NEWS of 2007 year

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Prosperous New Year, good health and happiness for all visitors of our web page by OK2KKW club members!

To the super tropo condx 16-22.12: message OK1TEH (Cz), reports of SP stns & info of more EU stations here.

Our VHF Contests General rules change proposal in polish translation. Check more amateur radio video records.

Super tropo 16-22.12 by SM7LCB, SP4MPB, OY4TN, HA8MV, YL2GJW, OZ1FF, results of 23cm NAC (18.12).

OK1DFC completed first 23cm QSO OK - OA, congrats!  Geminids MS report by OK3RM. Slovak MMC results.

How are the last tropo condx evaluated in UK. Do you need good antenna relay?  Interesting designs of S53MV.

Super tropo 16 - 22.12 by: DF1LON, MM0GPZ, OK1AG, OK1GHZ, OK7RA, SP3IYM (log,2), SP6VGJ, SQ6EMM.

Super tropo 16 - 22.12 by: OL70AMYD, OK1AGE, OK1KZE, OK1ZHS, OK2BDQ, OK2BRD, OK2POI, OK2TUH.

Super tropo 16 - 22.12 by: OE5VRL/5, MM5AJW, GW7SMV, GM0TGE, OK2AF, OK2BMU, OK2PVF, SM7GVF.

Bosna (T9) will use from January 08 new prefix E7.  X-mas contest report by OK1TEH (Cz). New chips 11/2007.

New EME NewsLetter for 144MHz by DF2ZC. Just now is the right time to subscribe some magazines: 1, 2, 3, 4.

When you plan to switch something HF by PIN diodes, read this one.  VHF contesting by U.S. style. RMVHF+.

OK2KKW Contest Club members wish to all readers of our web pages cordially Merry Christmas, and nice DXs!

PA 144MHz & 432MHz by PA7TA. His amps were probably inspired here, here. Simple DC conv. for SMA relay.

Technical articles of HB9BBD, focused to EME.  Leave us your message. EME web DD0VF. P3E launch news.

Preliminary results of MMC in OK. Send us your tropo DX logs, please. VHF web OK1KTT. Types of DX condx?

Do you have an experience with DX tropo opening on 23 & 70 cm and not on 2m? Horizontal 2 m FM operation.

Nice VHF tropo opening would be active untill 24.12. Step by step will turn to E and SE. New ODXs for OK0EP.

European DX record on 6cm band with QRB 1439 km was repeated on 19.12. by OE5VRL & SM3BEI.Congrats!

Super tropo condx are still on. Story in preparation. Send DX log to OK1TEH pse!  Remembrance of 1974 tropo.

Nice tropo condx to north. DK1FG made tropo UA1ZCL (QRB ~ 2500km!).  More DX QSOs maybe in next days.

HB9Q small EME antenna pictures collection.  Amateur use of 430 to 433 MHz in Moscow region is not allowed!

December 16th is considered as 60 years anniversary of transistor invention.  But, can be transistor even older?

MS expedition RK1B (in KO47) results. Geminids pictures & video. MS DX from JN51. EME web I1NDP. Tropo?

Web page of PA0C. What offers Down East Microwave. Switching high voltage power supply.  DC/DC converter.

Solid state driver OK1VM for 2m. Elbug by OK2TEJ. Actual MS condx here, hereHow to design dish antenna.

Dx-peditions: RK1B/1 KO47, OH8K/0 KP00, LZ2QA KN43, RZ6YC/6 KN94.  TEP article.  Microstrip calculator.

Actual MS expeditions: TM1E JN32, ER1AN/P KN47, RU1AC KO46, LA/PA5DD JP41.  Abt. BCC MS contest.

This week you can try Geminids MS as well as very good EME condx! Broadband feed. First ISS scatter QSO?

Within few days we have nice MS DX opportunity. VUSC log supports new conditions of OK Christmas Contest.

EME antenna G4RGK.  What Joe K1JT made during ARRL EME Contest.  British results of UHF Contest 2007.

Pics, log and story from EME Dxpedition 3X5A. Who will try in December MS DX?  Info from EME Dxped.CN3A.

MMC 07 by I5PVA/6 + video & VHFC 07(video) by OL8R, HB9WW. Unoficial results of Alpe Adria C. VHF/UHF.

The traditional MS shower Geminids is upcoming, maximum is predicted on 14.12 at 16:45 UTC [more at: 1, 2 ].

M.M.C 07 by I5PVA/6 + movie & VHFC by OL8R, HB9WW.  Preliminary results of Alpe Adria Cont. VHF/UHF.

Is possible to make a VHF DX contact with reflection via ISS or satellites? More here, here and discussion here.

Final national OK results of the UHF Contest. ARRL EME Contest 07 by: DL8EBW, SV1BTR, HB9Q, LU1CGB.

Czech CDMA operator plans substantialy increase (till end of 2008) nr.of BTSs, which interferes DX on 432MHz.

DL3YB SK. This October was 60 years anniversary since hamradio 70cm QSO in OK. Story in preparation.

Video from this year ARRL EME operation by LA9NEA.  ARRL EME Contest info by OK3RM, OK1KIR & P43J.

First 2m QSO OK-3X made on 28.11 OK1CU. 3X5A wkd as well OK1MS, OK2UZL. Do you know Graves radar?

