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OK2KKW members wish good health, happiness, love, peace, great DXs, no QRM and lot of wins in the contests!

How different were evaluation & evaluation. What we wrote for new year of 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010 & 2011.

First 70cm QSO OK FG, congrats. 24GHz novelty on OK1EM's web. How to start EME in the 432 MHz band.

Tropo reports of 27.12: OK1TEH (include MP3), DL6NAA, OK1FPR, OK1DQT, G4SWX, M0VRL and even more.

New web of Franta OK1CA. Replacement on behalf of EME chat N0UK. HV0A is active on 2m almost each day.

Claimed scores of OK Christmas contest 2011. SM7LCB moved web. New look of Live.cq, now even on 70 + 23.

Launch of 70cm EME DX-pedition FG4KH.  Final OM result of VHF MMC 2011. Since Jan.1st is 4m legal in PA.

Tropo condx opening OK↔G. On 26.12 was Vatican City on 144MHz! Preliminary final OK results of MMC 2011.

Most active countries in the EU from the perspective of number of  VHF Contests participants are OK, S5 & OM. 

Unique opportunity to make a MS DX QSO in EU were unused. Video from VK: November spring VHF Field day.

Compare your results with map of almost all contest participants during UHF contest 2011 on 70, 23, 13 & 9 cm.

On 26.12 will be held traditional OK Christmas contest, supported by VUSC log. On 27 - 28.12 check TR condx.

Final international results of the UHF Contest 2011, previous years here. Preparation of the DX-pedition J52EME.

New IARU VHF Handbook v.6.00 consist changes, agreed in Sun City. Future of 10GHz in OK is not very good.

On Dec.21st.DUBUS magazine celebrated 40.years anniversary, more here, more. French results UHFC, MMC.

Al K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 432MHz & above bands.  VK & ZL VHF chat room. PA by VK3NX.

Geminids 2011 by: OK1DIX, OK1TEH, OK2PMS, OM7AC, OK2VWX, VK4OX (70cm SSB MS!), DK5EW, RA3LE.

Antipod's 13cm DX operation. Calculator of forced air heatsinks performance. DK5EW abt. new MS mode JTMS.

Nice presentation of EME DX-peds of DL1YMK. Noise meter. Useful online calcs. January Russian MS Contest.

Updated table of first OK QSOs abroad. New 4m IARU MS DX record. Look for 76/122 GHz transverter VK3XPD.

Results of the MMC 2011: DL, HB, G. Geminids 2011 report, more. Fix your aerial due to high wind. A bit theory

Our request to ČRK to fix wrong evaluation of UHF Contest 2011 in OK. New VDSL isn't friendly to HF hamradio.

Send me pse info abt.your MS DX-ing of the last days. Web focused to ham radio activities from the Sněžka hill.

Ham radio stratospheric balloons project. After NXP as well as Freescale show off. But do not try test it yourself.

Geminids are here. However the maximum is awaited during Tuesday & Wednesday. OK2STK wrote abt.47GHz.

New web of DJ3JJ focused to Sun noise measurment.  Radioastronomy book by ZS5JF is free to download now.

Polish hamradio Cube satellite. Within few days we may awaited Geminids, opportunity test your VHF DX QSO.

New 4m beacon HG1BVC in JN87FI 725m asl, more here, hereCompleted presentations from Usti / L. meeting.

What wrong is here? Tell us!  MMC 2011 by DJ3CQ. BCC MS Contest has changed to LY4U Memorial Contest.

Morse key is missing? Buy the Czech one!  Few words abt. RF transformators & baluns.  Show off your results!

OK1TEH brings 2m EME Window, written for Radiožurnál. On 12.12 we have 50 years since first Oscar satellite.

Advent's meeting inv Ústí/Labem - report OK1EM, OK1VVT's presentation abt.OX4OK. NOAA pics via FunCube.

Complete international results of UHF-SHF Contest IARU 2009. DF2ZC releases new 144MHz EME NewsLetter.

HW Corner of OK1VPZ: step down supply for PA drivers. New data of OK meteo radar. About AGC optimization.

