News of 2003  published on the OK2KKW web page here:

OK0EP beacon exact frequency has measured.  Updated list of European beacons on 2m & 70 cm here.

Volker, DF5AI (tnx!) calculated  Aurora / FAI maximal range for OK1 area (+ - tropo) - final picture is here.

New 64x mp3 records (including 70cm) of Aurora 20.th November (such as qso ok1teh- gw8asa) are here.

On 14.th December was maximum of Geminids MS shower, OK reports:  OK1MZM, OK1TEH, OK1WCF.

During 4. - 5.th December were  fb tropo condx in dir. to G on 70cm, OK1TEH, OK1MZM reports are here.

On 3.rd December W2SZ/4 & W4WWQ/4 extended 241GHz world record on distance 61.8km.  Congrats!

Final results of Czech MMC / A1 Contest 03 are here.   Slovakian final MMC 03 results you can find here.

MMC 03 log: OK2KKW.    Tropo condx dir G,YU (on 4.12 was G3LQR in Prague 57 on 70cm!) more here.

Final S5 results of  VHF and UHF Contest 2003.  All slovene logs (EDI format): VHFcontest, UHFcontest.

SP results of UHF Contest 03, preliminary results in YU Information about new satellite Oscar E is here.

More Aurora reports, logs from 20.11 by: 9A2SB.., PA5DD.., G4ASR.., ON4KHG, S51ZO.. and OE3FVU.

OK1TEH Aurora 29-31.10 report with logs and 60x records (mp3) you can find here, and OK1MZM is here.

On 20.11 S51ZO & EI5FK extended 14 years old Region I. record on 70cm via Au on 1884km.  Congrats!

On 20.11 was one of the biggest Aurora in last few years, OK1TEH report with logs and fb photos is here.

OK0EP beacon will keep old frequency as well in 2004. More info hereOK2KKW pictures from MMC 03.

Final OK results of IARU UHF/SHF Contest 03 are here.  MMC 03 claimed score in: OK, OM, UK, PA, S5.

On Sunday evening next eruption on The Sun has observed. ( X 8.4 Class Flare). So wait for Aurora again. 

Slovakian results of IARU UHF Contest 03 are here.   Info about MS expedition TM5CRO (F6KIM) is here.

G0EFB, DL8EBW/P, DJ0QZ, SK7MW, OL7M and others will be QRV in Marconi Memorial Contest 2003.

Huge megaflare on the Sun (eruption X17+ class), so be prepared for Aurora on Thursday!  More info here.

Lot of info about expedition HB9/EA2URE 2003 (with log, mp3...).  UR7D VHF Contest 2003 story is here.

Final results of VHF Contest 03 in DLSP.  DL0GTH logs from UHF Contest.  OL2R log from VHF Contest.

Comparison of progress within UHF test between OK2KKW, OL4A ..  OK2KKW log from UHF Contest 03

On 18. october is qrv EME expedition JW/SM2BYA on 70cm, qro + 32m dish! + 432.073MHz, more here.

Preliminary OK UHF 03 Contest results are here.  OK2KKW QSP abt. UHF Contest 03 results (in Czech).

Final results of VHF Contest 2003 in: UK, OE.  Claimed score of UHF Contest 2003 in: OK, OM, UK, S5.

UHF Contest 03 in: OL4A, OK1VVM, SN6W, DF0MTL, OK1KHQ, OL1F, OL6R.  Dutch Comments to uhfc.

IARU Region I. UHF Contest 03 in: S57C, S57O, S50C, DH9NFM, IK1PLD/1, G3XDY, DF0TEC & OZ1IEP.

IARU Region I. UHF Contest 03 in: OL7C, OK1KZE, OM3KII, OK1KPA, YO2IS, PA5DD, DL3YEE, DJ8MS.

DF0MTL, DL0GTH, S53M, S53D, DJ8MS, SK7MW and others will be QRV in IARU UHF Contest. Look here.

The interesting article about Field day contest 03 in KN27PX as US0YW you can find here (original is here).

Final results of Czech IARU VHF Contest 03 are here.  Slovakian results of IARU VHF Contest 03 are here.