EME Dx-pedition 3X5A IJ39LL (2xLY+1kW). First 3X-OM wkd OM3BC(-25dB). Newsletter PA4EME - November.

MS DX-pedition LA4YGA. Microwave meeting by OK2KDJ.  Video from MMC by OK2KJT.  New country for OK.

DL national results of the UHF Contest 2007. MMC 07 story by OK2M a OM8A. ARRL EME Contest 07 is over.

US Strategic Radar may completely destroy European amateur radio RS DX operation in the popular 3cm band.

How to optimize receiving system for EME communication?  DX news from Africa.  New chips for October 2007.

Sandro I0JXX has in production 23cm 150W PA module. How to overcome Atlantic? New Dutch contesting web.

Wong VR2KW (2x9el+200W, pics here) is active on EME & made OK1CU.  MS by OY4TN. EME Blog SV8CS.

Slovak convention in High Tatras. Few pictures here and here. Amateur radio VHF Frequency allocation history.

On Tuesday & Wednesday would be nice tropo DX condx to N. HFQSO can be time to time interesting as well.

On Sunday 18.11. will be peak of Leonids MS shower.   For VHF DX enthusiasts would be interesting read this.

New EME NewsLetter for 432MHz and above bands.  Something strange above Africa. UU1DX Prague meeting.

Are you QRV on EME? Then add your contact into list. Update of DX-pedition list. VHF Contest French results.

More OK1TIC HW designsCheck DX Cluster record from the MMC for issue of OK & OM stations selfspotting

Slovak results of the UHF Contest. LU1CGB's new EME antenna. High Tatras convention of OM radioamateurs.

Within an EME community is again discussion abt. circular Septum feed optimalisation. Look here: 1, 2, 3 & 4. 

Although it is not related to ham radio, keep in mind, that revolution in lighting is coming: 230V AC power LEDs.

Marconi Memorial by OM50KHE. Contest report of OK2KKW team from the Marconi Memorial C-test 2007 (Cz).

Final national OK results of the VHF Contest.  Look for Christmas gift in the USA: 1, 2, 3, 4. It's much cheaper.

M.M.C 07 by: OM5M, OK1KTT, OK2KJI.  Interesting drafts of SP contest conditions. Check the windy weather.

M.M.C 07 by: OK2KJT, OK1KFH, OL4N, OL7C, OK1OPT, OK1KQI, OK2KCE, IK4MPB, S50C(2), S59R, S57C.

Try on VHF make a 3XT1! Who will be the first one? Claimed score in Marconi CW test: OK, OM, F, G, S5, 9A.

OK2KKW Club completed this contest season. In the MMC we made ca 425 QSO & 150k points. Thanks to all!

Two new MS expeditions are active with FB scatters: 9A/HA5LV JN73 & SV8/HA7PL KN20.  Weather in MMC?

OK1DIX releases new, again improved ver. 6.23 of contest log SW VUSC, now as well as in full German version.

ARRL EME Contest 07 by: OK1TEH, OK1DFC, SP7DCS, SV1BTR, PE1ITR and VK3UM. Useful EME SW tool.

New EME NewsLetter for 144MHz band. On 28.10 was surprisingly Es MUF on 130MHz. Sunny page of WM7D.

EME PA OK1UGA here.TEP VHF activity in PY.Final claimed scores of UHFC 07: OK & F. EME SW by F5SE.

Till end of March, new suggestions should be submitted for next IARU Reg.1 Conference.  What about this one?

UHF Contest report DR9A/DK0OX. HB9Q opens new EME chat. Winter is here. Video OK2KJT. 1A QRV again.

New EME NewsLetter for 432MHz and above. New chips August and Sept. 2007.  DR5A Contest audio records.

Tropo reports 09-14.10. by OK1RI, EA2TO/2.  Do you know YU7EF antenna?   Moon face during this weekend?

QRV list for ARRL EME Contest - pse put here info abt. your participation.  Russian VHF portal has EN version.

RF power transistors: Beryllium ceramic hazard. SWR to Return Loss table & nomogram.  ARRL EME Contest.

Results of UHF Contest by DL0GTH.  DR9A have in UHFC 770 QSOs on 70cm!  Their's antennas on 40m mast!

VHF blog of OK1RW.  This weekend you have an opportunity by MS complete more unique DX locators on 2 m.

UHFContest by OK2MLast week tropo report by Ivan OK2BMU.  New version of EME planner SW by VK3UM.

Virtual museum of tubes. Add your own pictures!  Who made mistakes in VHF Contest?  UA3DJG DX-ped pics.

Tropo reports 09-14.10: OK1VVT, DL6NAA[pdf], OK7RA, OK1ZHS, OK1TEH(log). New SP DXrecord on 47GHz.

Tropo reports 09-14.10: OK1JKT+2, SM7GVF, OK1UOW, ON4KHG, SP6GWB (new SHF/EHF ODX), OK2PVF.

Silent key OK2TU - one of the founders of EME in OK. Contest report from UHF Contest as F/OK4W/p (Czech).

UHFC 07 by: OK1VEI, OK1KFH, OK1COM, OK2RKB (foto)1st QSO OK-UR on 10 GHz wkd OK2ZI. Congrats!

Good tropo condx would be on few next days. Please check this maps. DX reports pse to:

UHFC 07 by: OK1KTT, DM7A, SK7MW-2, S51ZO+OE3A+S57M, OZ1FF. UHFC OK & OM spots on DX-cluster.