Final Czech results of IARU UHF Contest 2011, list of other years here.  Chat about use of FunCube for MAP65.

OL9W's report from MMC 2011. Video DM7A. Yesterday's CME impact was week, but still created a nice show.

Beside OK1TEH launch from JO70FD 23cm EME as well Emil, OK1CS. 12.11.condx by OM3CQFOld story :)

Final European results of the IARU Reg.1 VHF Contest 2011 - compare this.   Last Farewell for Petr OK1WPN..

On the Sun has observed coronal mass flux, the impact to Earth awaited on 28.11 abt. 17UTC. Look for  Aurora.

On Sunday 27.11. was tropo opening from JO50 to EA.  EA2TO/1 has wkd by OK1FD SP5XMU's tropo reports.

Sad news: Petr OK1WPN, brilliant designer & Good man passed away. Cheap bridge for SWR tests up to 3cm.

Report from ČAV convention. Video from switch over of 50MHz analog TV + 2. YU7AA aerial. MMC SP/OK1NF.

MMC 2011 by OK2M, more. ARRL EME-C: OK2ULQ.  Final results of VHF-C 2011 in Italy & UHF-C 2011 in DL.

Contacts list of EME operators by W2WD.  ARRL EME Contest by Jirka OK2PMS. WSJT's interference debate.

Video from Slovak ham meeting. ARRL EME Contest second leg: OK2POI, OK1YK, OK2DL, IK3GHY, IK5QLO.

Outline of tropo condx 10-13.11: OK1TEH, OK1DEF, OK2AF, OM1BM, SP6GWB, G4SWX, SM7LCB, 9A1CAL.

OK2KKW releases Contest report from VHF Marconi Memorial Contest. MMC 2011 u OK1RW.  Video OK1IAS.

During 19 - 20.11 will be held second leg of ARRL EME Contest, more. 10/4m transverter on OK1CJH web page.

How to maintain ham radio idea for future? Articles for debate here, here & here. Interesting info by CZ regulator.

Tropo condx 10-13.11 outline: OK1DQT, OK1ZHS, OK1GTH, OK2BMU, OK2POI & how SM7GVF rcvd OK0EP.

MMC by OK2KYC, OK1KFH, S57O. SHF meeting Frenštát 2011NASA video abt mystery of Lunar ionosphere.

Tropo condx 11.11.2011 by OK1TEH & on DX Cluster.  New transistors for PA applications. OM3W's web. More.

Repeat yourself Hamspirit rules. During tropo condx at least spread points. Where in OK you may buy circulator.

MMC 2011 by: OL7C, OL3Y, OK2KCETropo condx, in Prague on 10.11 was on 2m OH1ND. End of analog TV.

OK1AIY's remembrance on super tropo condx in 1986. First 2m QSO abroad OK 8P9 by OK1CU. Ccongrats.

Skeds for 2m DX-ped. RI1FJL.  EME NewsLetter for 144MHz. What is produced by "hamradio fans". Old Yaesu.

MMC 2011 by: OK2BMU, OK1OPT, OK2KYZ, OL4A, OK1VMGreat tropo report OK2BFH from 6.11. Congrats!

This weekend would be nice tropo condx from OK to SM/OH. More. Remembrance to tropo condx 50.years ago.

Farewell to 10GHz band in OK. DX-band is freely used now by commercial ISP's links. MMC by EU4AG, UW5W.

MMC 2011 by: OK1ZHS, OK2C, OK1UFF, S57C, 7S7V + video.  MMC's claimed scores: 9A, OK, OM, G & S5.

ČTÚ will extend 70 MHz permits as well as for 2012, please send reqiest for extension till end of November 2011.

Al K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm and above bands. Report of OK EME DX-ped. IS0/OK5EME.

Final Czech results of the IARU VHF contest 2011 + moreInstructions for FunCube / MAP65 in EME operation.

Weather forecast for Marconi Memorial Contest. More. Web domains forced sale. News of the Sun: X class flare.

What MS shower was active Ham radio design helps in marketing of RF transistors producer. Video from KP4.

