NEWS of 2005

OK2KKW wish 4u: Happy New year 2006, all the best, good health and happiness, lot of power and no QRM!

The story of expedition R1MVW by RX1AX Rus. & Eng.  2m FM EME qso between RN6BN + RA3AQ in mp3

The results of all ARRL EME contests since 1978 are here (tnx OK1DAI !).  Very new NASA Aurora Galleries.

We have first satellite of new navigation system overhead.  Galileo system will works on 23cm band (!). More.

432 MHz & up EME newsletter for January 2006. December EME Newsletter for 2m. Interview with Joe K1JT.

Web page of AH6LE,focused to the EME. EME activity nights,organized by association of DUBUS magazine.

New µW records. New addition on of pages: Contest results, DX records. Aurora web page.

Merry Christmas to all of readers of OK2KKW VHF info web pages. See u in X-mas VHF Contest on 26. Dec.

Photos from expedition 3A/PA2CHR-> #1 & #2 Ms report: OM3WBC, PE1BTX.  RK1B/1 next time in KP60.

Results of MMC in DL and SP.  Overview of italian VHF contests in 2006.  23cm EME is possible on TV dish.

Nightmare of all VHF EME fans, operation of UWB applications, will probably become reality. More here,here.

Story and list of results of first 3 years of ARRL EME Contest: look here for 1978, 1979 & 1980 (tnx OK1DAI).

Preliminary results of BCC MS contest 2005. Geminidy 25, logs: OK1TEH(+70cm) + report RK1B/1 KO36XX.

How looks awards, presented by DARC for UHF/SHF Contest winners, you can see on our diploma pinboard.

Last chance(14.12) to work ms expedition 3A/PA2CHR.   Survey of 2m Most Wanted Squares 06, more here.

Actual info(13.12) from expedition 3A/PA2CHR. 3V8SS qrt, wkd 217qso(48eme). Next expeditions here&here.

December EME Newsletter 432 MHz & above. K1JT released new version of  WSJT SW. Abt. us in DL's  FA.

MS Geminid's storm coming, more abt. BCC.  Overview of possible Future Meteor Storms.  FT847s TX IMDs.

Do you need circulator for your design? If yes look here & here. DX Cluster spots to OK beacons since 1998.

Final results of Czech MMC 2005.  OM MMC results 05 here.  OK EME milestones. MS report of OM3WBC.

Czech radioclub policy may resulted in termination of more VHF beacons. Our private OK0EP will stay QRV.

December 144MHz TEP across SA (tnx ok1mu). 2m log of R1MVW + video.  MS and EME web of OK1UGA.

More info (pictures, czech commentary) about OK0EA, OK0EL microwave beacons.  Page again QRV.

Final Contest results listing of Czech UHF/SHF Contest 2005 here. OH5LID about DXpedition R1MVW. More.

Japanese radio experimenters? And what about worldwide?  What is matter of discussions on US VHF chat?

Are you looking for some VHF Christmas gift? Look as well here! Several beacons frequencies has measured.

VHF DXpedition in Tunisia. EME Newsletter 144MHz for November 05. Do you have FT847? List of links here.

All propagation on 6m, 2m and 70cm can be predicted before it happens. More. Strategic VHF beacons here.

November EME Newsletter for 70cm and above.  Do you need some special crystals and filters? Try this one.

Dx-pedition R1MVW has troubles, more.  Our results and awards were completed. OH5LID DX-pedition page.

K1JT released new version of WSJT.VE3KH EME web page. VHF Contesting page by NS9E. Nice transistor.

New version of sw VUSC 4 WIN  6.03 has released, more here.   VHF/MS-Database Issue 2.20 by DL8EBW.


EME/MS DX-pedition on Malyj Vysotskij Island starts within few days. Notch filter for FM broadcasting QRM.

Update of G3SEK technical page. Something from OK VHF history: Contest results since 1950. More, more.

This weekend is a second part of ARRL EME Contest. MMC 05 by:S59P+S51ZO+S59RAlpe-Adria C 2005.

Claimed score in MMC: OM, OK, PA, UK, S5 Record of Sunday's part of ON4KST chat during MMC 2005.

