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All the best in the 2009, particularly good health, happiness, success, satisfaction as well as a lot of nice DXs and as low as possible QRM on all VHF bands wishes to all readers of this web all of OK2KKW contest team.

DF2ZC sent the next EME NewsLetter for 144MHz band.  SDR RX for 13 cm by G8UBN.  New chips web page.

Tesla solid states components on the new web. FT847 mods for 70MHz. Antenna & transverter for the 4m band.

On 26.12 was OK Christmas contest on 2m, rules (CZ) here. VUSC 6.24 log supports it. OZ2M's 4m transverter.

Check out good tropo from DL to EA1. Photos from OL4A of UHF Contest 2008 and December (+ VHF-C 2007).

Fragments from history of 3cm tropo record (1979-2000). During Ursids will be QRV expedition EI4VXV in IO62.

Geminidy 08 by: OK1TEH+70cm, OK2PMS, OK2GM, OK1MDK, OK2POI, OK2ILA, OK1GHZ, OK1DIX, EI7GL.

Overview of tropo condx 12-18.12: UT5JCW, RA3WDK +mp3, UX5UL, OK1TEH, OK1ZHS, OH6FMX + OH6QR.

Final Czech results of MMC Contest 08 and DL results.  Corrected OK results of UHF-C in category 70cm MO.

Results of IARU Region 1 conference in 9A and it's influence on VHF.   Do you know FB VHF web of PA3EXV?

Check out gallery of MS Geminids 08.  EI/ON5GS/P IO65 is QRV 2m MSSome LNA Measurement thoughts.

Experiences with IC-7700 on 2m by Rene, DL6NAA.  Maximum of Geminids 08 had been already 1 day earlier.

OK1KT made the first 4m QSO OK-EA6, Congrats. CTU will allow to 50 OK stations use 4m band in year 2009.

Bernd, DL7APV sent us pictures of his new EME array (70cm). UA LNA with ATF 54143. One fb solution of EL.

Different transmission lines impedance calculation formulas. Microstrip calculator. E73DPR radioklub web page.

Nice tropo from UR to UN, QRB 1490km as well as on 70cm. Updated table of OK VHF contest records results.

Final OK results of the UHF Contest 08.  The Geminids shower is coming.  MS peak will be on 13.Dec at 23utc.

For 432MHz & above released K2UYH new EME NewsLetter.  Transistor, which you should look at.  VLF tests.

On 4/2m is on MS active GD0TEP IO74sd, more on OK2PMS webFrom 11 to 15.12. will be BCC MS contest.

Ústí n/L meeting by OK1EM, OK1VMWell known SR2VHM beacon is QRV again, more. 2m tests by OK2AIA.

DF2ZC releases his new 144 MHz EME NewsLetter. When you need to buy something very special, try it here.

Take care for strong wind, more. Copy of our autumn 2m EME window for .  KL7UW prepares for 23cm EME.

Next report from microwave meeting in Frenštát. EME by SP6JLW50 years ago wkd OK1VR 2m DX QSO.

Results of DUR SHF contest. OK1KIR worked 1st QSO OK-UA9 on 23cm. Well known KH6FOO SK, look here.

MP3 record of 33km long laser QSO of OK2QW. How made Al, K2UYH 1st 70cm WAC?  2m report of I2DZQ/1.

Photos from SHF meeting in Frendstat \ R. Video from MU/DF2ZC expedition. G4YTL is QRV 70cm JT65 EME.

The Saskatchewan fireball above Canada. OK2IMH tested new OK2KJT contest log. 76GHz news from DL2AM.

ARRL EME contest 2008, reports: OK1DST, K6JEY, KH6/W7EME, K7XQ, G4CCH, SP7DCS, K1JT & K2UYH.

For "long evenings" inspiration: web pages of  VK3NX and his power amplifiers.  PA by VK3BRZ. Web WA7TZY.

ARRL EME Contest 2008 by OK2KJT+ elevation measuring. Some news from attempt at transatlantic 2m QSO.

Frank A43DLH has an error on his web, the first QSO from OK made Ludek, OK2UZL. MMC 2008 by OK1HWU.

Within these days has been held in Cavtat (9A) VHF IARU meetingC5 conference materials you can read here.

Reminder of few basic RF circuits: splitters & combiners. Oscillators for microwaves by OK1EM.  Leonids 2008.

Comments to VHF Contest analysis. First 2m QSO OK - A43 completed Slávek, OK1CU. Congrats!  More here.

Zbyněk OK2PIN made interesting analysis of VHF Contest 08. Microwave meeting will be in Frenštát on 22.Nov.

Well known beacon GB3VHF, which is time to time even received in Prague, will be moved to new QTH. Where?

MMC 08 by OM6A. Final results of UHF Contest 08 in OM and DLNAC 4.11 report OK1RI.  SM1A's antennas.

Al K2UYH brings new EME NewsLetter 432MHz & above. The Sun starts waking up.  MS shower Taurids 2008.

M.M.C 08 by: OK2KYZ, 9A4M, 9A5Y, HA8V, S57M, S59P. On Tuesday was NAC & fb TR condx: log OK1TEH.

