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All the best in 2010, particularly good health, happiness, success in business, good DX contacts & no QRM.

Do not forget register in DX TopList your achievements. Final results of OK VHF Contests Master championship.

Aerial noise calculator for EME by OM6AA. Statement, which we would confirm. More in that issue here & here.

OK VHF Master competition preliminary score. OK1DFC is really a great guy. Christmas contest claimed score.

OK0EC beacon in renovation. Circuits changes of BIAS supply. Note for use of VUSC SW in the 26.12. contest.

Members of OK2KKW Contest team wish to all readers of our info web page nice and peaceful Merry Christmas!

Al, K2UYH released Christmas EME NewsLetter for 70 cm and above bands. OK Christmas Contest conditions.

We celebrate 20 years since founding of OK2KKW call. MS calendar for 2010. 3cm beacon OK0ET QRV again.

Petr, OK2ULQ is QRV on 23cm EME. OK2KOJ in TV. QSL for OK DX record QSO on 70MHz + report OK2POI.

Interference issue in the DF0MTL declaration here & here. Such measurment should be helpful on 23cm as well.

VHF MMC results: OM, DL, HB. MMC by DR9A. Antenna of SM3LBM. Well-known SP9EWU is SK. 20cm PA.

Polling results in our opinion poll focused to future of Summer OK QRP Contest. Two useful links here and here.

The List of EME Contacts by W2WD. Geminids 09 by OK2POI, OK1TEH +4m.  OM3BC got 2m DXCC diploma!

Preliminary Czech final results of MMC 2009.  Interesting article (->source) about the first EVE attempts in 60's.

Geminids 2009: photo gallery, NASA prediction, live data  2m MS expeditions: JO39, KN01, IN99, KP49, LO42.

ARRL EME Contest 09 by: OK1KIR, OK2POI, DL9KR, ES5PC, SM4IVE, SV1BTR.  10 GHz EME by JA4BLC.

Geminids will be this weekend! After germanium, silicon & galium-arsenid now coming galium-nitride transistors.

Italab produce new solid state "full legal limit" PA for two metres. Kilowatt's PA for 70cm with 2 transistors only?

ARRL EME Contest 09 by OK3RM, OK2DL(pic), OK2PMS. Advent talks about multi-beaming & QRO on 70cm.

Web page OH5IY, focused to VHF propagation & DXing. New MMIC & mixer with high IP. PA 0,15W for 47GHz.

ČTÚ will continue special 4m ham radio licence in 2010.  Ham magazine Radioamatér from 1922-1951 is online.

Dissertations works focused to thermic inversions in OK2. On 11-13.December will be held BCC MS Contest 09.

ARRL EME Contest 2009 by: G3LTF, VK3UM, I1NDP, IK5QLO, ON4KHG (1x4wl yagi 300W), OK1TEH (70cm).

YU1AW's article, focused to Yagi elements lenght correction related to boom size. Compare as well as this one.

Well known Geminids 09 MS shower is comming. Most wanted 70 MHz squares & DXCC. Send your proposals.

On 5 - 6 December has been held next ARRL EME Contest 2009, try your first (CW) QSO even with tropo gear.

How to construct simple directional coupler for SWR protection of Solid state PA.  IARU Vienna conference list.

DF2ZC published new EME NewsLetter for 144MHz band, remote control issue included. Software by YO3DMU. 4m QSO OK-ON by OK2POI, OK-OH by OK1KT. Who already have 2m DXCC? Connectors myths & facts.

Al K2UYH & Rein W6SZ releases new EME NewsLetter for 432 MHz a higher bands. Mechanical parts for MW.

Do you have experience, how the contest competitor made DXs and you did not heard anything? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Final Czech results of the IARU R1 UHF/SHF Contest 2009 & in OM, IK, ON, HB, DL + preliminary IARU Reg.1.

OK0ET beacon is for upgrade & QTH change temporarily switched off. Fichtelbergbaude (JO60LK) burned down.

New European DX record 55km on 122 GHz by OE5VRL.  New 23cm beacon SR3LHZ JO82. I5WBE's bad luck.

Time to time we observed discussion to 2m band planning change. Reminder: 1, 2 & 3. OK1TEH's MMC report.

Helpful software "RF Circuit Assistent" you can take here Professional head phones for ham radio use: 1, 2, 3.

MMC.09 by OM6A, OK2KCE. Funny picture from EME-net. Pics of Leonids 09.  OK MMC spots on DX-cluster.

New info related to UHF beacon DB0FGB. Oscar 7 celebrated 35.Anniversary! History of OSCAR projects here.

Updated OK2KKW's results & Award board. But some of them were not delivered yet. UHF Contest OM results.

New pics of 2m LA8YB aerial. For 17.11. has been predicted strong peak of Leonids MS shower. More 1, 2 & 3.

List of useful links by SP3IYM. OK2KKW contest results and Award board has updated. DL's ham radio bazaar.

On this weekend has been measured frequency of beacons receivable in Prague. Noise factor measurment unit.

OK1TEH completed his EME "windows" 1, 2, 3New EME report OK1KIR.  First OK-LA 4m QSO wkd OK1KT.

