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OK2KKW Contest team wish to all of our web page readers all the best in the New year 2007, particularly lot of health, success and happines, satisfaction not only in our hobby and of course many nice DX QSOs, no QRM in contests, extraordinary DX condx, no rig failures, many QSLs, no angry neighbours, no damaged aerials,  good households and successful return from any contest or DX trip. 73!  

What may appear on the HF antenna during one night(!)  Jan 07 EME News letter for 432 MHz & higher bands.

Excellent condx during Dec, first 3cm qso HB-OZ and even 70cm qso SM-EA were made, more soon.

On Dec.was in Prague all the day loudly on 144.452.5 GB3ANG QRB 1357km, mp3, duct abt.700m asl.

Christmas time tropo condx from OK to YL, UR, as well as to UK from > 900m asl300W+ UHF PWR Mosfet.

OE1MCU released preliminary form of discussion paper for Vienna February 07 Interim VHF Conference IARU.

Antenna relay construction published by OK1VPZ in 1986.  Pics of MS Dxped 4O9T.  OM results of MMC 06.

A bit of statistics: these web pages register in average on each day >700 hits from at least 300 unique guests.

More info to 5A7A: videos Log + pictures from DXpedition LA/PA5DD JP61, info from DXped RK1B/1 - KO57.

Pictures from inversion of 1.12.06 in JN99FN. Aurora view 15.12 by OK1COM. Preparation of expedition to 1A.

New Russian VHF web page, focused on PA construction. Transistor,which gives on 2m 300W with 165V DC!

Nice tropo registered from OK to IN98. On the Sun was X flare again. What abt Au? Au pics from 15.12 in OK!

On 14 & 15 was possible from OK made Aurora qso to SM7GVF JO77, mp3 here, log OK1TEH here + galery.

In January will be EME DXpedition to C6.  New circuits of 11/06.  Don't forget update your result: VHF Toplist.

On the Sun was flare X 3.5 will be Aurora?   Maximum of Geminids shower would be on 14.Dec. on 08:19 Z.

Record of 6cm EME OK1KIR signal by RW1AW. LA/PA5DD qrv from JP61. Estimated results of OK MMC06.

ON6NL's report about first VHF DX KV contacts from Republic of Montenegro.  Interesting web page of DF9IC.

Interesting locators activated on 2m during MS shower  Geminids: KN25,36,39, KO43,44,57, JP61, more 1, 2.

Blog of well known EI5FK is here.  New 24 GHz OK tr record 294km,Congrats.   Results of expedition TZ6NS.

Our club has received special award by Marconi Memorial Contest manager! Thanks!  Highest beacon: IQ2MI.

On the Sun has appeared X 9 flare, but Aurora is unlikely EME log OK1TEH.  Legend schematic: Intel 4004.

Preliminary international results of the VHF Contest 2004 based on ÖVSV data. OM stations aren't in the list.

Some time ago was in DUBUS published OM6AA article on Septum Feed for 23cm EME ant. More here,here.

How loud can be SV1BTR with his 16x6el Y on 2m via EME on OK1TEH receiver with 10el dk7zb  listen here.

First OK who made on 2m Mali was Slávek, OK1CU & first 2m qso OK - J79 succeeded OK1UGA. Congrats!

1-2.12 were nice tropo condx, more: 1, 2, 3Meteor shower of Geminids & MS contest BCC are coming soon.

Frontal gearing without clearance for OK1KIR dish here (Cz). Present 2m EME DXxpeditions of TZ6NS, J79DI.

Al, K2UYH releases new EME Newsletter for 432 MHz & above for Dec. 2006. Beacons freq. measured again.

German hamradio discussion board. FB tropo  from OK to YU/YO, more+ pics. OK1KIR celebrates 50 years!

Audio file of one 2m tropo DX: how loud was F5JNX in KO81 (2102km).  Do you need switching power supply?

Advantages of PLC. And how it works in reality. Interesting video clip of G0NFA as well as more abt.hamradio.

Operators change in 5A, more here (and pictures).TZ6NS is already active on 2m EME.Log OH8K from KP33.

First qso on 2m wkd OK1UGA with 4S7+ in July Contest OL3Z as a first from OK made on 70cm qso to UA2.

Navigation system Galileo may terminate hamradio operation in the 23 cm band. Shall we surrend it willingly?

OK1KIR celebrates 50 years anniversary! More in Czech here.  OK1AIY's info abt his 47GHz DX QSO to OE.

Pictures from OM convention in High Tatras by:OK1TEH, OK1DFC. Do you know who has DXCC on 144MHz?

