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OK1TEH released his last EME Window & VHF News of 2016 written for Slovak Radiožurnál magazine. More to it.

Price of electricity in OK head towards. Just few days after New year eve look for peak of Quadrantids MS shower.

Today we got an email from ČTÚ authority:  ham radio use of the 70MHz band is for OK allowed in 2017 as before.

70MHz band in DL will be not allowed. OK Christmas Contest: OK1KFH, OK1OPT, OK1ZHS, OK1KAD, OK1CJH.

Reminder to MMC 2016 by OL4A. Ukrainian transvertors. ČTÚ in the 4m issue say nothing. Check the nice tropo.

K5TRA - design of 3cm PA with TGA2625 chip. Compare OK2AQ PA design. Similar construction PA for 24 GHz.

Unexpected opening on 70MHz. Claimed list of OK Christmas Contest. 2017 satellite projects by Amsat overview.

Review of the very latest DB6NT's 2m transverter. First steps of the 2018 EME. 3cm for few bobs. More: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Contest report MMC by IQ4AX. Translate. Italian MMC list. Season's Greetings ON6MP. VE7SL's EME flashback.

K2UYH release last EME NewsLetter of 2016 for 432MHz and above. DL2ALF brings new version of Airscout SW.

Few DX QSOs during tropo condx to North on Dec.20. Even across poor terrain profile. OK1FR SK. X-mas C-test!

Diamond transistors? GaN 125W transistor for all hamradio bands up to 13cm. Interesting article for PA designer.

Joe K1JT released new update of well-known WSJT software. Nice job by F5JWF. Visit web with plenty HW links.

MMC 2016 by F6ETI/p. Lab measure of FT991 indicate rather poor TX noise spectrum. Dish kit up to 450cm size.

Position of OK + OM stations in 2m EU contesting. I2SG transverter is a bit atypical. MMC OL2J. ARRL last call.

Not only 23cm aerials from YU. Australian transverters. When one rubidium oscillator will synchronize more units.

On 15-17.12 check improved tropo condx to north. Geminids 2016 - pics & OK1TEH log. 23cm EME by SM7SJR.

Next first 13cm QSO abroad: OK & E4. Voltage step up converter for relay. 5 OK and OM stations in top ten list!

First QSO OK - E4 at 9cm completed by OK1KIR. Congrats!  More QSL pics for first QSOs. Records list update.

Articles abt. EME at EA4CAX web. Transistor MMRF1005H. 23cm GS15b PA + band pass filter. RZ6AZZ aerials.

Summer vacation reminiscence (EME 2016). Suggested reading. First QSOs from OK: 23cm to E4 + 13cm to BY.

PCB tools: we have this one. And you? Fight for first OK QSO with Palestine at 23cm? Omni antenna for 70MHz.

Final results of IARU UHF/SHF Contest 2016 in OK are delighted. Attractive Hi PWR 23cm RF transistors 1, 2, 3.

Reminder: Geminids shower & how to use it: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.  Not only from history of Mayday.  Ukrainian LRU.

New EME Newsletter for 144MHz by DF2ZC. 10GHz EME beacon. No OK callsign? UHF Contest + MMC DL list.

When WSJT is your tool, read as well as digital modulation item. Red sprites how to make a pics. More. 23cm Y.

Antenna relay for 47GHz band. PCB. 150kW CW at 23cm? More about klystrons. This year Geminids on the way.

9th. Advent meeting in Ústí/Labem will be held 3.12.2016. LZ transvertors for 23 -13cm. EME tracking by IZ4BEH.


OK1GK released results of the OK UHF Contest for final check. High IP3 MMIC for LNA. GHz mixer up to 10GHz.

OK1TEH tropo log from 26.11. EME Vestnik RA4SD. Next SP VHF meeting will be in JO80KG. OK1GTH's PWR.

Final note to E44CM DX-ped. Millimeter QSOs OM HG. On 26.11 has opened tropo condx. New SP5 beacons.

MMC 2016 by OK2KKW. You should read this info. Roots of Silicon Valley success. Slovak UHF-Contest results.

Light and stressed portable dish 3.6m by UA3DJG. UK OFCOM try to allocate new bands outside of ham DX freq.

G4DDK updated his 432MHz LNA kit. Maybe some of such SW will help you. Large source of designs by VA3IUL.

More new first QSO abroad: OK - EA at 24GHz, OK - BY at 9cm, OK - E44 at 144MHz and OK - E44 at 432MHz.

ČRK terminates magazine. DARC reports threat of EU EMC Act & ask president for help. News for 5GHz + WI-FI.

This weekend will be held next part of ARRL EME Contest. Take the chance for EME QSO. More about FT847 rig.

MMC 2016 by E73JHI, OK1P. Inspiration of new PA. Valuable OK2AQ presentation abt. EME. Yagi aerial basics.

November EME NewsLetter for 70cm & above bands.  MMIC with extremely broad spectrum target. French MMC.

MMC 2016 by OM6A. Pics from µW meeting Frenštát. Invitation to Ústí/L. Contest log OK2KKW. E44CM is QRV.

MMC 2016 by: OL3Y, OM3KII, DH5YM, OL7C, OK2I, OL4K & OL1C.  QRP EME record: 60W only and 2 el. Yagi.