First leg of ARRL OK2ULQ. On 1.11.we observed 2m AuroraERP comparison of VHFC participants.

OK2KDJ's SHF meeting invitation. Interesting exploration abt.CW by SM5BSZ.  OK2A's logs from UHF Contest.

Nice remembrance to OM hamradio VHF history. ARRL EME-C.first leg by OK1YK, OK1TEH, OK2POI, OK2DL.

How to design step up supply for SMA relay? Find inspiration by: OK1CJH, or W6PQL. TF3CY on visit of HB9Q.

OK1TEH released new 144MHz EME Window, written for Radiožurnál, more: 1/11, 2/11, 3/11. Nice article K1JT.

On 24.10 were tropo condx from OK2 to OH on 70cm, more. This weekend could be FB tropo OK2,OM into UA!

OK2KFJ report from UHF Contest. MP3 audio record of 2m EME QSO OK1TEH K5GW during ARRL EME-C.

Satellite fall down outside EU. ARRL EME-C is over please send us info.  Leave annonce for Marconi M.Contest.

Observe ROSAT satellite, it is an opportunity for nice MS DX QSO. Interesting discussion on OK2KKW's  board.

During 22-23.Oct.weekend is running ARRL EME Contest on 6m to 23cm, more here.  HB9DUR's visit to DR9A.

UHF Contest 2011 by: DM7A, DL0GTH + OK2A's aerials pics from DM7A. This weekend await Orionids shower.

New EME NewsLetter - 70cm & up.  CRC sent logs & want to have decision authority. DL UHF Contest claimed.

Looking for KP52 on 4m? Try MS on 70.270MHz.  This weekend use nice EME condx, join ARRL EME Contest.

Claimed scores of UHF-C 2011 by OK participants. DR9A aerials during UHF-C. How to close DIG membership.

OK1FD's VHF log have since 17.10 record of QSO with EA1MX.  When you prefer EME, read ON4KHG's article.

Within last weekend was feasible to reach first 23cm tropo QSO OK↔EAConstruction of DL6NAA's 2m aerial.

UHF-C 2011: OK2M, video IS0BSR. VHF-C 1959 (Fichtelberg): DM2ARR/p. VE2ZAZ's presentation: Easy EME.

New EU DX record on 454 THz => 118km completed by OK/OM3KII. Congrats!  First QSO on 13cm OK ↔ YO?

UHF Contest by OK1VEI, OM3KII, S51ZO. Interesting discussion abt. contesting & ERP limiting (original) in 9A.

Czech radioclub members count has declined below 50% of all OK hamradio license holders. web stop.

Large report of OK2KKW from participation in the UHF Contest IARU Last results of Dubus EME contest 2011.

During 2011 IARU UHF Contest OL9W established New European DX record on 9cm, QRB 1183km(!). Congrats!

Update of OK table of new contest record. Update of first VHF QSOs from OK to abroad, tnx OK1CU + OK1DAI.

UHF Contest 2011 by: F6KUP, OM6A, OL4K, OK2KYZ, OK2KOJ, DR4M, PA6NL & PA stn EME MP3 EI4DQ.

Drakonids failed.  OK7RA and his 10GHz QROFortunately, the UHF Contest was week ago.  News by DB6NT.

Maximum of Draconids shower awaited today.  We received new award. More. UHF Contest OK1FEN. 4m TEP.

UHF Contest: OL9W, OK1KHI, OK2FKF, OK5K.  Very unofficial international listing of VHF-C came from Pilsen.

Preliminary final results of VHF Contest 2011 include error logs.  UHF Contest IARU: IK4WKU, SM7LCB, OK5Z.

On Saturday 8.10 will be peak of Draconics MS shower, more here, here. UHF Contest by OK2IMH & OK1AYR.

OK0EL beacon is QRT (maybe forever) due to reconstruction of watching tower on Přední Žalý.  3cm transverter.

When you are looking for design inspiration.  UHF-C 2011 in Slovenia, OL7M (Congrats!), OK1CDJ & OK1NWD.