Tropo condx on 11.10. really open up nice DX QSOs in the east-west direction. UHFC by OK2KCE, OM50KHE.

On 09.10 was loud in Prague on 70cm LA2Z, 10.10 stn. from LY (tropo log OK1TEH), 11.10 would be TR to UK.

This PA is for VHF still unusable, but desing would be interesting.  OK national result of the VHF Contest 2007. 

G4CCH log for Sept.registers QRP EME QSO w.OK1TEH. Jirka OK7RA was in UHF Contest as well on 24GHz

Nice tropo condx keeps. On 9.10 was opened 70 cm from OK to LA. OK2ER launched new beacon on 3.4GHz.

EME Contests arranged by DUBUS community will be in 2008 year hold as an EA3DXU Memorial. DX-peditions.

UHFC by: OK2KYC, G3XDY, IQ1KW, DR5A, SK7MW, F5KDK  Claimed results: OK, OM, SP, F, G, S5, 9A.

UHFC 07 by: OK2KJT, OL4N, OK1OPT, OK2BMU, OK1KCI, OL7C, OL7M, S50C. Josep, EA3DXU Silent key..

OK2KKW team was QRV in UHF Contest as F/OK4W/p from JN38OJ. Story from the contest is in preparation.

Tropo condx 16.9. by OK2KJT. Photos of SP7DCS EME antenna.  On 4.Oct. is 50 years since Sputnik launch.

Completed Awards. QSL for OK DX 9cm record. What made in ARRL EME µW C-test OK1KIRInversion pics.

CRK QRP Contest results.   DXpedition IN86VW pics & log .  F6KQV and the ladder mast +  video from VHFC.

UHF band 13 cm has a new world DX record - VK3NX with G3LTF made EME QSO with distance abt.16756km.

First impression from real EME testing of the new WSJT JT4a mode.   Put your annonce for UHF/SHF Contest.

Joe, K1JT released for beta testing new WSJT with new JT2/JT4 modes. Download this SW for your tests here

Do you know, that in OK is running project of Cubesat satellite with 2m radio transponder? EME web LU1CGB

MS-EME Dx-pedition 5B8AD/p KM65, pics: 1, 2.  SP6GWN made his 1st SP 13cm EME.  Tropo log OK1TEH.

Czech republic is newly covered by CDMA service on 425MHz, what creates heavy QRM in 70 cm DX segment.

23cm technical & EME web page HB9BBD. Matej OK1TEH made his 2.nd analog EME SSB QSO with RA6AX.

OK1TEH completed on 2m his jubilee 500 square by MS DX QSO into KM37KS. Matej has more locs via EME.

British OFCOM start auctions of radio spectrum over amateur band 10GHz. EME NewsLetter 432MHz & above.

Tropo 16.9.reports: OK1BYR, OK1XFJ, OK1RN, OK2AF + pics by OM6AZ.  VHFC OK-OM spots on DX-cluster.

70cm beacon OK0EB is "on the air" again.  How it is with BIAS circuits and Copyrights? Ham video 1,2,3,4,5,6.

DF2ZC released new EME NewsLetter for 144MHz.  On 23.9. was in Prague very loud OK0EJ at 1296,959 225.

Joe K1JT working on WSJT again -> new SW would be suitable for EME QSO up to 10GHz.Inrad has new web.

Preliminary OK results of VHF Contest.  History (2) of beginning of locators use during VHF QSOs in OK & EU.

Summary of Sporadic E openings in EU during 2007 season here.  HG8BUA beacon (432.407) temporary QRT.

TR 13/16.09, reports: OK1TEH, OK1KIM, OK1ZHS, OM3TRN, OE5VRL, G4RRA, SP6VGJ, SM7GVF, M0KHB.

Beacons precise frequency measurment. DX reports from Sunday 16th.tropo condx: OK2KJT, DD0VF, DK5EW.

OK1DIX for UHF Contest released new 6.22 version of Contest log VUSC.  Nice condx to G on Sunday 16.9.07.

On 12-13.9 were active tropo condx from OK to OZ, SM a LA.  From history of µW DX operation in OK (Czech).

Final OK results list of July VHF Contest 2007 here. Info about last beacon changes of OK0EA on 47 & 76GHz.

VHFC 2007 by OK2M (2), OK1VEI, OL1C, OK2KJI, DM7A.  KM19 locator still missing? Look on MS for J44XG.

Transmitting is not healthy.  Final results of July VHF Contest in OM here Video from VHF Contest: ED1RCM.

How loud were DX signals on the receiver output of DR5A?  Video recorded by OL8R team during VHF Contest.

What wrote K1JT abt his experience in ARI CW EME Contest.  Congrats to all, who made first CW EME QSO!

Keep in mind update of your record in European VHF DX Top list. 10GHz Quickstart Project. SHF GB Beacons.

Small 23 cm EME aerials.  OK1TEH completed by CW, single 23 el.Y antenna & 600W PA on 432MHz KL6M.

Short list of stations, active in ARI EME contest. Compare 23 cm EME aerials.  Weinheim VHF & µW meeting.

Tropo gallery.  During ARI CW EME Contest, look on 144.045 MHz for IK3MAC signals from his gigantic aerial.

OK1TEH set the new 2m OK EME DX record with ZL2DX, QRB is 18 248km. VHFC 07: OM5M, DR5A, S5-stn.