OK1CA wkd first QSO OK-SV on 6cm & OK1KIR OK-OH on 9cm.   LA, OH & ON hams can use 70 MHz band!

Someone burned down OK1KHI's Contest cottageJarda OK1RD made new 6 m EME OK DX record 18187km!

M.M.C. 2009 by: OK1KTT, OK1VM, OK2D, OK5K, OK1KPA, OL4A, OK2KJI, DM7A, DL0GTH, IQ4AX & S50C.

Claimed scores of the Marconi memorial contest: S5, 9A, OK, OM, G.  How many nanoHenry it has? 1, 2, 3, 4.

How to construct 23cm EME feed with circular polarization for offset dish. Web of DB0JT and DB0INN beacons.

Do you have tropo gear for 13, 9 or 6cm and EME you consider as real challenge?  Try CW with PI9CAM, more.

On 6m EME was successful OK1RD with 4x7el Y. Slovak Hamradio convention will be held on 21-22.November.

Final Czech results of the IARU R1 VHF Contest 2009.  How to start EME on 6 m? Try look here, here or here.

High power TV TX on 50MHz near Prague has been switched off. More in CZ. New 70cm & up EME NewsLetter.

This weekend good tropo condx OK to OZ, LA, SM can be observed.  Strong MS Leonids shower is forecasted.

What you can read on Wikipedia about LDE mystery - long delayed radio reflections?  More here - & even here?

How to combine more VHF aerials? Well-known solutions here.  Do you know the story of "N-connector" name? 

On weekend 1.11 would be good tropo condx, more hereOn the Sun was C1 flare, but Aurora is not expected.

DF2ZC released new EME NewsLetter for 2m band.  OK1UGA's home brewed SWR meter. UHFC by OK2STV.

Construction kit of simple 144MHz QRP transceiver by DL2FI. Some experience with this kit. 70cm PA VK3NX.

Czech translation of the DJ6EP article focused to HB9MPU four bands feed. Claimed OK result of UHF Contest.

Orionids 09 by: TA2ZAF, OK1TEH, OK2PMS, OM3CWYActual IMO observation of Orionids + pictures gallery.

50 years anniversary since launch of first SETI project, technical details  October's OK7RA pics from Klínovec.

On 2m is active MS Dxpedition DH7FB/MM from KM37/27/17. Traditional microwave convention Frenstat 21.11.

With long delay we got an info related to results of August's OK QRP Contest. Note of evaluator you'll find here.

SM4IVE completed project of 13m dishNew LU7DZ web focused to EMEResults of MS Sprint Contest 2009.

Combiner of rat race type for 1296 MHz. Orionids shower comming. Follow the work of hams who were the first

UHF Contest 2009 by DM7A.  SHF elements soldering by hot air by DL2AM.  On 2m is via EME active HS0ZIL.

Four bands parabolic dish feed construction. SP2 aerial towers. Antenna news by DK7ZB. Profiles by OK2FUG.

The first QSO's OK-UR on 13cm and 6cm. Congrats!   UHFC 2009 at: OK1VEI, F6KQV/P, F6KUP/P (youtube).

OK1TEH wrote OK2KKW contest report from UHFC 2009 in English. The Thailand EME expedition has started.

Look at interesting YU1AW articles focused on Yagi aerials construction, radiator position and feeder influence.

Project of large radiotelescope for EHF bands.  DK7ZB's antennas news. TA2ZAF (OK1MU) prepares 2m EME.

ARRL EME contest by OK2D, OK1KIR, S50C. OK3RM's aerial infoFocused to radioastronomy on 1420MHz?

Did you observed on 13.Oct abt.17 UTC strong MS burst?  Check the reason. UHFC 2009 by: SN5R, SM7LCB.

OK1TEH released OK2KKW contest report from UHFC 2009. OK2M, OK2RKB, OK1KOB, F6KUP/P: UHFC 09.

Some links for VHF/UHF hamradio designers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.

DR9A/DK0OX report from UHF Contest 2009 (226k points on 70cm;-). New Slovak DX record 94km on 454 THz.

This weekend is the first leg of ARRL EME contest, how to learn EME look here. Video from UHFC09 by OK2D.

New EME NewsLetter for 70 cm & above.  UHF Contest by DR4M, IK4WKU, S57M and even more on YouTube.

UHFC 2009 by: OK5Z, OK1OPT, OK1KUO, OK1STJ, OK1KFH, OK1FEN. On 2m look on MS for KO51 square.

DF2ZC releases next EME NewsLetter for 2m band.  First QSOs OK-OH0 on 23cm, 13cm and 9cm. Congrats!

UHFC 2009: OL7M, OM6A (OM7KW), DR5A, DL0GTH, SK7MW, S50C, S51ZO. Interesting EME info OK1KIR.

UHFC 2009 by OK2D, OK2KOG, OK1KFB, OK2KYZ, OK1VM, IQ1KW, PA stations.  New EME dish OK1KKD.

UHFC 2009 by OL9W, OL4K, OK2KYC, OK2FUG, OK1EM, OK1KPA. Preliminary results: 9A, OK, OM, G, S5.