How unusable is on VHF bands connector "screened banana plug" (PL259 / SO239) you may consider yourself.

UHF Contest 2011 by: OK1OPT, OK1KFH, G3XDY, IQ1KW, OZ1FF and DL6NAA. VHF-C 2011 DL final results.

OL7M by PE1RLF. UHF-C impressions by: OK1KUO, OK1EM, OK1UFF, OK1VM. Feed OM6AA in I1NDP dish.

IARU UHF Contest 2011 by: OK2KCE, OK1ZHS, OK1STJ & OK1CJH. Claimed scores:9A, G, OK, OM, S5, EU.

UHF Contest 2011 by: OK2C, OK1ZDA+pic, S52W. ARI EME contest by OK2ULQ. 1st. 70cm EME by OK6TW.

Don't forget send info abt. your participation in the UHF Contest! Conversion table. OK0EW beacon QRV 24GHz.

On 28.9 had started fb tropo from OK to SM, more: OK1TEH, OK1JKT.  Full report from TF/G4ODA's expedition.

OZ7SAT club is preparing 7m dish for EME, some fb movies: here + here. Tropo to OZ works also on 4m, more.

Draconics meteoritic shower awaited on Oct. could have even 600 hits per hour! EDI log OL9W from VHF-C.

First QSO OK to RI on 144MHz has completed by Standa OK1MS. Congrats! RI1FJL's DX-ped. EME 2m report.

Corrected final EU results of the IARU 50MHz Contest 2011. On 26.9 was short Aurora on 2m, see OK1TEH log.

Updated OK1JFH's weather forecast for UHF-C Claimed DL VHF-C result list. Attractive report VK5APN + 1, 2.

Optimalization of Yagi type aerials via TANT SW by YT1NT. Manual & appendix. See YU1EF's improved design.

Updated forecast of tropo ducts, will be repeated condx of  UHF Contest 1986 & 1995 again? Check tropo to LA!

OK)EW beacon has launched on 24048,915 MHz from JO60RN with 0,1W, more.  Nice tropo pictures from VK3.

This weekend are excellent EME condx & will be held ARRL EME (13cm-up) & ARI CW EME (2m-up) Contests.

On 24-25.9 will be perfect opportunity try on 2m &  70cm your first CW EME QSO, how to make it look e.g. here.

VHF Contest 2011 by DR9A and IK4WKU/6.  On 21.9 was on 4m TEP to SV again. Pics by OX4OK DX-pedition.

The article you should read. More abt.OK history. VHF Contest 2011 by OM3KDX, DM7A. Try PY2BS on 70cm.

2m QSO to Lesotho has completed even on OK1TEH's single Yagi.  Special semirigid is needed?  DL0AR's web.

7P8EME's gear. Check extraordinary MS opportunity! Nordic Activity Contest by OK1ZHS, OK1FEN & OK1TEH.

First 2m VHF QSO abroad to OX has OK1UGA & to Lesotho OK1CU.  OK1DFC made 70 & OK1DL 23cm QSO.

Have you an interest? New EME NewsLetter for 2m. On 24 - 25.9 take a part in the ARI EME CW/SSB Contest.

10 meters EME dish has offered for free if dismounted and take away. Czech DX-pedition to OX is QRV via EME

Actual DX-peds. RI1FJL on 2m. 24GHz beacon OK0EA is already controlled by rubidium standard. 432MHz PA.

July Field day 2011 - final resultsGaN PWR PA designed for deliberate jamming. What you read 10 years ago.

EME blog BD4SY & translation. 7P8EME is QRV. VHF Contest by: OL7M, OL3Y, OK2KYC, DL0KB, OM3RRC.

From Klinovec on 2m below OL9W call. IARU VHF contest 2011 by: OM6A, OK2KYZ, OM4AQP, F5KKD, 5P5T.

PA1TK sent results of 50MHz IARU Contest 2011. How we made OK2M nervous and OK2MWR report of OL9W.

CZ translation of S53WW presentation here. VHF contest 2011: TK1E (JN42), OL4K, DR2P, DR9A & SP1WSR.