MMC 2005 story by: OK1VVM, OL7C, OK2KJT, OL4A(2), OM3KHE, OM3KII(2), OK1KRQ, S57C and S50C.

Few words about Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology, which would be serious threat for amateur radio. More.

 November EME newsletter for 432 MHz and above here.  Claimed OK score from Marconi memorial Contest.

Final DL results of UHF contest 2005.   New version of software VUSC 4 WIN  6.00 has released, more here.

Result list of BCC-Meteorscatter Contest 2004.    W5LUU published new EME condx calendar for year 2006.

New WW DX records on 3cm RS & 47GHz has created. HB9Q QTH.  When will be Dubus EME Contest 06'?

October tropo report by OK1RIInteresting EI VHF web. New 2m beacon in SP2.  Slovak results of UHFC 05.

ARRL EME Test by OK1KIR, OK1DFC. Test Earth-Mars successfully done. More: here, here, here and chat.

This link is related to HF, but solid state PA with direct from mains supply will become reality on VHF as well.

RN6BN working on new antenna. I recommend to all, who still consider piece of wire as aerial look here, here.

WW distance record on 2m has beaten. New LU on 2m. Simple antenna elevator. High performance BIAS ps.

New world wide distance record on 144 MHz between ZL3TY and EA2AGZ. 144MHz EME Dx-pedition to CT3.

Tropo report: OK1JKT, OK1UVY, OK1TEH (more), OK2AF, OK1BYR OK2PVF, OK1KVK,  OZ8ZS DF9IC.

 October's EME Newsletter for 70cm & higher bands. Next weekend will be ARRL EME Contest on 6m÷23cm

Interesting tool.  EME Newsletter 144 MHz. Contest report of  presumable winner of UHFContest IARU 2005.

Beside nice tropo on the beginning of this week, we can use for VHF DXing as well  Orionids  meteors. More.

New (CZ) Beta version of VUSC4WIN 5.0.3. VHF Contest 2005 in EA. Nice tropo condx. G4DEZ & his report.

First QSO from OK to Russia on 10GHz. Congrats! Czechoslovakia still exist? DK3XT list of useful HW links.

EME by 3Y0X. OH VHF DXpedition to Malij Vysockij island. Report from UHF Contest under call sign DM7A.

UHFC. 05 by: OK1KRQ, S51ZO+S50C, G3XDY, SK7MW Claimed results of UHF C: OM, OK, PA, UK, S5.


Final OK national results of the VHF Contest 2005. VHF Contest results in  OM, PA. First 3cm qso SP - W.

DL0TUD together with OK2KKW team were active in UHF Contest under DM7A callsign. More in a few days.

Overview of last big Es of summer 2005. VHF DXpedition on Christmas island summary. EME qso by R/U st.

After many years has made on short waves one real DX QSO.   New version of WSJT.  70cm EME from KH6.

Send us info about your activity during UHF Contest IARU 2005.  EME expedition in D44 planned by SV8CS.

Comparison of Contest development in VHFC: OK2KKW, OL4A, OL2R, OL8R, OK1KRQ, OL3Z, OK1KCR....

VHFC by: DL0GTH, OM/OK5DX/P, OK1COM, OL1C, PA6NLAudio records of QRP EME made by OK1TEH.

On 15.9 was in OK short Au, wkd DL9MS (mp3). Don't miss: HB9Q appeal for WSJT EME stations on 70cm.

At Davos conference desided from 2006 for international evaluation accept electronic contest logs exclusively.

This weekend (17-18.9) is ARI EME Contest 05. 2004 results. OK1TEH 70cm tropo report. FS/ON4QX on 2m

Karel OK2ZI sent info from Davos, related to our proposals. 70 cm and above EME Newsletter for September.

Our contribution to IARU Davos Conference as prepared for OK2ZI here & here. Don't miss good tropo condx.

On 11.09 was heard in OK Au,rec.of SK7MW(mp3). VHFC 05 by: OK2KCE, OL9W, OK1KNG, SN7V, S57C.

ZRS published Final international results of UHF/SHF/MW Contest IARU 2003.   Our congrats to all winners!