MMC 2016 by: OM3KTR, OK1DQT. UHF-C F6KFH.  MPO works on new 155 + 156/2005Sb regulation.  More here.

MMC 2016 by: OK1DXD, OK1KFH, ON4KHG, OK1ZHS, OK1OPT, DM7A team, PI4MAX. For FT991.  XV4F QRV.

End of 2016 VHF Contests season. Claimed points here:  9A, S5, OK, OM, SP, PA, G.  4m transverter SP2DMB.

From history of hamradio tests in OK. Czech results of VHF Contest. OK1TEH's tropo log. Mini EME DX-peditions.

MS shower Taurids has peak this year during MMC. Not only abt serial connections of LNAs. Super Moon + EME.

Good opportunity for VHF QSO to Palestina since 15.11. CW event in 2 days. Inspire? CRC change after 5 years.

Claimed score for international evaluation of UHF/SHF C-test. Microwave Newsletter SBMS. More. VHF EU top list.

Results of the DL VHF Contest. Video from UHF-C by IZ3NOC and PA6NL.  Few words abt. RF elmg. health limit.

Edward SP9WY, known author of 23cm PA units, died. OK1UGA got 2m WAS. Congrats!  Interesting HF activity.

OK1UFC web page and what could be useful. Schematic of reception chain for 2m EME by PA5Y. OK2STV QSP.

On 25. October OK1SC exploited AU from JO70. DK5EW's new 2m EME array. KB7Q prepares KH6 DX-pedition.


ARRL EME Contest (I.) by DL6SH, DL7APV, G3LTF(2), N4PZ, OE5JFL, SM4IVE, SP6JLW. 3cm EME by OZ9DT.

On 25 - 26.10 would be Aurora + next weekend decent tropo condx.  Attractive satellite links has sent by M5AKA.

We already have twin transistor which on 2m delivers 2 HP out, but new BLF189XRA could produce even 2kW out.

Check the Orionids shower. MS DX good chance. First 2m OK - XT QSO has OK1RD. Congrats! SP measurment. of ARRL EME Contest. Such loud was OK1CA signal on 23cm RX of KD4FOV, using 46m parabolic dish.

New beacons: OX6M, HG6BSA & SR5TDM.  New hamradio microwave band in GB.  Claimed results of DL UHF-C.

How to start the CW operation - it could be real fun!  FG4KH is QRV on 2m again. Latvia open up 4m for hamradio.

Don't miss 1st.part of traditional ARRL EME Contest (50 -1296 MHz) on October 22nd / 23rd. Check out QRV list.

New EME NewsLetter by K2UYH for 432 MHz and up bands. 1st 70/23cm QSO OK - XT, congrats. Web KB7Q/7.

Large comparison between OK2A, DR9A, DL0GTH, OL3Z in UHF Contest 2015 on 432 MHz [ppt and pdf version].

G3LTF's presentation of 6cm EME. Check single Y. 2m + 70cm EME log OK1TEH. Abt. OK2AQ. NV by OK2PMS.

VHF Newsletter IARU # 71.  VHF column + EME window OK1TEH, written for Slovak Radiožurnál radio magazine.

UHF Contest 2016 by: OK2A, DL0GTH, DR9A, I1KFH. OZ7IGY beacon got new 70cm antenna. OM VHF-C results.

VHF Contest results for final check. Complete OK claimed score of UHF Contest. UHF Contest 2016 by OK2KYZ.

OK1TEH with single 10 el.Yagi only wkd S9YY and OX3LX. OK1DFC recorded first 70cm QSO OK↔S9, congrats!

CME impact fire up geomagnetic storm. UHF Contest by OK1CJH and in ON. F6DCD QRV in OK Activity contest.

New 70MHz beacon in SP5. UA results of July VHF. Invitation to MMC. Updated awards. Measure needed? 1, 2, 3.

UHF Contest 2016: video OM6A + comments from France. 2m EME NewsLetter DF2ZC. EME Vestnik by RA4SD.

UHF Contest 2016 by: OK1KPA, OL3Y, OK2I. Observe tropo condx next Friday. First 2m QSO between OK↔S9.

After last year DX success at 13cm it KH6/N6NB verified on 902MHz and with 4095km broken old DX tropo record.

UHF Contest 2016 by: OM3KII, OK2PNQ and OK2KFJ.  Questions about 2m record transatlantic VHF QSO here.

New tropo DX record 5997km at 2m and first transatlantic tropo QSO between V51 a PY!  Details here. Congrats!

UHF Contest 2016: OK5K, OK2G, OL4A (SHF), OM3KTR, OM6W, DR5T, IZ3NOC/6, DH5YM  (DM7A) and S50C.

UHF Contest 2016: OK1KFH, IQ1KW, G3XDY, DJ5AR, S51ZO, S50C, S57Q.  Table of standard waveguides size.

UHF Contest 2016 by: OL4A 3cm, OK6R, OK1EM, OK2C.  Claimed results of: 9A, S5, OK, OM, SP, PA and UK.

Bad news: Czech radioclub (CRC) terminates operational support of OK0EJ beacon and it de facto kill the OK0EJ.

IARU UHF Contest 2016: claimed results of well-known stations. Change of weather after UHF-C. PY2BS EME TV.

VHF Contest OL7C. Leave your annonce abt. participation in UHF Contest 2016. UHF-C weather forecast. GTV70.

