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The new year wishes forwarded from OK1VAM to all of OK2KKW's visitors. A Happy & prosperous new year 2016!

Digital rotator controller as well as for remote EME. MMC report by OK2KKW. Who heard within 2015 our beacon.

On 28.12 happened M1.9 eruption on Sun, CME could make new AU in OK on 31.12. XMAS contest by OK1TEH.

20.12/ Aurora by: OK1TEH +70cm, OK1SC, ON4KHG, S51ZO, photos from KN09. Geminids: ON4KHG, DK5EW.

Transatlantic Aurora on 50 MHz at EI3KD's web+ PA4VHF. XMAS contest 2015 by OK1OPT, OK1ZHS, OK1KFH.

New project at "Políčko": 4 x 6el. G0KSC for HF. Delayed reports from MMC 2015: DK3WE, OL4N, F8KID, OK5T.

AZ/EL rotator controller by Pavel, OK1DX. Russian Field day 2015 results. Claimed score: OK Christmas Contest.

Good mixers with very high IP3: 1, 2, 3, 4. And what about good old E88CC? 70MHz projects PA7MU. 70MHz PA.

Lunar EME calendar for all weekdays 2016. Remind traditional Czech Christmas VHF contest. Good tool is VUSC.

Christmas time EME Newsletter for 70cm & up. OM6AA's idea use basin form reflector applied for 13cm patch feed.

RSGB's suggested changes for Vienna VHF meeting of IARU on April. Geosynchronous amateur radio transponder.

IARU UHF Contest results in G, F, HB, I + ON. MMC results: DL, OM and ON. VLF test on 24.12 from this station.

What about PCB manufacture for circuits on OK2KKW web. Who is in the Aurora log of John G4SWX + comment.

Announced Aurora really came - precisely as forecasted. Only OK's fall asleep. What made for example DH8BQA.

Some 2m Aurora probability this weekend? Check for example here. Upgraded 70MHz DXcluster without 40m spots.

Results of MS operation via Geminids shower: ES3RF and SO3Z (1),(2). New EME Newsletter DF2ZC for 2m band.

Digital wattmetr by OK1UGA. Russian VNA. MMC 2015 contest by OK1FIG + antenna. MMC results in DL & OM.

Broadcasting bands, which are not using VHF, probably will became history soon. We believe, it is a tragical fault.

70 years since first test of use of EME for radio communication. More. MS QSO via Geminids + Aurora by OK1TEH.

Actual pics of Geminids MS shower, on 14 + 15.12 morning expect best condx for MS QSO. How to start with MS?

Pavel OK1AIY wkd on 5.12 on 10GHz via tropo DX QSOs F6DKW 984km and F5DQK 962km, QSL here, congrats!

When CRC will publish final valid results of IARU VHF Contest?  MMC: OM prefinal results. History of 160m band.

Already in these days you can observe Geminids MS shower (max.on 14.12). OK UHF/SHF Contest 2015 results.

Opinion poll: have OK VHF Contests rules & swap of UHF and VHF Contests your support?  UHF Contest: DR9A.

Company NXP producer of RF power semiconductors (former Philips), bought for >40 mld.$ Freescale (f. Motorola).

IARU VHF Newsletter # 68. What was possible wkd tropo in last days from Prague. Microwaves filters design SW.

Alternative SW for meteor scatter. UHF Contest results in DL, F, OM, ON, HB. Do you support such Contest swap?

How loud was CQ from Prague near Atlantic coast. More here. Short tropo opening as well as on 5.12? 4m in OK.

On 2.12 has started short tropo TR openning from DL/OK into EA1(!). 2.12 is last day for work FR/DL1RPL on 2m.

ARRL EME Contest 2015 II.leg by: OK1KIR, OK1YK, OK2DL, OK2ULQ. More about SK of I4XCC from his family.

Prefinal results of the OK UHF Contest for last checkSolution of the doppler shift for 10GHz EME operation. More.

QSL cards could have strange destiny. SPID rotator modification. New 70cm DG7YBN antenna. Ebay's 23cm PA.

Construction of the automatic HV voltage start up unit for tube PA.  Presentations from Meteor Scatter Workshop.

CRC representative suggested change of the Czech VHF contesting rules. UHF antenna by ON6MU. LI-FI project.

Claudio, I4XCC Silent key.. Remember to outstanding man and a "father" of 10GHz DX operation, RIP dear friend..

EME QSO OK - FH on 2m has completed by 10el Y. First QSO 9A - HA on 47 GHz. What new on ON4KHG web.

MMC 2015 by: OK7O, IQ4AX, OK1KFB, OK2KOJ & OK2A log. First 70cm QSO OK - FH wkd OK1DFC, congrats.

First 2m QSO OK ↔ FH has completed (-14dB) by Jarda OK1RD. Congrats. Updated list of OK and OM beacons.

MMC by OL7C. Start of EME Dx-peds FH/DL1RPL & soon as well as HK0/DL2NUD. OK1RD's new VHF/MW web.

Al, K2UYH přináší nový EME Newsletter pro 70 cm & výše. Bude setkání v OM věnované měření fázového šumu?

MMC 2015 by: OM6A, OL7Q, OK1KFH, OK1OPT, OL1C, OK5K, OM5AW and more. Remind Leonids MS shower.

Anniversary of our OFRA hope and stolen ideas of 1989 year. OM6A released UHF Contest story. Telegraph keys.

MMC 2015 by OK5K. ČTÚ as well as in 2016 will open 70MHz.  CRC asleep. OK1TEH fog pics within tropo condx.

Maybe interesting PA e-shop. MMC 2015 by OL3Z. DL2DR page. Web F1FRV celebrates 10 years. Crazy antenna.

MMC 2015 impressions by: OK2I, OK1KHL, OK2G, EI5IX, PA4VHF, F8KID. UZ5DX abt. UHF-C. RSGB abt. WRC.


Web pages, focused to traditional digital communication, morse telegraphy. XO up to 5GHz. Waveguide BPF 3cm.