Final results list of Czech UHF/SHF Contest 2006 here,  for results of UHF/SHF Contest in France look here.

144MHz operation of 5A7A on FSK441 is running (beside other wkd by: OK1TEH, OK1FD, OM5CM).Leonids.

The Leonids will peek on 19.11 at 04 UTC, more 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.   In Brazil is again 2m TEP (SF: 94) check here.

5A7A JM62MU are qrv now 2m MS/EME (in 1st per on .385 fsk), 1st 2m qso had Martin, OK1UGA, Congrats.

M.M.C. by OK1KRQ, OK1BYR, OK1KGRNew addition on  Fresh info(+2) from 5A7A / DL8YHR.

 Honza, OK1COM  had been qrv on 15.11 from the Snezka hill 1602m asl, check this report + TR on 6.11 (2).

DF2ZC released November EME Newsletter 144 MHz.  1st 23cm qso OK-4O, congrats.  OK1UGA EME web.

Results of UHF Contest in OM & DL.  About tubes. Web DR5A. VHF Rover category in EU?

Actual info about DX-pediton to LX.  MS/EME Dxpeditions: TZ5A, HK1DX/p, A41MX, C6A and more info here.

M.M.C. 06 by OL2R, OM3KHE, I4YNO.  News abt 5A7A preparation. On the Sun is a great spot, will be AU?

TR reports (6-7.11): OE5VRL/5 +1st qso OK-OE on 47 GHz(!) G4RRA, SP6VGJ, SP2JYR, G8GHN, DF6WE.

Tropo reports (6-7.11) : OK1TEH, OK1GHZ, OK1RI, G7RAU, G4DEZ + only 3cm: OK1YA, OK7RA, OK1JKT.

OK2KKW report from MMC [Cz]. Download of Smith chart SW. New solid state devices for October 06 here.

On 6 & 7.Nov. were ufb tropo condx from OK to UK.  Report is under preparation.  OK VHF DX records [1952].

M.M.C.06 by OK2KJT, OK1HWU, OL7C, OK2KCE, OK2KJI. M.M.C.06 claimed score in OK, OM, G, S5, SP.

Final OK results of VHF contest 2006.  UFO phenomena? Check LDE observation. M.M.C 2006 WX forecast

Al K2UYH released November EME News Letter for 432 MHz & aboveA61Q is now QRV via EME with 4xLY.

Hungarian VHF beacons - last update. Nice power transistor. Used test equipment? Waiting for new Orionids.

On 30-31.10 was nice tropo from OK1 to IN99 & 97.  Release of Winrad 1.2. Please note new OK1TEH email.

UHF Contest 2006 story by DL0GTH. VHF DXpedition XF4DL & F1VJQ/p JN32. More. Nice web page G4CCH.

OK1DIX released next improvements of SW contest log VUSC. 47GHz by OK1AIY [ger]. Online log F1VJQ/P.

SWL DXpedition to CapeVerde [ger]. OM laser record. ARRL EME-C by OK1DFC. Ru solid state hi limits PA.

DF2ZC released October EME Newsletter 144 MHz.Conversion of geodetic locators to amateur radio locators.

Opinion poll to the proposed replacement of DX 144MHz operation by satellite downlink as submitted by IARU.

OK1DIX released new version 6.14 of his VHF contest log VUSC for WIN 2k & XP.  Join team of VUSC users!

This weekend  we celebrate 25 years anniversary since start of operation of our private 70 cm beacon OK0EP.

For Vienna 2007 IARU VHF conference has been submitted proposal to replace DX traffic in 144MHz subband.


Since 14.10 continue FB tropo (ok1ri wkd OY9JD),more by: OK1RI, OK1KOK, OK1TEH, OK1BYR, GM4OGI.

UHFC 06: OL9W, S59R, OL & OK stations on DX-cluster during UHFC.   The new polish UHF/SHF/SHF web.

What was discussed on ON4KST chat in UHF Contest 06? Full copy you can find here (70cm), here (23cm).

UHFC 06 by: OK1VEI, OM3KHE, OK1KFH, DM0Y. FB TR condx to G/LA again. What new chips in Sept.06?

Second part of OK1TEH series abt.EME QRP operation, now focused to WSJT 6 (in CZ). ARRL EME contest.

UHFC 06 by: OK2KCE, PI4Z, IQ1KW (pic), DR5A, claimed scores in PA (2), ON. Contest bus made by PI9A.

Contest report OK4W from UHF Contest 2006 (Czech). New line of HF Power transistors Freescale and NXP.

