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We wish to all visitors of our web all the best in
2011 - particularly good health, happiness, and lot of DX QSOs.

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OK2KKW's Flea market is QRV on the new IP address. History of Quadrantids MS shower.  On 2m try FG4KH.

For eyewitneses: selsyn & magnesyn. New RF chips. Web SQ9MTS. 24GHz gear by OK3RM.  Web

QSL for 70cm QSO from OK to Easter island has received by OK1KIR.  Congrats! RU1A web. Quatrantidis.

Low pass filters for output of PA middle & high power class by DJ9KW, PA3CSG, OK1GTH, OK1ANQ/OK1VPZ.

OK national results of the Marconi Memorial Contest for final check. Evaluation of several dish feeds for 432MHz.

On Sunday 26.12 will be held traditional OK Christmas Contest. This weekend are very good EME condx. Try it!

Members of the OK2KKW Contest Club wish Merry Christmas to our web readers as well as to all decent hams!

CRC released new "General rule" for VHF Contests, unfortunately made without discussion with OK community.

Al K2UYH published new EME NewsLetter for 70cm and upper bands. SM4XIU's web with interesting VHF links.

When you need for new EME PA "solid" coaxial relay: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  DX-pedition VE8/W7EME into CP28.  More.

SDR up to 23cm. Results update. Send us msg please, if you believe, that some of interesting links are missing.

OK1TEH brings his EME Window 144MHz, written for Slovak Radiožurnál. Report from EME Dx-ped. to 3A here.

It's time to renew your subs. fee 2011 UKW Berichte, Dubus, Funkamateur, RadCom, Radiožurnál, Scatterpoint.

Basics of operational amplifiers. How looks DB6NT LNA, similar to OZ1PIF LNA.  Kilowatt solid state PA for 2m.

Two nice presentations: satellite, which maybe will never fly  and what makes OK1DIG, who escaped from EME.

Results of MMC2010 in OM. Geminids gallery. TS140S reconstruction for 144 & 432MHz. Transverter by US4ICI.

During Geminids has completed as well as some MS QSO on 70cm. 13cm QSO OK↔CT. Congrats!  LPF.

Geminids 2010 MS shower going down. Send your DX achievements to EU VHF TOP list. New aerials of YU7XL.

During night to 14.12 will be Geminids peak. OK1DIX's report from CRC meeting. DF2ZC's 2m EME NewsLetter.

On 11.12. CRC decided remote RX question in VHF contests. But such gear you can simple buy already today.

Geminids 2010 MS Dxpeds LA/SM4KYN JP40, US2YW/A KN29, LX/PA2CHR JN29, F/PA5DD JN35, 3A/OZ2M.

Inversion effects in atmosphere during October's tropo condx. 2 & 4m MS DX-ped. to Monaco. How & who listen.

TV transmitters would be possible to use for observation of best time for  plane scatter DX Contest QSO on MW.

Interesting tone language El Silbo Gomero from Canary islands, similar to WSJT JT65 :-)  Remind MS Geminids.

Frequency coordinated for OK0EP has used in KN18JS. What prepares OK1GTH? OK1DWF is QRV EME now.

3cm transverter RA3EME. PWR transistor for 2m & 70cm PA, good for high SWR resilience. New chips: 1, 2, 3.

ZRS released European preliminary final results of IARU UHF contest 2010. 47GHz by OK1EM. 2m log 7X2ARA

The official Czech results of IARU R1 UHF-SHF Contest 2010.  Updated list of first OK contacts abroad on UHF.

OK1VEI maintains the terrestrial only OK VHF Top list. Compare the EU Top list.  Waiting for Geminids shower.

On 21st November was 30th years anniversary of first 144 MHz EME QSO which was done by Standa, OK1MS.

Still very good design: power dividers for antenna system.  Measurment of GS35 PA & short comment OK1VPZ.

OK2ULQ completed his first 23cm EME QSO. Congrats!  144MHz receiving converter with high IP by OK1UGA.

Report + few pics from OM, High Tatras ham convention. Meeting in Ústí will be on 4.12. Last year presentation.

Download calc for microstrips. SP VHF meeting pre-announce. 4m band in OK shall be legal as well as in 2011.

70cm MS QRV list for Geminids. Story of the VHF Contest 010 by K1WHS. Plan to yourself the free day in SP.

Once again to the Moon libration calc. Note of K1JT here.  How the EME challenge helps OK1YK in EME tests.

MMC 2010 by OK2KCE. OK1RD is newly QRV EME on 2m. Gadgets on OK2TPQ's web.  DL8LAQ's 7X DX-ped.

70cm & up EME NewsLetter. WWII. radar story. 2m driver. Nice web pages RA3WDK & KC4/W1MRQ. 4m PA.

MMC 2010 by LY2WR.  Less known antenna production. Nice Christmas gift? Subscribe VHF Communications!

Final national results from the IARU R1 UHF Contest 2010: OM, DL, HB & G. Gallery of DR9A from UHFC 2010.

Actual overview of DX-peds.  Ice-proof 70cm antenna Presentation of DF9IC from Scandinavian VHF convention.

Time for submition of MMC logs is over. MMC from PA report. 2m OM CW skimmer. OK1CJH's 9cm transverter.

International list of UHF Contest 2009 participants, made by claimed scores of received logs.  SP VHF beacons.

MMC2010 report by OM6A. Marvelous pics of aerials DL0AR / DL6NAA. Solid state switch for SSPA supplying.

MMC 2010 by: IK4WKU (Marko's first CW Contest!), OL7C, OK2KYZ & OK2M. Home brewed Tesla transformer.

We offer a bit delayed full version of Aug.& Sept. OK/OM EME Window, made for Slovak Radiožurnál magazine.

VK3UM released SW for calculation of Moon libration for improved planning of EME skeds. You can download it.

OM6A's video from MMC. Results of the VHF Alpe-Adria Contest 2010. Hundreds of amateur radio videorecords.

RA3AQ's Feed for smaller 23cm EME dishes. HW links by DK3XT.  Scan of our licence L.N. stabilizer for LNA.