This weekend will be held 14. Italian CW ARI EME Contest. Updated list of DX-peds. How to do real 3cm QRO?

Contest report OK2KKW.  Info from VHFC 07 by: OK1KQI, OK1OPT, OM3KII.   Do you need locator of DX stn?

VHFC 07 by: OL7C-2, OK2KJT, OM3RKP, OM7AAS, DL0GTH, 9A6NCM, PC6NHW.   New EME ham PY4OG.

VHFC 2007 by: OL5G, OK1KCI, OL4N, OL7C, OL8R, GM4ZUK/PClaimed results in: OK, OM, SP, G, S5, 9A.

Preliminary results of OK July Field day VHFContest. VE7BQH antenna performance table. EME rope antenna.

On 27.08.07 were good TR condx, reports: OK1TEH, OK1GHZ.   How it goes from EA on 3cm via tropo or RS?

OK1DNH unfortunately Silent key.  Results of successfull MS exp.RX3AA/3.  Perseids by OK1UGA & OM1DK.

Heavy rain and storms created FB RS: more by OK1TEH, OK1JKTGreat pictures. New pictures of first EMEs.

New EME NewsLetter for 432 MHz & above. QSL cards for 1st QSOs abroad. OK August QRP Contest results.

144MHz EME NewsLetter. Web MMM on VHF will be added by interactive interface. QRV list for VHF Contest.

Perseids 2007 by: OK1TEH, OK1DFC, OK2AF, OK2GM, OM3BC, OH8K, EA3BB/5, LA/PA5DD, YO5KAI (log).

FB gallery Perseids 2007. OK1DFC wkd new 70cm MS DX record. In PJ4 is still QRV via EME PA3CNX, more.

Will be new Elecraft K3 usable for VHF Contesting? Not sure, due to poor IF stopband in single IF & DSP only.

New hamradio operation rules in OM.  Still 100W power limit on VHF for ops, who didn't pass through CW test.

OK2KKW web pages  celebrates BirthdayMS condx during VHF Contest?   First OK-SP qso on 1,2mm.

Fragments from DX chat: 1, 2. Italian microwave activity. All, what you are still missing abt. EME "Ground gain

Who has made 70cm QSO with first 6 OK stations in the Multi Op category on 70cm during July VHF Contest.

How on 4x28 el. 70cm Yagi was loud via EME DL9KR. Perseids peak would be on 13.Aug. List of MS DX-peds.

New web OK1KQI. Updated article abt.first VHF QSO > 4000km QRB on 2m. OK1KFH upgraded contest QTH.

G4LOH & D44TD made new Region I. 2m tropo DX record, QRB 4041km!  Will D44TD test another DX options?

OK1CU enlarged list of first OK VHF contacts abroad. CT1HZE in silence established the New World DX record.

 2m & 70cm EME Dxpedition D44TD is on. Frank maybe looks towards new IARU TR records.  More: CT1HZE.

On 25.7. was opportunity for MS QSO. How loud is 23cm in 1750km distance? Next weekend will be QRP test.

K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 432 MHz and above.  New SP record on 47GHz. SP6BTV & his µW.

Final OK results list of the June Microwave Contest 07.   You may test your first 70cm MS DX during Perseids!

Ken KA0Y is going to sell house & antenna. Have you an interest?  DK5AI web page.  Where to buy RF parts?

G4ODA's story abt.VHF trip to TF & OY.  Summer camp RK1B, KO68. Dural tubes for antenna needed? More.

W5LUA presentation of EME on MW bands (4MB). Alain ON4KST prepares new design of his well known chat.

Few tips for vacation reading: first EME days, tubes & many antennas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.

Such tornado blow over SP9 area, just few km away from SP9TTG home.  432 MHz QRO PA with GS23b tube.

VHF D44 DX-pedition. More.  Why the EME Dx-ped.1A0KM operators were on CW only? Results are very poor!

19 a 20.07 was FB RS on 3cm, reports by: OK1TEH, OK2ER, SP6GWB, OK1JKT.  Story about HB9AMH visit.

MS Dx-peditions: KO46, JN15, KP25. July contest by: OK2M, OK1KGR, OL3Z(video)+2.  9A4M 3cm RS video.

SP microwave news. Former 3cm beacon DB0KI is on the air again as UR0DMX.  How to find the best antenna.

Contest report DL0GTH. The best condx probably were abt.100km west.  Modeling of VHF aerials by F/G8MBI.

July Contest: OK1VEI, OK2KOJ, SP6GWB. New SP 47 GHz record. OK1KIR has new 9 cm OK record. More.

On 14.07 was in OK/OM FB Es to EA, audio of EA4KR in Prague.  ES on 15.07 and RW3TY (LO26) audio rec.

VHF Wattmeter with peak detector - offset compensation (Cz). Construction drops to PA cooling management.

July contest: OL4A, OK5Z, OK1OPT, OM3KII (2), OK2KJI, I4XCC (2), OK2FUG, OK1ZDA (2).  FB DX VHF ant.

VE3BQN silent key. LDE mystery on VHF remains still open. Has it relation to OK-ZS contact riddle on 70cm?

Mystery of  5th June Sporadic E. Last year of Kenwood. Italy open 70MHz band for amateurs. 150W  on  23cm.