MMC 2015 by: SN9D, SK7MW + pics, DA0FF + video + 2. Claimed scores: OK, OM, 9A, G, PA, SP, S5 and IARU.

Delayed report from UHF Contest by OL9W. NAC by LA0BY. Web SM7DTT. EME NewsLetter DF2ZC of 144MHz.

Leave your announce of participation in Marconi Memorial Contest (the most popular CW VHF Contest)! Weather.

An interesting presentation by Giorgio, IK3GHY about 10 GHz RS & RS QSO IQ1KW with OM6A. OH1SA's web.

DL1RPL is preparing 2m / 70cm DX pedition at Mayotte island (FH). For 2016 is planned 2m EME by KH6/KB7Q.

S51FB invites you to participate in an interesting project. Prefinal results of OK VHF Contest. VHF Contest in OM.

2m NAC 03rd Nov by: OK1TEH, OK1ES, OK1DQT, OK1ZHS + claimed results. UHF-C 2015 by: TM9A, S59DGO.

First preliminary international results of IARU UHF Contest 2015. Rover microwave party in 9A/S5/OE on 24 GHz.

TR. condx z 31.10 by OK2KKW, OK1ES. TR overview  from 23/24.10 by: OK1AIY/P, OK1DOL, OK1RK, OK2WO.

PE1L finished his expedition into TO2/PJ7. ARRL EME Contest 2015 - I. by OK1TEH, OK1CA, OK2DL, OK2ULQ.

First 13cm QSO OK-PJ7 wkd OK1DFC, congrats. Actual tropospheric situation is possible to watch via webcams.

Interesting circuit UBX-M8030 for 10MHz reference. Visitation of ES3RF. Where to buy coils. About QRP and HW.

Tropo condx are still good. Check out 3.11 2m NAC! Forecast for 2/3.11 presume geomagnetic storm or even AU?

Tropo log of OK1TEH from last week. Main IARU WRC15 interest: 60m. 70MHz report, requested by CTO authority.

ECC Newsletter. UHF Contest by: OM3RRC, DF0YY. New tropo condx? First QSO OK - PJ7 on 23cm by OK2DL.

UHF Contest 2015: OL7Q. Lot of Polish videopresentations, focused to the hamradio homebrewing. FT897 for 4m.

Tropo DX condx on 23 to 24.Oct. by: OK7RA, OK1DQT, OK1ES, OK1JKT, OK1SC, OK2PMS, ES3RF, DH8BQA.

DX-ped. TO2EME on 2m by OK2PMS + OK1TEH. Tropo condx 23.10, video by: F8GGD, EA1GCN & SO3Z JO82.

First 70 + 13cm QSO OK - TO2 wkd OK1DFC, congrats. 23/24.10 weekend on 24 GHz EME: OK1KIR & OK1CA.

Geneva welcome Assembly RA-15 ahead of the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015. Tunable capacitors.

Novelty from the world of radiocommunication on Microwave engineering. Construction of 50 75 ohms matching.

Announced tropo condx really came. Since 23 till 25.10. OK VHF operators made many DX QSOs from EA to OH.

What is real number of Czech Radio Club members? Still only 2394, 1500 or even above 30000? See similar story.

First 2m QSO OK - TO2 worked OK1RD & 1st QSO on 23cm achieved OK1DFC. Photos of 9cm beacon OK0EA.

Info about expedition TO2EME and photos. Today is the last chance for your easy 144 MHz QSO with Africa IH9.

During Orionids is QRV 2m MS expedition IH9/PE1BTV JM66AT, see photos. UHF Contest 2015: IK3GHY, HA8V.

OK2PMS got his 2m DXCC, Congrats! Don't miss upcoming perfect tropo condx. Mirek, OK1YK and 13cm EME.

QSL cards for first 13 + 9cm QSO OK-5B. October TR condx by DH8BQA and EI3KD. UHFC-2015 claimed in DL.

IF transceivers - video: 1, 2, 3. Maybe suitable rather for HF (+ CB). And what about this comparison? F1DUZ web.

UHF Contest 2015 by I4XCC, more 1, 2. New EME NewsLetter K2UYH for 70cm & up. Largest world dish antenna.

UHF Contest 2015 by: OK2A, IZ3NOC/5, S55M, I3CLZ, 9A4QV & OK1CJH. Prefinal results of VHF Contest in OM.

UHF Contest 2015: OK1KPA. Amateur radio presentation. How to measure antenna SWR. OK0EA beacon news.

QSL card which confirm first 3cm QSO Europe - South America (tnx Tonda). Claimed scores of UHF-C in France.

HB9Q by 9cm QSO with 5B/DL2NUD completed first WAC rules, in OK the same completed OK1KIR. Congrats!

First 13 + 9cm QSO OK - 5B assigned for OK1KIR. DL VHF-C results. VK3UM released new EME Calc software.

UHF Contest 2015 by UR7D. European results of July Field day 2015. Russian transceivers 1, 2. Hi IP VHF mixer.

UHF Contest 2015 by: OK2PNQ, OK1OPT. Legal Remote RX: really on Medium waves only? Aurora from Oct.7th.

UHF Contest 2015 by: OK1KUO, OK2PWY, OL3Y+OK1KHI, OK2I. Claimed EU results of IARU VHF Contest 2015.

OK0EA actual info. Last version of documents, allow you to transmit in another country: T/R 61-01 and T/R 61-02.

UHF Contest 2015 by: OM3KII, OK2KFJ, OK1AYR, OL3Z, OK5K, TM54E. Results of IARU 50 & 70MHz Contest.

UHF Contest 2015 by: PA0EHG, SN5R, 9A2SB & OM3KTR. Info about nice TROPO condx. 2428km 2m TR QSO.

Well known EME op Eltje, PA3CEE is SK. On 2m is QRV DX-ped. 5B/DL2NUD. Be ready for EME DX-ped. HK0.

UHF Contest 2015 by: DL0GTH, OK1EM, OK1JKT, OK2G, OM3KDX, G3XDY, DR5T, IQ1KW, 9A5M, S5 stations.