Data of antenna elements, PA PWR of the best OK contest stations in 10 years.  MMC 2010 by OM8A, OL9W.

Two articles: bias supply for tube PAs by OK1GTH and TRX - PA - LNA - ANT chain interconnection by OK!VPZ.

MMC 2010 by: OK2KKW, OK1KPI, UW5W, F8DZY & HA5UA. A lot of interesting links to aerials constructions.

When you are looking for nice EME dish, visit Niznyj Novgorod abandoned observatory. More. MMC 2010: OL4K.

MMC 2010: OK2C, DM3F, OK1DQT, DC7CCC & OK2PYA.  And how to win next VHF Contest you can try here.

MMC 2010 by OL4A, OK1EM, OK1VM, OK1KTT, OK1OPT, OK1ZHS. Claimed results:9A, OK, OM, G, S5, PA.

Marconi memorial Contest is running. While on West & North is snowing at East is as usual fine Sunny weather

Join the team of virtual microwave museum. For sure you have pictures of amateur constructions. Wind go calm!

Remote, via IP manageable receivers are going to be on VHF very frequent... EME Contest: YO8BCF. UA tropo.

ARRL EME Contest 2010 by OK2DL, OK1KIR & OK2PMS. Weather forecast for the Marconi Memorial Contest.

DF2ZC brings new 2m EME NewsLetter. Online list of active VHF beacons based on theirs spots on DX Cluster.

ARRL EME contest 2010 by OK2POI. Local Microwave meeting will be held in Frenštát on 27.11. DL4MEA test.

Article from Pavel OK1AIY with "A few words about RF outputs on Microwaves".  1st 2m OK-CE QSO, congrats.

Marconi Memorial Contest is coming, QRV list is here.  How many contesters will use remote RX from LY2WR?

Preliminary final results of UHF Contest 2010 in Slovakia. UHF contest: Czech EDI logs online, report of OM3KII.

2m LNA with ATF53189 transistor. Pictures of EME dishes instalations with Big RAS rotor. VE7BQH aerials list.

Look for nice tropo this week. On 30-31.Oct. will be held second part of ARRL EME contest. A25HQ 2m activity.

Few words to October's tropo: LY2WR, SM7LCB, DL0VLA, DK4KW, DK3EE, OK1JKT, OK1TEH, OK1VVT, 1,2. 70cm QSO OK - CE & TI completed by OK1DFC, Congrats.  K2UYH abt. small EME aerials for 1296 MHz.

OK1KIR club has new kW PA for 23cm. Switching PS, suitable for such kW PA. Interesting EME web LU8ENU.

Rather theoretical summary of electromagnetic waves, aerials, lines.  Phase noise & MDS relation study article.

Al, K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm and aboveWorldwide first WAC Award on 432 MHz article.

Overview of Es season 2010 on 70 MHz by: OM3PV, OK1TEH.  UHF-C: F6KUP/P, LY2WR, OK1VEI, OK1DST.

Final VHF Contest OK results. Report focused to one EME aerial constructionCheck your Q-codes knowledge.

One of  EME antenna control by K5GWHow heavy loaded will be your RX from strong station on opposite hill?

UHF Contest 2010 reports by OK2KKW & DL0GTH.  Results of July VHF-C: France, UK, Switzerland, Belgium.

OK1TEH on 70cm by EME QSO with PY1KK completed his single Yagi only WAC.  Supplement to LNA article.

Czech UHF Contestu 2010 results list, setup on the base of claimed scores.  Video DM7A from U/SHF Contest.

OK legal condx for mast construction. DF6NA sales. July VHF PA & VHFC in DL.  2009 VHF C-test EU results.

UHF Contest report by OM6A. Wind on Fichtelberg by DH5FS.  Tropo DX by OK1JKT. NAC 12.10. by OK1VVT.

2m 5kW PA for VHF Contests supported by remote receivers.  Preliminary results of VHF Contest (final check).

Report from UHF Contest: IK4WKU/6 & short video F5KMQ. Interesting discussion to the "rover" OK ? category.

2010 UHF Contest experience by OK1KHI, OK2KOG, OK2M. How to visualize your contest QSOs from EDI file.

What you made in tropo condx of these days? Send us report! By OK7RA. UHF C: OK2RKB, OK2KYZ & OL4K.

Report from UHF Contest: OK2KCE & video of OM6A. How loud was in Prague OH1ND on 2m. New RF circuits.

Ukrainian discussion board is focused to UHF Contest results. If you need simple and cheap spectrum analyzer.

First 70cm QSO OK-CE0Y has completed by OK1KIR. Congrats!  As well as CE0 is QRV on 2m. 3D2 last call.

UHF Contest 2010 reports: OL7M, OK1OPT + pics, OK1CJH, OK1ZDA + pics, OK1UFF, OK1KUO & OK2STV.

VHF Contest results in OM.  23cm QSOs audio records  (mostly digital) from last weekend ARRL EME Contest.

New 2m beacon OM0MVC - 5W from JN98NN.  Preliminary results of the Alpe Adria Contest 2010: VHF & UHF.

UHFC 2010: OK5K, OK1EM, G3XDY, S50C, F1IMY [2]. Can we estimate on Friday the tropo condx? Look here.

UHFC 2010: OK2FUG, OK1KPA, OK2C, OK1VM, OK1KTT, IQ1KW Claimed scores in: 9A, OK, OM, G & S5.

2m EME NewsLetter by DF2ZC. Weather during UHF Contest in JO60 was not brilliant. Contest antenna DR9A.

OK1CU wkd 2m QSO OK - Fiji with 3D2RS. Congrats!  Left your QSP related to UHF Contest participation.

Během UHF contestu bude ARRL EME Contest, více zde.  EME report OK1KIR. OK rekordy ve VKV závodech.

Construction, modifications & noise measurments of LNAs by OZ1PIF here. 6cm gear using NEC 500 link parts.

Al K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm & above bands. On 2m look for EME Dx-ped. 3D2RS RH92.

Put here your annonce for IARU UHF Contest participation.  ČAV's web under restoration. Updated world's links.