On the edge of Sun was X17 flare! Will be on the end of Sept. Aurora as on 20.11 2003 or 13.03 1989? More

VK9CMO EME DX-pedition story (VK7MO), now as VK9XMO. Results of EU Dubus EME Contest 2005 here. by: PA5DD,S53N,YO2IS,OZ1IEP,S50C,DF0MTL. Claimed results: OM, OK, PA, UK, S5,9A, ON.

K1JT prepared for tests new generation of WSJT. Version 5.8.3. here. VHF Contest report by OK2KKW (CZ).

Reports from tropo & Aurora (31.08) by: OK2POI, OK1RI, EI5FK, G4LOH.  Info about 2m expedition T98GTH.

Final results of July VHF Field day Contest in OK. We won 70cm!  VK9CMO is moving to Christmas islands.

 VHF Contesting pages. VK9CMO VHF activity. On 31.08 was Aurora again, report by OK1TEH include MP3.

 First QSOs from OK - C31 & ES on 23 cm. New version of WSJT software!  FT2000.   VHF Contest stns info.

EME logs of QRP stations OK2POI, DL8EBW, S57EA. Pics from LZ1BB MS DXped. Next days tropo condx

Es report from 24.08 by TA2/OK1MU, OK1TEH (+MP3), RZ6BU, S53VV. Aurora report 24.08 OK1TEH+MP3.

First QSO EU - VK9 on 70cm band (!). Picture Collection of nice EME aerials for inspiration here, here, here.

Pleasant suprise  has prepared by "Mother of Nature" on 24.8, when Aurora start up best Es of August 2005.

Few words about VHF DX activity from VK9 & OA. EME Newsletter 144 & 432+ MHz.  Last news from K1JT.

Davos: Contemplation & opinion poll to 144MHz bandplan (Czech). Perseids by OK2AF. VK9CMO is QRV !

Holice-CB & ham convention. David OK1RK made his first EME QSO with RU1AA. Congrats! PI4TUE / HB0.

Perseids 2005 by: OK1TEH (Mp3 G0NFA) + 70cm, OH8K, UA-UR-LY stations, GB2LD, DL3HRT and more..

New EU tropo DX record on 144 MHz. More.  Perseids from the other side  -  Log and story by TA2/OK1MU.

On 15th August we celebrated 5th Birthday of our OK2KKW web page. Thank you very much for your visits!

Info abt. DX-pedition to Cocos and Christmas Islands. TM8MB plan to be QRV in VHF test from 3842 m asl.

Our unusual tropo tests in East Mediteranean. VHF DX-peditions during Perseids 2005: here, here and here.

On 4.8.2005 number of visits on our web page exceeded 200000. Thank you!  Invitation to BBT 2005 + more.

432 MHz and above EME Newsletter  for August 05. Are you ready for Perseids?  MS expedition into KO39.

We have updated for you list of VHF Contests results already since 1954 (!) and  in more details since 1973.

EME WSJT report of OM3WBC (in Slk).  Antenna EME experience W7IUV.  Look at our new Awards Board.

On 30 and 31 July is running Romanian VHF Contest. Look to East for YO stns. More info you can find here.

Results of July VHF Contest in OM. North East Weak signal Group.  Which antenna would be best for MS ?

Results of June OM3AU Memorial VHF Contest. How high gain would be 4 aerial Yagi system group for 2m?

BCN  Super DX tropo condx In Meditarean.  QRB calculator by G7RAU. Interesting links G4CCH.

Will be on 2m reacheable MartiniqueUKW Berichte web pages.  Electron tubes web page cataloque here.

Update of cz technical page OK1BAF. Extreme tropo condx in Meditarean. News on PA0EZ web page here.

OL4A web page active again Aurora pictures since 10 to 17.7.2005.  QSO of 9H1ES and EA5YB on 3 cm!

Few pics from YT0A, which was our ODX on 70cm. Comparison of QSO growth in July test. F.D in PA & G.

After one week was on 15.7. Es again.Unfortunately too close for OK. EME newsletter 144 MHz for July 05. 

On "moravany" VHF page were already published logs from July Contest. Look, what we made in Field Day.

We have a new Guestbook. You are welcome to sign it! Transvertor's web page. DXpedition IN79 by G8APZ.

New web OK1JKT. Reports from July Contest: OM3KII, OK5Z, OK2KJT & DL0GTH Calc-Dish by RA3WDK.