Final results of VHF Contest 2009 in Italy, HB and OM.  Contact address to IARU evaluator of UHF Contest 09.

Weather forecast for UHF Contest 09, mostly will be very windy.. VHFC 09 results in HB. PA links by YL3GEG.

The new OK and IARU Region 1. record on 122 GHz - 22,6 km was achieved. Italian final results of VHFC 2009.

The page about OK2KKW's equipment was updated. Send your announce abt. your participation in UHF-C 2009.

Which are the best directions to beam during UHF contest on 70/23cm? Unique EME QSO of OK1KIR with VK.

Ed, KL7UW updated his web page about preparation to 23cm EME. New UHF-SHF web of well known OZ3ZW.

Preliminary OK final results of VHF Contest 09. 3cm beacon OK0EA is back on air. OK1JKT's 3cm tropo report.

MS shower Orionids is coming. VHF contest 09 videos by PI9A (ex PA6C), IK4WKU/6, DR2P, OM6A, YT1VP.

VHFC 2009 by OM6A, DR5A.  Czech article about dishes by OK1CA [1994].  Check out good tropo to West!

VHFC 2009 by DR9A + photos (445 000 points!). Interesting page for 2m JT65 EME op. by PE1L (via MAP65).

Good news for OK users of 10 GHz band, the American QRO xband radar project in Brdy (JN69) is cancelled.

EME activity of OK1KIR on 23/3cm. Update of 23cm EME gallery of G4CCH. VHFC 2009 by: OK2PMS, OL7D.

FB pictures of ES5PC's EME equipment. On 15.9 will start 4/2m MS expedition of Bo, 3A/OZ2M from JN33RR.

VHFC 2009 by: DL0GTH, DL2R, DR4M, OK5K, OK1VEI, S57C, S50C.  The List of EME Contacts by W2WD.

VHFC 2009 by: OL4K, OK5Z, OK1OPT, OK1KOB, DM7A, IK4WKU/6.  New EME QSL cards of OK1KIR: 1, 2.

Sporadic E season 2009 is over. Check the achievements. Ukrainian VHF portal. NYT's article focused to EME.

Tuesday's fine TR condx reflected in OK1VVT report.  VHF Contest IARU 2009: OK & OM spots on DX-cluster.


Al, K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm & up.  On Tuesday would be great tropo to F + 70cm NAC!


Claimed results of the VHF Contest 09: 9A, OK, OM, S5 & GGerman VHF and Microwave meeting Weinheim.

Low cost Construction using satellite TV LNBs [PDF].  DG8EB's report from 47/76 GHz expedition in JN59 sqr.

New OM/OK record - 81km on 461 THz!, more here. New 2m MS station is TA2AD KN51VL with 50W + 13el Y.

Weather prediction by OK1JFH for VHF-C. Final results of July VHF Filed day 2009 in OK, OM, DL, HB and IK.

Our OK0EP 70cm beacon has been reinstalled after HW inspection. Interactive VHF-UHF-SHF-EHF beacon list.

New IARU VHF Newsletter. 6&3cm beacons OK0EL + OK0EA are temporarily QRT. New DX beacon UR0DMW.

New 122 GHz OK distance record 15.7km achieved!   DF2ZC released new EME NewsLetter for 144 MHz band.

New microwave beacon OK0ER JN99DP on 47GHz, more.  On 27.8. was short tropo EA1SM(!)  22.8 2m Es.

Prefinal contest results of OK Field Day Contest 2009. On 2m is active MS exp. J48YA KN20. 2m TR 9A-EA8?

On Tokio Fair Icom has been released new VHF transceiver IC9100.  For who is there the Shortwave extension?

We measured some beacons frequencies againPictures from the SP UHF/SHF ham convention by SP6KBL.  


First QSO abroad OK (1KIR) - Antarktis on 23cm, more. HAM meeting Holice 09 : OK1EM, OK2IMH, OK1AIY.

From Antarktis is active 23cm EME-exp. DP1POL IB59UH 500 W 67el Y. What uses on 23cm (EME) IZ4BEH?

First QSO OK - LZ on 9cm, Congrats!  QSL for first 13cm QSO OK-PY.  FB RS Condx are expected on Friday.

W6SZ released Summer EME NewsLetter for 70cm & higher bands.  Updated CZ electronic components links.

First QSO OK OM on 122 GHz, moreFirst 6 cm EME activity weekend (AW) by OK1KIR & tests of JT4-G.

On 15.August had OK2KKW web page already 9th Birthday!   Thanks for your interest of our VHF information.

Attractive Rainscatter map by TK5EP. First 4m QSO OK-GJ wkd Jirka, OK2POI, Congrats. Perseids 09 in S5.

On 14.Aug. was 50 years anniversary since the first OK MS QSO.  OK2POI enlarged OK MS record on 70cm!

Since 11. August (after 24 years of service) will be OK0EP beacon temporarily QRT due to technical inspection.

On 2m MS have been already activated squares KP62 & KN56. Perseids pics gallery & online VHF observation.