Palm mini morse key for portable operation on SHF. Email OK1JHM: first µW QSO OMSP? How to verify noise.

Another view to development of EU VHF Contests participation. OK1DFC wrote abt. completed 70cm WAS condx.

Antenna inspiration by neighbours: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. More on the issue: 1, 2, 3. OK stations participation in the VHF-C.

Web page W8IO, focused to the design of VHF aerials. Schema? Where to buy unusual semirigid cables: 1, 2, 3.

CEPT and FCC ham radio license reciprocity. End of 6cm OK ham radio due to WIFI?  70MHz MS C37MS report.

VHF Contest 2016 by OK7O, IQ4AX (transl.), F6ETI. 1000 initials at 70cm! Products:US4ICI, DG0VE. WIMO ant.

VHF Contest 2016 by OM6A, OK1HCG. Video 9A4QV abt. 76GHz. OK1KVK's 2m NAC. FYI: article about Aurora.

Video & report of VHF Contest: LZ7J, SN7L, PC2F, YR8D, DK5CM, S59DGO, OL4A. Another VHF C-test: 1, 2, 3.

Final OK July Field day results. Hattrick for us! Tnx to all for QSO!  OK1TEH's pics from EME 2016 MRF1K50H.

New EME NewsLetter by K2UYH for 432MHz and up bands. Constructions by YO8RHM. Have u QSO to Jericho?

VHF Contest 2016 by: 5P5T, E7C, F4EEJ + SP3KWA. Send your contest log. CRC still have 2394 members. Wow!

VHF Contest 2016 by: OK1TEH, PC5T, OL3Y, OK5T, OK1UFF, OK1GHZ, OL4N, IQ5NN + by F stns. 3B8 on 2m.

Claimed contest list of OK VHF Contest. New version of 2M transverter by G4DDK. How to connect PA and LNA.

Unexpected September 144MHz Esporadic! Two meter EME NewsLetter DF2ZC. VHF Contest by: OL4K & OK4C.

New DB6NT's 10GHz transverter may change the IF band. More. Update of transceivers service mauals web page.

Presentation focused to prediction of Sun cycles. Jubilee release of VE7BQH best antennas table. Arduino failure.

VHF Contest 2016 by: OK1FIG, OK1OPT, OL1C, OL7Q, OK2R, OK2KOJ, OM7KW. AAC VHF 2016 by OK1FEN.

OM Field day.  High tech amateur radio project: 3cm transponder placed on Lunar orbit. Satellite blog by DK3WN.

Don't forget to 61st UKW-Tagung in Weinheim during 9-11th September.  Improved tropo during NAC by OK1TEH.

VHF Contest 2016 by: OM3KII, OM3KTR, OE1W & S51ZO.  Claimed score in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, SP, PA and UK.

VHF Contest by: DR5T, OL4N, DR9A, OK1EM, DK0WRTC, OK1NPF, OM6W and video LZ9W, IZ8IBC, SP7HKK.

VHF Contest by: DL0GTH, DA0FF, DR9A, 5P5T, OL9W, OE1W, IO2V + reports: OK1NWD, OK1ZHS & ON4KHG.

August tropo condx by: OK1TEH, OK1RK, OE5VRL/5, S51ZO, S56P, EW1W. AAC 2016 by: OK1DIX, OE/OL0M.

Perseids 2016 by: OK1TEH, OK1RK, OK1DQT, OK1KT, OK2PMS, OK2POI, DH8BQA, LA0BY, 9A/OK2ZAW +2.

Contest list of July VHF-C for final check.  Update of results + OK2A awards and update of OK VHF Contests list.

A bit more powerful 23cm PA. Update of OK1TEH EME windows. Ring of fire video. EME by DC7YS live RBB TV.

Leave your announce about participation in the IARU Region I. VHF Contest 2016. Weather forecast is online here.

Holice 2016 pics. First consideration abt 18th. EME Convention 2018 in PA. LA0BY 2016 VHF Activity Highlights.

All papers from the EME Convention in Venezia you can read here. New Icom 7610. GM8GIQ QRV MS from IO68.

Results of Summer OK QRP Contest. Few pics from HF & CB meeting of CRC.  Wavequide BPF for 24GHz gear.

Tropo condx from DL, OK, OM, HG, 9A, YU to OZ, SM, LY. And what abt.instalation in contest shack? EME vestnik.

Organizer's video records of several EME convention prezentations here. OK2KKW web celebrates 16th. birthday!

Near Venezia has been held EME convention. We have collected approvals and start to prepare report from event.

First 144MHz QSO OK↔CY9 has completed by OK1RD, congrats!  VHF article OK1TEH, written for Radiožurnál.

More abt. 600W PA, ordinary used for EME QSOs on 3cm by KGE Development and design of precise lab. PS.

David OK1RK completed 144 MHz MS QSO with Iceland. OK0EF at 10134 kHz is QRT. Control of latching relays.

OK1TEH pics from 18th. SP-VHF meeting in Stara Morawa. 23cm EME in SP by SP4ELF. July VHF-C DL results.

First 4m QSO OK-C37 worked by OK1TEH.  Audio of 70cm 7s burst by G4KVT. Perseids shower live on

Peak of Perseds MS shower good opportunity for MS QSO is within all of weekend, tutorial how to do it read here.