Wattmetr with PEP detectors by OK1CJH. VHF-Contest by SO3Z. Video shots: YO5KOP, ON4MCL and OK2R.

VHF contest 2011 by: OK2KCE, OK5K, OK2KJI, OK5D, OK2KOJ, S57C & pic. Look for Aurora on evening

VHF C-test 2011 by: OK1GHZ, OK2R, OK5Z, OL4A-2, OK1CJH, OL1C-pic, OK1JFH, S51ZO & video ON30NOL.

Within next days we would await Aurora. Plasma cloud from X class flare is directed to Earth. More here & here.

VHF contest 2011 by: OK2C, OK1DFC, OK1KPA. OK1DAK's presentation focused to transceivers performance.

VHF-C 2011 by: OK1OPT, OK1NWD, OK1DQT & S59RS53WW's presentation abt. VHF Contesting. 7P8EME.

VHF contest 2011 by: OK1VM, OK1EM, OL4A, OL7C, OK1KTT.  Claimed scores in  9A, G, OK, OM, S5 & EU.

Preliminary result of July OK VHF. Winner of IARU VHF C-test in OK would be OK2M followed by OL9W, OL4A.

Weather forecast for VHF-C. Since 1.9. look for SR6UHC as well as for SR6XHC, SR6KHC & SR6GHC beacons.

Few words abt.VHF session in Holice by OK1VM. More. IARU NewsLetter 58 - minutes & results of conference.

Sad news, well-known Lithuanian VHF op. of LY2WR - Rytis, LY4U is SK. Is a web page of OK-VKV club gone?

What has written abt. OK VHF hams 51 years ago in the QST? Leave announce about your VHF-C participation.

One interesting diploma works.  Our awards gallery has updated.  Final results of the Summer OK QRP Contest.

We were awarded for international success in 70 & 23 cm bands in the IARU Region I. UHF - SHF Contest 2010.

Holice 2011 by camera: OK1EM, OK1FHI pic, OK1QUIDO, OK2DZL, OK2IMH, video OK2BW & ČSLA invitation.

Al K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 432MHz & up bands. OK1KKD's new web. DL results of July VHF.

French amplifier - 2W on 24GHz. OK1TEH's presentation abt. history of  EME. OK1JKT has 100 squares on 3cm.

As a result of Czech - Polish cooperation look for signal of SR6UHC beacon. Pictures from Polish VHF meeting.

How were developed OK results of VHF Contests within last 24 years? Check large processing of available data.

OK1DIX released new version of well-known software contest log VUSC. We were invited on polish VHF meeting.

New OK Rainscatter DXrecord on 10GHz - QRB 981km! Results of the Summer OK QRP VHF Contest are here.

Very sad news came from Norway, Finn LA8YB passed away.  Remind, how his great array has started in 1990.

Such interesting device. On 19.8. were observed Es. OK1FD reported QSOs to EA. Reminder to 1968 hamradio.

Summer 9cm SOTA QSO Sněžka - Cínovec. QRP contest: OK2FUG & claimed scores. 6m DXpedition 5W0GJ.

Perseids picture from space. From IARU conference, CRC suggested contesting activity on 144.500 -.700 MHz.

DF2ZC releases new EME Newsletter for 144MHz. OK1WPN wrote 2.part of his article focused to SWR meters.

On 15.August web pages of OK2KKW celebrates already eleven years anniversary. Thank you for your interest!

Perseids 2011 -> 1, 2, 3, 4, reports DK5EW & OK1UGA.  Observation of Red sprites in OK. It may supports Es.

Final results of Czech Microwave Contest 2011, older results check here.  OK0EW on 24 GHz by OK3RM -> 3.

MS shower Perseids maximum would be on 13.8 at 6 UT, expeditions KN01, KO32/42, JO98, JN12, JN82, IO42.

Preliminary results of Alpe Adria VHF Contest 2011. During AAC E7/9A6K was QRV 3cm, more from - OK1JKT.

Announced Aurora has rather optical, the visible by radio. More. If you will observe decline of OK activity on 3cm.