UHF Contest 2015 by: OM3CA, OM6W + pics, OK2C, OK1NWD, OK1VM, OK1ZHS. F6ETI rec. from VHF Contest.

May the PLC come on stage again? Claimed scores of the IARU UHF/SHF Contest: 9A, G, OK, OM, PA, SP, S5.

On 2.nd October will be FB tropo condx to LA/G/SM, old version of Hepburn's maps is here, weather forecast here.

OK1DIX released new version (6.41.) of the free contest log VUSC4WIN, incorporated Airscout SW support. More.

9cm band in HA is allowed again between 1. - 31.10. First 2m QSO OK - V73 was achieved by OK1RD, Congrats.

DUBUS EME CW Contest 2015 results. Well-known PA0EZ is SK. First 9cm QSO OM↔OE. New VHF beacons.

Leave annonce abt. participation in the UHF Contest. Here & maybe as well as here. More Chinese ham satellites.

Transceiver K3 (with new synthesizer KSN3A) has better sideband noise only close to QRG. Compare pics 1 + 2.

Old fashioned OK1AIY's article about SSB on VHF in OK. New beacon in JO60LJ is OK0EKL.  ARI EME Contest.

VHF / UHF Triplexer. Cheap 10GHz signal source. Voltage converter with 24V output. Interesting gear. Sky beacon.

VHF Contest 2015 by OK1TEH. Cheap Noise figure tester based on SDR stick. PWR thermic meter. Web DL4KG.

VHF Contest 2015 by IQ4AX. Well-known VHF operator PA0GUS passed away. Something to read. 24V for relay.

VHF Contest 2015 z Velké Javoriny. Deska zdroje předpětí elektronkového PA doplněná sekvencerem. 13cm PA.

Few impressions from VHF Contest 2015 by OK1KUO. First 3cm QSO OK - LU wkd OK1KIR. Congrats! 23cm PA.

Bad luck of OL7M in VHF Contest. Oscillator for 2m transverter. G3RUH's 10MHz GPS standard. K5JL protection.

VHF Contest 2015: OK7O, TM9A, G8T, TM2W, PA6NL, OM3KDX, DA0FF, GM3HAM, SP3KWA. Yaesu museum.

How popular is the CRC's OK_list? Astonishing volume is 367 only. Electromechanical filters by Collins are history.

VHF Contest 2015 by: 5P5T, OM6A, OM3KTR, OK2KZB, OL7C, SP6KEP, F1UVN. M2M communication on 4m?

VHF Contest 2015 by OK1NPF. On Sept.11 was AU on 2m again, check OK1TEH's log. AU pictures made in OK.

VHF Contest 2015 by: OL3Y, F5KDK, UR7D, IQ3RO, F8KID/F5LEN.  Reminder plus UHF Contest 1986 analysis.

VHF Contest 2015 by: OL9W, DL0GTH, SN7L, OM6W, ON4KHG, PC5T, OL1C, OL2J, OL4N, OK2KYZ, OM7KW.

VHF Contest 2015 by: OK1FIG, OK1ZHS, OK1UFF, OK5K, OK1KFH, OK1OPT, DL0WRTC + stations in S5, 9A.

First 2m QSO OK - TX7 worked by Jarda, OK1RD. OK1AIY sent QSL card and info about 1st 9cm QSO with OE.

DF2ZC released new issue of his 2m EME NewsLeter. OK1TEH released 2m EME column written for Radizurnal.

Experiments with stratospheric balloon on 13cm band in OM. In September 2m AU was reachable even from OK.

ARRL SHF EME contest 15 by: OK1KIR, OK1CA, OK2AQ. Ivan OK1IL recieved diploma for 2m DXCC, congrats.

Claimed results of the IARU VHF Contest 2015: 9A, S5, OK, OM, SP, PA. OL7C - delayed report from the Field day.

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Antenna Yagi w/o reflector. 70MHz transceiver GW4RWR. More. How & who receiving. Reminder!  2m QRP 1 + 2.

Field day evaluation delays observed as well as in Russia. 10GHz DXs by OK1JKT. Videos for hams from Dayton.

Try in IARU VHF Contest QSO to CT. CRC annonced results postpone of July Contest.  July Contest OM results.

First OK - OE 9cm QSO completed by Pavel OK1AIY, congrats! Perseids 2015 from S5 + UA. TK/PA2CHR JN43.

Icom 7700 & unwanted radiation. GHz beacons just on Czech border. Independent hamradio internet is a hamnet.

Leave your annonce about participation in the IARU Region I. VHF Contest 2015. Online contest weather forecast.

First QSO OK - HV on 70cm succeeded by OK1DFC. Congrats!  Traditional ARRL EME Contest for microwavers.

QSL cards collection for first QSOs OK abroad. OK1DFC has completed 23cm DXCC (beside OK1KIR), congrats!

EME DX-trip V73EME. 70cm trap fixed TVI. TVI filter VK3NX. DL results of July F.D. How many QSOs in July F.D.

How to startup 10GHz. Force majeure addendum. Russian VHF ham convention. OM Field day prefinal results.

IARU VHF Contest "Where are the limits?" from S5 (TNX). On 27th August was 2m Aurora even in Middle Europe.

OK Field day 2015 - prefinal results. Force majeure. Detector for power measure up to 3cm. Satellite info M5AKA.

SW log for tablet with Android OS. How we made in July OK2A at 10GHz - video OZ7Z. OK1CJB: Holice feelings.

New transceiver ICOM 7300 has beside IF as well as 70MHz. Coax relays - data: 1, 2, 3. Pictures of Sprites, more.

Al, K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 70cm & UP. Holice 2015 by: OK1OPT +pic, VeverkaCB + OK1NMI.

MS DX-pedition IK0/PA2CHR is on air around 144.358 MHz from rare LOC JN51XX. 10GHz RS news by OK1JKT.

VHF Contest blog G4FRE. Interesting mixer for classic microwave bands. IARU message. Zieleniec meeting pics.

In the EU is for plane scatter QSOs widely used Airscout by DL2ALF, but as well as exist Aircraft Scatter W3SZ.