July Field Day Contest report (Cz) by OK2KKW here. DF2ZC released new 144MHz EME NewsLetter.  DX info.

July contest by: OK2KJT, OL4A (3cm), OK1HWU, OM5M, OK1GTH, S57C. OM3AU Memorial Contest results.

July contest by:OK1KCI, OM3KTR, OK2KCE, OL7C, OL4N, OK1KFH, DR5A, S50C, S59DEM+, 9A5Y,9A2SB.

July contest 07 by: IQ1KW, OK2KYC, OL7M, OK1MCS, OL5GClaimed results: OK, OM, SP, PA, G, S5, 9A.

Serious threat of long distance Bluetoth. OK1VEI's OK Call Book. 10MHz frequency standard. LDMOS cooling.

Weather forecast for July Field day Contest? Try this one. Noise generator by OK1VLA. OK Microwave history.

Another SW for dish design. Compare this one. Actual info about Dx-peditions. Have you already KO14 locator?

Final OK results of May VHF Contest. We won 23cm In OK & OM was announced new August QRP Contest.

Next interesting deviceARRL Award for Winners. Congrats!  History of amateur radio on UHF and MW bands.

Presentation of kilowatt transistor for 2m. Beneficial information for designers of solid state ham radio PAs.

Preliminary national results of Microwave Contest.  On 25.05 was short Es to EA1.  Nice 3cm RS with I6XCK/6.

Pics of Venus eclipse by Moon.  QSL for 1st OK QSOs on 23 & 13 cm with KH7X.   New I4XCC Claudio's web.

VUSC Contest Log SW is already available in the version 6.21. Send us info abt your contest plans. RS condx?

Splatters removal? Modify before July Contest ALC circuit of your FT847. MSDX-pedition SM/OH9TT 07 results.

OK1TEH's audio records from previous Es opening on 144MHz. Al's EME NewsLetter for 70cm & above bands.

10GHz beacon OK0EW is "on the air" again. Strong gale blew over Slovakia and destroyed antennas of OM0C.

CT1HZE was on 20.6. via sporadic E in UK amazingly strong - video M0KHB.  9A2WA 10GHz for July Contest.

HW corner SM5LE focused on 23cm.  DX-peditions news.  ARRL EME Contest rules9A0BVS is "on the air".

OM0C club has new webpage. OK1DIX highly recommends for July Contest new 6.20 version of the VUSC log.

OK1CA is QRV EME on 9cmQSOs with LX, VE & VK are first in OK and VK3NX is new DX record. Congrats!

Sporadic E condx into Africa & Asia you can observe as well as thanks to reception of Air traffic meteo service.

This weekend will be beside MS Contest as well as Alpe Adria Contest on 70cm & up + IARU 50MHz Contest.

SHFC by DL0GTH.  OK1KIR wkd the 1st qso OK-VK on 13cm with Rex, VK7MO ->JT65, more here. Congrats!

Are you looking for KO00 on 6+3cm? On 17th June will be SP expedition during Alpe Adria UHF Contest 2007.

On 14.06 was in OK 1st bigger Es into TA7, UA6 and EA6.  The report from Polish SHF expedition to JO74JA.

On 13.06 we had short Es OK-CT, CT1HZE signal by OK1TEH is here.  May logs are onlineSHFC by OK2M.

Dish transporting for July Contest? Summer Meteor Scatter Contest will be already this weekend! Contest rules.

SHF expedition ->JO74.  SHF Contest info: I4XCC, OK2KYZ, OK1VEI, OZ1FF, OK2KCE.  New INRAD catalog.

DF2ZC released new EME NewsLetter for 144 MHz. MS Dx-pedition SM/OH9TT into JP86XC. TF/DL1YMK log.

On 8th.June OK1TEH made first 2m qso OK - PJ4, what mean for him completion of 2m WAC with single Yagi!

OK2KKW's report from Microwave contest (in Czech). OK5Z claimed score. DX-pedition of UT6UG to KN58 loc.

MW Contest 07 by: OL7M, OL4N, OL7C (OK1CDJ), DR5A, S50C, S57C, OK1JFH. New 9A VHF web:

MW Contest 07 by: OK2KJT, OL5G, IQ1KW.  Claimed results: OK, OM, S5 + OM3AU. On 02 - 03.06 was Es.

Unique event can help you test, hw ur sigs are bounced from the Moon.  Another EME opportunity for qrp stns.

Rain scatter report HA8MV. Congrats!  Weather during Microwave contest? Rain, rain... Next info abt PJ4EME.

Did you finish preparation of technology for Microwave contest?  If yes, leave the announcement for others here.

On the morning of 27.May was Es from OK to CT / EA7, in  Prague was CT1HZE 2342 km. MoreHB0 activity.

Suitable headphones are important part of Contest communication chain. Look for Bonaire island on 2m. More.

How to make a SWR bridge up to 23cm? Look here and here. More HA8ET designsLunar Calendar by F5SE.

Spring EME report OK1KIR. Congrats! On 22-23.05 were nice RS condx. Info OK1TEH, OK2POI & I4XCC here.

On 23.5 was first short Es in OK. Audio(mp3): RN4AT, RX3QFM by OK1TEH. More Info about Es on 50 MHz.

Firstí 23cm QSO OK-BY. More. Congrats!  Pics from Dxpedition DL3OCH & info G4CCH. Check your antenna!