Very interesting video abt. activation of 25m dish for EME on 23 cm in Sweden. Story of this event by SM6GXV.

Announcement for Perseids: RD3YA (KO62), LZ9X (KN32). Nice web page for µWavers: visibility from your QTH.

On 7.Aug. was 2m Es OK↔SV such sig. in Prague had SV3CYM. Pictures & 70cm log of EME-xped. C37DXU.

Well known 3+ 6cm beacon OK0EA is after upgrade "on the air" againUpdated list of OK & OM beacons here.

Construction of new 23 & 6cm beacons in JO82. More. Interactive map of SP hams QTH. Why not in your case?

Ham radio community lost one precious man - on 4.8. in age only 59 Jozef OM3NA unexpectedly passed away.

QRP/A.A.Contest 2009 by: OK2KJT, OK1VM, OK2KJI, S51FB & 9A/S54O. Claimed results: 9A, OK, S5 & EU.

QRP/A.A.Contest 2009 by: OK2FUG, OK2M, OK1KFH, OK1KTT.  Last 3cm RS reports by: OK1JKT, OK1TEH.

Updated table of the best two metre aerials performance. Practical construction of  the 70cm aerials by RA3AQ.

Web presentation of G4ILO. Two metres modul for K3. Gallery & log of E77DX. New chips. Interesting TV mixer.

On Aug.1st was short 2m Es OK2/OM↔9H. Start of MS Perseids 09 shower, more. Update of 4m beacons list.

SK7MW visited DL6NAA. Weather forecast for Aug.QRP contest. FB EME QSL PI9CAM, do you try it as well?

Very interesting forecast of Perseids 2009 MS shower.  On 2m will be active MS-xped. SM3/DL1RNW (JP62IR).

DF2ZC released new EME NewsLetter for 144 MHz band. Aerials production for C37DXU stn. + 70cm EME log.

Within 2.nd August weekend will be just on the OK border anual SP VHF meeting. Invitation in PL is here, here.

Up to date EME log of C37DXU DXped. Martin OK1UGA completed on 2m 100.DXCC!  Pics of SR3VHX beacon.

OK1DOM's invitation to OK VHF QRP C-test, which will run on 2.Aug. Results are counted in OK championship

23cm beacon SR1LHS is on the air again. On 2.8 join the OM, DL, YU, S5, 9A, I, OE, F and OK VHF Contests.

Video of EME Dxped. C37DXU: 1, 2, 3, on 26.7 they plan to run 70cm. Good time frame for Rain Scatter condx.

2m EME Dxped. C37DXU, is active on 144,141 MHz 1st and you can make the QSO even with tropo equipment.

Within Es look for new beacon in Turkey - YM7VHF/B KN91RB, more. Video record from TA's VHF July C-test.

How looks enough power on 24 GHz? First 2m QSO OK-HR & 23/13/9cm OK-E77. OK0EA is temporarily QRT.

Do you know Amplitron & Platinotron tubes? More here & here. About such tubes use in the Apollo project 1 2.

July Field day report of DM7A/P JO74. Have you ever heard about Moonray project? Results of E77 expedition.

TK5JJ/p activated on 2m MS rare square JN42QF. First 13cm EME contact OK - PY made OK1KIR. Congrats!

OK1KIR put in operation their new web page. We made update of 4 m QSL cards for first contacts OK/abroad.

The report from participation of OK2KKW in the July Field day test 2009. Interesting 10 GHz EME log of IQ4DF.

On 16.7 was in Prague on 2m via Es recorded EB8BRZ IL29hx.  First 4m QSO OK - CT3 & new 4m OK record.

July Contest by IK4WKU & LY2WR. More abt.Es opening from OK on 4m here. 3cm RS from 15.8 by OK1JKT.


July test: OK1KUW, OK2KOG, OK1KPA(23cm), OK2KJI, OK2FUG, IQ1KW, OM3KTR, DR4M & OK1OPT(pic).

K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm & up.  Measurment of Sun noise by DJ3JJ has been updated.

First 122GHz QSO OKDL has Pavel OK1AIY. 13cm QSO OKLY recorder by OK2KYC club. Congrats!

July contest: OL7M, OK2ILA, OK1KTT, OK1NF. 3cm QSO OK-HB0 probably worked OK1VAM, congrats!

July contest by: I4XCC, DL0GTH, SM1A. New big RS map (OK-HA) from Uffe, PA5DD you can download here.

July contest by: OL4A (3cm), OK2KYC, OL7C, OK1VM, DR5A, HA5KDQ, S51ZO, S57C, S59P, S50C, S59R.

July contest 2009 by: OK2KJT, OK5Z, OK1KPA, OK1EM, OK1KFH.  Preliminary results: 9A, OK, OM, G, S5.

60th Anniversary of Czech Field Contest - read report from 1949.  During July contest was FB 2m Es CT - OK1.

70cm 400W PA at OK2UKG's web. Final results of OM3AU's Memorial contest. Hamradio meeting by OK2IMH.

RS on OK1JKT web. More RS info here. New on line HA radar. Multiple twisters between clouds above Moravia.