MMC 08 by : OK1OPT, OK2KJI, OK2KCE, OM3KII, S50C, S57O.  SM7GVF JO77 wkd RA6HHT LN04 2315km!

MMC by: OK1KTT, OK1VM, OK2KJT, OK2FUG, OM3KTR, S57CTropo condx are opened between SM - UA6!

OK2KKW releases report from participation in the MMC 2008.  Claimed results from MMC 08 : 9A, OK, OM, S5.

DF2ZC released new 2m EME NewsLetter. Danger of UWB technology for SHF hams.  OK 70cm balloon probe.

Final results of VHF Contest 08 in OK, OM and DL.  UHF Contest 08: short report of DM7A and final DL results.

FB EME presentation of VK3NX.  Last tropo overview in log of OK1TEH.  In EA is newly released 70 MHz band.

Leave your contest condx announce for M.M.C. New OK record 32,9km on 394 THz.  250W transistor on 23cm.

ARRL EME contest by OK2KJT on 23cm. Story of 2m EME/MS expedition MU/DF2ZC. FB TR picture from W6.

Remote controlled 23cm EME beacon OE5JFL. About 24GHz in W. Elevation display of DF1SR.  Check out TR.

UHFC 2008 by: OK1COM, DF0MTL, OM3KII.  The extensive article "Ethics and operating procedures for hams".

20th years anniversary of first EME contact on 3cmPhotos and article about first 3 cm EME QSO of OK1KIR.

On 2m is active MS/EME expedition MU/DF2ZC. 76 GHz measurements OK1KIR wkd 1st 9cm QSO OK - OZ.

OK2KKW releases report from participation in the UHF Contest 2008. This weekend is ARRL EME Contest. More.

OK VHF Activity contest would be supported by new DL microwave DUR contest as we were advised by DH0LS.

Al K2UYH brings new EME NewsLetter 432MHz & above. UHFC story of DL0GTH.  ARRL EME Contest qrv list.

Description of 24 GHz transvertor at SP SHF pages.  Matej, OK1TEH worked first 2m contact between OK-CT3.

Design of a 3cm prime-focus feed with backward radiation by OM6AA. Zdenek OK3RM is now QRV 23cm EME.

During weekend were FB tropo conditions, Jirka, OK7RA worked G4EAT on 3cm!  Tropo log of OK1TEH is here.

UHFC 2008 by: OK1VEI, OK2M, I4XCC (+2), SP6KBL, DL/IK4WKU/P, DR5A.  DB0KI beacon is definitely QRT.


UHFC 2008 by: OK1KPA, OK1KTT, OK2KJT, OK2KYC, OK5Z, IQ1KW. Another kilowatt transistor for 432 MHz.

Traditional Slovak Ham meeting in Tatry will be 1 week after MMC. Claimed results from UHFC: 9A, OK, OM, G.

UHF Contest 2008 was characterized by bad tropo propagation and icing. We are working on our contest report.

OK2KYC group reached distance 0,7 km on 122 GHz. During UHF contest will be QRV Czech expedition TK8R.

OK2KYC group is testing first 122 GHz equipment for UHF Contest.  Interesting discussion about a 23cm EME.

Do you know that CIA monitored Soviet radars via EME? Leave your contest condx announce for IARU U.H.F.C.

How good was tropo during last weekend? Log of OK1TEH.  OE9ERC CL his 70cm EME :(  600W PA for 23cm.

DF2ZC releases new 2m EME NewsLetter. Beacon OK0EI as well as on 76 GHz, more. Tropo condx to OZ/SM.

Which feed for 23/13cm is used by Gabi, HA8MV?  International Results of the Summer Pokuplje Contest 2008.

This August has been created first DX 2m tropo QSO between ZS2 and FR5, for more look here, here and here.

Rasto, OM6AA published new article "Dual-band Loop Feed with Enhanced Performance" for 23 & 13cm bands.

First 2m contact OK-5R made Slavek, OK1CU, Congrats, next was OK1TEH, pages of 5R8 expedition are here.

ARRL EME Contest 13cm up 08 in OK1KIR, OM/OK1DFC expedition.  600W PA for 23cm.  QST "story" 1958.

Detail EME history from 1953-70 based on QST & DL-QTC magazines (tnx OK1VR). VHF contest 08 by OM5M.

This weekend 20-21.9 is held ARI CW EME Contest, for CW QSO with IK3MAC only 100W  & 9el Y. is needed.

VHFC 2008 by: OL9W, OK1KFH, OK1COM, OM8A, OM3VSZ.   OK1KIR got first 13cm WAC Award. Congrats!

The day of 76GHz tests by OK1EM. How it seems during UHF contest in VK?. New DX records on 13 & 1,2 cm.

Al K2UYH brings new EME NewsLetter 432MHz & above. Report of OK2IMH from SHF meeting in Weinheim 08.


VHFC 08 by: OL4N, OK2KCE, OK2KYC, OL4A, DR5A. 2xGI7b 2m PA at OK1KVK. 500W on 23cm at SM5LE.