Final results of Microwave Contest in OK. Es on July. VHF DX-pedition into J3 is over. K1JT comments.

Sporadic E openings on 5 and 6.July. LU7DZ QRV EME with JT65B.  OK2KKW CZ report from July Contest.

Sporadics on 2 & 4.July. Info about EME operation of OA4O. Claimed results of July Contest in OK,OM+S5.

Field day is over. Do you have already IN79 cube?  PA for Lebanon. On 70 cm we missed  QSO with OA4O.

Tropo condx on 29.6  List of stations, which will participate in July Contest.  Important message by S51FB.

New version of WSJT - 4.9.8. EME info here, here and here.  July EME Newsletter 432MHz & up by K2UYH.

Interesting idea, use advantage of PLC.  Comments to the construction of 1296 MHz PA with RA18H1213G.

Preliminary results of Microwave contest in OK. OK1TEH with single antenna and 100W only made VK7MO.

Try your first EME QSO on 70cm. More about MS DXpedition DF0TEC into ESØ.  On 24.6. starts trip to IT9.

On 22.6. was and within next days probably again will be Es. QSL of OK DX record QSO on 144 MHz band.

RF parts kits from VK. Where to buy new Mitsubishi MOSFET hybrid modules and even more? Try this one.

Sale of RF power transistors.  Is PLC for ham radio threat, or suitable tool for PC network in VHF Contests?

Are you ready for tropo condx? DX-pedition DF0TEC in ES0. VHF shards here, here, here, here, here + here.

List of Hungarian's VHF/UHF beacons.  Schematics of BMT 226.  Interesting PA & EME solutions by K2AH.

OK1DFC's new dish.  432MHz & UP EME Newsletter for May &  June. New OK Beacon => OK0EJ on 3cm!

How it was probably with QRO before May (czech)?  Influence of high storm clouds for start up of Es? More.

Final results of May VHF Contest in OK.  OM results.   Claimed national results of Microwave Contest 2005.

Shards of VHF info here, here, here, here, here& here. OK1TEH completed 70cm CW EME with single Yagi.

144 MHz EME Newsletter - May/June.  Results of OH8K MS DXpedition. Discussing the future of ham radio.

Burn down Contest cottage of OL7M.  Sporadic E still very active.  Joe K1JT again preparing something new.

This year we unfortunately can't be QRV during Microwave contest.  Amazing Sporadic E on June 2005.

Who will be evaluator of 2004 and 2005 VHF& UHF IARU Contests? Are you registered in VHF DX TOP list

Update of HF Wattmeter construction, suitable for VHF contesting with peak detector for PEP measurment.

Hungarian beacon HG3BUA has changed frequency to 432,450MHz.  It is in flagrant conflict with IARU list !

Sporadic E layer is active each day! Perfect DX opening was not only on 28 & 29, but 30, 31.5 + even 1.6 !!!

Statistics comparison of OK VHF Contests between 1987 - 2004.   Number of participants, QSOs, results...

On Saturday 28.5 was Es from OE,HA to 4X. On Sunday 29.5 was long Es opening,  sad to say not for OK.

Our opinion poll to selfspoting approval within VHF Contest has resulted with large support of  mW OK hams.

After short Es opening of 19,20,21 & 23.5 during 25.5 came Es from DL to CT - still outside OK.  More here.

Comparison of results development of May Contest: OK2KKW, OL8R, OL2R, OL3Z, OK1KCR, OK2KGB....

Selfspoting in OM is not prohibited more.   Simple feedhorn for 3cm by VE4MA.   Few pics from west coast.

Coaxial couplers for more aerials.   Interesting low noise (0.6dB on 70cm) high IP broadband amplifier. More.

Neutralization of 23cm PA with GI7b tube.   Results of  Alpe Adria Contest 2004 you can find here and here.

Still you have chance to do your first EME QSO on 70cm.  Nice US filters against "out of band" interference.

This weekend is running European Dubus EME Contest.  Try it !  What about Minimum Discernable Signal?

OK2KKW contest report (in CZ).  DX Cluster and ON4KST  Chat contest spots of OK - OL and OM stations.

Contest results of: OK1JKT (jo60rn), OM0C. Claimed results of the May contest: OM, OK, PA, SM, UK, S5.