UHFC 06 by: OM5M, DL0GTH, G3XDY. 1st 23cm qso to T7 wkd OK2KJT, OM5M On 10.Oct is NAC & fb tr.

UHFC 06 by: OL4A (+ msg OK1JKT), OK2KJT, OM3KII, DL6NAA. qso OK-G on 9cm + OK-LU on 70cm.

UHFC 2006 by : OL2R, OK1VM, OK1OGS, OL7C UHFC - preliminary results in : OK, OM, G, S5, SP, ALL.

Al K2UYH brings new Oct. 06 EME NewsLetter for 432 MHz & up.    FB tropo into OZ, on 10.10 will be NAC.

Download and use during UHF Contest your PC with new contest SW VUSC 4 WIN. OK1DIX released v. 6.13.

VHF News by DL8EBW, EA6VQ.  1kW 144MHz PA with GU74b.  Send your annonce for UHF Contest 2006.

 Interesting discussion to 10GHz DX EME polarization issue. About selfspotting in ARRL EME Contest 2006.

What weather will be during UHF Contest? Probably bad as usual. Our very old, but still quite good 70cm PA.

On Saturday 30.9. look for OK1HWU from JO70UR. More. The only 10GHz stn in KN06 is HA8MV, pics here.

On 29.and 30.09 would be nice tropo condx toward SM.  Chem. products for electronics.  TR report OK1BYR.

Rene DL6NAA sent us reports from July VHF & VHF Contest 2006  [pdf] & pictures from his QTH in JO50VF.

VHFC 2006 by DL0GTH + log + mapa Weinheim story by OK1DFC.  DL8YHR is preparing 5A7A DXpedition.

Tropo reports (20-24.09) : OK1GHZ, OK2PVF, DK3WG, OE5VRL/5, SP2JYR, SM7GEP + TR map of OK0EP.

Tropo reports (20-24.09) by: OK1TEH, OK7RA, OK1KOK, ES2RJ, SM7LCB.  New IARU R1 9cm tropo record.

The Weinheim 06 by PE1BTX.    1st 6cm qso OK-ES wkd OK1KIR, new OK 9cm tropo record & 1st OK-SM.

Joe K1JT released new version of phenomenal communication SW WSJT v.5.9.6. It's to download here. More.

Report OK1KIR from MW part of ARRL EME contest, picture of 6cm PA. FB tropo condx to G,LA,OH. More.

New interesting solid state devices here, here. Claimed OK scores of VHF Contest 06. First laser qso in OM.

Premek 9A/OK1YA (JN82KS) is qrv this week on 2m fsk441.  Be prepared for FB tropo condx in these days!

Tropo reports for 10 -14.09 06: OK2PVF, ES2RJ.   1st qso OK - YU on 13cm.   TR continue from OH to UA3.

During 17.09 TR from OK was still fine into SM,OH, OK1KIM, OK1KVK, OK1FPR worked on 2m OH1 &SM3.

Tropo reports for the 2nd September week by :  DK3WG (70cm), SM7GVF (2), RX3QFM, OH1ND & ES7GN.

Tropo to North finished, reports: OK1TEH, SP6VGJ, SP2JYR. QSL cards for 1st OK qso's list were uploaded.

TR from OK continue however only from hill up to 700m asl to the YL, ES.   1st 70cm qso OK-A71, congrats.

On 6 & 2m is qrv expedition OJ0LA (qrv fsk441), log is here.    Web cameras for inversion watching are here.

On 9th September was very good tropo condx to west, tropo log of OK1KVK (ant), G4DEZ by OK1GHZ on 2.

Al K2UYH brings new Sept. 06 EME NewsLetter for 432 MHz & up.  FB tropo into SM, on 11.09 will be NAC.

OK1UGA wkd 1st 2m qso OK - A6, congrats.  Bernd DF2ZC brings new 2m EME NewsLetter ! More is here.

VHFC 2006 by : OL1C, OM5M, OK1KRQ, OM3RKP, OK1KGR, S55AW+S59R, OM3KHE. S50C + I stations.


VHFC 2006 by : OK2KJT, OM3KII (pic), OL4W, OL2R, OK1KFH, OK1VEISK7MW, S59P+S55M + PA stn.

VHFC 2006 by: OL8R(pic), OL7CPreliminary results: OK, OM, G, S5, SP, ALL.  Final results of OK QRPC.

Final national results of OK July Field day Contest here, we reached first time silver position on 3cm band :-).

Joe K1JT abt EME Conference in Wuerzburg 2006, more here.  Weather during VHFC ?  More here and here.