VHFC 2008 by: OL7C +2, OK2KJT, SK7MW (+pic), SP3IYM, 9A4V, 9A0Z, 5P5T. On 9.9 will be NAC on 70cm.

VHFC 2008 in OK1KTT, OK & OM spots on DX-cluster. OK2MOA's measuring. Claimed results:  9A, OK, OM.

Contest results of the OK July VHF Contest 2008. We won 23cm.  Jarek OK1KN celebrated 60-tieth. Congrats!

OK2KKW team unfortunately will be not "on air" during this VHF Contest because more members are very busy.

DL & OM final results of the Field Day (July) Contest 2008.  OK1RI sent us his report from September 2m NAC.

Leave your contest conditions announce for September VHF contest. New version of Winrad 1.32 was realized.

More photos from Holice meeting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.  Do you know what kind of log use Claudio, I4XCC on 3cm?

Will OH2BH make his expedition in Abkhazia? Will be in Moscow area allowed DX operation on 432 MHz band?

DF2ZC released new EME NewsLetter for 144 MHz band.  TR condx on 28-31.8, reports : OK1TEH, GW7SMV.

Tools for work on SHF - OK1EM. Holice meeting 2008: OK1EM, OK1UU+2+3.  Do you know beacon GB3VHF?

On Saturday 30th August will be FB tropo from OK into UK - check forecast of tropo duct high and actual data.

The final European results of IARU UHF/SHF Contest 2007. Check out fine TR condx, on 28.8 was TR into IN97.

On 2m are active MS expeditions J48YA KN20 & RZ3BA/1 KO56.  Do you want to start 9cm EME? Read this.

Al K2UYH brings new EME NewsLetter 432MHz & above. Project Perseids 1957 (2m MS in USA 51years ago).

The article "4087 km on 2 m" - full history of first VHF record contact between W6NLZ and KH6UK in 1957 year.

During VHF Contest probably several stations will be not on the air again. New,  1/10 HP PA hybrid for 432MHz.

Results of Classic OK QRP contest The article in Czech about Prague Spring 1968 and it's influence to hams.

13th International EME Conference: results of LNA NF testing on VHF/UHF.  Dual feed for 432 MHz by G3LTF.

Perseids by: OK1TEH(+2), OK1PHU, OK2PMS, OK2POI.  Photos from 10th SP SHF ham meeting in Zieleniec.

Perseids 2008, reports: RZ1AWO/1, LA/PA5DD, RK3AF, 9A4EW, RX1AS, UA0LW, OM3BC.  FD from Georgia.

On 15th August were FB 3 cm RS condx from OK1 into KN06, more here. 3 cm RS July report of Zlatko 9A2SB.

On 14th August was Es>OK-UA, mp3 files recorded by OK1TEH are hereLunar DX on 144 Mc > EME in 1953.

On 12th August worked OK2KQQ/P and OM3KII first OK-OM laser contact on 461 THz. Article about 70cm MS.

Perseids 2008: first overview of IMO, on 70cm worked via MS DK3WG> SM2CEW and RK3WWF> OK1TEH (2).

Photos from 13th International EME Conference: 1, 2, 3.  FB Gallery of Perseids MS 2008.  Es on 12th August.

How to make your first MS QSO in WSJT? Read it in article of PE1AHX. Actual MS condx: Virgo, SKiMET, IAP.

In August will be expeditions JO37, IN86, KM08, JN02, KN26, JP42.  First OM/OK - SP QSO on 24-47-76 GHz!

Perseids 08 MS shower, maximum will be on 12.8 at 1130utc. MS expedition KP72. 1st 3cm RS QSO in UA3?

Correlation between TLE flashes and Es observationPerseids and MS DX: SM/DJ8MS KP07, I7/IK0BZY JM99.

New world DX record in 13cm band has been established between VK7MO and G3LTF and has QRB 17496Km!

Who was designer of PI9CAM's Septum feeds? DJ8MS releases not announced opportunities for MS DX QSOs.

On 30.7 was nice Es from JN58 into EA8.  PI9CAM measured radio sky sources. New HA RS radar by PA5DD.

Records of OK1TEH EME signals by PI9CAM (25m dish): 70cm + 23cm(2).  OM6AA published his new article.

This weekend will be more national (QRP) VHF Contests e.g: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. At least give them a points!

RS report 29.7: OK1JKT/P, OK1TEH, OZ1FF, I4XCC, DF1VB. FB moonset into inversion pic. 3cm RS continue.

On 29.7 were established few UFB RS contacts on 24 GHz, more here. PA0BAT worked OZ1FF, QRB 418 km.

On 28.7 was short Es from CT.  In the same day DB6NT wkd on 24 GHz HB9AMH/P. Records list was updated.

On 27.7 was fb RS. On 3cm OK1JKT wkd F6DKW [QRB 836km]. How about next Solar cycle & fiction: 1, 2, 3, 4.

DF2ZC released new EME NewsLetter for 144 MHz band. "Flash DX-pedition" of LA/DJ8MS to JQ90NA passed.

On Saturday 26th July will be QRV 3cm expedition from JN63, more hereThis weekend would be fb RS condx.