Interface for LED bargraf to show actual current of SSPA modules. A bit another CW lesson. OK1EM abt. Holice.

Final results of the OK Summer QRP Contest 2015. Amateur radio projects of VK5DJ. 4m DX trip of SV9/DJ5MN.

SP VHF meeting Zieleniec presentations: G4SWX abt. DX QSOs on 144MHz (related audio files are here + here).

SP VHF meeting Zieleniec presentations: OK1TEH abt. VHF Contests, next files are here, here, here. First QSO.

Final results of OK June Microwave Contest 2015. Memorial OM3AU Contest results. Mixer OK1UFL up to 80GHz.

OK QRP Contest + note. New OK GHz beacon: OK0EK QRV. OK1VPZ's lecture at SP VHF meeting: PL, CZ, EN.

OK1TEH pics from SP VHF meeting Zieleniec. Perseids 2015: OK2PMS, OK1UGA, OK1DQT, ES3RF, DH8BQA.

On 15. August this free OK2KKW's VHF ham news portal celebrates already 15th anniversary! Tnx for all support!

First 70MHz QSO OK - ZB2 wkd OK1TEH.  DF2ZC's new 2m EME Newsletter. Alpe Adria VHF contest by OL1P.

MS Perseids will have peak during evening 12 / 13th August. Actual MS radar. Prediction of radiant. EI9E is QRV.

Al, K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 432 MHz &UP. On 7th and 9th August was Es. 4/2m MS from OH0.

MS shower Perseids 2015 has started, see live MS gallery + actual list of active MS expeditions is here and here.

Don't forget to well known 144MHz MS Sprint Contest on 12-14th August. How to make your first VHF MS QSO?

Funny discussion at CRC list. APRS and old satellite create QRM for MS on 144.390 MHz. Plan to visit Zieleniec?

Alpe Adria VHF Contest 2015 by OK2KJT, OE/OL1P, S57Q, S59R & more stations, see the first claimed results.

QRP reminder. Leave your annonce as well as! Final results of Youth operators Field day. Did you wkd Gibraltar?

Will P3E fly soon? More here + here. Ask your association support this document! Locators map for VHF operator.

Field day 2015 by: OM6A, OL7Q, OK2C + OK1KAD. OK1GTH's article abt. LDMOS, LPFs and pics from July F.D.

Polish beacons in the 70MHz band. Secondary domain is QRV agn. Interesting book about SDR RXs.

Standa OK1MS completed his first 1000 initials EME QSOs (CW only!!) on 144MHz. Congrats! More details here.

Youth operators Field day - claimed scores. 3400MHz is more perspective, than 13cm, but threaten by UWB noise.

American VHF, UHF + SHF Contests. July VHF: OM7PY, YU1AHW, F4HJC, G3PYE, RT7A & F4ASQ.  Es LZ9X.

OK1TEH unexpectedly received 3 Russian awards for his VHF QSOs - check here, here & here.  Power measure.

Rain scatter log of Claudio I4XCC. Our windows are wide-open. Prefinal results of Czech Microwave Contest 2015.

DF2ZC released 2m EME Newsletter.  DUBUS Digital EME Championship.  70MHz DX trip SP7VC. GaN on 6cm.

Field day 2015 by: OL1C, OM3KDX, RT2M, OK5YY. MS Contest. Alpe Adria Contest. More: 1, 2, 3, 4. JP51 / 4m.

3cm Rain scatter DX season is here, check the results of OK1JKT, OK1TEH, HA8MV/p & in 9A.  986km on 3cm!

Field day 2015 by: OL7M, OK1KUO, OK1VOF, DJ5AR, PI4GN, F6KFH. More by France. Invitation: QRP Contest.

Field day 2015 by: OK2A, IQ4AX, OK1VEI, IZ3NOC, IS0BSR, DQ1200HI.  25 years of OK2KKW VHF contesting.

OK1KIR worked XE1XA. It is first 23cm QSO OKMexico. Congrats! OK1GTH's photogallery from Bodamsee trip.

Field day 2015 by: LA0BY, OK2G, F8KID, OK1MHK + in Russia. LZ1NY's pics from JN47SQ. Short note to CRC.

Field day 2015 by: OL3Y, DA0FF (2), M0BAA, UR7D, SN7L, OK1KJO, DR2P & EW4WQ. Claimed results in YU.

Cups for winners of MČR on VHF championship 2014. Don't forget send your VHF Contest log here and even here.

IARU R1 Tropo DX record 4070km on 70cm. More. Field day 2015 by:OZ1ALS, OK2I, F5KGP, OK1KPA, OK1OPT.

Field day 2015 by: F1NSR, OK5T + OK5K. OK0EA - service outage. Friedrichshafen's VHF meeting presentation.

Field day 2015 by: OM7KW, OK6R, OM3KTR, OK1RKS, OK1KMP, G5TO, EW4WQ, 4L1FH, RA6HVB. Topband.

Field day 2015 by: OK1JKT, OK2KYZ, OK6R, OM3KII, G3XDY, DR4M, ON4KHG & DH8BQAFB 2m Es on 8.7.

Field day 2015 by: DL0GTH, DA0FF, OK1AYR, OK1CJH, OK1VM, OL2J, OM6W, IQ1KW.  Aurora condx on 4.7.

Field day 2015 by: OK1EM, OK1ZHS, S59P, S59DEM. Perliminary results in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, SP, PA, G, EU.

Final results of May VHF contest 2015 (2nd.subreg.) in OK, we (OK2A) have hattrick win, tnx to all for your points!

Al, K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 432 MHz & UP. PE1L is preparing for 2m EME expedition into PJ7.

The OK0EB beacon (JN78) has extended as well as to GHz bands. Preliminary results of OM microwave Contest.

High voltage startup control unit for tube PA. Article about Joe K1JT. OM6BB's pics from Friedrichshafen. EUMW.

Info: due to some changes made by webhosting provider, the QRV list will be till July contest available here. Tnx!

Leave your annonce abt. participation in the  66th. July Field day contest! For present weather forecast click here.

