February 2003. National, 2002 RSGB Field day results here.

New transequatorial beacon V51E in operation. More here. OK2KKW's Contest results page has updated.

Amateur radio at 70 cm will be terminated ? More info about proposed satellite radar application here.

Austrian and German contest results of the Marconi memorial Contest 2002. Bad news from San Marino.

Polish results of VHF & UHF Contest IARU 2002. Some U.S.VHF pages  here, here, here, here, here & here.

Links to some other  EU VHF Contest results here, here, here, here. European EME Contest results here.

YU results of the UHF Contest IARU 2002. Preliminary Slovenian results of the Marconi mem. contest 2002.

Visit DF5AI page and look to interesting article related to unusual Auroral Observations on 144 MHz .

BIAS circuit for triode PA.   2 kW PA for 144 MHz with GU 84b.   Transatlantic MS tests failed.

National results of the Marconi memorial contest 2002 you can find here and Slovak results are here.

At 23.11.made Franta OK1CA 1.st QSO OK-EA8 with EA8/LA8LF at 1296 MHz EME. Congrats! More here.

Dutch results of Field day, VHF&UHF Contest IARU 2002. British results of VHF Contest IARU 2002.

Preliminary Czech national contest result list of the Marconi memorial contest 2002. Look into S5 pages.

Bad news from San Marino for all VHF contestmen. VHF transatlantic tests during Leonids. More here.

Czech national results of the UHF Contest IARU 2002.  German results of the same contest are here.

Austrian UHF Contest 2002 results.    Final European results of IARU UHF Contest IARU 2001 here.

DF0MTL in UHF Contest 200 m near Czech border - report here.    Italian July Field day 2002 results.

Preliminary national result list of the UHF Contest 2002 here. VHF Contests till end of 2002 overview here.

OK2KKW's 144 MHz solid state LDMOS driver for QRO PA - construction description here (in czech only).

10 GHz in IARU UHF Contest by I4XCC and OK1JKT.     Prepared MS DX-peditions within Leonids "shower".

Our OK2KKW log from IARU UHF Contest here.  OM/S57C/p Report from VHF Contest expedition to Slovakia.

Report about OK2KKW in UHF Contest 2002 here (in Czech). Final czech results of the VHF Contest 2002.

Hepburn's tropo pages active again. Some info about stations, which will be active during IARU UHF Contest.

Claimed scores list of Czech results of the IARU VHF Contest 2002. Slovak "High Tatras" hamradio meeting.

New World tropo DX record on 24 GHz. Tube power amplifiers for VHF and UHF by JA0EIV , WA6PY & N8OU.

Our web page links, PA, records and logs has updated. VHF Contest "from the other side" - G stations results.

OK2KKW results in VHF Contest (report in Czech only). World EME conference in Prague is over. Report here.

Look at Yugoslavian web page, where are published July Field Day contest results. Interesting activity is there.

IW3RI sent us international results of the IARU UHF Contest 2002. Unfortunately wrong, without many of OK
and HB9 stations. We put our
complaint to it and few days later IW3RI annonced preparation of new result list.

Information abt. some contest stations in the September Contest. Czech results of July Field day contest.

Preliminary, but almost final Contest results list from the Czech July Field day Contest is here.

Interesting design of high performance transverter 14/144 MHz made by S53WW. Compare it with our one.

VHF "POKUPLJE" Contest results here.  Motorola has started production of nice 200 W tranzistor for 13 cm.

OK2KKW Web pages have 2 years anniversary. Thanks for 24000 hits. Your interest is our commitment!

This year Perseids meteor shower should be above us since 12 till 13 August. More here, here, here & here.

Contest results of the July Field day contest in Slovakia. Sporadic E is astonishingly active in August as well.

Results of the czech polling, related to drafted changes on VHF/UHF bands for next IARU conference here.

Preliminary contest results (based on the declared points) of the July Field Day Contest in OK here.

Useful table - relations between reflected power and SWR here.    Foreign links list has maintaned.

July Field day results of OK2KKW contest group here.     Next info about July contest in OK here.

DF0MTL, S53D, DF0HS, YO2BBT, YT6A and others will be QRV in July Field day contest. More here.

Microwave operators contacts for Field Day contest skeds. OK2KKW will be QRV in July contest as usual.