On 26.8 made LZ1BB QRPP EME record with RN6BN, more.   1st qso OK-A71 on 2m, Congrats OK1UGA!

This weekend is VHF Contest 2006. OK2KKW will not participate. DL8EBW prepares new VHF DX database.

EME Conference Wuerzburg by PA3CSG and OK1DFC.  Picture from OK - SP on 76 and 122 GHz here.

On 23.08 has made new worldwide EME DX record on 6cm band. Preliminary result of OK QRP contest here.

More abt. optical QSOs: F1AVY, VK7MJ, K3PGP, DB6NT, G0MRF, OK1MJO(2). And even EME on 532nm(!)

What is the genuine DX?  New hamradio challenge - "cloud scatter" QSO on 375 THz (!)   More info by F8DO.

Few days to EME meeting.  Last weekend has been made first QSOs OK-SP on 76 & 122 GHz.  More soon.

On 19.08 was weak Aurora, best QSOs from JO71. DX-pedition OM/OK4DX/p story Pictures YU6/OK2ZAW.

Updated mail list of EME stations on 70cm & up. Microwave SX-peditions: ON4SHF (TR), WA5WCP/1 (EME).

New web page, focused to DX operation on 432 MHz band, has found.  It consist of on-line chat as well. More.

On Sun was minor C3 flare but toward Earth, more here + 1,2. Nice list of pictures of more 2m EME antennas.

Perseids 06 by: RW3AC/3 (pictures), IK4PMB, HB3IYT.   2m MS/EME Dx-pedition EV5M: pics and EME log.

On 13.08 was fb Es from OK to UA6, UT. Perseids 2006 by: LA/OH6ZZ, OH8K, M0ITY, OM3KFF, RK3PWJ/3.

On 15th.August our web page OK2KKW celebrated 6th birthday! Thank you 4 interest of our VHF information.

During 12 & 13.8 we "air out" of our rest "HW" during MS & Es operation on 144 MHz.  More:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Perseids 2006 by YU6/OK1CDJ (log here).  Again we measured exact frequency of some 2m+70cm beacons.

Interesting discussion about JT65 you can find here.  Joe, K1JT released [PDF] manual for WSJT 6. Perseids.

Within few days will be held DL Worldwide EME Conference.  Remotely controlled 2m WSJT beacon RN6BN.

Since 8.8 is qrv 2m MS 4O3T JN92.  Alpe Adria Contest by: OK1CDJ, OL7C, S50C (more). First 23cm in OK.

Joe K1JT released new version of phenomenal communication SW WSJT  v.5.9.5. It's to download here. More.

144.444 MHz beacon DB0KI is in JO50WC 880m asl again.   Leo SV2DCD sent us QSL for record on 70MHz.

Al K2UYH brings new EME NewsLetter for 432 MHz & above bands. Perseids maximum will be on 13.8.night.

Alpe-Adria 144MHz August Contest rules.  OM Low power Contest.  White Russia EME DX-pedition EW7BW.

OK QRP August VHF Contest rules. DL Saxonian QRP Field day contest rules. Web page of BBT VHFC-test.

New additions on DF5AI DX propagation VHF web page.  Solid state HI Power amplifiers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

On 26.07 was nice Es opening again. Final OK results of June Microwave 2006. DXpeditions to JN14 & KN20.

Overwiev of MS expeditions during Perseids Note to OK 47GHz record. July VHF by OL7Q, OK1KPA [wmv].

2m DXpedition OM/OK4DX/p to Chopok, more From OK µwave history by OK1KW: >1GHz oscillator [1950].

Results of Memorial OM3AU 06 Contest. Current status of  VHF records + Award OK1KIR QSO, tnx OK1DAI.

Pictures from expedition LA/PA5DD (log)..  Do you know Winrad?  New EME web of OK2UZL. Info abt C91JE.

YO4FNG sent us EA8AVI qsl card for his 4293km 2m Es world record, card is here, mni tnx Liviu! Congrats!!!

Contest logs from OK JulyContest were published. SHF nostalgy from 1949 by Alex OK1KW:GHz wavemeter.

Es was as well on 16th. (DL-EA8) & 17.07, nil in OK. FB audio HA8TKS. New Es record on 70MHz CU8-SV2.

Result of our long time effort to fix reciprocal interference of near stations during VHF Contests is here (in CZ).

OK1DIX released new, improved version 6.12 of Contest log SW VUSC4WIN.  What is new you may find here.

On 13.07 was vy short Es but on 14.07 fb one to F/EA (audio ->OK1COM, log OK1TEH). Will be tropo to UK?