Dmitrij, UA3PTW is QRV 70cm EME with his new array 24x15el Y. How to make 13m dish?  FD by Z38C (pic).

Al K2UYH brings new EME NewsLetter 432MHz & above. There is again nice tropo condx from EA8 into EI / G.

During FD has been occurred unusual 2m IONO (??) condx between G -YU, more at: 1, 2, 3, 4. OL7C web-cam.

IK4WKU's report from July Contest here. Did you read G3WDG hardware web? Can be this page useful for you?

The final OK results of June Microwave contest 2008. SM/DJ8MS is activating via MS rare squares in SM2 area.

K1JT released first beta version of new WSJT7, more here. On 18.7 was short Es. July FD contest by RK2FWA.

OL8R & DM7A sigs on YT1VP site. VHF web AD6IW.  July Contest: SV2DCD, OK2KOJ, OK1FRG & OK2FUG.

Next kilowatt's transistor. Audiorecords of 70cm DX QSOs by DR5A. QRO troubles on 3cm with antenna relays.


The final OK results of 2nd subregional (May) VHF contest. Update of OK achievements table in VHF Contests.

July VHF Contest 2008 by: OK2KKW, OK2KCE, SQ6OXL (pic), ON4AZW & SV2DCDOK VHF QRP Contest.

9,10,11.7 was short Es even from OK.  DL7APV lost due to tornado his EME antennas. Well known ZE5JJ SK.

OK1KIR completed first 9cm EME QSO OK-UA! Pics of QSLs for first QSOs abroad. July 08 Contest by DD5D.

July Contest 2008 by: OK2M, OK1OPT, OK2RKB, OM7KW, OL7D, OK2KYZ, OK2KOS, OK1GTH and  DM7A.

July contest by: OL4A - 3cm, YT0A, OK2ER, F1OET, S50L, S51ZO, 9A4V +new web. 07/2008 NAC by OK1RI.

July contest by: OK1KCI, OK1KFH, OL5G, OL7C, OK1VM, OK2KJI, OK2KYC, OM3KTR, DR5A, IQ1KW +pic.

July contest 2008 by: OK2KJT, OK1KTT, OK1EM, OK5Z, OL7M, OL1C.  Claimed results: 9A, OK, OM, G, S5.

Did you heard about SHF Angels echoes? June 3cm RS overview: 9A2SB, I4XCC, HA8MV, OK1TEH, OK2PKD.

Martin, OK1UGA made as 3rd in the World on 2m WAZ, congratsPA5DD gets ready maps for Plane Scatter.

HAM meeting in Friedrichshafen 08, photos: 1, 2, 3.  Something from DX history.  How it is run EME from OX?

On 2.6 was Es to SV, listen CT1ANO recorded in Prague. Final results of Slovakian June Microwave contest 08.

UK rules for VHF Championship as well as for LP category. A-A UHF Contest report by IK4WKU.  WX forecast?

DF2ZC released new 144 MHz EME NewsLetter. When regular fans aren't good enough for SSPA cooling. More.

Martin OK1UGA worked first 2m QSO OK-SU/UK, congrats. New OK rekord on 394THz. Good tool for Es > UA.

Preliminary results of OK microwave contest. Nice for us!  Integrated LNA for 24 GHz.  As well on 28.6. was Es.

On 26.6 was 2 hours Es opening from OK to UA/UT. Rotator sensor by OK2IMH. DXpedition SU8EME is active!

On 25.6 were observed Es between DL/PA & LZ/UA. UFB 3cm RS on 25.6, I4XCC was agn very loud in Prague.

During July VHF Contest you can exploit all advantages of new version VUSC 4 WIN  6.24 contest log by OK1DIX.

SP6GWB made new 24/47 GHz beacon SP6KBL in JO80JG 1150m ASL, more here. Claimed results of A.A.C.

Al K2UYH brings new EME NewsLetter 432MHz & above.  On 25.june will be QRV 3cm 9A/AD6IW 1,4km ASL.

On 22.6 was Es to SV, listen SV1HHC recorded in PragueWho will make 1st QSO on 394 THz over 2000km?

On Sunday 22.6 will be Alpe Adria UHF/SHF Contest (7-15 UTC), read more.  Are you looking for JN60 on 2 m?

OK1TEH after 6 months completed his tropo DX report related to December's super tropo condx from OK to OY.

SHF Contest 2008 by: OK1VEI, OK2M, S51ZO+ S59P, SP6BTV+SP6GWBHow to start with 10GHz pleasure?

How about microwave contest in OK2KKW? Here is the report.  Invitation to Florence EME meeting. LNA 23cm.

Whereas in EU we had in last days low MUF, on 15.6 were in US FB Es, W5UWB wkd QSO even on 222 MHz!

SHF Contest: OL4A, OK2RKB, IK4WKU, HA8VClaimed results in France.  Do you know microwave museum?

MS expedition into rare JN51xx, pictures are here.  How to correctly set up Live MUF?  About 24 GHz PA: 1, 2.

SHF Contest 08 by: OK1OPT, OL9W +OK2STK, OK2KYC, OK1VAM, I4XCC+log, OM3RRC & on 2m OM3VSZ.