First EME QSO at 24 GHz OK-W. Congrats!   OK1TEH 70 cm DX Report from JO70FD - 14 till 18.September.

DL0GTH log from VHF Contest.  More detailed comparison of progress within VHF test between OK stations.

Updated list of 144 and 432 MHz beacons by DL8WX.   Yaesu, Kenwood and Icom transceivers modifications. 

Logs from VHF Contest: OL4A, OK1KGR. Contest reports: DL0GTH, OM4K, YO2IS(YO2LAM), PA6C & more.

Very preliminary Czech Sept.Contest results. Great tropo VHF DX story abt. QSOs from KH6 to W  here+here.

QSL.NET server was out of order due to Isabel huricane.      Our czech web server provider changed the name.

OK2KKW log from VHF Contest 03. Comparison of progress within VHF test between OK2KKW, DF0MTL etc..

On 17.9 OK2BFH made new OK record on 3cm & new Region I. record on 6cm with G3XDY-1245km.Congrats!

Irish radio association rejected to recognize N2PIG mysterious contact as real oversea contact. More info here.

SARA will evaluate the IARU Region 1 VHF Contest 2003, more here  The PA stations info about VHF Contest.

OK2KKW QSP abt. IARU VHF Contest 2003 results here (in Czech).  Claimed score inOK, OM, PA, UK, S5.

IARU Region I. VHF Contest 03 in: S57C, SK7MW, SK7JMDL0NS, PA6F, OZ1IEP, DH9NFM, F0DBD, OL4A.

HB0/IZ2DPX/P, C31URA, TM8MB, F4CKV/P, TM9FT and others will be QRV in IARU VHF contest. Look here.

Final results of Czech July VHF-UHF Contest 2003 here. July Contest results in DL and preliminary res. in YU

New version (4.05) of VUSC VHF Contest log SW hereJuly Contest results in  SP, OEUT  and HA + YO .

Secrets of  amazing Es on May 20  between  EB8 and  DL + OK at 144 MHz ?   More in DF5AI study here.

Interesting QSO of August 23rd.   SP MW Contest 2003 results here.    Results of OK QRP Contest 2003.

Slovak results of July Contest. Preliminary OK July Contest results (70cm and above only). Overview Es 2003.

Web page of OK2KKW has 3.years anniversary. Within last 12 months we had in average 92 hits a day ! TNX!

Perseids knocks on the door - look here and here. Perhaps why 7 MHz band has extended you can read here.

Super tropo condx continues - new European tropo dx record on 70cm:  G8VHI - EB8AYA  2957km! Congrats!

Comparison of progress within July test between OK2KKW, OK1KIM, OL2R and DL0GTH. Tropo DX by EI5FK.

Dutch Comments to July contest. OK1KIM contest logs from July 2003 Field day Contest - 2m,  70cm,  23cm

MS expeditions Perseids 2003 - info and another expeditions, maximum will be at 4:00 utc on 13.th August.

Preliminary results of Young Field day contest.  QRV stations in Alpe Adria contest: HB0/OK1MCS, S53ATT.

22.nd July was again Es with center above OK.   Logs of Field day contest 2003 - OK2KKW, OL2R, DL0GTH.

Audio records of OK1TEH from this year Es season are here. How to humble Atlantic at 144 MHz? More here.

21.st July  Es was active 3 hours (!!!) between OK,DL and UA - somebody says it was the best Es from 1973!!

Final national results of Czech June Microwave Contest 2003.         SARs on 70 cm - The Game is over...

OK2KKW results in July Field day contest. Czech and Slovak claimed July contest results. Appeal of UT5DL.

DF0MTL, S53D, T90O, PI4ZLD, 9A5Y/P, YZ4IZ, and others will be QRV in July Field day contest. Look here.

Preliminary, but almost final results list of OK SHF Contest.   Results list of May VHF/UHF Contest in SP.

Slovakian final results of June SHF Contest 2003.  Final results of OM3AU Memorial contest 2003here.

On 29th June was another short Es between OK,OM - G,GI,EI.  On 30th June was Es in SV,IT9,IS,CT,EA.

On 28th June was again Es from OD5/OK1MU, JY, 4X to S5,YU.  DL0GTH logs from SHF contest are here.