Pics & audio rec. from EME Dxped. of TF/DL1YMKOK1UGA has already 2m WAC. May contest by IW0FFK.

Beacon OK0EP is QRV again. It was a mains failure :-) DL0GTH contest reportInteresting almost HF DX web.

20.05 bude QRV na 10 & 24 & 47 GHz Stan, SP6BTV, více je tady. Bude opět dobrý RS?  FB stránky W7IUV.

Nezapomeňte uvést vaše úspěchy v evropském Top Listu. Jednoduchá anténa pro 23cm. Konstrukce YO5OFH.

Forecast of next Solar maximum and possibility of TEP DX QSOs. OK1MWD silent key. Lot of useful software.

List of QSOs Abroad was completed by OK1KIR's 13cm EME contact with Iceland.  First 6m by OK1TEH.

May contest by : OK1GHZ, OK1OPT(2), OK2M, OK1KJB, OM3R,  PI4GN, PA6NL, SK7MW and SM-stations.

RS 14.5. -  info by OK1TEH, OK2POI & OK2ZI here. Filters SW design. New 3cm beacon OK0EI. TM1O video.

Look at video of  TEP QSO (QRB 4618km) between FM5CS & PY2REK. May 07 contest report of DR5A team.

On 13.5. and on Monday would be pretty 10GHz rainscatter condx. OK1JKT already have more QSO > 700km.

OK2KKW's report (in English) from the May 07 VHF Contest. First 23cm OK-TF QSO.  Coax.combiners (Rus).

PLL construction basics by SM0VPO. On 12.May the 2007 sporadic E season started. Hamradio bazaar in DL.

What you can in working day to do on 10GHz. New circuits for April 07. OK1COM's pics from Prague TV tower.

May Contests reports by OK2KKW, I4XCC, S59R, S57O, HA5KDQ, S50C, S57C, OM3KII, OM50KHE, OM8A. 

New EME NewsLetter for 432MHz & above has released. Info abt. prepared DX-peditions by MMMonVHF News.

Joe K1JT released new 5.9.7.version WSJT. How the most wanted squares list has changed within last decade.

May Contest by: OL4A, OL4N, OM5M, OM1AVK, OK1OPT, I5BLH/5, PI4Z, S57C,OK-OM spots on DX-cluster.

May Contest by: OL7M, IQ1KW, OK1KFH, OK1MCS, OK5Z, OL4A (OK1JKT), OL7C, DM7A, G3XDY, G4LOH.

May Contest  by: OK1KHI, OK2KJT, OK2KYC, G0KPW. Not only claimed scores in: OK, OM, SP, PA, G, S5.

On 1296,911 & 432.492MHz as well as on 5.6, 10, 24, 47 & 76 GHz is again QRV OK0EA beacon. Tnx Pavel !

European results of the IARU 2006 VHF Contest. HB9,9A,F,PA,OE,I,ON,OZ,HA,YU,LA,SM were not evaluated!

From OK1TIC lab: 23cm filter Directional coupler G7EYT. Rain scatter pics.  ARI EME Marathon 2006 a 2007.

B2/DF2ZC DX-Story.  From Oscar 40 to new P3E.  OM3BC has new EME antenna Weather in May Contest?

Silent key ES2RJ. In remembrance to his VHF achievements: 1, 2, 3 MUF tool. More to LNA protections (Cz).

On 28.4 sporadic E wake up - still on 90MHz only, but within few weeks it will be surely much more interesting.

New beacon OK0EY  "on the air". Leave info about your activity in the May Contest.  OK3RM antenna pictures.

LNA transistor protection. All, what you need to know for successful Airplane scatter DX QSOs on UHF & SHF.

Mobile EME?  Bodo DL3OCH prepares DX-pedition to 3A.   I8EMG - well known VHF beacon in Mediterranean.

OK1TEH completed his EME qso on 23cm!  Is it possible to use YAESU FC20 tuner driven by FT857 trcv?

OK1KIR made on 13cm KH7X. It would be new DX-record 12045 km 13cm qso OK-KL7. More. Congrats!

OK1DIX released new version 6.18 of his contest log VUSC. Pictures of 2m & 70cm OZ3SW LNA construction.

OK results of the IARU 06 VHFC has been changed. March 07 Contest OK & OM results.  Beacons frequency.

OK1TEH succeeded in T77NM on 432 MHz.   LNA for 70cm with ATF54143  FET - more here, here, here, here.

First QSO OK-KH6 on 23cm. Congrats!   What a nice surprise!   T7 on 70cm still missing?  Then read this info.

Have you already ZB2? This is an opportunity on 144MHz. Lyrids meteor shower. More. KH7X UHF DX-pedition.

RSGB released interesting change of General VHF Contest rules.This weekend join us in EME Dubus Contest.

K2UYH releases new EME NewsLetter for 432MHz & above bands. SP8RHP web is focused to VHF antennas.

DL8EBW informs abt DX-peditions. More. New circuits 3/07. Which SHF band would be used for such system?

This weekend are very good tropo & EME condx. Try it ! Audio record of 70cm beacon OK0EJ made in Prague.

Nice spring weather brings good tropo condx. International results of the IARU UHF/SHF Contest 2006 by REF.

Secured High voltage power supply by OE5JFL. Compare this, this and this circuits.  How to run EME on 6cm.