The 1st 9cm contact OK-GM wkd OK1KIR & first QSO OK - 4O/Z3 on 70 /23cm OK1CA!   FB web of ON4KHG.

Very high gain LNA 1, 2, 3EME activity report of OK1KIR Club for June 08. OK1KKL's  aerials in SHF Contest.

SHF Contest 08 by: OK5Z, OM5M, DL0GTH, DR5A, OK1ZDA (pic). On 11.6 look for FB RS condx across Alps.

SHF Contest by: IQ1KW, OK2KJT, 9A1Z. Video from OM8A. Rotator position sensing. 2m MS expedition JN51.

SHF Contest 08 by: OK1EM, OL7C+2, DM7A, OK2FUG, OK1VM, OK1KTT.  Claimed results: 9A, OK, OM, S5.

DJ9BV, well known aerials designer is SK. Svalbard's Moon bounce web page. Contest's weather forecast here.

9A preparation to Microwave contest. DX-peditions JW5E and 4O/OK1DFCRS condx in OM on OM3KEG web.

On 03.6 was short Es from OK to UA6, listen RX6BS KN95 recorded in Prague.  First 2m expedition to KN51df.

On 02.6 was short Es How to correct ALC in FT-817?  PA0BAT made with F6DWG/P new RS 24 GHz record!

Leave your contest conditions announce for June SHF contest.  During this week will be continuing FB RS prop.

On 01.6 was short Es from DL to UT.  3cm RS reports 30.5/1.6 : 9A2SB, I4XCC, OK1TEH, OK1VAM, OK2PKD.

On 30.5 was in OK Es > 1,5h to UA6, listen RV6YY LN04 (5W) recorded in PragueWhen will be 4L on EME?

How to build HB9CV antenna for 70/23cm?  During weekend will be fine 3cm RS condx.  DX WEB of RA3WDK.

This autumn will be held in 9A next IARU VHF Conference.  Here you can read prepared discussion documents.

Al K2UYH brings new EME NewsLetter 432MHz & above. Newsletter PA4EME - April / May. Web of RA3WDK.

On 27.5 was in OK short Es into SV. Jirka, OK2POI wkd next 1st QSO (4m). Expedition R1MVE was cancelled.

How to make 140cm dish for 23 cm?  In June will start expedition R1MVE.  Results of OH6ZZ/0 MS expedition.

On 26.5 was short Es from I4 to UA6.  1st contact OK-OE on 76GHz!   3cm RS QSO between 9A2SB - I4XCC.

What is OK Es ODX on 4m?  OK2POI also wkd 1st 4m QSO OK-IS0. New web of OK1EM. Records at DD0VF.

On 25.5 was the first 2m Es in OK in year 2008, listen signal of RA6AS recorded in Prague. 1st 4m qso OK-GI.

From our history - transvertor for 70cm (1986).  Web pages SM6CKU.  On 25.5. next Es opening have observed.

On 24.5. was first 2008 Es 2m opening. We got 2 awards from UHF Contest as F/OK4W/p. DX-cluster changes.

EME experiments with Würzburg radar. The EME story of EV5M. French claimed score in May VHF contest 08.

23cm EME initial tests by OK1DST. What prepares OL4A for 70cm season? OK2IMH's report from µW meeting.

Actual list of French beacons.  Rotator with electronic compass?  Water cooling for High power solid state PA?

SMT and similar things for GHz bands by DL2AM (OK2IMH). Another 23cm EME web of SM5LE with fb photos.

Dubus 23cm REF EME Contest by: OK2KJT, OK1KIR, HB0/DF1SR (pic), PI9CAM, EA2LU, SM5LE, SP7DCS.

2.subr. 2008 by YU7AJM. The IARU Reg.I VHF/UHF/MW Newsletter No.46-48. New live MUF tool from EA6VQ.

2.subr. 2008 by: DL0GTH, IK5ZWU/6, M1CRO. UKug SHF web. First 2m QSO OK-ET wkd OK1UGA, Congrats!

2.subr. 2008 by: IK4WKU, YT7G, OM5M, OM3KTR. Web of OM3W. Hamvention in Dayton. Counterfeited Icom.

2.subr. 2008 by: OL9W, OK1OPT (1GTH), OK1VEI, OK1KPA, YT1VP(2). 11.5 was in OK1 MUF 107MHz -> CT.

Since 15.8.2000 the counter on our web registered more, than million hits.Thanks for interest! TK5EP contesting.

Few pictures from Ham radio microwave meeting on Kozakov hill.  DL0GTH's gear. PA stations in May VHF test.

OK2KKW's report from the May VHF/UHF Contest.  How to fix FT817 ALC. You can read Czech text by Google.

VHF MS DXpedition to White Russia. In the May Contest OK1UEI & OK1FPC setup new 76GHz OK DX record.

May VHF Contest by OK1COM, OK2KYC & IK4WKUAttenuators, terminators here. Waiting for 08 Es season.

Do you know spectrum analyzers by Instek? When you need 25Ohm semirigid for SSPA, try ask this company.