Almost across the pond on June 26th 2003 via Es?  More info, transatlantic mp3 records!! and tests-> here.

Final results of S5 May VHF/UHF contest.   SHF records in S5, the first QSO S5-HB on 3cm(MP3) + info.

A list of stations QRV on 23cm in GM,GI,G.   At 08.6 OL2R on 9cm made the 1.st OK - S5 qso. Congrats!

German results of May VHF/UHF Contest. WRC Agenda 1.38 Documments related to SARs at 70cm here

Yes! On 22th June was another BIG Es openning from DL,OK to EA!   QSO EA4LU - OK1TEH, EA1DKV.

UHF part of Alpe-Adria Contest actual rules sent by Franco, I4LCK.  On 21th June was short Es to SV3.

On 20th June was again huge Es from OK to EI, MUF was over 250 MHz!. QSO EI8JK - OK1VHF(ok1teh).

Don't forget, on 22th June will be ALPE - ADRIA UHF/SHF Contest In S5 will be qrv QRO station S53D.

On 17th June and 18th June were another big Es between PA- SV, LZ and RZ- SU - the first qso UA- SU!

Real VHF DX !  Sporadic E QSO at 220 MHz in  the USA !  Look here at AA7A info redirected by DL5MAE. 

DL5MAE - KM28: little story  June VHF/SHF contest in: DL3YEE.  2. subregional (May) contest in G3XDY.

On 16th June was very big and long Es openning from OK,OM,SP into CT,EA.  CT1DYX record  - OK1TEH.

300+ W PA for 23 cm by KD5FZX with GS15b tube. Instruction for construction and final results are here. 

June VHF/SHF contest in: OK1JKT, OK1KGR, OL7C, S57C.  Preliminary Czech results of June contest.

On 10th June, 12th June and 13th June were short Es. June SHF contest in DF0MTL. OK2KKW logs added.

Great Es opening occurred at 6th June & 9th June.  Claimed scores of June Microwave contest in OK, OM.

On 5th June was short Es openning (from GM to CT).  Final results of OE May VHF/UHF contest are here.

OE8 expedition in June Contests on VHF/UHF/SHF from JN66 in abt.1900m ASL. More you can find here.

On 2nd.June was another  Es opening (from PA to SV).   4th June unusual late evening Es opening to CT.

IK2YXK Auroral experience on 2m in Italy (JN45OP) you can find here, and some his MP3 records  here.

Es info of 29 & 31th May. At 30.5 OK1JKT on 3cm made the 1.st OK-9A qso & RS ODX 889km. Congrats!

Listen to the auroral records of 29-30. May opening, made (with Czech commentary) by OK1TEH  here.

27th May Es info.  Final results of May VHF Contest in Slovakia.  Claimed scores of May contest in YU.

Final results of May VHF Contest in: PA, SM& OZ. In Field day contest will be qrv on VHF HB0/DG3XA/P.

Final results of Czech May VHF Contest here.  We won 2 m, at 70 and 23 cm we are at the second place.

Great Es opening occurred at 25th May.  Final results of OK VHF Easter contest 2003 you can find here.

22th May Es info.   Check OE8FNK's Es forecast.   DX Cluster via GSM.   Useful MUF calculator is here.

On 20th May began Es in dir. to EA8! OK1MZM succeeded in QSO with EB8BTV qrb 3466km! Congrats!

OK2KKW and DL0GTH logs from 2. subregional (May) contest.  Info. about 19th May E-sporadic are here.

Preliminary contest results (based on the declared points) of the 2. subregional (May) contest. in OK here.

Story (in Czech) and photos from the 12.th OK VHF Microwave and EME meeting in Tri studne 2003  here.

Next info abt. 11th May  Es here.  Interesting 432 MHz log by Franco I4LCK from May Contest here.

Not only Es is amazing.  Listen to the audio record of  I4XCC, how he heard OK1JKT sigs at 10 GHz !

Sporadic E season is already here - see interesting links.  Invitation to the S5 & 9A Pokuplje VHF Contest.


OK2KKW QSP abt. May Contest results here (in Czech).   New 4.04 version of Contest VUSC SW here.