DJ3JJ's web update focused to Sun noise monitoring.  Tropo condx 21 - 23.9. by: OK1TEH, OM3CLS, UA-hams.

List of few nice tropo QSO from 23.9.2010. Almost "On line" you can observe DX traffic of LY2WR via club's blog.

We found on 3cm signal of OK0EA again. OK1AIY confirmed relaunch of microwave OK0EA beacons since 22.9

Reminder: today (22.9) & tomorrow will be quite fine tropo condx to East. Record from VHF Contest by DL7AFB.

Zdeněk OK1AR released movie, as a result of his visit of some contest stations within Field day & VHF Contest.

DK9IP's water cooled 23cm PA. Contest log from MMC you can send as well as into Russian CW VHF Contest.

Contest log of OK2A from VHF Contest 2010.  EME contacts list by W2WD v.10.Sept.2010.  Waiting for Tropo?

Es season summary of 2010 year. IARU VHF Contest will be evaluated in OM. Links focused on VHF DX issue.

Who from OK & OM sent spots within VHF Contest 2010 on DXcluster? 55.VHF Weinheim meeting by OK1VM.

Slovak results of the July VHF Contest. VHFC. by OK1VEI, OL3Y. This Saturday will be held SP9 VHF Contest.

VHF Contest 2010 - report & videorecords: OM6A, 9A6C, IK4WKU, ED1R, OM7RM, OK4BX.  MS Dx-ped to 3V.

Antennas of assumed winner of VHF Contest 2010 (ca 1080 QSO, 460 t. points), DR9A club. IK4WKU/6's story.

VHF Contest 2010 by: OK2M, OK1OPT, OK2PMS, OK1KPI +2, OK2KJI. Next optical DX test OM2ZZ -> 94km.

VHF Contest 2010 by: SP1WSR, OK1ZDA, OM3KDX, OK1CJH, OK2KYZ. OM6A OK2IMH visit. Video EA2WT.

We have measured again precise beacons frequency. OK0EQ 23cm not detected, but OK0EA on 70cm is loud.

61st.OK VHF Field day Contest final results. VHF Contest - reports of S5 stations. Updated web pages: 1, 2, 3.


Joe, K1JT released Beta version WSJT 9, details here.  VHF contest 2010 by: OL4K, OL7D, F1IMY & OK1OPT.

VHFC 2010 by OK1KPA, OK1KFH, OK1VM, DM7A.  Sept. OK1KIR's EME report & first JT EME QSO on 3cm.

What abt. your's VHF Contest result?  Check OK1GHZ, OK1KFH, OL7M, OK2C, OK1EM, OK1MCS, OK1KFB.

Still do you have the old good FT290R? Upgrade it! More here, here. Power dividers for multibeaming new notes.

DF2ZC sent new EME NewsLetter for 144MHz. Claimed scores for IARU VHF Contest 9A, OK, OM, G, S5, PA.

OK2ZI released preliminary results of July OK VHF Field day Contest 2010. Check some interesting error logs...

How to make an unbalanced power splitter for drive of different PAs for multibeaming.  Actual list of DX-peditions.

Weather forecast for VHF Contest. 100W PA 23cm by F4BUC.  Mind the participation annonce for VHF Contest.

Listen to the 100W LX's beacon.  Pics and reports from Holice: OK1TEH, OK1VM, OK1EM, OK1VPZ, OK2IMH.

Perseids 2010 by: OK1TEH, OK2POI, OK2PMS, OK6TW, OK1UGA, RZ1AWO/1, S50C, SM7GVF & UA stat's.

Well-known South America's EME operator Eduardo LU7DZ is SK. 4m MS QSO during Perseids. 6m EME dish

Open letter for President of CRC. Stable oscillators by OK1UFL. Final results of OK QRP Contest. New awards.

Coaxial relays by RLC. Holice CRC's meeting focused mainly to HF & CB bands. VHF NewsLetters by ZL1UJG.

When you prefer THz bands DX QSOs, read these links: 1, 2. Even more from history of optical DX connections.

Sad news: well known LU7DZ is maybe QRT.  July VHF Contest in PA was very weak. VHF activity move East.

Preliminary results of Summer OK QRP Contest, which is part of MČR VKV. Final results of DL Field day 2010.

Web page has been hacked, out of order is as well web On 70cm check new SR5UHW KO02.

On Aug.21st let's remind OK ham radio story of 1968 yearArticle focused to first MS QSOs on 220 & 432MHz.

New transceiver IC-9100 has 75W on 70cm. More.  QRP contest 2010 by OK2M, OL1P, OK1MCS & OK1COM.

A bit different 23cm Septum feed by OM6AA here (see page 39). The Dutch KPN will launch 70cm CDMA QRM.

Pošlete mi prosím report o vašich DX úspěších během srpnového roje Perseid. Připravuji sumární report pro web.

Into 13cm band came multibeaming & QRO. More.  List of 10GHz June-July Rain scatter's DX QSO by OK1EM.

As well as interesting like VHF are VLF waves: prezentation by SQ2BXI. View into reverse MW world: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Invitation to DL VHF meeting Weinheim.  If you are still missing IN70 square, check this.  Thanks for all wishes.

Few pictures with mugs of OK VHF championship 2010. OK-VHF Club's silent web: due to golf? MW elements.

On 15.Aug. 2010 our independent information portal OK2KKW celebrathes 10th Birthday! More info will be soon.

Few pictures & pdf copy of our article, presented on SP VHF Convention in Zieleniec Online hamspirit bargain.

How in the WSJT SW keep the radiant of meteor shower. OM3AU's  Memorial Contest 2010 resultsEkoPCBs.

Short overview of power dividers. Lange's combiner. Tips for mechanical design of DK7ZB aerials. MW elements.

Last call for Polish VHF Convention, which will be held in Zieleniec on 13 to 15th. August. Perseids pics gallery.

Pereids peak is expected on 13.8.morning. MS DX-peds to KP00, KN42, KQ00, KO94.  How & who listen EME.

Al K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 432MHz and above. Actual observation of Perseids 2010 by I.M.O.

Perseids 2010 DX-peds in preparation to: KP80/81, JN33, JN40, JN74, JO00, JO29, KO53, KO55, KQ20, KN88.