May VHF Contest at : OL7C, OK2KJT, OK1OUE, OK1KFH, OL5GES, IQ1KW, OZ1IEP, S57C, S50C, PI4Z.

On the end of May VHF Contest IARU was Aurora, info by 9A4VM, EI5FK, SK6BA, RN6BN, S50C, 9A4QV.

Mini MS DXpedition OH8 into KP23bc. More.  On  3.4.2005 first 24 GHz qso OZ - PA has completed. More.

SK7JM, LZ9W, IK4HLQ/4, IQ1KW, DD5DX, OL9W, DF0MTL and others will be QRV in  May VHF Contest.   

May EME Newsletter 432 MHz & up.More info about EME QSO on 47GHz and 3cm QSOs of OK1KIR.

RF power moduls Mitsubishi.  LA8AK SK. On Thursday arriving AquaridsDXpedition J3.  PA 13cm OK2ZI.

Spring Es season has begun.  All OK hams can use 750W on all bands since May.  FT847 mods for EME.

Interesting transistor - 125W on 13cm. Test of PLC modems showing not significant radiation on our bands.

Who was at home on Friday, could made EI7IX from IO43. Which EME stns. you can heard by small dish?

Thanks to electromagnetic lens above Earth surface was W5UN on 21.4. on 2 m extremely loud o10el Y.

New content of DF5AI web pageDo you still consider to subscribe DUBUS magazine?  EME web ZS5LEE.

Construction of universal frequency synthesis for L.O.  of microwave transvertors and beacons  here. (in CZ)

OK1KIR club was successfull with VK3XPD 10GHz EME.  More.   Do you  have already on 2 m Rarotonga?

On April the first 47 GHz contacts via the moon have been completed!!!  For more you can  look  here.

Final national results of March Contest in OK & OMDo you know all Q codes ?  Rotators ALFA  from  SP.

We have measured beacons. April 144 MHz EME Newsletter. HB9Q sked info. More EME info here + here.

OK2ZI has new OK0EQ beacon under construction.  Already next weekend will start up EU  EME  Contest.

Results and rules of popular Nordic Activity Contest - as well as on  50 + 70 MHz.  EME info + here & here.

What is interesting for VHF antipodes?  Australian VHF DX pages  here.  Information abt. TEP  propagation.

April's EME Newsletter  432 MHz and above.  More EME  news by K2UYH.  Lyridy will come on 22nd. April.

List of most requested  locators and DXCC countries in the Europe for 2005. News abt.MS expeditions here.

Next autumn ARRL EME Contest  will  be held on 22-23.10 & 12-13.11.  And even maybe with new rules :-)

First EU-Antarctica QSOs on 144 MHz were already made, but new opportunity would be interesting as well.

Unique EME contacts on 10 GHz isn't so interesting by results as by used technology on both sides. More.

Ham radio VHF DX traffic has awarded by science community. Russian VHF DX portal as well as in english.

Within last weeks we were excited by VHFDX EME operation of VK0MT. Few pictures of his aerial are here.

FT897 modification for control of  PA.  Interference of PLC moving forward :-(  Low pass filter for 50 MHz PA.

K1JT issued attachment to WSJT manual for  SW version 4.9.x.  New JT65b simulator - v 0.8.1.  More here.

March  EME newsletter  by DF2ZC.  True  hamspirit of  worldwide EME communityWSJT SW vers. 4.9.6.

The 1st. TEP 2 m qso between PY - 8P on FM (!!), more here.  More about TEP on VHF you can read here.

March VHFC 2005 by:  S55W, SN5P, IQ1KW.     Claimed scores of March VHF C: OKS5 UK, OM, PA.


Short msg by W5UN - EME, Contests & Internet.  Joe K1JT launched new  4.9.5 version of his WSJT  SW.

Result and  comments to ARRL EME Contest 04.  Congrats!  Interesting devices: ATF52189 & MGA665P8.

3 cm 50W (!) amplifier by DB6NT.  Results of  ARRL EME Contest 04. Congrats to all - particularly to OK's.

During March VHF Contest beside many others would be  QRV these stations( EU March  results 2004 ).