Al K2UYH release August EME Newsletter for 70cm & above.  OK1IL now QRV 23cm EME, nice pics check here.

Within Perseids will be QRV on 2m TF3CY. More MS activity from LO03, LO16, KP71, JN83, JN73, KO78, KO67.

Maybe new World DX MS record on 2m: S50C & EA8TX QRB 3386km + MS PA3BIY + EA8TX like in G4SWX idea.

July VHF by OK1KPA in retro style. Rich Perseids this year? In a few days in JO80. Australian request for 70MHz.

RS DX condx at the end of July: OK1JKT report + 3cm OK1TEH log. 1st 13cm QSO OK - EU reported by OK1KIR.

Perseids activity are going up. Remind all of the Summer QRP contests! OK QRP is parallel to AAC and BBT. Tnx.

Final results of OK Microwave Contest.  CRC is running to bankruptcy - comment. Radar threat. Perseids & FAST.

CRC has troubles, more. What has written 3 years ago. Waiting for 2m Aurora? Claimed scores of DL July VHF-C.

Do you know ASS web page? Prefinal results of Slovak Field day. Results of OM3AU memorial. PDM2016 claimed.

VHF NewsLetter IARU # 70. Web SP7NJX. Public consultation of OFCOM & MPO. Field day video UV2L/p + RT4D.

OK1IF story historicize VHF Field day in OK. Positive movement in legal rules? Bigger antenna + opulent Perseids.

July Field day by OL7C. PA for superego boys. DX-pedition C37MS as well as at 70MHz. OK0EF beacon change.

July Field day by: IQ4AX (translate) & OZ1HBM. Social networks for hamradio? Blog YO8RHI. 24GHz test G4BAO.

EME NewsLetter DF2ZC for 144MHz band.  About geostacionary satellite. Results of the Microwave Contest in DL.

First 2m QSO OK - JT completed by Jarda OK1RD (-22dB), Congrats! DX-pedition JT0YTX final on 24.7 log is here.

67. OK VHF Field day by OK2A. After Turkey events is the future of TA VHF activity a bit unclear. EME

July Field day by: OK1KUO, DARC K31, G3RCW and OZ1ALS contest gear in FD. Piece of radiocommun. history.

Interesting actual technical standard for commercial amateur radio gear. Invitation to visit GHz meeting in JO51GO.

OK Microwave Contest prefinal results for last check. OK1IL has WAS Award. EME NewsLetter for 70cm & above.

July Field day in Danmark. 2m Es were on 16.7 - OK to SV5, SV9 & TA.  French 23cm QRO PA you will find here.

July Field day by: OM3KDX & claimed in France. New harmonised EU frequency table. 2m sporadics 14 - 15. July.

Ham radio decline in DL. New worldwide web page focused to lightning strikes. Field day by UZ3I - 2000km to site.

July Field day by: OK2KOP, OL4A, OK1OTM + OK2PNQ. PLL for 23cm transverter. Last week contest logs OK2A.

July Field day by: OK1AYR, DA0FF, M0BAA + S59DGO. Claimed results of  67th. VHF Field day in OK and IARU.

Final results of May VHF Contest (2nd. subregional  IARU) here. 70MHz use is allowed in Andorra and Tadjikistan.

July Field day by: DM7A, DH8BQA, HA8V, OK1KKI, PA0EHG, OM3RRC. Es condx 10.7. Check Es in next days!

July Field day by: OK2KFJ (more), OK5K, I1KFH, OK5T, GM3HAM, US4MWP (2). HW news by DB6NT + TF3CY.

HF bands are not replaceable: the science experiment use reception on HF bands to discover Universe beginning.

Field day 2016 by: OK1OPT, OL2J, OM3KTR, OM4C, 9A6K, 9A/OK2DL, HA5KDQ, S59DEM, S50C + by next S5.

Cheap Vector analyzer and 70cm BPF with low attenuation for out of band interference protection. FD 16 US5WFL.

Field day 2016 by: IK3GHY, OL3Y, OL4N, G8SRC, OL1C, OK2G, G3RCW, OK1RKS, OK1KWV, G3KMI + R3GL.

Field day 2016 by: DL0GTH, IK2FTB/5, OK1UFF. First 70MHz QSOs from EU to Kazakhstan. RF: tips and tricks.

Minutes from EC meeting of IARU R1. Roman OK7SM had heart attack after FD. We wish fast recovery! FD in UA.

Field day 2016 by: OK1VM, OK2C, OK1KPA, OK1JFH, OM6W, IQ1KW, ON4KHG, S57NAW, 9A4V +2.PD RF3T.

Field day 2016 by: OL4K, OK1EM, OK1KTS, OK1NWD. Claimed score in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, SP, PA, G, + IARU.

Leave your annonce abt. participation in 67th. July VHF/UHF Field day Contest, last weather forecast check here.

Test equipment for oscillator sideband check. Filters & filters. About lightning protection. 2m E-sporadics on 29.6.

First 2m QSO OK - 6Y completed by Jarda OK1RD (-17dB). Congrats. OK1GTH's pics from Friedrichshafen 2016.

2m EME expedition 6Y5AZ FK18cm on air, see more. Update of RS radar maps (OE). 2m EME expedition in JT0.

High-tech transverter 28 ↔ 144MHz by RMC was one of interesting products, which were seen in Friedrichshafen.