May VHF test by: OK1OPT, OK2KJI, OM7ADD, DR5A, G3XDY, SP6GWB, S51ZO+S50L and 9A1Z  on 9A web.

Al K2UYH brings new EME NewsLetter 432MHz & above. EME QRO Dxpedition 8J1AXA -> more. Another LNA.


The next VHF beacons list. OK1KIR by EME QSO with DL1YMK/CX completed WAC on 13cm. Congrats guys!

2.subr. 2008 by: OK1CDJ, OK1VM, OK1KTT, OK2KJT, DM7A, IQ1KW.   Claimed results : 9A, OK, OM, G, S5.

First QSO OK-CX on 23cm worked OK1DFC, Congrats. Photo from 23cm expedition of DL3OCH to San Marino.

On 30.4 OK1KT made first 4m QSO OK-I, Congrats. NASA released 4D ionosphera model. CX DXpedition is on.

On May 5 & 6th. will peaks MS Eta Aquarid shower with up to 70 meteors / hour intensity. Good DX opportunity!

New 3.2m dish by Zdeněk OK3RM. On 1.May look for T7 on 23cm! Check the weather forecast for May Contest.

The 24GHz transvertor for new DX season (czech translation). Lyrids in OK2PMS.  DL9HZ's rotatorSP7NJX SK

The final OK results of 1st. subregional (March) VHF/UHF contest Inspiration from IK4WKU.  70 MHz Contest.

Leave your contest conditions annonce for May VHF test. 3cm beacon OK0EW is QRV again on previous QRG.

OM results of March VHF Contest. Picture of bolid during Lyrids. On 23.4. we observed Es MUF above 100MHz.

RX antenna switch for multibeaming contest operation in 144MHz band.  Next 1kW transistor for 144 MHz PAs.

DF2ZC released April 144MHz EME NewsLetter.  New photos from ET3AA expedition. GS35 PA from OK1GTH.

On 20th April made OK1UFL and OK1FPC new OK record on 76 GHz, distance 97,3 km. More here. Congrats!

Time to time can be even interesting view "across fence". Report from SHF meeting Frenštát. MS DX by UX5UL.

Belong YL to EME? More in report of SV2KBS. 10GHz feed of VE4MA.  News about 2m expeditions at EA6VQ.

Report of OK1KIR club from SHF part of Dubus EME contest.  W5UN and KB8RQ achieved 200 DXCC on 2m!!

Preliminary final results of ARRL EME Contest 07 First 2m QSO OK-9K made Ludek OK2UZL already on 17.2.

On 13th April made OK1UFL and SP6RYL new OK record on 76 GHz, distance 72,3 km. More here.  Congrats!

Photos from ET3AA expedition. 1st 2m QSO OK-9K2 wkd OK1UGA, Congrats. RS season on 3cm has started.

During 144MHz DUBUS EME Contestu appeared ET & T6 stations.  Nice YU articles (not only) about ES: 1, 2.

SM5LE 23cm EME operation with 2,2m dish.  70cm EME Gallery of wkd stations by OK1TEH with single Yagi.

Time to time Matej has some success. Construction of 144 MHz 500+ W PA by OK1GTH. G3LTF with his dish.

How stable is SSB on 76GHz in 42km QRB you can listen here. Beacon SR6NCI on 10368.906MHz QRV again.

Few ideas from DK5EW HW kitchenContest report from March VHF test by IK4WKU.  Transvertor for 70 MHz.

Claudio IV3SIX sent modified results list of the international evaluation of last year Marconi Memorial Contest 07.

VK2KRR aerials. New beta SW WSPR by K1JT. Contest results of 9A March VHF. OK1XED aerial. SW SPLAT.

New EME NewsLetter for 70cm & above. American VHF/UHF ham radio conference. New beacon under testing.

Try Lyrids MS DX opportunity. New solid state chips: 1, 2, 3. OK1ZDA's Easter's VHF contest in the winter style.

On 30th March was small EHF meeting in Jilemnice. JX9JKA (IQ50) EME expedition will be vy soon operational.

Well known Kjell, SM7BAE SK.  Homebrew Yagi for 1296 MHz DX - how to build DL3OCH's EME yagi [source]?

Story of the first 50 MHz EME QSO from OM.  UT5UAK 23 and 13 cm beacon. Interactive "on-line" beacons list.

Waveguide table by RA3DQT here. ARI "NEW MODES" EME Contest 08. Update your results in the EU Toplist!

Video from DF2ZC DXpedition. Preliminary results of OK Easter's VHF Contest. Twin 6+ 4m Yagi aerial by I0JXX.

Report from 23cm EME expedition of 3A/DL3OCH. On beginning of March was SV2ASP/A QRV 2m MS!! -More.

Solar activity alert: On 25th March exploded M2-class flare, NOAA estimate 50% chance for next 1. Will be Au?

Nice High PWR 144 MHz PA by F6JMT here. Web pages of F8KTH.  First 23cm QSO OK-3A wkd by OK1DFC.

VHF Dx by HQ8R & R9J/9. March Contest claimed score. DF2ZC has new 2m EME NewsLetter.  24 GHz MP3.