Preliminary results of May contest in OK, OM, PA, S5, SM+OZ & UKPreliminary results of Easter cont.

May contest in: OL7C, S57C, PA5DD, OZ1IEP, YU7AJM. Claimed score in OK,OM,S5,PA,SM+OZ, UK.

QRV stations during 2.subregional (May) contest. The first (tropo) qso S5 - SM on 70 & 23cm. Congrats!

List of VHF DX peditions for next period hereVHF pages of several national amateur radio asociations.

SMD components code list you can find at web page of G4PMK, as well as at similar Czech page here.

Beautiful power transistor by Philips for 23 cm here. Picture of OK1DIG  EME dish here at G0RUZ page.

Invitation into Czech Easter contest, which will be held this Easter Sunday from 7.UTC.  More info here.

DX-pedition in Albania at 50 and 144 MHz. More.  How split drive power into two different PAs? (in Czech).

Result of March VHF Contest in: SM & OZ, EA.    Web links to VHF contests results web pages added.

Czech national results of March Contest 2003 here. SM7TE invite us to Scandinavian Ham radio meeting.

Result of March VHF Contest in: S5, SP, DL, OE, PA. French results of IARU October VHF/UHF Contest.

How to construct very low noise (0,3 dB) preamp?  Try visit YU1AW page.  Free CAD files viewer here.

Slovakian (OM) results list from the 1st.subregional Contest (March Contest 2003) you can find here.

When was the 1.st EME radar contact on VHF?  In 1946 in USA or 1943 in Germany (Eng. / German) ?

DL0GTH logs from March contest here.  Updated list of the VHF beacons at  2m and 70cm by DL8WX.

When the new Gulf war begin, probably we would await Aurora in the same time. More  here and here .

Interesting transistor - 200 W at 70cm. Page of contest results has updated.  DX records at 3,4 & 47 GHz.

March contest DF0MTL report.   OL2R logs from March.   List of active VHF Contests OZ stations here.

OK2KKW's logs from March Contest here.  March contest OK claimed results. SN7L contest report here.

New, Beta version (3.5.1) of WSJT SW has launched. For testing you can download it from K1JT web here.

Preliminary, claimed contest  results in OM, PA, S5 and UKList of VHF Contests for March and April.

Info abt 1.st IARU 03 contest in OK2KKW team.  Contest info from OZ1IEP, PA5DD, S57C, OK1KVK, OK1KZE.

New world record on 145 GHz band. More info here.      Very well known Marc Tonna,  F9FT died. 

OM5CM, OM5LD & others are this weekend QRV @ Lomnicky peak (KN09CE) on 2m-70cm - look here.

Very preliminary, unofficial international results of the IARU 2002 UHF Contest setup by OK2KKW here.

Final International Results of the 2002 Marconi Memorial Contest here. Tropo condx on the way ? More.

Evidence for 144 MHz Transatlantic Radio Propagation? Interesting article from DF5AI you can find here.

Italian results of the VHF and UHF contest 2002. National, 2002 RSGB UHF Contest and MMC results.

New version of the popular communication SW WSJT. Most wanted squares activity VHF page here.

Nice new contest transverter HF / 70 cm has launched by DB6NT. More info you can find here.

Milestones on VHF from OK point of view. VHF Wattmeter circuit design with PEP detector for SSB here.

List of European VHF Contests for January & February 2003. New year's wish from OK2KKW team here.

Very preliminary, unofficial international results of the IARU 2002 VHF Contest setup by OK2KKW here.

Few days ago (20.12.02) has updated 144 and 432 MHz Beacon list by DL8WX.

Dutch VHF/UHF results of the Mai,July,September & October Contest 2002. VHF Contest results in OE.

Swiss results from the VHF Contest, UHF Contest and  Marconi memorial contest 2002  in PDF format.

List of European VHF Contests for January & February 2003. National, 2002 RSGB Field day results here.

New transequatorial beacon V51E in operation. More here. OK2KKW's Contest results page has updated.

Amateur radio at 70 cm will be terminated ?  More info about proposed satellite radar application here.

Austrian and German contest results of the Marconi memorial Contest 2002. Bad news from San Marino.


Even older news from 2002 here and from 2000 and 2001  here.