Next short Es on 30.6. Leave your annonce for July Field day Contest. IK4WKU's report from A.A. UHF Contest.

New chips review for May & June 2009.  This web of short waves sympathizers can be sometimes quite helpful.

Short Es opening on 29.6. DL↔SV9.  In EA is the 4m band legalized again. Italian results of March & May VHF.

MS DX-pedition UX5UL/P KO31bj is on the air.  2x16el DK7ZB for 70cm by OK2IEN.  Technical page RA3WDK.

Very preliminary results of the IARU Microwave Contest. DF2ZC releases new EME NewsLetter for 144MHz band.

On 24.6 was in OK first large 2m Es,  EI5FK audio recorded in Prague. 4m Es by:OK1TEH, OK1DFC, OK1MAC.

Jirka, OK2POI wkd new 4m OK Es DX-record 2551km!  Congrats! New OE5JFL's system for EME dish control.

Preliminary OK results of the May IARU VHF Contest 09.  OM May Contest results. OK1KIR June EME report.

On 70,055 MHz is new beacon SV9FOUR Be ready for 23cm EME event Echoes of Apollo, more by VK3UM.

Lada, OK1DIX released new version [6.28] of VUSC 4WIN contest log. For last added improvements look here.

OK2BX's construction of 70MHz rig. Transistor which on 23cm can deliver up to 200W. Small 70MHz PA & LNA.

Alpe Adria UHF Contest 09 by: OK2FUG, OK1UFF, S57C. Preliminary results: 9A, S5, EU. 21.6 was Es in DL.

Actual list of 70 MHz beacons, received in 2009. Don't forget during Es on 144MHz as well as for Ronald ZB3B.

Short Es on 18.6, Es from TA2 to OK1.  SHF Contest 09 by OK2RKB. RS news by OK1JKT.  FB EME picture.

17.6 opening was from DL do SV9, from OK to 5A.. New research of spots on the Sun. 3el LFA yagi for 70MHz.

Next strong ES on 15.6 gave chance for OK2 communicate to TA. MW Contest by DL6NAA. Log of 4O3A D-xp.

On 14.6 Es we had from OK 2m MUF to 3V8 only, where is no activity. FAI sound on 2m? Check CT1HZE record.

Pay attention to these transistors here & here. IARU VHF 50MHz Contest will be held already the next weekend!

New 70MHz World DX Es record 4964km, more. Few pictures & info related to E71EBS  UHF DX-pedition here. active OM, who has 4m licence, is Milan OM5KM and he already made first 4m OK-OM QSO with OK1KT.

On 11.6, time this year were short 2m Es to OK. List of EME Contacts by W2WD. MW Contest by DR5A.

Red Sprites observation above SCP of strong Es CT↔G.  SHF Contest by DM7A. New web of Zdenek OK3RM.

SHF Contest 09 by: OK5Z, OK1KTT, IQ1KW, HA5KDQ, S50C, S59PNew SP stations on 3cm. 6m from EA8.

FB movie from E71EBS and maps of worked contacts on 3m & 6cm.  On 9.6 was once again Es from CT to G.

SHF Contest 2009 by: OL4A, DL0GTH, OK1KFH, OK1KPA, OK1VM  + 9A4M.  UHF experiments by DL6NAA.

9A2SB confirmed that 1st 3cm OK-E7 qso worked OK2M and 1st 6cm qso at OK5Z.  An interesting Es report.

Lada, OK1DIX released new version [6.27] of VUSC 4WIN contest log. For last added improvements look here.

SHF Contest 2009 by: OK1EM, OK2KJT, S57C-1, S51ZO.  Preliminary results: 9A, OK, OM, OM-OM3AU, S5.

First 3cm QSO OK-E7 was probably done by OK2M, we're waiting for confirmation.  How to build 2,48 m dish?

23cm Dubus EME Contest at OK2KJT.  On 6.6 and 7.6 was long 2m Es from CT to G, MUF reached 250 MHz!

Weather forecast for  Microwave Contest, ČHMU predicts FB Rain Scatter. On 4.6 was short 2m Es DL to TA2.

OK2KKW team unfortunately will not participate in this year's Microwave Contest due to member's lack of time.

DF2ZC sent the next EME NewsLetter for 144MHz band. On 1st. June was Es on 2m, on 4m opening OK↔CT.

EME records from end of May on 23 cm by PI9CAMUpdate of Meteor scatter history between 1957 and 1975.

OK1KIR EME log update from May 2009. List of active EME 432MHz stations on the Nando, I1NDP web pages.

Claudio IV3SIX released international results of the 36th.CW VHF Marconi memorial Contest. Antenna's e-shop.

The first 9 cm QSO OK-GI was done by OK1KIR and 1st 13 cm QSO OK-GI by OK1CA. Congrats. >More here.

Elecraft made 2m module for popular transceiver K3. On 2m are active MS expeditions 4O3A JN92 and in JN60.

The new 10 GHz OK RS record on 907km with G4EAT was also established by Karel, OK1JKT. Big Congrats!

During Monday 25.5 was short 2 m Es from LZ to DL, more here.  The first laser QSO OK-OE on 660 nm band.