Alpe Adria VHF contest 2010 - claimed scoreHow to manage your very first attempt for 2m MS QSO: tips here.

Chinese effort to exceed Arecibo. 144 MHz Meteorscatter-Sprint Contest. 70cm MS QRV list for Perseids 2010.

First 9cm QSO OK - ES has completed by OK1KIR, congrats!  W7IUV's project. OM Low power 70cm contest.

On 8th.Aug. shall be QRV 10GHz DX-ped E7/9A1V/pOn 7th.Aug. look for SHF DX-ped to JN63GN 1,6km ASL.

Recent RS condx on 10GHz utilized as well as OK2AQ. Few words conclusion to OK Microwave Contest issue.

OK5Z reaction to our article. New OK1TEH's EME window for May to July has released. 144MHz Aurora in SP2.

Check the Aurora. More here, here. VHF DX-peds to JO29 and JP77. ON lghtning detection. EME QSOs in R/U.

Chinese fake of Slovak HF PA. Next DX-peditions list. Perseids shower max. wait on early morning 12 and 13.8.

Results of the OK Microwave Contest 2010 has been corrected again. But this correction has a bit "fishy smell". 

Video of thermal inversion development.  On Sunday August will be held Alpe Adria and OK QRP Contests.

Just few days since anniversary of the memorable event - first hamradio EME QSO, completed on 21.July 1960.

Suprising evaluation of Microwave Contest. PI7RTD beacon on 3 & 13cm.  Beacons map, not only on 432 MHz.

ATV television in OK: OK1KWN, OK1PHU + abroad: PE1JOK & lot of more. Last overview of VHF DX-peditions.

Amateur digital TV is growing particularly in DL, VK, G. Digi TV by M0DTS & HB9AFO. WA8RMC presentation.

OK3RM sold his EME gear and aerial.  OZ1RH's interesting article.  Are the microwave tests dangerous? More.

Final OK Microwave Contest 2010 results. We won 23 & 3cm! List of DX Cluster OK&OM spots in July Contest.

DL3YEE article abt.4m band.  PE1RDP works on his 70cm EME rig. On 22.7. was FB RS, OK2POI's 3cm info.

Web SM6CKU, focused to EME. Big antenna for 70MHz. Web GD0TEPPhase noise of frequency synthesizer.

Did you dreamed 40 years ago of Apollo Lunar module operation Simple SSPA unit RFdetectors measurment.

On Tuesday you probably remind to one famous event. Maybe it's the time turn back and read more: here, here.

This weekend maybe the FB RS can be observed again, T70A on 3cm is waiting LX Callbook. ALC issue (1,2).

Within Perseids shower will be held two MS 2m Contests. More here, hereContesting by OK1CJH & OK1KOB.

Very interesting RF structure - new power splitter / combiner by Lim & Eom. More here, here, here. Updated list.

DX-team D44TXV established new World tropo DX record even on 5,7GHz! More. Sunday's sporadic didn't hit us.

About history of first OK 13cm QSOs check KD8MRK web. More abt. this here, here. Construction of 70cm PA.

Preliminary final results of OK Microwave Contest 2010. On Saturday were FB RS. New DX Es record on 70Mc.

Weekend brings strong lightning & super RS condx, on 3cm was QRV T70A (I4XCC) till 17.7 report by OK1JKT.

July VHF video: GI4GTY (2), OK1OAZ, UV1S & OM6A.  PLL circuits for precise oscillators for microwave bands.


DF2ZC's EME 2m NewsLetter.  July VHF: OL9W, OM6A.  VHF DX-peditionsCzech regulator's 13cm changes.

If you feel worse reception conditions on 23 & 13cm, remind possible UWB influence: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

New World tropo DX record 2694km on 10 GHz! More. First 6cm OK↔ON QSO EME has finalized by OK1KIR.

July VHF by: OM3KDX, OK1FEN, PA stns. Update of firts QSO list on 70 MHz & OK2POI report abt.CU4 QSO.

10GHz DX-ped. to San Marino. 3cm QSO OK↔T7 wkd OK1JKT. Congrats Karel! Intereting web by VK4DD.

Useful chip for current measurment. New EME NewsLetter for 70cm & up bands.  OK1KIR's last achievements.

Jubilee VHF Contest for OK2KKW team.  This Call has first time activated just 20 years ago.  Large report here.

July VHF by: OK1GHz, OK5K, OK1VEI, IK4WKU/6. Meeting you will attend on 11-14.Aug: Dallas or Zieleniec?

July VHF by: OK2M, IK4WKU/6, OM3KII, SO8N, OK1CDJ, OK1OPT, SARC chat. 70cm PA RW3AZ, CT1DMK.

New 3cm beacon has been activated. July VHF 2010: OK2KYZ, IQ1KW. Video: OL7D, DL0VLA. VHF beacons.


July VHF by: OL7M, OL4A (3cm), OK1KPA, OK2IMH a OK1MCSClaimed scores: 9A, OK, OM, G, S5 & PA.

Complete HW series of OK1GTH from related to 2m PA GS35b.  Not perfect, but new map of visibility links.

Weather forecast for July VHF Contest here.  Do not forget announce your participation in the July VHF Contest.

On 28.6 was short 2m Es, from OK to UR. HAM's meeting Friedrichshafen 2010: 1, 2, 3, 4.   K1JT  abt WSJT 8.

Weather forecast for 61st.OK Field Day Contest by OK1JFH. DX-pedition JW7QIA.  May Contest results: OM, I.

SP5CCC report from microwave DX-ped. to KN19GD.  Polish QRV list for July Contest.  SWR meter by PE2ER.

On 2m were activated MS DX-ped UT6UG/p KO30 & UR3EE/p KN864m log T70A. 4m beacon WE9XFT heard.

HA8ET sent us info abt. LNA for 2m contesting. Ham radio hop of OK1KOB ČRK's Club.  What is digital mode?

OK0EA beacon is temporary QRT (on all bands). Interesting opinion exchange. 24 & 47GHz bands propagation.