DUBUS EME contest: 10/24GHz >OK1KIR, PA0EHG. DUBUS-C 70cm: G3LTF, DL9KR, 9H1TX, I1NDP, YO2IS.

Have you already on 2m Solomon islands? Now you may have a good chance! Beacons frequency measurment.

Lunar echoes in OK1KIR on 24 GHz. Is it really necessary monitor all ham radio traffic again? New 3cm beacon.

First QSO OK-ES on 10GHz. More here. Congrats!  Table of replacement of old Mitsubishi hybrids.  Useful SW.

Results of 2m Most Wanted Squares 2008 inquiry & the new Dubus portal.  The TEP Path Simulation Software.

Claudio IV3SIX released International results of Marconi memorial Contest 2007. New VHF DXNewsLetter. More.

Email Address List as of 10 March - 432 MHz and Up EME Group is here. MP3 files from OK1KIR of 9cm EME.

Video from March contest - OK2KJT. Preparation of HQ8R expedition.  Have you seen OK2KJT log?  LY2IC SK.

CRC finally released National results of Marconi Memorial Contest 2007. Table of more OK contest results here.

OK1KIR worked their first EME QSO on 24GHz, first QSO OK-LX, OK-VE and new OK EME record.  Congrats!!

New world record on 241 GHz - 114.4km!  More here. New OK MS DX record on 70MHz. 1.subr. 2008 by OL4K.

1.subr. 2008 by: OK1RW, OK2KYZ, S56G (+video).  New 4m web of OK2POI.  Preparation for 23cm expedition.

1.subr. 2008 by: OK1TEH, OK1VEI.  Chronicle of OK Field Day contest 1949-1973 (de OK2QI) in PDF [238MB].

Osagawara 2008 EME project report by JD1BLY & JD1BMP. New EME NewsLetter for 432MHz & higher bands.

Newsletter PA4EME - February. English version of article about first 144MHz tropo QSO OK - EA in January 08.

1.subr. 2008 by: OK1KWF, OK5Z, OK1KHI, S51ZO, 9A2SB+9A1Z, PA5DD.  How Emma hit arrays of OK1AR?

1.subr. 2008 by: OM3KII (+2), OL4N, OK2KCE, DM7A, IK5ZWU/6 (mov).   QSL card for first 4m QSO OK - DL.

1.subr. 2008 by: OK5K, OK2FUG, OK2KYC, OL3Z, OK2RKB, SP6KBL, IQ1KW, DR5A.  Visitation of OK1EM.

1.subr. 2008 by: OL7C +3cm, OK2KJT, OK1OPT, OK1KFHClaimed results: 9A, OK, OM, PA (report), G, S5.

Due to new 4m band there were wkd new OK records and 1st qso's abroad. Please tell us more details, thanks.

Some FB photos for EME fans: Lunar Eclipse Photo Gallery 2008. First QSO in OK on 4m?  The history of 6m.

The list of first 20.interested persons in 4m licenses from CRK for Czech PTT. License has OK1COM, OK2POI.

How they build 70cm yagi in radioclub ON4HRT for SOTA?  Expedition JD1 just finished. New UHF transverters.

DF2ZC & DH7FB made 2m qso via reflection from ISS.  WX prediction for 1sub. contest in OK seems to be bad.

2m EME expedition JD1BMP continue Preparation of 2m EME DXpedition to JX.  New 23cm beacon SR6LHP.

The first 2m contact OK-JD1 made Mira, OK1YK. Congrats!    Put your annonce for March IARU VHF Contest.

What's the origin of code "73"?   Lexa, OK1DST made his 1st 23cm EME qso with G4CCH.   Will be fine tropo?

DF2ZC released February 144MHz EME NewsLetter.  EME web pages JA6AHB. Looks into history of your web.

Final results of Alpe Adria UHF Contest 07 here. Compare your condx in AA UHF Contest with IK4WKU: 1, 2, 3.

A lot of interesting about history of radioastronomy: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, W9GFZ & here.  Waiting for launch of Phase 3E.

On 12.2 Jirka, OK7RA worked FB TR QSO's.  New OK SHF beacon OK0ET.  New photos from Pavel, OK1AIY.

Technical schema of OE9PMS's dish [PDF].   FB photos of thermal inversion are here.   BY7 is again qrv EME.

Czech telecommunication authority issued testing license untill end of year for 20 hamradio stations in 4m band.

Scematic diagram of EME station EA6VQ. History of ARRL EME Contests results - all years! EME Conference.

Al introduced new EME NewsLetter for 70cm & up. OK1XED has under construction new EME antenna system.

Do you know PA3EXV web? Where to buy split ferrits for EMI solution?  List of Slovak hamradio license holders.

Web page with links to OK / OM hamradio webs has been upgraded.  Table of OK records during VHF Contests.

We lost one very good friend - since 3.rd Feb.will Franta Dušek OK1WC give lessons in brilliant CW on heavens.

French results of UHF-Contest - we won on 70/23cm!  January DX results of UA stations.  EME echo of DK3EE.