Send your log from the July VHFContest as well as for evaluation in the Russian VHF Field day.You may even win.

New 70MHz beacon 4O0BCG. Work on geostacionary transponder for ham radio. Prefinal May VHF-C OK results.

June SHF Contest 2016 by: OK1KUO, OK1VM, F5LEN, DQ7A, DR5T, F5KDK/p + DL6GCK. 23cm PA RA3WND.

OK1AIY about OK0EA & not only. 18.6 DX opening - strong E sporadics. More. QSL of first QSO OK-D4 at 13cm!

VHF contests this weekend. New 70cm DX beacon GB3UHF could be within DX condx received as well as in OK.

OK0EP beacon got extended license till 2021. OK1FC, well known from 2m contests, died.  DL May VHF results.

Do you know EURAO? TEP beacons. Microwave Contest 2016 by OM6A, OM3KTR & OL4K. NewsLetter RA4SD.

The very first QSO OK - HA at 24GHz. Few fast tropo QSOs on Tuesday. Have you JP42 locator?  OK1FIG mods.

May EME NewsLetter DF2ZC for 144MHz band. 2m Es opening during weekend, more. ES0UG active in KO18ae.

Tests G8ACE at 241GHz - QRB 440m. More. Interesting magazine with attractive content. For your vacation plan.

Es was open to East and SE as well as on June 10. OK1KIR completed on 6cm first QSO OK - KL. List of DXCC.

June UHF/SHF Contest 2016 by: DL0GTH, IQ1KW and IK4WKU. On 8.6 were Es condx to East. British beacons.

Is the idea use mezospheric clouds for DX QSOs on THz bands crazy? 23cm C-test IZ3NOC.  Alpe-Adria U/SHF.

Al K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 70cm + above. OM3AU memorial 2016: OM3KDX. 7.6: 2m Es to UA?

Claimed results in OM3AU Memorial. Info OK1ZHS. New project of AF4JF. More here + here. Nice 70cm antenna.

Claimed results of Microwave Contest in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, SP. 23cm PA modules US4ICI. Check your errors log.

Weather forecast for Microwave Contest incl. RS condx. Remind as well as next VHF contests. Radioelectronics?

Message from IARU again: updated VHF Handbook - v.7.51. Few words about amateur TV. TEP beacon V51VHF.

How to make a QRPP (100mW) RS QSO at 9cm? More. 4m beacon LZ2HV. Interesting transistor. Useful pages?

May 2016 VHF Contest by IQ4AX + translation. Nice RS condx these days: be QRV. Even on 9cm!  Next Es 29.5.

IARU release new VHF Managers Handbook v.7.50. Long tropo QSO @ 24GHz. Inflatable dish PE1RAH. Klínovec.

On 27.5 were next Es on 2m. More. First 76GHz QSO 9A - HG. HB9HLM Es DXs. Congrats!  New IF TRX FT891.

May VHFC  2016: OK1AYR, F4FEY, F4EEJ. Impressions from the May UHF Contest 2016 by OK2A / OK2KKW.

On May 26. appeared 2m sporadic from OK, DL, OE, F to UA6. More. Claimed scores of May VHF in ON, F, EA.

GK4LOH successfully tested if the SDR VO1FN/B works. Another QSO map. 2.s.2016: claimed p. DL, OM, IARU.

Check the band, maybe you can catch 4m beacon from Kazakhstan. SDR RX VO1FN ready for transatlantic test.

23rd May is the 40th anniversary of the first EME QSO in OK. Read Czech article about early EME history in OK.

On 25th May appeared the first real Es opening of the season. An interesting web. Picutures of RW1AW's arrays.

Presentation of amateur radio microwave operation on CSVTS meeting. May VHFC by: OL7C + video G2L, OK7O.

May VHF-C by: OK7O, OK2I & OK5T. 2m EME echo of OK1DIX at Youtube. RA4SD released his "EME vestnik".

More pics from Kozákov. May VHFC. 2016: DF0FA, PH4X, DM7A, HB9BS. Crazy antenna. IARU Newsletter #69.

ARI EME results. Still useful Dish calc. Power measurment? Milimeters rendez-vous Kozákov. Bad luck contest.

First 23cm OK - D4 assigned to OK2DL. More. Congrats! May VHF Contest 2016 by: OK5K, OM3KII + 2, DA0FF.

British OFCOM try push out hamradio from 6cm band. Take care to your regulator - these Wifists activates lobby.

May issue of EME NewsLetter DF2ZC for 2m band. Preparation of MS Dx-pedition to KO08, 07,17,18, more here.

First 13cm QSO OK -D44 completed by OK1KIR, congrats!  May VHFC 2016: 9A6K, OL3Y, OK1UFF, OK2KYZ.

Why CRC has a problem with true? Who hasn't received their diplomas yet? Bad news for 70 MHz's DL stations.

May VHFC 2016: OK1NPF, OK1VM, OM3RRC, OM3KDX. 10GHz Dubus EME contest: OZ7Z, OK1CA, OK1KIR.


May VHFC 2016 by: OK1ZHS, OK1JFH, OM6W, OK2G. Claimed score in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, SP, G, PA, IARU.

Discussion about OK1SRD's "hamspirit". May VHFC 2016 by: OK1EM, OK1NWD, OK1UFL, DJ5AR, PA0EHG.