DB6NT has new web and propose new 432MHz transvertor. May Contest DL results. OK2FUG was on portable.

Look back at Sunday's massive opening of Sporadic E layer.  QSL for first 432MHz EME SSB QSO OK to KP4.

On 22.6. in EA has expired special license for amateur radio operation in the 70MHz band. 23cm PA by RA3XA.

OK2KKW's report from Microwave Contest 2010.  Preliminary OK results of May Contest.  Mixer for 23cm here.

Selection of suitable frequency for your beacon check here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Dont' forget send an info to Ian G0RDI.

Few words more to OK0EA switch off affair: Pavel OK1AIY sent us letter for publication.  OK1VPZ's conclusion.

On 19.6 was 2m Es OKUA6, more. First 4m QSO OK↔T70A wkd OK1MP. Microwave Contest by OK2RKB.

Joe, K1JT released new Beta version of WSJT 8, details here. 3cm RS reports of this week: OK1JKT OK2POI.

Microwave Contest by OE5VRL. On 4m check T70A Dx-ped.  This Sunday will be held Alpe Adria UHF Contest.

More notes to LNA by G4DDK. First 70MHz Es QSO OMCT3? Opinion poll results to ON4KST chat financing.

Interesting info by NASA focused to estimated Sun peak of acticity. Will be feasible first OK AU QSO on 23cm?

We published here series of RW3BP articles focused to noise optimization of 23cm LNA. Read note of G4DDK.

A bit atypical failure of FT847 internal PA from 1998 productionOK1CDJ's report from Microwave Contest 2010.

Nice Es on 14.6 - on 2m OK to 9H/IT9, more + 2New EME window by OK1TEH for April and May 2010 issued.

Microwave Contest by: OK2M, OK1VEI, OK1KFH, OK1KUO.  New 4m beacon LA7VHF. 2m MS Dx-ped. JP73.

On 13.6 was 2m Es from OK to EA/EA9/G/EI/Fagain. More +  Es log of OK1TEH from 144 & 70 MHz mp3 incl.

Almost all the week roistered sporadic E. OK1HH decided switch off  70cm beacon OK0EA due to APRS EMC.

Some additional info to OK 24GHz DX record. More 1 & 2. Take care, hailstones!  Old Holice & Tatry collections.

New EME NewsLetter for 70cm & up. In the Microwave Contest the new OK DX record on 24GHz has achieved.

Comparison of FT847, TS200, IC706, FT857 & FT897 here. Web VK4ADC and  mods of MHW1915 IC for 23cm.

Traditional SP VHF meeting, just 300m from OK border, will be held on 13-15.8. You can meet us there as well.

Microwave Contest 010: DL0GTH, OK1KTT, OK2C, OK1KPA, OK1JKT, OK2KOG, OK1FEN, OK1EM, OK2IMH.

On 7.June were nice 2m Es condx to UA, ES, YL, TA. More. New 4m beacon 5B4CY. 2m MS expedition in LA.

This week begun by next Es. Michael OE1MCU released new VHF Handbook IARU. JQ90 square still missing?

The IARU Microwave Contest 2010 is over.  Claimed results will be published here: 9A, OK, OM, G, S5 and PA.

Exist some correlation between volcanic dust in stratosphere and rate of sporadic E observation? Compare 1, 2.

This weekend will be on MS actived JP89 square. 70MHz DX-ped. to JW.  About HB9CV & ant. size for 70MHz.

Weather forecast for OK and Microwave Contest is very good. Es from 2. June offered really nice DX opportunity.

DX reports from 1.6. opening: OK2POI, OK1TEH (4m), OK2PMS, OK1DFC. From JN69 is on 4m QRV OK1VEI.

DF2ZC brings new EME NewsLetter for 144MHz. June 1st. managed amazing combination of Es, FAI & Aurora.

UK Microwave Group open up their club magazine up to end of 2008.  QFH aerial. More Finnish VHF beacons.

New Rain Scatter DL radar by PA5DD. More details abt. 4m licensing in Italy. Actual list of EU 70MHz beacons.

During next weekend will be Microwave Contest & on 19-20.6 50MHz Contest. At least give the points! Nice toy.

OK0ER beacon is newly QRV on 13 & 6cm. Es on 2m on 28.5, but from OK only to 7X, where is no activity yet.

On 27.5 was observed Es on 4m. What OK1TEH wkd from Prague. On 28.5 the Es opening on 2m is estimated.

Few words more to SSPA amplifiers units supply current measurement.  One more freesoftware for PCB design.

2m Es shortskip on 26.May has been observed between OM 4X, on 4m OK to OY, SV (listen OY9JD record).

2m Es opening on 24.May from OK to EA6, on 25.5. OK to SV.  Our jocks results in the Dubus contest: 1, 2, 3.

Hamspirit is for clearance sale. DX season by OK2POI.  Since May is for Italians the 4m band legal again. 

First 70cm QSO OK-3B8 has announced by OK1DFC and first 2m QSO OK-HS wkd Slávek OK1CU. Congrats!

On 23rd.May was this year first 2m Es from OK, opening to TA, SV, 5B4, 4L and 4X, more. EME shack LX1DB.

Repairs & mods of IC746PRO / IC7400. More, here, here, here.  Show off your achievements in EU VHF Toplist.

Microwave Dx-ped by OK1AIY & OK1UFL postponedSP5CCC is QRV from KN19GD on 3cm. 3B8EME 7days.

When you will need measure supply current of each unit of solid state PA, buy for example ACS713 or AD8210.

Free, but very useful SW for PCB design you may download here.  5th part of 23cm Low noise EME HW article.

Circular rotator display with Atmel. Old analogue solution of similar request. QSL of very first 2m QSO OKPA.

On 17.May was 2m Es GSV, Es from OK was up to 4m only, record of SV1DH in JO70 4m MS by ON5VW.

Month ago has published SW link for Nokia GPS phone -> check the WW locator. Similar SW for Sony phones.

Polish-Czech microwave DX-pedition at Wetlinska Polonina (KN19GD).  23cm PA combiner made by OK2MTM.