VHF expeditions: LA/PA5DD JP64, C91JE KH94.  1st 9cm qso OK-OM, Congrats.  New 4m ms world record.

Look on fantastic DX QSOs of RA6DA during Es of 11 th. July. As well as on 12.7 were nice 2m Es DX condx.

EME NewsLetter for  432 MHz band & above.  New solid state devices. How to construct 23cm receiver 1949.

July VHF by OL4A, OK1KRQ, OK2KCE.  1.qso OK - Monte Negro on 144MHz.  Es of the days 10 and 11.07.

July VHF by OK1KGR, OM5M, IQ0OS/6.   7.7 and 9.7 sporadics.  During weekend were fb RS on 3cm to SP.

Current MS Dxpeditions info: GM4SIV IO57, EA5/PA3CMC IM97 & SM3/DL1RNW JP62.  Info abt ES in USA.

July VHF contest by S51ZO,.., G3XDY, DR5A, DL0GTH & DM0Y. On 6.7 was next Es. Last auroral warning.  


OK1AIY together with OK1EM established new OK DX record on 47 GHz band.  Congrats to both recordmen!

OK0EP beacon has new licence.  In contradiction of it, OK0EA beacon on 432 a 1296 MHz is temporary QRT.

How we join nice WX or OK2KKW team contest report (CZ) from July VHF. List of OK contests achievements.

July VHF by: OK2KJI, OL7C, OL5GES, OL4N, OK1KFH, OM3KII (+2), IQ1KW-2, claimed res.PA, ON, G, SP.

July VHF by: OK1KNG, OL2R, OK5Z, OK1HRA, G5LK/P, IQ1KW, claimed res: K, OM, S5. New dxcc # 336.

Contest team OK2KKW will participate in Field day 06 by symbolic way only due to burglary reasons. More.

Our "Last call": QRV list for July VHF Contest. Insert annonce yourself When owls loves our  VHF antennas.

New 2m FAI OK record made by OK2VSO, congrats! Short Es of 26 & 27.6FB RS condx on 3cm continues.

On 25.6 was made new Es world record on 2m  between YO4FNG and EA8AVI - 4293km!!!  Congrats 4 both!! 

On 24.6 was short Es from OK to UA6, on 25.6 was Es from OK to EA7.   New fb web about 4m band is here.

On 22.6 & 23.6 we had another vy short Es.     New qrv list for July VHF-UHF contest 2006, pse send ur spot.

On 19.6 & 20.6 was another Es OK - EA6.  New components.   Expedition LY/DH8BQA continue to KO35,34.

On Sunday 18.6 were sporadics again.  More to Friday's RS DX condx. OK1VEI made non-party OK Callbook.

16.6 was next short Es OK - UA,TA.  MS DX-pedition KO23 is qrv 16.06. were nice 3cm RS, log of OK1TEH.

Preliminary results of Microwave contest OK / OM 2006 & Memorial OM3AU. FB Es report by TA2ZAF KM69.

On 15.6 was next short Es.  DL0GTH report with pics to 47GHz record with OK1AIY.  Abt 2m tropo G4 - CU8.

Next reports since 14.6 are online, Es from OK over 2hours to UA, UT, TA, LZ, OH, mp3: OK1TEH, OK1COM.

On 13.6 was another Es OK-EA & 14.6. was 2 m Es from OK to TA (mp3 TA2ZAF, TA1D), log OK1TEH here.

On 12.6 was another short Es, in Prague was loud EA6VQ, tnx Gabriel (mp3 of OK1COM + G4LOH FAI pic).

On 11.6 was again 2m Es, this time double hop from OK to EA8 cca 3500km MS story from RK1B/P KO79.

The E-sporadic on 10.6.06 was quite short.  Some info about CT3/DL1YMK EME 70/23cm expedition is here.

On 9.6 was 2m Es OK - CT, I worked in Prague CT1HZE IM57:-)  Will be gd tr to G?   FB Es web of OE6IWQ.

On 7.6 there was another 2m Es, in Prague was vy laud F8DBF IN78.   Check fb tropo EA7-D44 -> pic1, pic2.

New EME NewsLetter for 70cm and higher bands. Summer Meteor Scatter Contest will be held on 16-18.6.06.

We already info abt new 47GHz record of Pavel OK1AIY, but new is his first RS on 47GHz! (worldwide?) More.

On 6.6 was 2m Es again. OK1DIX released new version 6.10 VUSC. OK1DFC 6.6. wkd 70cm qso OK-9H.

FB audio records OK1BYR from Es 5.6 here.  Present MS DX-pedition into KO79, OH8K will  be QRV as well.