OK2PMS article about his fight with 2m interference. LY2BAW QRV 4m. 70MHz beacons list. An award needed?

First 4m OK - LY QSO completed by Jirka OK2BRD, congrats. On 4m is active DX-ped.trip SP2JYR/2 (JO84KN).

Es from 27.6 touch OK territory. PA high voltage startup unit. Remind registration email. Cheap signal generator.

Last few days the Nature gave us the gift of 3 large Es opportunities. Even surprise to north. 3cm LNA challenge.

Satellite "Field day" by Polish beacons list. SP2DDV about airplane scatter QSOs.  May VHF in DL.

Suggested article by ON4KHG. Field day will be as well as in UA. OK2AQ presentation focused to 10GHz EME.

On 23th June has started predicted Aurora, listen mp3 of LA3BO in Prague, next opening would be on 25th.June.

History of first Auroral contacts. Preliminary results of  Alpe Adria UHF Contest 2015 and 9A QRP VHF contest.

New World DX record on 13 & 9cm bands between KH6 and W6 - 4024km!  Large Es condx opening June 22nd.

Since Monday 22.6 would be from OK usable radio Aurora. Next milestone in RF PWR: 300W on 2m from 150V!

OK1DIX released new version of the VHF Contest log SW VUSC v. 6.40. Auroral weather? Australian µW EU trip.

Contest weekend 20-21: 50+70MHz IARU, 9A VHF QRP, ALPE ADRIA UHF Contest & OK VHF Activity Contest.

Microwave contest by: OK2A, OM3KTR, OK1KAD, DM7A. IAC activity contest. On 18.6 we observed a nice Es.

Microwave contest: F6KFH. On 17 + 16.June were 2m Es, in OK and DL was heard EB8BRZ. Gajow pics: 1 + 2.

Microwave contest 2015 in large style by OM6A & by OK2KYZ, OK1UFF + F stations. Log I4XCC & OK2A logs.

Contradictory evaluations of Gajow meeting here, here. Microwave contest: OM3RRC, F6REF and in Russia. Lie.

Microwave contest by: I4XCC, OK1KUO, IK3GHY, OK1VM, OK2IMH50+70 MHz IARU contest on June 20-21.

10GHz RS season is here. Join it! Atypical silent Es. Prefinal results of the OK May Contest: hattrick for OK2A?

New translations of the OK1VPZ's HW articles: QRM issues, PCB directional coupler, asymetric divider design.

Microwave contest 2015 by: OL3Z, DL0GTH + S5 hams. Pics from OJ0B DX-pedition. New web for RS forecast.

Microwave contest 2015 by: OM3KII (2), OK1CJH. On 2m is QRV EME C6ANS  + KB7Q, OJ0B still QRV 2m MS.

New OK DX 10GHz RS DX record by OL9W (video), congrats. QSL for the very first 23cm QSO OK to KP2, tnx!

Microwave contest 2015 by: F6KPQ/p (more) & OL9W.  Excellent EME condx. Have you already Market Reef ?

Microwave contest 2015 by: OK1AYR, OK1KFH, 9A2SB, 9A4QV. 1009km RS QSO IQ1KW-OM6A, see movie.

Microwave contest 2015 by: OK2C, OK1EM, OM6BB, IQ1KW. Claimed results in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, SP and F.

Al, K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 432 MHz & UP. OM3AU's memorial by OK1ZHS. 2m Es on 08.6.

The oldest Czech ham OK1LU, which achieved first 3cm QSO in OK, celebrated 97th birthday, congratulations.

New EME NewsLetter DF2ZC for 2m band. Well known M. Prochazka is Silent Key. Watch out your grounding.

Short receiver test of FT991 on 2m. Other impressions to this gear are here and here. Synthesizer with ADF4350.

Leave your anonce abt. participation in the IARU Microwave Contest & OM3AU memorial. Weather forecast here.

Video from SM EME meeting Örebro. 2m June 1st. Es from SP to UA. Tucnak + AP on 3cm. New PLL OK1VM.

May VHF-C by OK1NPF & claimed scores in France. New 23cm beacon in JO73. Super tropo condx by EI3KD.

Some of first Polish, Russian & White Russian QSOs on 47GHz. Russian antenna rotors. Belgian Summer cup.

May VHF-C by DM3F and LNA from Ukraine. Weak Es. Jirka OK1FT passed away. More words to CRC budget.

English translation of OK1VPZ's HW articles: FT847 switch on troubles and sequencer for installation into a PA.

Map of active stations on 70 & 23cm of May VHF Contest. Interesting email. Did you read this article abt.ferrits?

Microwave activity from Helgoland. Who operated ZF2EM EME station? When will be Es on 4m. Chinese BJ1SB.

May VHF-C by OM3KII and OM7KW. Claimed DL scores. Well - known W7CS is SK. 70cm results: IAC + NAC.

Report from the May VHF-C: OK2A, OL7C, HB9LU, DJ8OG, F4EEJ, F8KGZ, IZ3NOC. HF RX by Lidl. Ferrit use.

Activity of ZF2EM, first 2m QSO OK - ZF has completed by OK1RD, more here. Congrats!  3cm RS from JN82.

May VHF-C by IQ4AX. Some comment to this document by CRC? Article for this design. SW update of IC7600.

New EME NewsLetter DF2ZC for 2m band. Invitation to 6m meeting.  Kozákov 2015 - few pics sent by OK1AIY.

Red sprites in OK. First stronger 2m Es of this year. Dayton info. 1st QSO OK↔7Q on 13 & 70cm by OK1DFC.

Tropo condx over Mediterranean Sea and Opera SW for weak signal communication. Meteor scatter SW MSHV.

µW Dubus EME Contest. Excellent EME condx nw. First 9cm QSO OK - 7Q7 by OK1KIR. Opportunity for QRP.

70MHz beacon in SP. 12cm pirate PAs. New beacons by CRC?   10GHz microwave links allocations: OK & EU.

May VHF-C by: OK2I, OK7O, OM5AW. Interesting discussion about 2m Es. How to watch Es? Response here.