Where will be Slovak's stn in Field Day ? Our team member OK1TEH took a chance of Es and made 7X2LS .

New World EME record has established by OK1CA. Czech results of the June Microwave contest.

A new version 4.03 of the contest SW VUSC has just been issued. Slovak June VHF contest results.

Updated list of OK2KKW results.   Oveview of QSO Es.  List of VHF contests for July & August.

Franta OK1CA has made the first Czech EME QSO on 9 cm band. His message is here. Congrats!

Czech Internet survey focused on the suggested changes on VHF bands at IARU Conference here.

Look here for May VHF Contest (2.nd VHF subregional Contest IARU) national results.

New pics are here. OK1DIX, first operator of OK2KKW, author of VUSC SW, has a new email address.

Based on OE8FNK we are sill waiting for high probable active sporadic E over Europe.

At Sunday 8.6. definitively major Es has opened. Unfortunately not to OK1. More info here.

Controversial ideas to changes on the VHF bands fo IARU conference are here! (Important!)

"On line" watching of Es through Robot on DX cluster you can find here.

Which way across Atlantic is the right one for tropo QSO ? Meditation about it is here.

Almost new European 2m tropo DX record between D44TD and EA1DIH. More here (in czech).

Few weeks ago we discussed here  the mystery of Atlantik crossing WSJT QSO. More here.

Actual overview of this year thrills of sporadic E layer you can find here at the DK5YA web pages.

International results of the IARU VHF Contest 2001 here. Few days to the start of CN2DX expedition.

Large list of contacts focused to amateur radio microwave comm. you can find here as well as here.

OK2KKW logs from May contest are here.  VHF DX-peditions into unusual squares. More info here and here.

Report from May VHF contest in OK2KKW group (in Czech). Invitation to the Italian microwave meeting.

Web pages of UK microwave ham radio group here.    Invitation to VHF contest POKUPLJE.

Useful calculator for calculation of impedance and inductance of microstripes.

LINRAD - interesting SW DSP project by SM5BSZ developed (primarily) for EME RX here.

List of VHF Contests for April to June 2002 here.    Aurora reports of previous week here.

Report from by OK-VHF Klub organized Microwave and EME meeting in Studnice is here.

New very low noise and high intermodulation performance amplifiers design here.

Very interesting design of 23 cm 1 kW PA with Russian GS 23b tube is here.

Our Beacon page has upgraded. Now you can check the audio files of OK & OM beacons.

Probably most complete list of VHF & UHF contests czech results in last 12 years is here.

Interesting audio records of DX 144 MHz QSO and Beacons you can listen here.

This Tuesday 2.4. was next run of the Nordic Activity contest. Invitation of SK7MW here.

How are our signals receivable in Italy you can check here.

During Czech Easter contest in Sunday probably would be good tropo condx.

Final International Results of the 2001 Marconi Memorial Contest here. Few words more to it.

New version of VUSC contesting SW is free to download here.

Atlantic ocean overcomed on 144 MHz ?      F4CKV in JN16 look for skeds within next week.

Chinese power transmitting tube as replacement of existing one ? Try look here.

Preliminary czech results of the March VHF to Microwave contest here.

Simple antenna rotator display circuit - how to do it. Altough it is in czech, it could be helpful.

Simple, but good 1296 MHz 14,5 dB antenna for portable use is here .

New world records on 76 and 241 GHz have achieved in U.S. More info here.

OK2KKW contest logs from the March 1.st subregional contest IARU are here.

Winner of 70 cm multi in the UHF Contest 2001 probably will be TM2W. Results and log here.

Very preliminary Int. contest results of 432 & 1296 MHz bands of UHF Contest 2001 here.

Very preliminary International results of VHF Contest IARU 2001 are published here.

1.st Japan to Europe EME QSO on 3 cm was made between OK1UWA and JA7BMB. Info here.

Czech microwave and EME ham radio meeting will be held at 12 to 14 April. More info here.

One possible design of input match circuit for 2xGS35b 144 MHz PA is published here.

Motorola has terminated production of many RF power transistors. If you need help, look here.

Do you already have Gibraltar on 2m? If not, be prepared for May sporadic E. More info here.

PF 2002 ! New year wish of OK2KKW contest group you can find here.

For older info from 2001 click here.