On Friday 5.8 evening check Aurora even on 144MHz. Web pages ES6RQNice transistor between many chips.

First QSO on 76GHz in LY.  Launch of ARISSat satellite. OK1TEH's 144MHz Es season 2011. CT1HZE's video.

23cm PA by G4BAO. Useful technical articles on RMG Club web page. 65W transistor for 10GHz on GaN base.

This weekend will be held OK Summer QRP Contest together with Alpe-Adria VHF Contest & many more: 1,2,3.

New EME NewsLetter for 70cm & up. Sun flare M9 has observed, look for Aurora. 2m EME digital championship.

DF0MU visit. Pictures from MS DX-pedition J48YA. On 27.7 was nice 2m ES from OK1 to UT5.  OK1ZHS report.

Final international results of the Marconi Memorial Contest 2010. Well-known EME op SV1OE SK.  26.7 2m Es.

Measure of "feed horn" type of antenna in the ham shack. How useful could be an operation on short wave band.

Transverter HR3A: OK1CJH's experience with 9cm kit. Antenna Moxon in practise. Similar antenna by PU2OKE.

interesting video abt. Microwave expedition of UA3DJG/UA2F from July VHF 2011 22.7 by OK1JKT. UA's dish.

57.Newsletter IARU. From IARU meeting should be available Live video stream.  Look to your national manager?

July VHF 2011 claimed results in Germany. July Field Day Contest 2011 by DM7A. Video from DA0Y, SY9VHF.

2m OK1UGA's splitter for SDR RX, another RX splitter. OM3KII's July VHF Contest picsMoxon 144MHz beam.

Videorecords of antenna erection: OK2JI, DL7AFB, YT2L, DL0SP, DR9A, DK0ES, GW2OP. Dish feed for 13cm.

Tonda, OK1DAI sent for collection more QSL cards of first OK 24GHz QSOs abroad.  Apollo & Moonray project.

Famous anniversary of July 20th.& hamradio.  Es 19.7. Oics of 6m dish by OK2DL. VHF contesting by OK1TGI.

VHF activity moving east: claimed scores of July VHF Contest in the Netherlands. OK0EI 10GHz beacon via RS.

DUBUS EME Digi Contest invitation. Large list of  6m beacons. Remembrance of HB9QQ.  First UR-LY on 3cm.

Weekend 16.7 begun by nice 2m Es. Bookkeeping disputes in the CRC: more here and here. TV tower fall down.

DJ3JJ sent us his interesting article 432 MHz EME with a small antenna. OH5LID is QRV 4m MS from KP21GJ.

OK2A/OK2KKW's logs from July VHF Contest 2011: 432, 1296 + 10368 MHz.  2m Es on 13.7 was outside OK.

FD 2011 by: OK2M, OL4K, IK4WKU, OM8A, OE/OL1P, OL3Y, OM7KW. EU results of FDSend your  logs 2.

OK2KKW's contest report from Field day contest 2011 under contest call OK2A. Solid state PA s with KT971A.

Field day VHF contest 2011 by: OK1VEI, OM3KDX, OK4BXOL7C, OK2KCE, OK5K, OK1KOB, OL7D, OM6A.

Field day VHF contest 2011 by:  DL0KB, OK2ILA, OK1ODC, OK1KPI, OK1KPA (3cm), SY7SOG, UA stations.

Gabi J48YA is QRV MS on 4m from KN20. Final results of Microwave contest in DL, HB. OK2POI's 2m FAI  6.7.

During July Field day contest OK1JKT achieved first 10 GHz QSO between OK and UA2, QRB 652km,congrats!

DF2ZC released new EME NewsLetter for 144MHz band. July VHF by OL7M, OK1OPT, OK1KJV. Video OM6A.

OK1EM contest report from July event on Praděd hill. OK0EP spectrum. Low noise 30el. 70cm "urban antenna".

July VHF Contest: OK1KUO, OK1KPA, OK1CJH, IQ1KW, S51ZO, S57C. Claimed scores: 9A, G, OK, OM, S5.