SHF contest: OK5Z (wkd I 13cm),OK2KJT, OL7C, OM0C, S51ZO, S50C, OK1VEI, OK1GU. fb web HA5KDQ.

Third day of sporadic E! On 5.6 was openning to SV9! More. OK1TEH's 70cm signals audio record by IQ0OS.

Web shop with second hand parts, RF & uW devices. About instalation of 1W (!) 24GHz beacon OK0EA here.

Microwave contest & Memorial OK3AU story: OL4A, OL4N, IQ1KW, OK1KFH,  claimed results: OK, OM, S5.

On 4.6. OK1AIY/p established new OK record on 47GHz QRB 156 km. OK1DFC made 1. 23cm qso OK-CT3

As well as on 4.6. was sporadic E. More. PA0EZ canceled his VHF web page. Part of the content has moved.

On Saturday 3.6. we were surprised by nice Es to Southeast.  Info here & here. Send your Es report pse here.

Good luck in Microwave contest IARU ! Sorry, we can't be QRV in this contest due to more important reasons.

The final results of OK May VHF Contest are online now.   QRV  List of few stations during Microwave contest.

Nice page with "space" records (Sputnik 1, Oscar 1, KP4BPZ 1965  EME, STS-9 and W5LFL),  try click here.

Within next days would be QRV more MS DX-peditions (to IN87, KM16,..).  Web now active again.

On 23.05 was very short Es S5,LZ - 4X. Nice EME log of OK1COM, more interesting links: OZ1LPR,vhf maps.

OK1DIX released new version 6.09 of contest log SW VUSC - now with support of audio recording during QSO.

OK1KIR celebrate 30.years since 1st.EME QSO in OK by 6cm qso to VK 15931km, what is new world record!

VHF web SP9TTG.  QSL manager of Malij Vysotskij DX-pedition is active now.  May Contest report:  DL0GTH.

As well as on 18. May was Es opening.  Comparison of contest development: OK4W and some OK on 23cm.

During May VHF Contest was claimed on 47GHz new OK DX record. CZ info and few pictures here. Congrats!

On May the first Es of 2006 on 2m was observed.  Our club member cooperates on this New Es project.

G8WRB web page, focused on PA and tubes. If you had DX QSO with I8/DF2ZC, look to story and pics here.

VHF May: OK1KJB, OK2KCE, OE3A, OL9W, OM3KII-2, and from SP, ON. OK1KIR in 23cm DUBUS contest.

New ham radio satellite P3E will fly with Czech 23 cm receiversMore.  Next solar cycles activity prediction?

OK4W report from the contest. May contest by: OM3KHE, PI4Z, SP6VGJ, OM0AAO, OK1KRQ and OK1VEI.

VHF May by: IQ1KW(report), OL3Z, OK2KJT, OM3KII, OK2KJI, OL4A(pictures by OK1JKT), OK1MCS, S50C.

May Contest by: IQ1KW, G3XDY, S51ZO, S55M, S50C, OL4A (pics).  Claimed scores: OK, OM, PA, G, S5.

May Contest by: OL3Z, OK2KJT, OM3KII, OK2KJI OK1MCSNew OK record on 47GHz!  We have 300 000!

May Contest by: OL8R, OL7C, OL4N, OK5Z, OK1JFH (+ mp3 qrm), OL5GES, OK1AR. OK0EA 432.493 MHz.

Beacon OK0EA is active now on 24, 048 050 GHz with 1W output! How it will be with weather in May contest?

Annonce stanic v 2.subregionálu zde. Pošlete info Povídání  OK1AIY o zařízeních pro: 24, 47, 76 a 241 GHz.

432 MHz &  up EME NewsLetter by K2UYH zde.  Více o EME expedici 9J2JD.  Předzesilovač pro 23 a 13cm.

432 MHz & above EME NewsLetter by K2UYH here. More abt. preparation of Zambian EME expedition 9J2JD.

Updated VHF-dbase by DL8EBW. DL8YHR prepare 144 MHz expedition 5A7A!  Int.preamplifier for 23 & 13cm.

How to build low noise preamplifiers for 432 a 1296 MHz with P-HEMT ATF 54143. Instruction by OZ2OE here.

Next month will be 30 years anniversary of first EME QSO in OK. We are bringing historical cz info about that.

OK1AGE released final results of March VHF Contest  in OK.  Calculations of attenuator, matching and more.

Many of hams already noted bad SSB modulation on 23 cm from Kenwood TS 2000.  Modification by RA3AQ.

New VHF DX-peditions here, here, here, here.  Send your notification here. Season of RS DX comming. More.