Al, K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 70 cm &  UP.  Check out EA6/PA2CHR from rare JM29, JN20, 10.

First 70cm QSO OK -P40 worked OK1DFC and the first 3cm QSO OK -LA achieved Franta, OK1CA, Congrats.

First 2016 two meters sporadics observed on 4.5. End of 70cm DX operation? Small 10GHz PA. Micro-coax web.

Leave your annonce about participation in present May VHF subregional contest. For weather forecast look here.

Remind this Thursday evening DX opportunity - meteoritic shower Aquarids. Rain scatter season begun. 4m chat.

EME QSO to Aruba completed even by single 10 el. Yagi. First historical QSOs on VHF. Have you missed data?

First 2m QSO OK -P40 completed Jarda, OK1RD, Congrats. Check out more info about P40MB EME expedition.

EME window OK1TEH + VHF Corner written for Slovak Radiozurnal magazine. OK1JHM sent his first QSLs here.

Czech results of March subregional VHF contest 2016.  Do you prefer "cool" or classic web design? Please vote!

Satellite blog DK3WN and new Cubesats. 47 + 76 GHz amateur radio QSOs at Baltic.  GHz DUBUS EME C-test.

Is a M2M possible threat for 70cm band?  Web DF9NP focused to PLL. Web OZ5N - DB6NT G2 transverter mods.

Since 1. May shall be on experimental basis in Kazakhstan the 70MHz band available for amateur radio operation. 

Meeting minutes of the VHF IARU C5 2016 in Vienna. Noise source. 2016 tropo log OK1TEH. Cheap inclinometer.

First GHz QSOs overview. Even more power from single transistor. Do not be any more a black box operator only.

Planned EME activity S9YY. Remind MS shower Lyrids!  Funny results: 1, 2. In a short form from IARU in Vienna.

Czech VHF Championship results 2015.  Have a sporadic Es link with Sprite lightnings?  Rusian Low noise OCXO.

OK results of IARU March Contest for final check. OK1DIX releases next update (6.42) of VHF Contest log VUSC.

9cm Dubus EME Contest by: OK1CA, OK1KIR, OK2ULQ + G3LTF. List of 6cm EME stations. Es season begun.

Web archive of Czech ham radio literature. Frenštát meeting. 10GHz PA with TGF2023-05. Ham radio celebration.

First 10GHz QSO with Kazakhstan wkd via EME by OK1KIR. Congrats!  EA6/PA2CHR will be QRV EME, MS, T.

Traditional August polish VHF meeting will be held on Aug.12 - 14 near Stara Morawa, about 7km from OK border.

Robust high power LPF for 144 and 432MHz. SW for rotator controller by YO3DMU. New web of Michal OK9DMR.

Useful table of Sun noise, more as well as here. RSGB video prepared for our hobby support. And what abt. CRC?

April EME NewsLetter DF2ZC for 144MHz band. ARI EME Contest 2016 by: OK1YK, OK1CA, OK1KIR + OK2AQ.

23cm PA US4ICI. Take care abt. external monitor to notebook. How your national organization will vote in Vienna?

Extraordinary QRP success reached MX0CNS. With only 3 elements Yagi he completed 2x EME QSOs on 70cm.

OK1TEH wkd with his single Y. antenna 70 cm EME QSO with AA1KK from Rhode Island. Waiting for Sun flare?

LNA with pHEMT SKY67151. Prefinal results of March VHF C-test in OM. Combined feed for 23 and 13cm. More.

Al, K2UYH releases new EME Newsletter for 70cm & above. 70cm EME DX-ped.RI would be QRV on 9.April 2016.

New transverter DB6NT has low phase noise. Are you ready for Lyrids 2016 meteoric shower? New PA by BEKO?

SSPA LPF and VHF RX surge protection. Mixers by IDT. Way to replacement of popular FT817? RF calculations.

HF radio bands will remain for non-commercial use only. SP6JLW has 650W on 3cm.Congrats! NAC by OK1TEH.

Pocket VNA. Microwave tests in UA3. More. 70cm EME from Rhode Island. 70MHz web page for DL enthusiasts.

Joe K1JT has been named as Amateur of the Year. VHF meetings 1 +, 2, 3, 4, 5. Waiting for confirmation of next.

OK2KKW's News on 1st. April attachments: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Isolated interface. ARI Italian EME Trophy 2016.

From HB9HLM. Claimed list of the Easter Contest. EME conference 2016 News. Inspiration (more). Blog DH5YM.

Plan of EME activity of DX-ped. FK8CP. SPS mods of ESR48-30D.  RS map of Poland. 9A Ham radio convention.

March VHF 2016 by: F6KFH, DA0FF, F4EDA. Completed logs OK2KKW + OK2A. DX tropo alert system > 1GHz.

From OK history. Damaged hotel on Klinovec is for sale. Include radio amateur reminiscence for CRC's dirty trick.

On 2m EME are this weekend QRV FK8CP RG37FR, 5V7D & J8/WW2DX + report OK2PMS. Check tropo to SM.

March VHF 2016 by: G8T, HB9LU + pics and IQ4AX + translation. Video OE5LHM, DL0ICH + IW2CTQ. Still actual.

At least give a points in Czech traditional Easter Contest. Field day video + by antipods: 1, 2, 3. OH2K tropo event.

Will communication of IoT use 4m band?  6cm EME by UR. Multiband 13cm DB6NT transverter not only for EME.