The new RS World record on 10 GHz on QRB 1099km! was achieved by OZ1FF & F6APE, more you'll see here.

Transvertor for 241 GHz by DL2AM.  4nec2 - software for array simulation. Do you know LFA yagi from G0KSC?

SETI@home celebrate 10th birthday. During 26-27th May will be activated 45m SRI DISH on 23cm, more here.

The 432MHz & Above EME Newsletter for June 2009 by K2UYH.  Few words abt. visitors records of OK2KKW.

On the edno of week we have Rain Scatter agn. Where to find EA hams for evening's Es opening? Try EA chat!

The first 2m QSO OK-5H was done by Slavek, OK1CU, Congrats. The ICQ list of some of OK and OM stations.

On 2m is active 1st EME expedition from Tanzania. OM is next DXCC with allowed 4m. 1st 3cm QSO in KO81.

On 17.5 2m Es season 09 has started: F,G,PA LZ,YO. No OK yet.  On 4m was Es opening: OK to SV2, 9A.

OK2KKW's report from the May 2009 IARU subregional Contest. Video record from May VHF Contest by DL2R.

On Tuesday 19.5 is traditional NAC Contest on 23cm. PA for 144MHz with 2x GS35b. Contest report by OL9W.

May contest by: OM3KII, OM3KHE, OK5K, OK1VEI, OK2M-23cm.  70cm 12th.May NAC opening by  OK1VVT.

Ham meeting on Kozakov hill: OK1AIY, OK2XRW, OK1TEH. May Contest by OM5M, DL6NAA, LY2WR, F8KTH.

47 GHz beacon by OK1EM for RX tests. On 11.May was FB Rain Scatter, reports OK1JKT, HA8MV/p & DX-cls.

New version (6.26) of VHF contest log VUSC 4WIN was released.  May Contest by: OK7RA, OK1MCS, DR4M.

Czech 2008 VHF Championship winners (144 & 432 MHz Contests) cups here. Cooling of VHF PAs with tubes.

On the beginning of May has been noticed daily good 3cm RS openings, look at OK1JKT & OK1TEH w. pages.

On May OK1AIY achieved new 24 GHz OK RS record. More. World 23cm EME DX record exceeded again!

Stanislaw, SP6BTV Silent Key. May Contest: OM8A, OL1C, OK1OPT-2, OK2KJI, OK2KYZ, DR5A, IK4WKU/6.

Old 23cm EME World record has been broken after 26 years. Interesting 3cm movie & pic. from Adam, 9A4QV.

May Contest by: DL0GTH, DM7A, OK2M, OK2KCE, OL7C, OK5Z, OK1STJ, OM3KTR, OK1KPA-23 + SP3IYM.

May Contest by: OL7M, OK1KJB, OK1OPT, OK1KPA, OK1VM, OM7ADD, OK2KOG, OK1ZDA, S57C, S51ZO.

May Contest 2009: OK1EM, OK2FUG, OK2IMH, OK1KFH, OK2KJT+ 2Claimed results: 9A, OK, OM, G, S5.

During May VHF Contest you can exploit all advantages of new version VUSC 4 WIN  6.25 OK1DIX's contest log.

Al, K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 432MHz & UP.  Final results of March VHF Contest 2009 in OM.

DF2ZC released the next EME NewsLetter for 144MHz band.  On 2m was activated mini MS expedition 4U1ITU.

Comprehensive article (46 pgs) focused to EME operation by K1JT.  Home brewed attenuators up to 6cm band.

Final results of March VHF Contest 2009 in OK. 47GHz supervisory day by OK1EM. 70/23 cm report IK4WKU.

Jirka, OK2VMU Silent Key. Lyrids MS shower on line on IMO web. On 24.May is planned SHF EME from HB0.

Update of DX records page. Results of IARU 6m Contest 08.  SP 122 GHz record has been extended to 2,5km.

On 2m is also active MS expedition UT6UG KO41. Interesting web of PE1LWT for EME users of Linrad-Map65.

On 22.4 will be maximum of Lyrids MS shower, on 2m start expeditions in IO67 & KP26. One interesting movie.

How to set up interdigital filter? Design, instruction & advices here. Send your announce abt. May Contest plans.

NASA announced new discoveries of  CME shape, what open ability for much more precise Auroral forecasting. 

On 12.4 had extended OK DX record on 122GHz to 8,3 km. More122GHz band is open now as well as in SP6.

G4WFR's email from 13.Apr. Final EU results of the IARU UHF Contest 2008 here, with the evaluator note here.

70MHz beacon OE5QL. Overview of actual DX-peditions.  Don't forget upload your achievements into EU Toplist.

Final results of the DL March VHF Contest.  Results of the 2m Dxpedition E51EME. Antennebuch downloading.

EME report of OK1KIR 28.3 - 5.4 09 from 13 - 3cm. Eric, ON5TA is QRV 3cm EME with 2,3m offest dish + 9W.

During last weekend was done new OK record -> 5,5km on 122 GHz, more hereEME celebration of Apollo 11.

Al, K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 432MHz & up. New 70cm EME web of Spiros SV8CS & VE2ZAZ.