More 23cm OK stns wkd in Contest new DXCC.  July Contest: OK1GHZ, OK2KYZ, OK2PYA, OK2FKF, OK4BX.

Hamradio Friedrichshafen meeting by OK3RM & OK1CDJ.  50.years anniversary since first 10 GHz QSO in OK.

62th. OK VHF Field Day Contest by: OL9W, OK5Z, DL6NAA, OK1STJ, OK1NWD & OK1UFF. Nice EME QSO!

Video from 6cm EME operation. List of DX-peds. What new on  July Contest by: OK1VAM & OK1VM.

Supplement to last EME NewsLetter for 70cm & above.  Field day 2011 reports by: OK1KPA, OK2C & OK1JKT.

July Contest in OK2KKW team was damaged by bad weather. Report will be available soon. Claimed OK points.

Contest results of May VHF Contest 2011.  OK0EP beacon will stay on used QRG, we got an extended license.

Construction of kilowatt PA for 144MHz.  OK VHF Field day 60 years ago. First 144MHz Es QSOs in OK / OM.

Weather you may await during July VHF Field Day Contest. On 28.6 was Es again. OK Field Day history (1949).

Free VUSC contest log is running in Windows XP, Vista & Win 7 with  Czech, English and German localization.

Lada, OK1DIX published new version ( 6.30 ) of his VUSC 4WIN contest log. New release details are noted here.

Don't forget to leave your announce related participation in VHF Field Day Contest. Simple mobile dish for 23cm.

Slavek, OK1CU made the first 2m QSO OK ↔ PJ7, Congrats!   Full information about PJ7EME EME expedition.

Al K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm & above bands.  How to make 2W attenuator for 23cm band.

Nice CW video shots.  How to guard 2m Es & MUF based on DXcluster spots? Answer check here, tnx G7RAU.

Update of OK milestones on VHF. On 23.6 was short 2m Es from DL & IK to SV and LZ. OM3PV's 70 MHz web.

New conditions of Summer QRP Contest. EME veteran K1RQG died. OK1DIX prepares new version of his VUSC

Radioclub OK1KFB prepares OK0EB beacon extension for 23cm band.  June Microwave contest results in HB9.

MW-C by: OM6A, OK2KFJ. Logs from 6m IARU Contest send till 27.6 here. Weekend 4m Es by OK1TEH, DFC.

Preliminary score of OK Microwave Contest. On 17.6 were Es. On weekend is 50MHz IARU & Alpe Adria UHFC.

This nice transistor has specially designed for 23cm PA.  Next interesting pwr devices suitable for 1296MHz PA.

Politicians supports privatizations of VHF bands, will OK lose 13cm like in SM?  CRC VHF (?) manager is silent.

When designers have sense of humor. And not only them: such PA is ready for 2m. NXP RF solid state manual.

Temperature stable current measurment in solid state PA. OK2A report as well as logs from Microwave Contest.

Well-known EME OPs Cor VE7BBG & Pierre HB9QQ are SK. June 4m Es by OK1TEH. 4m trip: JO39, OH5LID.

Microwave Contest 2011 by: OK2M, OK1KFB, OK5Z & DM7A + May pics Do you need good microwave relay?

On 10.6 was nice 2m Es from OM, HA to LA. Article attachment for FunCube SDR.  First 24GHz QSO OKPA.

Microwave Contest 2011 by: OL4K, OK1UFF, OK1VEI, 9A stnsDubus 23cm R.E.F. EME contest by OK1KIR.

What is better than Holice meeting? More here, here, here. Web mods-ham. How to use known PLL MC145158.

How loud were on 3cm OK2M in Italy? Mysterious red sprites, supported Es layer, were observed in OK as well.

Microwave contest 2011 by: OL9W, IQ1KW + pic, OK1KPI, OK1CJH Claimed results in: 9A, OK, OM, PA, S5.

Dubus 23cm EME contest by OK2ULQ, OK2DL. Detailed config, configuration FunCube  OK1CDJ. 4m OK2POI.