March VHF 2016 by OL7C, OL7Q, DM3F + DM7A club. Looking for tropo condx this weekend? News by DL6NCI.

DL5NAH confirmed, that international results of VHF & UHF Contests IARU 2015 are final. OK2A will celebrate it!

RA9LR known from 2m EME, lost his antenna in gale. New HW projects of IZ4BEH. VHF beacons on DX-cluster.

First 2m QSO OK - J8 completed by Ivan OK1IL, more here. Congrats! March VHF Contest: claimed list in DL, F.

March VHF 2016 by OK1TEH. Summary power - contest chat in OM: PWR limits? Retunable 10GHz transverter.

ARRL EME Contest 2015 results. QSL confirming first 70cm QSO OK KH6. 2m EME DX-pedition J8/WW2DX.

23cm Dubus REF EME Contest 2016 by: OK2DL, JH1KRC, N8CQ, WA6PY. 45W 23cm PA kit na webu G4BAO.

March VHF 2016 by ON4KHG. The best VHF aerials by VE7BQH. Your contest log from March C-test has sent?

Possible weak Aurora on 15.March evening? Check the tropo condx in next days. The ducts could be open again.

23cm Dubus REF EME Contest 2016: OK1CA, OK1YK, OK1KIR, DJ8FR, G4BAO, IK3COJ, PI9CAM & PA3DZL.

23cm Dubus EME Contest 2016: F6ETI, G3LTF, HB9CW, I1NDP, SP6JLW. March VHF by: OM5AW + OE5LHM.

March VHF 2016 by OK5K, DR5F, ON3CF, ON5GS, OK1UFF. Radiocom. collection of LA1UH. Bit of commerce.

Al, K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 70 cm and up. March VHF 2016 by SO3Z. PI9CAM are QRV again.

March VHF 2016 by DL0GTH, OK1KPA, OM3WFC. On 70cm EME has QRV DL6SH. 432MHz EME by OK2AQ.

Final results of the Winter OK QRP Contest 2016.  New IC-7300 SDR based gear with 16 bit D/A conversion only.

March VHF 2016 by OK1OPT, OK2KYZ, OK5T, OL2J, OL3Y(2), OL4N, OM3KTR + IZ3NOC. 70cm PA OK1MHK.

March VHF 2016 by OL3Z (2), OK1KUO, OM7KW, DJ5AR, PA0EHG, IQ1KW + pic, S5 stations. RI - 70cm EME?

March VHF 2016 by F5LEN. Luxury Key by ZACH? From Olomouc to ISS. 23cm DUBUS Contest next weekend.

March VHF 2016 by: OK2C, OL4K, OK1KFH, OK1VM, OM6BB. Claimed scores in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, G, PA, SP.

March VHF contest by: OK1NWD, OK1RW, OK1EM, OK1ZHS & OL3Z. Evening surprise in Prague on 144 MHz.

433 MHz will utilize as well as SRD technology LoRa. Simple 2m LNA DG0OPK. Note. A bit another digital mode.

Biography & memoirs of VK3UM. Article, where Doug promotes our hobby. Biography of OK1AA. 3cm by K5TRA.

LNA with ATF531P8 HEMT. Mods of switching PS Delta ESR48-30. After gale: 1, 2. Now the TEP season begun.

Pictures from mini EME DX-ped. 4S7.  But EME condx are not the best. New preliminary results of QRP Contest.

On 3 to 6.3 will be QRV on 2m EME OK1VVT like 4S7BBG in NJ06ah. 500W into 17el M2 no GG (min + elev.).

Leave your annonce about participation in the March Subregional VHF Contest. Last weather forecast check here.

EME windows OK1TEH written for Slovak Radiožurnál + VHF Corner of the same magazine. UK 1,2mm QSO.

Diploma thesis, focused to EME. New QRP EME record. What new in evaluation of VHF/UHF IARU 2015 C-tests.

Report (CZ) from minimeeting in Slovak Nova Dubnica concerning phase noise of  2m contest gear. PAs efficiency.

Compare actual beacons precise frequency received in JO70FD. Prefinal results of OK Winter QRP Contest 2016.

Sad news: well-known VK3UM is SK. SK has SP3JMZ as well. Spring meetings 1, 2. Phase noise meeting in OM.

How K1JT supported reception of gravitation waves. Claimed list of Winter OK QRP test. Calcs by Microwaves101.

IV3KKW published Contests list for 2016. However few OK contests are missing. prepares 70cm version.

IARU 50 MHz list doesn't reflect OK power limit 25W. About preparation of Phase 4B. More of EME presentations.

The very first 70cm QSO OK ↔ KH6 completed by OK1KIR. Congrats. Dubus EME Contest on 13cm by OK1YK.

Construction unit for peak monitoring as a part of SSPA protections. We received Austrian radioclub glass trophy.

DX-ped. KH6/KB7Q BK29mo would be 13.2 evening QRV 2m. On 4m/2m is QRV as well MS DX-ped.G7RAU IN79.

On 12.Feb DL7APV tnx to KH6/KB7Q after 33 years completed 70cm WAS. Congrats! Try 70cm EME as well as!

Epoch-making science discovery! Excellent EME condx. Try it! 2m PA of OK1UGA. Breaking of DX record on MW.