First 2m QSO OK-3B8 has completed by OK1CU (-24dB), Congrats. YL EME OP, who made on 70cm KP4AO.

Coax cable influence to noise temperature of the EME aerial system. ROHS issue could be much more serious.

May VHF-C test by DM7A. On 14.5 has observed 2m Es: OE,YU, 9A ↔ TA. 4m MS Dx-ped from JO64 is gone.

On Friday 14th. May will 3B8EME activate 2m band.  Contact list to EME stations by W2WD - from 13.5  2010.

EME expedice R2/DL1YMK, první QSO OK-UA2 na 13cm wkd OK1CA, congrats. 24 GHz transvertor u OK2POI.

OK2KKW's contest report from May VHF Contest 2010. More reports by: OL7C, OM6A, OK1CJH and OM3KDX.

70cm and above EME NewsLetter. May VHF Contest by IK4WKU, OL9W, OK2M. First 2010 Es opening on 2m.

May VHF-C 2010 by: OK1VEI, OK1KQI, more abt.OM3KII. DF2ZC sent New 2m EME NewsLetterFirst 4m Es.

VHF IARU NewsLetter. Do you have gear based on ROHS technology? Keep it at room temperature! 13cm plan.

On 6.May was MS shower of Eta Aquarids. EME article abt. polarisation. Where is source of sporadic meteors?


May VHF-C 10 by OM3KII, OK1OPT, OK2KJI, OK2C-2, SO3Z, S50C, S59P, PA5DD.  2m expedition 3B8EME.


On 2nd May we had strong Aurora opening even in JN57, more in SM7GVF's reportShould we expect it again?

May VHF-C 2010 by: OK2C, OK2IMH, OK1KTT, OK1STJ, OK2FKF. Preliminary results in 9A, OK, OM, G, S5.

Weather forecast by OK1JFH for 1.& 2.MayPublish here your announce about May VHF Contest participation.

OK1EM released 24 GHz by DMC moduls. Tests on 47GHz. First SP 6cm EME QSO. EME Dx-pedition T70A.

ČRK bilancuje. Z roku na rok zřejmě ztratil více, jak 6% členů. Do světa se ale stále vytrubují poněkud jiná čísla.

Optimalization of LNA noise figure. OK1DFC declared 70cm QSO OK↔BY. Congrats! Most wanted square.

OK1KIR EME QSOs in April 2010.  Arecibo tests of DF9CY. As well as by PY2ZX. Publish your announcement.

More to KP4AO - what they heard on PuertoRico: 1,2.  And how worked them OK hams.  Audiorecords NA6MF.

Check log of KP4AO. Is your callsign there? How to send a QSL? Your regular QSL service will not help you, hi.

OK1UGA wkd first 2m QSO OK ↔ OA. Congrats!  Marco IK4WKU prepares May Contest. New EME ops: 1, 2.

First OK/OM reports of KP4AO: OK2PMS, OK1KPA, OM2ZZ, OK1KTT.  On 22.4 will be peak of Lyrids shower.

Onj 2m EME/MS were activated Dx-peds: MJ/DF2ZC IN89, T70A JN63, UT6UG KO51.  On 4m MS is GU8FBO.

K1JT report from Sunday's KP4AO [pic] operation, in the log is 240QSO & 57DXCC!  Pics of 70cm feed in KP4.

KP4AO's EME Reports by: K1WHS, SQ3FYK IK5QLO, ON4BCB, KA0ZAZ & many others as reported below.

Some videorecords of KP4AO operation here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22.

DX-pedition KP4AO finished with great success.  More within next few days. Final results of OK March Contest.

K1JT's report from Saturday's KP4AO operation, next 103 QSOs in the log.  KP4AO's EME record by OK1TEH.

KP4AO operation via EME, even include counterparts, you could "received" on line via IP SDR receiver PI9CAM.

Month position in OK on 17th. April (AZ/EL) you can find here.  KP4AO is today 12 dB stronger, than on Friday.

Al K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 70cm & up.  On Saturday try again KP4AO on 70cm.  KP4AO live.

Are you ready for 70cm QSO to KP4?  OK2AQ in Czech TV.  New, detailed OK RS mapInvitation to Mauritius.

New 3cm beacon in Croatia. Aurora began to be active - report SM7GVF. Aurora prediction for beginning of May.

Interesting disertation work on 23cm PA.  LD-MOS life-time issue.  Note to the OK1AIY's OK µW history article.

QSL card for 1st QSO OK-LZ on 3cm . Final Slovakian results of March contest 2010.  EME expedition into GJ.

Microwaves history in OK by OK1AIY [PDF], MP3 audio record of presentation, more of OK history by OK1TEH.

Final results of ARRL EME Contest 2009 plus QST comments.  10GHz testing between YO4FNG and UT5JCW.

DF2ZC released new 2m EME NewsLetter. QSL for 70cm QSO OK - KP4. OK2POI completed 70cm WAC.

How interesting is VHF you can read on the CRC VHF manager's blog.  If the VHF is not cool for you, try chess.

RF wattmeter chip ADL5519. Preparation of 2m DX-pedition 3B8EME.  P3E project status. Mirek's OK2AQ web.

Web of TDARS club and Newsletters. PLL oscillator for G4JNT microwave rig. Quarz oscillators & SDR YU1LM.

Interesting web page K3UH, focused among others to tubes circuits News on  VK3UM SW upgrade.

IV3SIX released EU results of the Marconi Memorial Contest 2009.Preliminary results of the OK Easter Contest.

Easter Monday give us after more years first Aurora, usable as well as on 144MHz (from OK).  Tension in CRC?

Joe K1JT sent KP4AO operational schedule for April.  We wish KP4AO team great succes with this EME event!

Lada, OK1DIX released new version [6.29] of VUSC 4WIN contest log. Check the list of last improvements here.

PA controller by VK4DD & his 2m PA kits.  How much you'll pay for PA hybrids?  Interesting mixer with high IP.

Already 4.4 will be Easter Contest. At least give us the points! Most wanted EU locators. The best 70cm aerials.

Still CW or already MGM?  Software for telegraphy over EME below noise level.  More tips on the VE1ALQ web.