New pics by EME DX-peds 7Q7EME + VP8DQE. OK1TEH wrote 2m EME window wrote for Radiožurnál. Switch.

May VHF-C by: OK1KUO + OK2KYZ. Sorry for temporary outage of Completion of QSL cards.

Cape Verde 2m beacon received not only in Portugal, but even in France. First 23cm QSO to 7Q7 has OK1DFC.

2m beacon from D44 received via tropo in PJ4!  First 2m QSO OK - 7Q7 has succeeded by OK1UGA. Congrats!

May VHF-C by: DA0FF (+DR9A), OM3RMY, OK5T, IK7LMX, S59P, EI3KD at 10GHz and claimed results in PA.

May VHF-C by: OL3Y, F6KFH, TM2F, OK1CPR + DK3WE. New VHF web from PA. DX-ped.Tahiti. DATV on 2m.

Beside Euro-Asian project of satellite 13/3cm transponder on geostacionary orbit start up as well as US project.

New VHF Newsletter IARU. 2m MS bursts in May VHF C-test. PA project ON7EQ. RSGB launch RadCom plus.

Al, K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 432 MHz & UP. We got sad info: John, G4EAT became silent key.

May VHF-C by: OK1CJH, OM3KTR, HA5KDQ, IQ1KW, SO3Z, DR4M. Last news from 2m EME expedition 7Q7.


Don't forget to Eta-Aquarids. Some experiences (not only) with 9cm in SP6: 1, 2. Start od DX-pedition Malawi 7Q.

May VHF Contest by: ON4KHG, OK1KFH, OK1EM. 10GHz RS condx. How to use 10GHz hamradio band (9min).

May VHF contest by: OK2C, OK1NWD, OK1ZHS + S5 stations. Claimed results: 9A, S5, OK, OM, SP, G, IARU.

Final Czech results of March 1.subregional contest 2015. ARI EME Contest on 23cm by OK1YK. G4DDK's EME.

Document related to 3cm in OK. Nobody knows that radioamateurs need only 1MHz.. Service manual for FT-847.

Information about funeral of Standa, OK1WDR. Check out 70 MHz expeditions LY/OH5LID and HA/SP7VC KN07.

DL stations have until 31.8 free access into 70,15 - 70,18MHz band with ERP 25W. Pics by IK5QLO. Useful list.

Well known pioneer of Czech VHF & microwave contesting, Standa OK1WDR, pass away. Some VHF meetings.

Leave your annonce about participation in present May VHF subregional contest. For weather forecast look here.

First tests of OK1IN on 10 GHz and first RS in OK in 2015. Strato baloon in OM. Anniversary of 1. SP VHF DXs.

On the IARU web were on 26.4 released corrected results of IARU R1 UHF/SHF C-test 2014. Congrats to winners!

New transatlantic 2m beacon. On 25.4 evening were nice Es on 70MHz. Have you already KN07? Home brewing.

Nice local oscillator for 70cm transverter. Waken of Es: 24.4 was MUF up to 90MHz. DUBUS + ARI EME Contest.

Michal SP3WYP is SK. His antenna. Funny link. Fotogallery of OK1CJH. Operational statistics. 9cm PA 140W.

MS shower Lyrids 2015. Web EI3KD updated. On 21.4 evening were 23cm NAC with better condx. Au possible?

OK1AXH sent us (tnx) multiband evaluation of OK UHF Contest 2014. Mug's game... First 23cm QSO OK - KP2!

On IARU web has been released International results of the VHF Contest, UHF Contest &  50MHz Contest 2014.

Unexpected ranking in the Italian Activity Contest. Compact 2m PA OM6BB. QSL.CZ web. Uruguay on 144MHz?

70MHz has open in Lithuania & ordinary 4m allocation in EA. Number of DARC license holders going down.3cm?

March VHF 2015 by OL9W. Mini-Dxpedition EA6/KT6Q on 23cm, read more. LX/PA2CHR QRV in April on 4/2m.

DF2ZC released new 144MHz EME NewsLetter. OM6AA's Circular Pol. Feed for 10 GHz EME: 1st part, 2nd part.

Prefinal results of the March subregional contest 2015 in OK. DX-ped. GS3PYE/P IO76. 2m 9.el Yagi by DD0VF.

PEP wattmeter unit for PA upgrade. 12.4 anniversary. DX trip ZF2EM. Lyrids MS shower comming. UA1ZFG QRV.

Prefinal results of March Contest in OM. DJ5AR tests of FSK441 use on 23cm. History of LiveCQ: 2m, 70, 23cm.

Final results of ARRL EME C-test 2014. Easter VHF contest: OK1KFH, OK1KAD, OK1OPT, OK1CJH, OK1ZHS.

Have you already JO12?  You will have a chance. On 6m from Micronesia. South Atlantic 144 MHz crossing test?

Claimed scores of the Easter VHF Contest 2015. Large overview of Es in EU since 2001. Magnetometer PA4EME.

Do you know project of hamradio transponder 13/3cm on geostationary satellite? Diploma thesis about transverter.

Preparation of next VHF DX-pedition - now to Malawi. Robust amplifier for 13 and 23cm RX. Small OCXO. FT1000.

Radioamateurs in U.K. got next MHz in 4m band. As well as in LY running preparation. Reminder: Easter contest!

On Friday April 3rd. you'll have last chance to work DX-expedition S79EME, see last photos. March contest in DL.

DX-trip on 23cm to US Virgin islands. Exact time for WSJT by GPS module. Web RF calculators. FOX-1A satellite.

Claimed results of DL stations in March Contest. Internet free opinion poll?  PA2V EME antenna crash due to gale.

Update of VHF DX records table. March VHF Contest 2015 by F6KFH. OK1CS is QRV on 9cm - by OK1CA report.

IIV3KKW published VHF Contests calendar. 2m 1kW PA. 2m expedition to OJ0. Aurora 17.3 by: UR5LX, OK1DIX.

1st.QSO OK-S7 on 9cm wkd OK1KIR. Btw, theirs 9cm QSO to Africa. Abt. GHz antennas. Moontracker test.