First 2m QSO OK-E51 made OK1CU, OK-5Z4 Petr, OK7FA and first QSO on 23cm OK-5N OK1DFC, Congrats.

Extraordinary new design of Yagi antenna feeder will be presented in Dubus by G0KSC. EME weekend 4 - 5.Apr.

Since 30.4 JA stations may use for EME subsegment 144.100 - 144.200 MHz. We got interesting QSL for 3cm.

Report from Microwave meeting Frenštát 09. Gallery of 70cm EME stations, which are workable with my 1x 23el.

First 2m QSO OK-5N0 made by OK7FA, first 13cm QSO OK-LZ OK1KIR. Congrats!   How looks QSL from V5?

Give us points within OK VHF Easter's Contest. OK clubs are dying. Amateur radio signals reflected from Venus!

2m EME Dxpedition E51EME BG08dr,QRG 144.133 1st per JT65 is active!. Nice gallery of EME aerials F1EHN.

DF2ZC released the next EME NewsLetter for 144MHz band. Results of 30.ARRL EME Contest 2008 are here.

During this weekend 28-29.march will be held traditional EU REF EME Contest 2009 on 2m & 3cms and above.

"Key down" solid state kilowatt PA for 70cm you can made with single transistor, but liquid cooling will be needed.

Preliminary OK results of March Contest 09 here.  First IARU VHF Newsletter 2009 is focused to 24GHz threat.

Addition to OK VHF Contest 2008: interesting comparison of stations who were active and who sent a log here.

Maps of EU stations, who sent a log during IARU R1 VHF Contest 2008. Spáleniště JO60JJ in UHF Contest 78.

23cm PA from GSM parts.  Products by Procom for hamradio microwave application.  SP9IFD tubes collection.

March contest by: OK2M, OK2KCE, OK1UFF, OK2KJT-2, OK1NF. On 17.3 will be 23cm NAC and a nice tropo.

Nice construction pages by OK2UKG. Useful design's SW. Military radars damaged 23cm operation in 9A & S5.

44MHz PA OK1JVA with 350W modul by I0JXX. Within first half of next week will be probably good tropo condx.

Preliminary results of OK Winter QRP Contest 09 here, hereOverview of DX-peditions.  New SP 23cm beacon.

Coax relays data by F6CSX. Check your HDD. New VHF Managers Handbook IARU here. GS35b PA OK1GTH.

VHF DX-peditions E51EME and 5N0EME.  Microwave meeting Frenštát. SP stations audio records on 10 GHz.

March contest by: OK1OPT, OK1KJB, OM7KW.   EU is waiting for last year Marconi memorial contest results. 

March contest by: OK1TEH, DR5A. OK2PWY's proposal. OK1DFC's info. Vodňany meeting. Nice PA transistor!

March contest 09 by: OM3KTR, OK1MCS, DL0GTH.  Dx-pedition 5Z4 on 144MHz. New chips. OK1GTH's LPF.

March contest 09 by: DL6NAA, OK1KPA, OK2KYZ, OM3KII, OK5Z, S59P, IK5ZWU/6, 9A2TK, OL3Y, IK4WKU.

March contest 09 by: OK1VM, OK2KJT, OK2FUG, OK1CDJ, OL7C, OK1ZDA (+pic), OM3KTR, 9A1Z, 9A1W(f).

March contest 09 by: OK1EM, OK1KTT, OK2AR, S57C, IQ1KW (pic). Preliminary results: 9A, OK, OM, G, S5.

The World first ever EME QSO on 4m was done by GD0TEP and ZS6WAB, Congrats!!  First 2m QSO OK-H40.

Leave your contest conditions announce for March VHF contest. Real results of IARU VHF Contest 08 are here.

Results of VHF Contest 2008 published on the web "" are uncompleted, check the Croatian source.

How would the European results of UHF / SHF Contest 2008 looks if CRC sent Czech logs you can check here.

Final European results of VHF Contest 2008 & UHF Contest 2008. CRC didn't send OK logs into UHF-C 2008...

For 432 MHz & up released K2UYH new EME NewsLetter.   CW beacon will be on the Venus orbit, read more.

Article of Dave, K2DH: "Meteor Scatter and Aurora at 902 MHz and above" [1992]. Norway gets 4 m allocation.

Czech article about AZ/EL LCD display for sensors with AS5043.  PE1L and PA3CEE will be qrv EME from 5Z.

SP8PID put in operation (in Lublin ko11hf) new 23cm beacon SR8LHL. Interesting page about Italian SHF team.

Final results of the Czech Master in VHF contests on 144 & 432MHz for year 2008. Where to buy Teflon PCB?

DF2ZC released the next EME NewsLetter for 144MHz. Do you need some additional State for 2m EME WAS?

Preliminary result of OK Winter QRP Contest. Impressions by OK1MCS, OK1KCI. Interesting article by RA3AQ.

Winter QRP Contest by OK1FEN ARRL VHF Digital Handbook 08.  SV3AAF's aerials in his 1st QSO with OK.