On 19. April on the first time this year MUF was above 6m, current  Es info you can check here, here or here.

CRC put a protest against final results of  UHF Contest 2005. CRC disagree with delete of  unverifiable QSOs.

How the VHF DX-ing in OK begun.Translation of fascinated OK1VR article from 1958. More about VHF DX-ing.

Reports of  OK stns from Dubus EME contest:  OK1KIR, OK1MS & OK1TEH New version WSJT 5.94. More.

Remembrance to beautiful tropo condx during UHF Contest 1986:  national, international results & comments.

OM March contest results. This weekend is The Dubus EME Contest. History of TEP (CZ). VK3UM nice dish.

OK1VPZ's Hardware Corner.  March VHF Contest results in OM.  OH5LID story of R1MV VHF MS DXpedition.

10 GHz beacon OK0EW is QRV again (listen).  VHF records in VK.  Most wanted squares. KP70 DX-pedition.

Web page OK2KKW is back again.   International results of  UHF/SHF Contest 2005, evaluated by URE here.

EME NewsLetter 432 MHz and above.  One of many webs, focused to HW. Preliminary results of March VHF.

OK1DIX released new VUSC.  Second part of PA for 23cm article. New semiconductors. 2m EME NewsLetter.

ARI is launching on 1 + 2. April Italian EME "NEW MODES"Contest. More categories are for Low power stnts.

Even today are in development interesting tubes.  March Contest info by OL9W, PA5DD, DL0GTH & DL3YEE.

 Icom for sale. Discussion board DK5YA.  Milestones of OK VHF history: Check these unique first QSO QSL!

Sunny pictures from UHF Contest 2005 by OK1KEI.  Our weather was bit different. Picture from nasty history.

Who really won in OK Marconi Memorial Contest 2005? (CZ) Modest start of contest season OK2KKW. (CZ).

March contest by: OL3Z, OK2KCE, OK1COM, IQ1KW, S51ZO+..Preliminary results: OK, OM, PA, G, S5.


New microwave world DX record claimed! Useful data archive of some old Alinco, Icom, Kenwood & Yaesu trcv.

Final results of ARRL EME Contest 2005 here.  Interesting info from hamradio history here, here, here & here.

 International results of Marconi Memorial Contest 2005 include attachment. Thanks Claudio !  Congrats to all!

Annonce of stations for March VHF Contest. New VHF operation from Antarctis. Mysterious TEP condx again.

Team G0FDZ, G4JNT, G4DDK and G0MRF released new beacon GB3VHF - beacon newly supporting JT65B!

In the sky above South America has observed TEP propagation again! New UHF DX Chat focused to 70cm DX.

On this Sunday, 26.February will be held CW Marconi Memorial Contest on the 50 MHz band. More here.

 EME NewsLetter 432 MHz & up for March. Do you have on 2m Philippines? New semiconductors announced.

Final result of Dx-pedition 3Y0X became a bit better within last weekend - 106 EME VHF QSO has completed.

Results of UHF Contest 2005 & Marconi Memorial Contest in UK.Aerial photograps of some well known spots.

First 2m qso OM-3Y within last day of operation made OM3WBC (500W/2xly yagi/max -22dB). Congrats Jozi!

Make more miles on VHF - new web page focused to the DXing. Combined DX QSO on VHF. And what in EU?

VHF DX-pedition 3Y0X doesn't cover expectation of EME community. Only 30 QSOs on 2m is very poor result.

PA for 23cm with GI7b with interesting cooling and 3/4 lambda plate cavity can deliver even over 400W RF out!

VHF DX-pedition 7Q7JE & 9J2JD in preparation. More. First 70cm MS QSO between OK - ES became reality.

Operators of 3Y0X station resign from 70cm EME operation. So this DXpedition for many hams lost any value.

Awaited 3Y0X finaly "on the air".  During March subregional VHF Contest look on 2m for new YU stations.

Web page of PA4EME.  Note by DF2ZC to correct adjusting of  WSJT QRG. 144MHz EME NewsLetter 02/06.

Nice 2kW PA for 144MHz with interesting shape of strip line resonator. 500W out PA for 1296MHz with GS34.

Stabilizer for screen grid of tube PA with tetrode.Do you need data of russian solid state devices? Try this one.

Results of VHF EME DX-pedition S79HP here. Interesting article (in russian) abt. switched mixer. Check this.

Tropo reports for 29.01/3.02: G3UTS, SP1MVG, SP6IWQ. 3Y0X is starting operation, but not yet on VHFeme.