Well-known VHF ham Guy, VK2KU died. Aurora 17.3: EI3KD, OK2PWY, OK2POI + OM5KV. TR 11.2 by 2E0YZA.

How to hamradio satellites. Final results of Winter OK QRP Contest. First QSO OK-S7 on 70 + 13cm has OK1DFC.

First 23cm QSO OK - S7 has completed by OK1KIR, congrats! OK2PMS completed 100. DXCC on 2m. Congrats!

Aurora 17.3 by: OK1TEH, OK1RK, OK1DQT, OK1SC, DH8BQA, SM7GVF 2m + 70cm, ES3RF, F8GGD, DF9CY.


Aurora 17.3 by: OK5K, OK1ZHS, OK8WW, EW4EW, HA5MRC + IK3 stat., SP stat., UA stat. and next stations.

March VHF 2015 by F5SE, OM5AW + F stations. Info. about S79EME. LZ2FO's EME web and his constructions.

Display for SSPA by VK4DD. First 2m QSO OK - S7 completed by OK1RD. PCB for electronic keyer by OK1CJH.

Installation of VP8DQE antenna. OK2PMS wrote abt. DX QSO. QSO completed even by single Yagi. Next DX trip.

March VHF 2015 by: OM3KII, IQ4AX, OL7C.  Measuring of charts of filter and RF load by noise generator and SDR.

Videopresentation of International ITU conference focused to small satellites. Visible Aurora in OK 17.3. (JO70BE).

What and who wkd via Au. How tubes were competitive to transistor. In last days was HS0ZIL active on two meters.

On March 17th (after OK1TEH notice few days ago) really came Aurora Borealis and brought nice DX QSOs. More.

Al K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 70cm & above. First 2m QSO OK - VP8 wkd Jarda OK1RD. Congrats!

Few words more to DA0FF success from DR9A point of view. PA Tajfun got large heatsink. EME DX-trip S79EME.

March VHF 2015 by: OK1CJH, OK1KAD, OK2KYZ, ON4KHG, SO3Z, DH9SB, DR5T, S57M, S57O + S53K (3cm).

March VHF 2015 by: OK2R, OL3Y and OK1TEH. Head for power measurement to 8GHz. World Amateur Radio Day.

OK1AR sent to CRC management unpleasant question. Sun flare X2 class. OK7O Dark power. Nice DXs recording.

March VHF 2015 by: OK1DQT, OK1KUO, OK1OPT, OK2I, OL2J, OM3KTR, OM6WIQ1KW, DA0FF (2) & 9A2SB.

March VHF by: F4EDA, OK1NPF, OK5K, video OL4K (2), SQ1FYB, OK1FIG, OM3KMA. 1st. 47GHz QSO 9A-S5.

VHF DX-pedition to Falklands. Web of feedthrough capacitors. Unusual PA failure with GS31. Car radars on 76GHz.


March VHF Contest by: OK1STJ, OL4K, S51ZO, OK1UFF. Claimed scores: 9A, S5, OK, OM, SP, G, PA & IARU.

Big PA for contest participant with big ego. Software for noise background optimization of parabolic antenna. More.

Interesting: 1, 2, 3, 4.  How RSGB defend ham radio operation in 70cm band. End of meteo satellite + new Cubesat.

Sun noise measure within partial eclipse. Dubus EME Contest on 13cm by: OK1CA, OK1KKD, OK2ULQ. 5kW PA.

Weather forecast for March Contest. How real are good tropo condx to UK?  Leave your info about planned activity.

OK1TEH released new 2m EME window (in Czech) written for Radiozurnal magazine. 70cm LNA. MMM.DX trophy.

Results of ARI EME Contests 2014 here. DJ5AR presentation: ISS bounce. DF9IC wrote on VHFDX.RU about PAs.

DJ5AR wrote abt. project of communication, utilize reflections from satellite debris. Another April's meeting in JN07.

More useful online calculators by DG7YBN. Next first QSOs to JW. More. Congrats! Hamradio broadcasting on HF.

On April 18th will be held two different ham radio meetings, among others focused to EME convention France 2014.

IARU VHF Newsletter 65 here. Build FM transceiver. PC spectrum analyzer up to 12GHz. Presentation by OZ1FF.

First 9cm QSO OK - JW completed by OK1KIR, congrats. Tropo 10 - 12.Feb. by GM4AFF & nice th.inversion pics.

Preliminary results of OK winter QRP Contest. ARI EME Trophy - new rules for 2015. Italian Activity Contest 2015.

Interesting statistics of IARU VHF Contest results. More. Secrets of 5P5T success. Source. First 4m QSO OK-9H.

Tropo 10 - 12.2 by: OK1TEH, OK1DQT, OK1FEN, OK1KAD, OK1RK, OK1SC, OM3CLS, ES3RF and by DH8BQA.

Tropo 10 - 12.2 by: EI3KD, OK1FD, SP6IWQ, OK2PWY, S51ZO, results of UKAC.  9H got permition for 4m band.

Al, K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 70cm & up. VK3UM released EME planner 1.97. FG4KH is QRV 2m.

Thank you for 3 millions visits ! Useful article. New GaN transistor. White spaces filling is serious noise level threat.

OK VHF Championship 2014 results. Winter QRP-C: OK1KUO, OK1NPF, OK1DM, DL6GCK. UHF C-test awards.

Nice tropo condx of Feb.11. SP3IYM & DJ5AR reports. Send me pse your tropo QSP. This VNA is an UA product.

Tropo from Prague. SMA up to 40GHz. GPS frequency standard. Feb.5th Aurora. Commercial fight against 76GHz. of nice tropo condx, where are the OK VHF hams? New DX record of OK0EP beacon. Middle waves  alive.

Good tropo condx really came, in Prague was very loud on 2m GI4SNA QRB 1474km & on 70cm EI3KD (1595km).

On Tuesday 10.2 evening will be 70cm NAC & nice tropo to LA/OZ and GM. New version of Airscout 1.1 released.

OK winter QRP test 2015 by: OK1ADT, OK1CJH, OK1FEN, OK1KUR, OK1VOF, OK1KAD + OK1TEH from home.