Jak byl v pondělí slyšet v Praze na 23 cm IK3COJ si můžete poslechnout tady.  Opět jedno obvodové udělátko.

OK2ULQ & OK2BPR established new, 26 km OK-DX record on 76 GHz. Claimed scores of OK Easter Contest.

DX Atlas by VE3NEA.  Update your record in VHF DX database. New EME Calc by VK3UM. Useful audio SW.

Table of resistors value as well as power dissipation for most used RF attenuators.   Updated DX-peditions info.

Rob's PE1ITR info abt interesting EME reception of VHF radar, more. On 4.3. in 2m NAC look for JO34 square!

8N1EME finished "DX-pedition" project "BIG DISH". OM3KHE video from July 06 Contest (29MB).  UWB threat.

Really well done tubes here, here, here. Do you believe, that hunting for high IP of RX would be aimed this way?

Next weekend is Easter contestWeb page with useful links, calculators and charts in the area of Electronics.

Negative REF response concerning UHF/SHF Contest 2004 evaluation complaint. Two dozens of VHFdx QSLs.

Vzpomínka na první OK qso na 24GHz [1989]. QSL lístků se za VKV provoz nemusí nasbírat tisíce. Více tady. 

BTV company get started commercial production of amateur radio 3cm transverter.OK0EJ as well as on 70cm.

We are  the champions! OK2KKW won on 70cm in the International evaluation of the IARU UHF Contest 2004!

Updated final results list of the ARRL EME Contest 2006 released. March VHF Contest story by OM8A OL7Q.

8N1EME will terminate their EME operation soon.  If you have 6 cm rig with 1m dish & 10W RF, you can do it!

Tom OK2PWY, based on the IARU rule, made Overall results list of OK stations in the last year UHF Contest.

Primitive circuit for control of "latching" type coaxial relay.   Software for noise measurment by PC sound card.

Several datasheets links. Many datasheets here. K2UYH releases new EME NewsLetter for 432 MHz & above.

DF2ZC released new EME NewsLetter for 144 MHz.   Look for map of 2007 Most wanted squares on 144MHz.

On 17.3.DL6NCI announced termination of DB0KI beacons on 13 cm and above.   23 cm is QRT untill upgrade.

Beacons, beacons, beacons...  Large IARU list of beacons updated by local news from OK,DL,SP,HA,S5,9A...

This weekend would be strong wind over 100kmph, take care. More. Preliminary results of ARRL EME contest.

New circuits for Ferbuary 2007. Official European results of the 2004 IARU VHF Contest finally released. More.

Claudio IV3SIX  sent corrected international results and his note to the 144 MHz Marconi Memorial Contest 06.

OE1MCU sent minutes from VHF IARU Conference in Vienna.  SM2CEW proposal (B08)  had been withdrawn.

OK1AIY sent us pics of his (and OK1VAM) contesting on Klinovec JO60LJ. Snow and ice won on microwaves.

March 07 by: DL0GTH, OK1KJB & OM0AAO: Contest on Chopok, 2024m asl. Next week look for tropo condx.

Please send us information for update of this page with interesting links.  VHF beacon OZ7IGY is qrv 50 years.

March Contest by: OK2ER, DR5A & S57C. REF finally released results of VHF IARU Contest 2005, PDF here.

8N1EME express thanks to OM6AA for very good design of 23cm feed, produced in OK here. Congrats Rasťo!

Online evaluation of VHF Contests in 9A. Would be such option used in your country as well? Let's know, pse.

New web pages: DM7A, OM3RKP.  Nice web presentation by PA3CMC. Report from March Contest by OK5Z.

Reports from March VHF Contest: OK1TEH, OK1KFH, OK1SAT, OK2KJT, OL7C, OK1MCS, OK2KJI, OM3KII.

March VHF Contest by:OK1GTH, OK1VM, OK1GU, OK1DFC, IQ1KW. Claimed scores: OK,OM,SP,PA,G,S5.

Brutal audio records of several SSB EME contacts, made on 23cm by 8N1EME.VHF tubes PA links by DL3JJ.

What N2UO wrote for April issue of QST magazine abt results of ARRL EME Contest 06. Congrats to winners!

Claudio IV3SIX  sent us Final International results & comment to the 144MHz Marconi Memorial Contest.

Make more miles on VHF - popular VHF DX project page has moved to the new domain. List of DX expeditions.

OK1DIX found in VUSC 6.16 one Windows bug & recommends updated version 6.17. Printed aerials WA5VJB.

Serious UWB threat is coming. UWB may increase noise floor on 13, 9, 6 & 3cm bands and damage DX qsos.

Transistor MRF141 for $46. We made short video record of OK1KIR 23cm EME operation. OK1DAI in CW qso.

February 2007 IARU Conference in Vienna is over.  OK2ZI short info abt. controversial SM2CEW B08 proposal.

 On 24 & 25.2 is Dubus Digital EME Contest. Try your first Moonbounce QSO!  How to do it? Read this article.

8N1EME starts on the air tests. MRF6V2300 for PA. Few beacons frequency measured - as well as on 23 cm.

In the March VHF Contest you can test new SW log.  Láďa OK1DIX / N1GA released new version VUSC 6.16.

IARU List of VHF beacons. Searching on our OK2KKW web is active again. Polish Microwave hamradio page.