Preliminary results of OK VHF Contest Masters for 2008 -144 & 432MHz bands. Calculation of SHF attenuation.

Large transmitting tubes catalogue by Martin OK1RR. LNA G4DDK for 23 cm. Winter BBT contest by OK1KRQ.

Update of Czech OK2KKW's equipment page. QSL OZ6OL for first QSO on 9cm with OK.  LY2WR QTH pictures.

Report of IQ4AX/4 from February Romagna UHF Contest. Video on IQ1KW web. LW transmitter in Topolna visit.

Final results of CQ WW VHF Contestu 2008. Corrected Czech final results of M.M.C. 2008.  VK3UM fire report.

What is the minimal 23cm antenna for 2 ways EME QSO in CW?  Nice picture for EMEers - Moonrise on 10.2.

SSB EME contest: OK1CA, OK3RM (in Czech). Czech Winter QRP contest at OK1KCI, 1KRQ, 1DOM, 2FUG.

Check received sigs during 23cm EME contest on PI9CAM RX (25m dish). On 23cm via EME is active PY1KK.

Time to time the Nature performs magic trick: night view from Snezka to Jested hill (QRB 52km) during inversion.

Report from OK2KKW participation in the January's 160m contest. OK1DOM's invitation to Winter QRP Contest.

Some 19 years ago has created World MS record on 70cm. On 7.Feb.will be QRV via EME 8J1AXA (18m dish).

On 8th. February will be held Winter BBT & Czech QRP contest.  In 1960 we might died due to EME reflections.

For 432MHz & up released K2UYH new EME NewsLetter. Results of V5/KT6Q. Are tr condx in Eu decreasing?

From our HW Corner: SWR protection of hamradio solid state PAs.  Pi type attenuator resistors web calculator.

DF2ZC released the next EME NewsLetter for 2m band. PE1L prepares 2m EME Dx-pedition 5Z. "Morse code".

Msg for your VHF manager:  24GHz threat - automotive industry plan to occupy this band for active tempomats.

FT847 mods for 4m are not a simple issue. Without additional precautions will be on the output strong spurious.

5,5W on 24GHz by DK2AM on OK2IMH web2m CW EME station LA8YB. How about first 50MHz EME QSO?

Experiments on 60GHz has been held already in 1897. Interesting EME/radioastronomy links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

23cm QRP EME by OK1TEH + list of feasible's QSOs.  2m EME Dx-pedition to Tonga islands is over. Results.

EME contact list by W2WD.  Preliminary results of Czech Christmas Contest 08.  Worldwide 2m tropo record?

OK1TEH's 2m EME window ( 4/08, Czech).  OK1KIR wkd 1st QSO 13cm OK-SV, more.  V5/KT6Q last day.

OK1DFC completed first 70/23cm QSO OK-V5 & OK-UK on 70cm,  OK1CU made on 2m V5 & A35. Congrats!

TV record from 1976 year focused to West Berlin hams (web DL7QY).  OK1UGA wkd the first 2m QSO OK-BV.

Gama radiation of high altitude flashes - the key to Sporadic E?  Last day in 2008 raged in Sweden strong gale.

Quadrantids 09 by: OK1TEH, OK2POI, OK2PMS.  Dx-peditions on 2m & 70cm by V5/KT6Q (HB9Q) & A35RS.

76 GHz after eight years - article by OK1AIY (Cz).  New OK MS DX record on 4 m made by OK1DFC, congrats.

On 5.1. became key of Tonda OK1MG SK. Interesting article by F4BUC tropo condx analysis on 24 & 47 GHz.

OK1TEH completed within Quadrantids 09 new 70cm OK MS record by 1792 km QSO with SM2CEW in KP15.

New 70cm & up EME NewsLetter for January 2009. Tom OK2PWY sent "over all" evaluation of UHF Contest 2008.

"Oblong" aerials for 70cm. 3cm ham radio webs in USA 1, 2, 3, 4. Al K3TKJ will not operate QSL.NET any more.

Aircrafts scatter tools: online aircraft position in OZ, SBS receiver test & forum. Audio of 23cm EME echo HB9Q.

On the January 3rd. comming Quadrantids MS shower, very sharp maximum is predicted by I.M.O. at 12:50 UT.

New VHF beacon DB0MMO JN49 144.455MHz is on the airVideo of brilliant 2m QSO DK3EE - EA1FDI 1588km.

All the best in the 2009, particularly good health, happiness, success, satisfaction as well as a lot of nice DXs and as low as possible QRM on all VHF bands wishes to all readers of this web all of OK2KKW contest team.

sent the next EME NewsLetter for 144MHz band.  SDR RX for 13 cm by G8UBN.  New chips web page.

Tesla solid states components on the new web. FT847 mods for 70MHz. Antenna & transverter for the 4m band.

Fragments from history of 3cm tropo record (1979-2000).  Results of IARU Region 1 VHF conference in 9A here.

Some LNA Measurement thoughts. Experiences with IC-7700 on 2m by Rene, DL6NAAOne FB solution of EL.

Jirka, OK2POI completed first 4m QSO OK-EA, congrats. New OK 70 MHz licenses for 2009 has been issued.


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