Don't miss tropo condx. Flash back. Preparation for Caymans. 4m WG2XPN beacon. PA ZS1II. Awarded by ARRL.

Use of VNA & Antenna analyzer in the real life. Construction of VHF antenna by OH6RM: 1, 2.  Many aerials pics.

2m DX-ped. Falkland islands (VP8). Already this weekend support Winter BBT 2015 & OK QRP Contest. Dorsten.

Alpe-Adria Contest 2014 results: VHF & UHF/SHF. OK2UKG: transverter 28/432MHz. SDR OZ1ALS.  SP6LB SK.

Slovak radioamateurs got for 2015 nice gift: fixed frequency allocation in 70MHz band in secondary service status.

RSGB negotiations with OFCOM regulator has resulted as preserve of all VHF DX frequency segments! And here?

Preliminary final results of Czech VHF Championship 2014. Nice transistor, albeit a bit expensive. New Cubesats.

International results of Marconi Memorial Contest 2014. Upcoming 23/ 13/ 9cm EME expedition to JW. VHF web.

When you are searching for how much and where you can buy some genuine up to date device, look as well here.

Compare sideband noise of more VHF transceivers. Sideband noise of IC202 TRX. Home made bridge up to 4GHz.

Eshop with old Tesla devices. Will this 20m dish turn back to service? Now for EME amateur radio communication.

OZ7IGY beacon now as well as on 9 +13cm bands use digital mode. Nice mixer. HF interference due to marihuana.

23cm driver. More. CRC is represented by honest hams. On 24.1 were good EME condx. Cheap signal generator.

When the tower is down, it's time for calculation of antenna tower statics: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Christmas contest 2014.

Present MS condx article. New data of 2015 ARRL EME Contest released. Radioastronomical news. EME condx!

PA2CHR sent the link to Zimbabwean EME DX-pedition video. Operation outage. HF digimode. DATV introduction.

Al, K2UYH releases new EME Newsletter for 70cm & up. Fotogallery OK2UKG. OK1VEI updated OK VHF toplist.

OK1VM's frequency standard. Crystal oscillators for different applications. Russian 23cm PAs. ATV blog PD0KBZ.

23cm Moon reflections by PI9CAM - but a little bit crazy. SP VHF meetings 2015: 1, 2, 3. OK0EP fee paid again.

Kilowatt load. Few words about mixers. Oscillator for 24GHz band. Digital synthesizer design utilize AD9951 chip.

Nice visibility on 15.1: Alps from JN68VX. Polish activity in NAC is going up. Maybe due to parallel SPAC contest.

More detail plan of Australian microwave trip into middle Europe. Phase noise measurment of RA3APW oscillator.

ON4AVJ sent new IARU VHF Managers Handbook v.7.0 incl. attachment. What wkd OK1TEH 13.1 in 70cm NAC.

144MHz Contest gear of OM3W. 400W RF from GaN transistor in 23cm band. Low pass filter w/o coils for your TX.

CRC releases OK MMC 2014 results, however in a conflict with CRC's general contesting rule.  Some PLC break?

Quadrantids 2015 by OK1DQT & detailed MS report OM5CM. Alford slot antenna for your 23cm beacon. YO bolid.

Old 3cm DX record D4 - CT has exceeded by 36km! VK7MO has created new 3cm World tropo DX record. Details.

Fix your antenna, the gale has expected. Are you disgusted with updated DXcluster? Try our classic remake here.

Dutch microwave meeting Heelweg 2015. DX news of this week. Input module of 144/14MHz transverter by OM3W.

Power attenuator OK1UGA for lower VHF bands. MS tests: OK1VOF, RM1A. DB0XY beacon. Unexpected storm.

MS logs from Quadratids MS shower OK1TEH + OK2PMS. First 2015 aurora in OK. OK1TEH's log from NAC 6.1.

Comprehensive VK7MO's report focused to the new 24GHz World DX record and extension of OK DX achievement.

Free gift of CSDX Club to readers. Filtering plant. Scatterpoint 2013 now available for free. List of OK VHF Contests.

Quadratids weren't this year so strong as we hope. But still a lot of fine MS QSOs has made. Report will be soon.

DG7YBN upgrades of SW tools for correction of Yagi antenna elements. Disaster of VK5APN (EME). UHF-C in F.

DX statistics summary of OK2KKW team till end of 2014 by each band and propagation mode. And abt. OK1TEH.

Unofficial preliminary European results of VHF C-test 2014. When antenna fall down. MS activity SA6BUN (JO78).

Al K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 70cm & up. New Czech  + World EME DX records on 24GHz, congrats!

Story from Jirka OK2PMS about 1A0C 2m QSO.  When & where you can for Quadrantids make a sked read here.

Meteoritic showers Callendar for 2015 year.  2m part of 1A0C DXpedition is gone, nice pics of theirs antenna here.

Already on Jan. 1st. 2015 were tropo opening (OK to LY + YL).  PE1L EME group now prepares DX - trip to Malawi.

Quadratids behind doors. OK1KIR completed first 70cm OK-1A QSO. Congrats! Way to EME + 2. SMD soldering.

New year wish to all readers of OK2KKW pages: good health, happiness, success, peace and sunshine in 2015!

=================================================  PF 2015 =================================================

Do you know this PA producer? EOY is always good occasion for Club retrospective. Test your skills. More: 1, 2, 3.

Be ready for Quadrantids. Christmas comet visible by naked eyes. RF transistor and new beacons. FT991 manual.

On 2m is QRV EME/MS DX-ped. 1A0C (pics) and already made a lot contacts. Mystery? Next suggested reading.

On 27.12 in the Netherlands has performed SSB EME test. Updated pics from our club history. Not only for radars.

What OK1TEH made in 2014 via tropo from home. Higher VHF bands operators should to know morse telegraphy.

DARC released international results of VHF & UHF Contest 2013.  CRC did not sent a logs into IARU evaluations!

Beacons  QRB  Maps (1) (2) (3)  Profiles

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