Al, K2UYH sent new EME Newsletter for 70 cm & above. Winter QRP Contest 2016: OK1KCI, OK1KUR + OM1HI.

New Danish VHF web. Winter QRP contest: OK1KUO club, OK2UWQ and OK1ZJV. VHF web DL2KQ & his LNA.

ARI Bologna branch publish corrected European MMC 2015 results. Project news of geostacionary Amsat project.

Inspirational web page focused to design verification of several 2m antennas. EME Newsletter DF2ZC for 2m band.

Preliminary IARU results of the UHF/SHF Contest IARU. Success for OK!  Some bands results are quite suprising.

Australians are heading to EU to join again microwave connections. January tropo QSOs by OK1TEH. Mods news.

Preliminary IARU results (TOP 15) of VHF Contest IARU. PA DF9IC. How many CRC VHF beacons are not QRV?

Some mistake in the MMC International result list. Cheap 47GHz transverter. History of Morse key. New GK prefix.

Czech + European final results of the Marconi Memorial Contest. I4XCC Memorial Award. G7RAU: Es predictions?

In the Autumn ARI EME Contest are OK stns 3x on winner's rostrum. As well as Dirk ON5GS on 23cm. Congrats!

Agenda of Interim VHF meeting: C5 committee of IARU R1 in Vienna. Do you think that CRC reflect our interests?

Received for publication: Overall results of OK UHF/SHF Contest 2015. Mods of azimuth control of SPID RAK rotor.

6cm EME by UR7D. When you are developing 23cm PA, we would suggest study closely contributions of US4ICI.

Which VHF DX-pedition of 2015 were the best? 23cm SSPA with MRF8S9260H transistor. Synthesizer ADF4360.

Pics of both QTHs of the tropo 10GHz DX record. DUBUS CW/SSB EME Contest already next days. LNA F1JKY.

Extension of the World-wide DX tropo record on 10GHz: 2793km! Congrats! Hidden draft VPZnaVKV for 2016 year.

On 20.1 we got nice surprise by 2m Aurora, log by OK1TEH and others. Next opening is possible on 21.1 at 16ut.

ES3RF sent the msg: on 144.129 MHz EME is QRV BA4SI. Web page focused to RF measure. 23cm by F6BVA.

January activity test of OM3KII. GES company stop CZ distribution of DUBUS magazine. Use direct ordering now.

Final results of the OK-OM Christmas contest + OK1IA comment. New British 134GHz DX record has set: 35 km.

We have restored few of technical articles from cancelled web of OK1BAF. For example GU78b 2m PA. Invitation!

144MHz LNA by IZ3KGJ has super low noise and high IP3. EME Funtest this weekend. OK calls list by regulator.

New record of the sideband noise purity on 144MHz has achieved by OM3W with TRX K3 uses new PLL KSYN3a.

Burn out of the SMA connector on 10GHz within EME operation. VHF noise from LED bulbs.  Italian MMC results.

Quadrantids 2016 by: OK1TEH, OK2PMS, ES3RF, EI2KK, SO3Z and by UA. OK1KIR team has 13 & 9cm WAC.

Last call for CRC. Get up! OK2UKG 6cm transverter. History of DL records and first QSOs. SP9MM passed away.

January EME NewsLetter DF2ZC for 2m. RF miliwattmeter at the cost of mobile phone. Antenna web by G4CQM.

OK MMC results for final verification. Edi logs here. Invitation to Venice for 17th. EME convention. LNA by US4ICI.

GHz-Tagung Dorsten. Dutch Hellweg microwave meeting. DG7YBN pages focused on elements lenght correction.

Are you ready for MS shower Quadrantids 2016? More. This year the peak has forecasted for 4.1.on about 8h UT.

EME DX-ped. S9TM. More. CRC already fifth times (!) came into 2016 with 2394 members, hi. Polyfet transistors.

Lot of happiness in the 2016! And not only. As well as good health, peace, success and satisfaction. No sorrow!

=================================================  PF 2016 =================================================

Funny new year wish forwarded from OK1VAM to all of OK2KKW's visitors. A Happy & prosperous new year 2016!

Digital rotator controller as well as for remote EME. MMC report by OK2KKW. Who heard within 2015 our beacon.

XMAS contest by OK1TEH. Lunar EME calendar for all weekdays 2016. MMC 2015 DK3WE, OL4N, F8KID, OK5T

20.12/ Aurora by: OK1TEH + 70cm, OK1SC, ON4KHG, S51ZO, photos from KN09. Geminids: ON4KHG, DK5EW.

Transatlantic Aurora on 50 MHz at EI3KD's web+ PA4VHF. XMAS contest 2015 by OK1OPT, OK1ZHS, OK1KFH.

Broadcasting on MW will be terminated. Is it a good decision? AZ/EL rotator controller by Pavel OK1DX. DH8BQA

AZ/EL rotator controller by Pavel, OK1DX. Russian Field day 2015 results. Claimed score: OK Christmas Contest.

Good mixers with very high IP3 1, 2, 3, 4. And what about good old E88CC? 70MHz projects PA7MU. 70MHz PA.

RSGB's suggested changes for Vienna VHF meeting of IARU on April. Geosynchronous amateur radio transponder.

IARU UHF Contest results in G, F, HB, I + ON. MMC results: DL, OM and ON. VLF test on 24.12 from this station.


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