Article about history of 220 MHz U.S. band.  SSTV EME on 23cm by PI9CAM.  New VLNA G4DDK for 432MHz.

Optimalization of small aerial setup for 23cm EME operation -> electronic translation of RW3BP article 1, 2 & 3.

What has PA4FP for sale? For example combiners. Next EME events by KP4AO. Two meters 20.el OWA Yagi.

EME activity of OK1KIR on 19 - 27.3 2010. New world tropo DX-record on 4m. Actuals by EME Dx-ped. 8Q7QQ.

OK1KIR made 1st 3cm QSO OK-LZ, Congrats. FB web of well known DL7APV.  Microwave meeting in Frenstat.

Summary of OK & OM reports from observation of Arecibo KP4AO activity on 70cm EME, include MP3 records.

OK1TEH's new OK & OM EME Window for January & February.  New 2m EME NewsLetter.  RS season begun.

This weekend 27-28.3 has been held traditional CW Dubus REF EME contest. Why not try QSO with IK3MAC?

First QSO OK - 8Q7 on 23cm & OK - 4L1 on 70cm has completed by OK1DFC. More abt. 8Q7QQ here & here.

OK1KIR's test of new feed on 9cm & QSO OK - 8Q7 on 70cm. OK7FA made first QSO to 8Q7 on 144MHz.

OK0EQ beacon is after 5 years of promises finally partly QRV. We trust in rapid upgrade of OK0EC and OK0EZ.

Preliminary OK results of March VHF Contest. Next videorecord related to EME event "Echoes of Apollo". More.

New 100W transistor for 23cm PA.  Influence of boom size to UHF antenna performance. Limited power by FCC.

KP4AO EME was imposing. We can listen them even on dipole! Report preparation running, pse ur impressions 

And this was signal of KP4AO recorded by OK1TEH & OK1VPZ. Next 70cm activity is planned on Monday 22.3.

KP4AO activated Arecibo dish on 70cm EME (56 dBd) and first QSO OK KP4 was done on 19.3 by OK1KIR.

Tonight on 19th March should be QRV EME KP4AO from Arecibo on 432 MHz. Useful maps at SM7LCB's web.

On 19th March OK1KIR made first QSO OK - HB9 on 3,4 GHz, Congrats!  Next EME expedition 8Q7QQ MJ64.

Are you interested in UHF aircraft reflection propagation? Actual AP radar is here (tnx SK7MW), more: 1, 2, 3, 4.

SP beacons in JO83 are QRV again.  Next construction.  Final results of OK Winter QRP Contest by OK1DOM.

Video from March VHF: DK0MU, DL7AOS, IW2NNZ. FM Contest on 70 & 23cm - JF1UCV.  Microwave meeting.

Excellent 16mm HB9RG's film [1962] about first EME contacts in EU is online. 2m 4xY.EME expedition HS0ZIL

OK1DIX wrote OK2KKW's report from March contest. 2 tone AF generator for testing of IMD of your TRX and PA

Al K2UYH releases new EME Newsletter for 432MHz & above. Precise allocation of WW locator by GSM phone.

March VHF by OK2KOG, OK2FKF, DF0MTL. Luboš OK1ZDA notify termination of VHF contesting due to QRM.


March C. 2010 by OK1KFH, OL4K, OK1JKT, OK1KPA, OK2KYZ, OK2KJI, OM2ZZ, OM3KTR. News at OK1KIR.

March Contest 2010 by OK2C+2, OK1EM, OK1VM, OK5Z, OK1UFF. Preliminary results in 9A, OK, OM, G, S5.

Preliminary results of OK Winter QRP Contest 2010 & comment. The first 122 GHz QSO OE ↔ DL, more here.

Iceland allowed 4m for radioamateurs. QSL card for 1st QSO OK-UN on 2m Es.  VHF audiorecords by EA6VQ.

Rotator control unit by OK2PMS. Not only manuals & schematics.  OK0EQ and OK0EZ are not active for years.

Don't totally rely on the VSWR protection! We have prepared cups for winners of MČR VHF championship 2009.

Leave your notification for March VHF Contest, weather forecast here.  February EME report OK3RM & OK2DL.

Bolid above East Slovakia. Did someone observed MS burst? How to fix the radiation trouble of your set top PC?

Slovak survey, related to VHF Contests.  Precise frequency of beacons has measured again. Flea market in DL.

On 28.2 OK1UGA completed first 2m QSO OK-FY, congrats!  28.2 is the last day of 2m activity of FY/DL2NUD.

More info to preparation  of Arecibo 70cm EME activation. On 144MHz is MS & EME active 3A/DL8YHR. More.

Telegraphy training by GSM phone. Locators precise map tool. Few words to the Vienna IARU meeting results.

Short note and original wording of EME window by OK1TEH written for Radiožurnál 6/2009. Very nice videospot.

DL6NAA prepares for March Contest from snowy DL0AR QTH. And what about your QTH?  New MGM via EME.

Conference minutes from Vienna meeting are rather sad and will create worsening of hampsirit in VHF contests.

Near Torun in SP will be 90m radiotelescope. Local microwave meeting on Kozákov planned on 8.May. VHFinfo.

Actual list of DX-peditions. OM3KII web in the new design and a late report from UHF Contest. SI570 chip's L.O.

European results of IARU VHF Contest 2009.  RF kits from Australia.  24GHz by K2DH. Arecibo EME changes.

CQ WW 160m CW 2010 by OM6A. FY/DL2NUD launched EME on 70cm. MJ/DF2ZC peparation for EME & MS.

23cm 300W PA by OK2DL. Blog of radioclub OM3KTY.  PTT sequencer by OK1KVK.  Winter corner of K2UYH.

Al, K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 432MHz & above bands.  Can USA wait for 70 MHz band launch?

Franco, I2FAK is QRV on 2m EME again with new 16x19el Y. On 2m is activated EME Dxpedition FY/DL2NUD.

New EU DX record on 76 GHz -> 159,5km, more. DK7ZB aerial from OK2FKF shack. AZ control unit by VK5DJ.