Final International  Results  of  the 2004  Marconi Memorial Contest here.  EME condx calendar by W5LUU.

SP9TTG  speculated  about mystery of his reception of HG1BVA beacon.   New MS database by DL8EBW.

OK1VMS silent key :-( (   Better message is, that OK1TEH  made via EME W5UN  with  800 W ERP only!

Construction of Low pass filter for 144 MHz PA (in Czech).   New ham radio public domain:

OK1TEH  was successful and after 6 tests finaly made KB8RQ by EME QRPP QSO  with 100W + 4el.Y(!)

Last available EME Newsletters 144 and 432 MHz.  European microwave beacons news  info by G3PHO.

Czech national "Single-multi" & "Multi-multi" results of UHF/SHF Contest 04. Harmonic PA filter by YU1AW.

How to  design  ladder crystal filter More here, here, here & here.  Last EME Newsletters 2m &    70 cm.

100km border has broken! WA1ZMS & W2SZ made on 122GHz DX record 114km.  And 1,4km DX  0,7mm!

Frequency synthesis calculator as tool for local oscillators designs for transverters of  UHF and SHF bands.

New Slovak amateur license rules (Sk). Knowledge of CW will  be there again obligatory for any HF license.

Bias circuit of bipolar PA transistor: blunder, or just gain increase for FM traffic only?  Better design is here.

Automatic cooling control of tube PA include G1 Bias circuits.  More (in Czech only).  Italian VHF DX page.

First 2m qso ST-PA (via JT65b), more here. On 21.1 was Aurora in OK, log of OK1TEH  (mp3 qso PA5DD).

K1JT published new version (4.9.0) of his software tool for digital DX communication via MS and EME. More.

Do you have a problem with temperature stability of 23cm PA? Cooling van regulation circuit here (in Czech)

OK1VPZ designs of High voltage Power supply for tube PA include start up and overload circuits (in Czech).

On the Sun is giant spot. "Auroral"  X clas flare would be possible.  Duoband 6 + 2 m 1kW  PA by YU1AW.

EME web of HB9Q. Look here to very interesting discussion on 144 MHz interference and TRX performance.

New version of Contest log SW VUSC tool has prepared by OK1DIX.  More info and free download of it here.

Time sequencer for instalation into PA (in Czech). DF2ZC's January EME Newsletter. EME info by W5LUU.

RN6BN is now QRV on EME again.  He is looking for QRP 2m stations with < 1kW ERP. EME skeds here.

Quadrantids 05 reports: RK1B/1, DF2ZC, IW4ARD, DL8EBW, OH8K, OK1TEH. MS calendar for 2005 here.

Regards from our good friend, OK1FOW from Antarktis, where he was as OL0ANT. New year Sun fireworks.

OK2KKW  wish to all of our readers all the best  in 2005 - particularly good health, success and happiness.

During Christmas wkd Jirka OK2POI via EME (jt65b) RN6BN with 50W & 8.el Yagi (!). Try it as well.  More.

Most Wanted European Square & Countries Inquiry for 2005 has published.  On the top are 1A + 3A. More.

G3PHO report  from MW Ham radio convention in Dallas - USA. In 2005 could OE hams use  OE50  prefix. 

Best  Christmas  gift  had  David  OK1RK.  Congrats!   First  tropo  QSO on 70 cm between G and Ukraina.

On the beginning  of  December were ufb tropo condx, reports: OK1UND,  OK1MZM,  OK1TEH + OK2CRT.

OK1TEH  made QRPP EME with RN6BN with only 4el.Yagi and 100W RF (!)  More here. G2 power supply.

EME success of OK1CA. What is antenna size limit for  completion  of  EME QSO ?  S5  70cm MS QSO.

Final OK national  results  of  UHF- SHF Contest  2004 you can find here.  We won on 70's ! Compare this.

Final results of  Czech 144 MHz pure telegraphy Marconi memorial contest - OK A1 Contest 2004 are here.

From our last (MMC) contest  (in CZ):

Story of our UHF Contest as DM7A:

From VHF Contest 2005 (CZ)

From July Field day contest (CZ)

May Contest 2.subregional (CZ)

More about previous contests here.


 Older info from previous years - click on the links2004, 2003, 2002, 2001 and 2000