Where are links to us. Twin CW filters in TS440. Web HB9EFK. How to match aerials? More is here, here, here.

Tropo on 28th January: OK2POI, OK1RW/P. Newsletter PA4EME - January. 2-3.02 is  A.R.I. UHF/SHF contest.

Tropo on 28th January: OK1TEH (+audio), OK1COM, OK1GHZ (+2), OK1OUE, OK7RA, DD0VF, F5DQK (+log). 

Few pics of russian tube PAs. New polish 3cm beacon. On 28.1 check tropo to PA/G. OM3VSZ web. 1/08 pics.

Take care: strong wind! VHF web pages of DD7MH and G4HUP. Professional producer of very interesting relays.

New 144MHz EME NewsLetter. DX report by OK1TEH abt.the very first VHF tropo condx from OK to EA (in Cz).

2 hamradio videos: here & here. Kilowatt transistor for 2m as well as the first solid state 70cm single kW device.

DL8YHR prepares new DX-pedition.  OK1TEH results after 8 years of his DX effort. XBR radar can kill 3cm band.

VHF Contest 2007 European results here. New 2m beacons on the air: RA3YR, RN6BN as well as HG5BVB(2).

On 20.1. OK hams made the very first tropo QSOs to EA !  2m QSO OK2KKW (jo70fd) - EA2TO/1 (in83fe) here.

On the anniversary of Kyril gale were damaged OK2KJT aerials.  Unusual schematics of diode Schottky mixers.

Few interesting links:1,2,3,4.  500W solid state OZ1ALS PA.  Although LA8AK is SK, he still can help us a lot.

DB6NT has new web. PA hybrid, which has @ 70cm up to 100W. Fujitsu is Eudyna now. 13cm 200W transistor.

Next photos from December DX condx - inversion around JO70GS. Actual weather in Krušné hory? On line here!

Al has next EME NewsLetter 70 cm & above. New 2m beacon. EME DXpedition TI9K would be active 6 to 14.2.

High performance resistors: here, here, here. Really interesting: solid state PA for 23cm. Solar cycle 24 begins.

Overview of tropo condx from OK (1961-68).  OK2WCG's 70cm gear used for first EME receptions in OK (1966).

Engineer's celebration? OM6AZ's pics from December condx inversion. Conversion of QRA to Locators needed?

Quadrantids 2008 by: OK1TEH, OK2PMS & IT9VDQ/P (JM67).  SP VHF stations achievements list within 2007.

Preliminary results of OK Christmas Contest 2007. Online list of last beacons spotsGJ VHF DXpedition is over.

FB pics from December thermal inversion - JO80IB. Preparation of 2m EME DXpedition to JD1PF by  OK5JDC.

Quadrantids would be the best shower for MS on 70 cm. Sharp peak is predicted on 4th. January at 06:40 UTC.

OK1GTH pictures from Christmas condx. Now you have a chance get GJ & E7 via MS.  Nice VHF web SQ9PM.

F9FT company still produce hamradio antennas. Remembrance of G6LI."Will" was 2.nd British stn for OK on 2m!

 Prosperous New Year, good health and happiness for all visitors of our web page by OK2KKW club members!

To the super tropo condx 16-22.12: message OK1TEH (Cz), reports of SP stns & info of more EU stations here.

Super tropo 16-22.12 by SM7LCB, SP4MPB, OY4TN, HA8MV, YL2GJW, OZ1FF, results of 23cm NAC (18.12).

Super tropo 16 - 22.12 by: DF1LON, MM0GPZ, OK1AG, OK1GHZ, OK7RA, SP3IYM (log,2), SP6VGJ, SQ6EMM.

Super tropo 16 - 22.12 by: OL70AMYD, OK1AGE, OK1KZE, OK1ZHS, OK2BDQ, OK2BRD, OK2POI, OK2TUH.

Super tropo 16 - 22.12 by: OE5VRL/5, MM5AJW, GW7SMV, GM0TGE, OK2AF, OK2BMU, OK2PVF, SM7GVF.

Technical articles of HB9BBD, focused to EME.  Leave us your message.  EME by DD0VF. New OK0EP ODX

Our VHF Contests General rules change proposal in polish translation. Check more amateur radio video records.

OK1DFC completed first 23cm QSO OK - OA, congrats!  Geminids MS report by OK3RM. Slovak MMC results.

How are the last tropo condx evaluated in UK. Do you need good antenna relay?  Interesting designs of S53MV.

Bosna (T9) will use from January 08 new prefix E7.  X-mas contest report by OK1TEH (Cz). New chips 11/2007.

New EME NewsLetter for 144MHz by DF2ZC. Just now is the right time to subscribe some magazines: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Do you have an experience with DX tropo opening on 23 & 70 cm and not on 2m?  EME NewsLetter 70cm & up.

European DX record on 6cm band with QRB 1439 km was repeated on 19.12. by OE5VRL & SM3BEI.Congrats!

Nice tr. condx to north.  DK1FG made tropo UA1ZCL (QRB ~ 2500km!).  What can offer Down East Microwave?

Beaconsbeacons...    QRB    Maps  (2)



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