Tropo reports for 29.01/3.02: G4RRA, PA4PS, SP2MKO. View of the traffic on 2m from KST chat on 01.02.06

Tropo reports for 29.01/3.02: SP6GWB, SP7OGP, SP9TTG, SP2JYR, SP6RGB, EI5FK, PA5DD. Tropo duct.

Tropo reports for 29.01/3.02: OK1TEH, OK2POI, OZ6ABA, MM5AJW, MM0DQP, G4DEZ, G7RAU, GB3ANG.

Extraordinary ODX for OK0EP. DB6NT offers 10W PA for 24GHz.  Nice OK-GM tropo condx in last few days.

Webs of  best Slovak EME hams OM3WBC & OM6AA. Check tropo condx!  French UHF Contest 05 results.

SK7MW already has not nice 4,5m dish. More here. Joe K1JT released new upgraded version of WSJT 5.9.3.

On January released last EME NewsLetter 144 MHz by DF2ZC and EME NewsLetter 432MHz by Al K2UYH.

Try your first VHF QSO via Moon !  Simple instruction manual for beginners, made by EA6VQ you'll find here.

Beside VHF as well few HF hams are trying now their real DX. After success on 10m they are focused on 15.

While 14.01 in Prague were on 70cm OHs, OK1JKT visited OL4A contest QTH.  FB web abt. 2m groundgain.

TR 13/16.01 report OK1YA.  EU NAC results for 2005 (2m, 70cm).   Dubus cw EME A.C. has new web page.

On 19th January is 25. years anniversary of 1st EME qso in UA, more here (   PE1BTX abt. S79HP.

TR 13/16.01 report OK1YA.   EU 2005 results of NAC (2m, 70cm).  New Dubus cw 2m EME A.Contest page.

TR 13/16.01 report SP2IQW.  OE5VRL/5 sent  info about 6cm record.   K1JT present new WSJT version 5.92.

Tropo 13/14.01 by: OK2POI&OK2VSO, Rudi OE5VRL/5 made new 6cm IARU r1. tr record 1440km. Congrats!

Tropo 13/14.01 by:  OK1TEH(mp3), SP9TTG, SP6VGJ, SM5CUI (mp3), SP8UFT, OK1KT, ES2RJ, SP6GWB.

Extraordinary tropo DX condx on Friday from Prague to SM, OH, RA.    EME expedition S79HP now qrv.

Book your sked with 3Y0X. News on UK Microwave Group web. Are you interesting in ham TV Event in W7.

News from our czech hardware corner: servis manuals of FT817, FT847, FT857, FT897 and  FT1000MP here.

Pictures from MS DXpedition 3V8SS + logs. Quadrantids 06 by: ES1RF,EI5FK,OK1TEH (+70cm), OK1COM.

On 10th.January is anniversary of first documented EME reception.  More here, here, here, here & here.

Pictures, log & story of MS DX-pedition of RK1B/P from KP60 here. Audio records of CW EME by single ant.

N2UO EME weak signal experience by RW3BP SW. Be inspired! A bit of theory:Class E amplifiers for 2GHz.

Very interesting SW for processing of CW signal deep under the noise by RW3BP.More on the VE1ALQ web.

For construction: decent price of  N & SMA connectors.  SW for feedhorn.  Czech Activity contest 05 results.

Maximum of Quadrantids was very nice. Successfully were completed even some MS QSO on 432MHz band.

Few days ago has released incredible record of Australian bolide. On 3.rd January is maximum of Qudrantids.

We wish: Happy New year for all readers of OK2KKW VHF info page, good health, lot of power and no QRM !

The story of expedition R1MVW by RX1AX Rus. & Eng.  2m FM EME qso between RN6BN + RA3AQ in mp3.

The results of all ARRL EME contests since 1978 are here (tnx OK1DAI !).  Very new NASA Aurora Galleries.

We have first satellite of new navigation system overhead.  Galileo system will works on 23cm band (!). More.

432 MHz & up EME newsletter for January 2006. December EME Newsletter for 2m. Interview with Joe K1JT.

Web page of AH6LE,focused to the EME. EME activity nights,organized by association of DUBUS magazine.

New µW records. New addition on of pages: Contest results, DX records. Aurora web page.

QRV list for March VHF/UHF Contest 2007.
   February 2007 IARU Conference in Vienna  

IARU and VHF DXing - opinion survey.

DATE 30. - 31. Dec. 06
144MHz.Temp 360 K
144MHz.DGRD 3.3 dB
432MHz.DGRD 1.4 dB
RangeFactor 0.81 dB
CONDX Moderate

Sporadic E page here Live MUF.


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