Jens DH0LS prepared comprehensive List of Contests. Listen to the EME audio records: 1, 2. Expedit. 3DA0.

DF2ZC released New EME NewsLetter for 144 MHz. New solid state devices. History of auroral QSO (Czech).

Dish feed for 13cm.  Let's share info abt. your March Contest plans.  New EME NewsLetter 432 MHz & above.

Microwave Online Antenna Book W1GHZ.  Last status info about finalization of 8N1EME "Easy EME" project.

Compare two different online calculators of parabolic antenna dish here and here. Web pages DF4PV, G0CZD.

Milan OK2MMO prepares ATV ham radio broadcasting on 3 cm.  Finalization  of new 24 GHz beacon OK0EH.

Gallery of UFB photos of thermal inversions (from EOY 06) by Jirka OK7RA, Michal OM6AZ & Jirka OK1HWU.

This weekend would be UFB TR condx. ZS6WB info abt.EME. OK1UGA proposal to B08 WSJT EME (czech).

Do you know UK Microwave Group and theirs Scatterpoint? Pictures of OM6AA feed for 8N1EME project here.

Claudio IV3SIX invites us to Marconi Memorial Contest: here and here.  "Gadget" (Cz) for PA ventilator control.

Expedition DX0JP has finished, on 2m they were max. -28 dB on 10el Y.  04.02 was tropo to UK,see M0HKB.

Vote for EME activity during 3B6 DxpeditionDX0JP is now active on 144.107 MHz. QSL for QSO OK-5A.

OE1MCU released new VHF/UHF NewsLetter IARU. What will support CRC. K1JT statement to B08 proposal.

VHF and Microwave Propagation Characteristics of Ducts -> an interesting article by VK3KAQ to VHF DX-ing.

Special EME call 8N1EME would be in February "on the air" with 32m dish!  23cm feed has produced in OK !

Joe, K1JT noticed to new N0UK EME chat enlarged by CW only room. More pictures from 5A7A DX-pedition.

How  F2TU fixed 8m dish against strong wind you can see here. Interesting collection of OK1UGA EME QSL.

OK1CA info abt 23cm EME SSB contest (in Czech). From 3.2 will be qrv new 2m EME DX-pedition of DX0JP.

VHF log scan with the very first EME QSO on 2m in OK.  After Kyrill gale: OK1YK, OK1TEH, OK1BYR Au?

New EME NewsLetter for 432 MHz and above bands here. I5WBE invites u to ARI EME marathon 2007. More.

When will be constructed near Prague new SDI US Radar in 10 GHz band, it more less damage all EU 3 cm.

The gale damaged aerials: SK6EI, ON4DPX(2), DD0VF, OK1DFC. The real threat for VHF is UWB and Radar.

DK5EW prepared his big EME antenna for the gale. Bernd,DF2ZC released January EME Newsletter 144MHz.

Weather forecast warning:  extraordinary strong wind on mountains up to 150 kmph in Thursday - Friday night.

As well as in other EU countries,OK radiocommunication authority is preparing General licence for UWB (Cz).

TR reports (20-26.12): MM0DQP, G4RRA.  MS logs 2007: 1A4A(xls), IT9VDQ/9, EI4VXV(+pic), 4U1ITU(+pic).

TR reports (20-26.12): DL8EBW, ON4KHG, OK1BYR, OK1GHZ, dxcls:  EA1DDU+EB1EHT+EA1EBJ (70cm).

TR reports (20-26.12): F6DWG/P (13cm), OK7RA (+pic), OK1KFH (+pic), OK1HWU pic, OE5VRL/5 (70-3cm).

The tropo contacts overview during December 2006, reports:  OK1TEH, SP6VGJ, SP3IYM, SP2JYR.

Pics & info abt.1st 23cm OK EME QSO with use of WSJT.  What OK1TEH made frm Prague on VHF in 2006.

Web page with some distributors links has updated.  Russian version of  23cm PA with hybrids RA18H1213G.

Pse let me know abt. your very first QSOs between OK and independent Croatia & Slovenia since 27.6.1991.

Expedition 1A4A stopped 2m operation, they wkd 87 MS qso's, 1st from OK was OK1TEH, more here & here.

Do you need get locator from EU map Video of 1A4A DXpedition, they already made > 70 MS qso & still qrv.

During Quadrantids was OK1TEH successful in 70cm MS qso between OK & Italy MS bursts by rocket.

On Jan starts 1A4A DXpedition on 2m, random only, GL.  MS DX trip as RK1B/P into KO58AP loc story.

During Quadrantids are qrv interesting DXpeditions 1A4A, 4U1ITU & locs: IO54, KO58, JM67, KO21, KO43/44.

First 70cm qso OK-HK, congrats.  New VHF worldwide distance 2m EME DX record has claimed. More here.

OK2KKW web pages has changed domain and server.  Now we are running as  Welcome!

OK2KKW Contest team wish to all of our web page readers all the best and lot of health & success in 2007.    

Jan 07 EME News letter for 432 MHz & higher bands. Coaxial relay construction published by us in 1986year.

Excellent condx during Dec, first 3cm qso HB-OZ and even 70cm qso SM-EA were made,more soon.

On Dec.was in Prague all the day loudly on 144.452.5 GB3ANG QRB 1357km, mp3, duct abt.700m asl.

Beacons. beacons...    QRB    Maps

Sporadic E page here.  Live MUF.


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