New 2m ZS tropo DX record 3205km ZS FR5, more. Within April would be QRV EME radiotelescope Arecibo!

QRP Contest 2010 by: OK1KUO + pic, OK2FKF, OK1KPI.  CQ WW 160m CW 2010: OM5M, OK1HDU, OK2ZI.

Preparation for EME operation by OK1VEN, OK3VM.  Arecibo radiotelescope pictures. Linear repeater DB0HIR.

Impressions from Winter QRP test: OK1MCS, OK1FEN, OK1COM, OK1KCI. Nice version of well known design.

Actual DX-peditions list. Did you observed MS burst? NASA search for reason of gama flashes. Some Es links?

Simple, Excel based Contest log by OK1FEN. Interesting design of microstrip filters, known as open loop filters.

Report of OK2KKW club participation on the CQ WW CW 160m 2010, more by: OM8A, OL7M, OL4A & OM7M.

VHF Conference of IARU will be held in Vienna already in this month.What is your thinking? web news.

On the first February weekend will be held Winter OK QRP Contest. OK participants will be not alone on air: 1,2.
DF2ZC brings new EME NewsLetter for 144MHz.  Driver for 2m with MRF151. Compare with our old design here.
Now you can get the technical compendium of Dubus magazine.  Web ON7UN.  Lot of different ham radio links.
This weekend will be CQ WW 160m Contest. Give us some points on Middle waves! Friday's night Super Moon.
VK3UM SW tools: Electromagnetic field limits Calculator, 7.01 v. of EME Calc, EME Planner & Interdigital filter.
Aerials designs, not only for 23cm, on the I1WQR web. Virtual tubes museum. 90deg power combiner for 13cm.
Photogallery RA3WME. About RainScatter mode by WA1MBA. 3cm in MO:1,2. SP7VVB is QRV on 1296MHz.
Overview of the Best European VHF QSOs for 2009.  Statistics of the Es openings in 2009. Microwave museum.
On the weekend will be very good EME condx. Software for microstrips design by producer of boards -> Rogers.
What will be better for 2m: IC7700 or FT5000? Unfortunately the Sideband noise performance will be not enough.
Well-known FR5DN lost 70cm EME aerial. New planned 2m EME DXpeditions: 8Q7QQ, FY/DL2NUD, 3B8EME.
Check your CW skills. On the OK2KKW web now works fulltext searching again.  Calc for RF cable attenuation.
On 23-24.Jan. we have hopes for good tropo condx from OK to UA3/EW. Reminder for 70-ties years tropo condx.

On the Sun has observed first M class flare of 24th. cycle, maybe look forward for Aurora.  EME web of DK5EW.
Few more words to the 70cm PA instability, observed in FT847 transceiver from time to time. Circulator 430MHz.

Simple omnidirectional slot antenna for 23cm beacon. Suitable profile here. More about this design: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

If you are able read in the Czech and/or Slovak language, you can order Slovak nice ham magazine Radiozurnal.

Update of worked squares & DXCC of OK2KKW. Beside it we completed logs. More abt.OK1CDJ's Remote-Rig.

New OK VHFDX TOPLIST not contains EME QSOs. KB2LJJ's modifications web. Russian SURA project for Es

K2UYH released new EME 70cm & up NewsLetter. Agreed: Galileo commercial navigation will interfere in 23cm.

July VHF contest 2009 video spots by EI5FK. DL6NAA abt.TS850.  Monitoring of UHF-SHF beacons by DL7QY.

Transistor for your new 23cm PA. The construction idea for such PA.  New, interesting solid state chips: 1, 2, 3.

Vintage EME footage from Scotland from beginning of EME tests in sixties. EME event EOA. RSGB beacon list

Yagi elements corrections when used square form boom. OK1CDJ's preparation for new contest season is done.

On the RSGB web you can find Sept. 09 RadCom magazine (JT4G) Update of OK1TEH 432 MHz EME galery.

DF2ZC released new EME NewsLetter for 2 m band. New SDR receiver for 2m & 70cm: 1, 2, 3SM3GSJ maps.

Quadrantids 2010 by OK1TEH (first 70cm MS QSO OK-LZ, audio) + OM3CWY.  Asteroids observation by radar.

4L1FP activated Georgia on 2 m via EME. Congrats!  100W GaN transistor for 23cm. Interesting LNO by I4BER.

kW transistor for SSB on two meters & sugestion for solid state PA. CS DX Club has electronic magazine only.

Final results of CQ WW 160m 2009, we achieved 3.rd position in OK. Invitation to OK Winter VHF QRP contest.

Slovak manual for WSJT 6 by Jozef OM3BC. Quadrantids 2010 by OK2POI and OK2PMS. SHF web by K6JEY.

On the beginning of January is back MS shower of Quadrantids, sharp peak predicted by I.M.O. on 3. Jan.19utc.

Will be Mesosphere future for repeaters? Callendar of OK VHF Contests for 2010. 1296MHz QSO OK - UN.

Remembrance to contest season 2009: video spots DM7A, F6KUP, EA3LA, F8KLY, F8KTH, DR2P & DL7AFB.

All the best in 2010, particularly good health, happiness, success in business, good DX contacts and no QRM.

Do not forget register in DX TopList your achievements. Final results of OK VHF Contests Master championship.

Aerial noise calculator for EME by OM6AA. Statement, which we would confirm. More in that issue here & here.

OK0EC beacon in renovation. Circuits changes of BIAS supply. Note for use of VUSC SW in the 26.12. contest.

Members of OK2KKW Contest team wish to all readers of our info web page nice and peaceful Merry Christmas!

Al, K2UYH released Christmas EME NewsLetter for 70 cm & above bands. Interference issue by DF0MTL.More.

We celebrate 20 years since founding of OK2KKW call. MS calendar for 2010. 3cm beacon OK0ET QRV again.

Beacons...    QRB    Maps  (2)    Profiles

Sunrise above inversion layer - Jizerky mountain

DATE 25 -26. December 2010

197 K

144MHz.DGRD 1.1 dB
432MHz.DGRD 0.9 dB
RangeFactor 0.61 dB

Sporadic E web  ES-map    Live MUF



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