DF2ZC released last EME NewsLetter for 144MHz. Invitation into 50MHz IARU Contest. New web of OL4A team.

Microwave Contest by: OK1JKT, OK1EM, OK1KPA & (2), OK2KJT, OK1KUO & OK1VM. Claimed scores in OK.

SZR completed EU evaluation of the IARU VHF Contest 2010. Results & map. Weather forecast for µW Contest.

On Friday 3.6 was Es opening. More. Technical performance consideration abt.some coaxial relays data sheets.

On 2.6 was large 2m Es from EA8 to YU, 9A & UT, from OK1 only to nowhere.. On 3.6. will start C37MS on 2m!

OK1AIY article related OK0EA 23cm beacon upgrade. EME DX-ped. LY/DL1YMK. OK3RM abt. OK0EW > 1, 2.

On 30.5 & 31.5 were short 2m Es. This weekend will be held OM3AU's & UT5EU's memorials. PEP W by OL7C.

OK1JFP sent us construction of small 50MHz PA for FT817 transceiver. Leave announce for Microwave Contest.

OE1MCU sent IARU NewsLetter. Conference papers for next IARU meeting in South Africa. Check today's MUF!

On 26.5. was short opening of Es from OK. On 28.5. were after 5 years 2m Aurora. More & in OK1TEH's Au log.

Last week by OK1JKT. Claimed DL results of May VHF/UHF 2011 Contest.  Check video record by DR9A team.

Do you know, that Contest log VUSC may use rotator SPID? Interesting web G4BAO. Biasing of RF transistors.

New 70cm EME NewsLetter. Could have last days Es observation someting common with Island's volcano ash?

Es opening is observed almost each day.  MUF even reached 200 MHz!  More144MHz LPF for OK2FKF's PA.

On 22.5 was first short 2m Es from OK to UT. Report OM3WFC. First QSO OK - South America on 9cm, more.

EME stations contact links by W2WD. Launch of 4m Es season of OK1TEH. Beacon keyer project by OK1VM.

Updated list of 70 MHz beaconsFor observing of Es location try online Live MUF G7RAU (registration needed).

We are waiting for start of 144MHz Es season in OK.  Untill now the Es open mostly 70 MHz band. Bolid in VE.

Well-known Jean-Pierre F1FHI, is SK. OL9W is arming, 23cm contest dish is done. Could we await sporadic E?

May VHF Contest by: OK1KHI, OK2KCE & by Dutch stations. Super tropo  3126 km on 144MHz: Azores to PA.

Check this email from OZ1FF. He wrote abt. contest QSOs on GHz bands reflected by planes. Links: 1, 2, 3, 4.

OK0EL beacon is QRV again. QSL confirming first TEP QSO on 70MHz.  What made I4XCC on 3cm in contest.

When you plan some DX-pedition, or just want to experiment, consider use of the rope antenna. More: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Contests logs of OK2A from May Contest: 70, 23 and 3cm. Our QSO with TK1E was first 23cm QSO OKTK.

Report from the May VHF Contest by OK2KKW and OK2M.  Kozákov 2011: pics (2). OK1EM on 122GHz again.

OK1KIR succeeded first 24GHz QSO to France, more. OK2POI's test of FunCube SDR for MAP65 on 2m EME.

Es season began!  May Contest: OL7M, OM8A, OL9W, OL4K, OK1KUO, OK1VEI, OK2IMH, OK1CJH, F1NSR.

Remind, Contest log is needed to send on Monday as latest! More. May VHF Contest 2011 by DD2D, OK1KPA.


Few videoshots from May 2011 IARU VHF Contest:  DK0ES (2), DL0GL, DF7ZS, UV1S, F4FUL, IS0BSR, TK1E.

DF2ZC released new EME Newsletter for 2m band. Interesting PWR module.  24GHz EME gear & audio OK1KIR.

With a little delay we got ordered mugs for winners of OK VHF Championship of 2010 yearRules & results here.

OK1VMK celebrates 90 (!) & OK1VAM 75 birthday. Congrats! Update of Czech Telco Act. May VHF OL7C.

May VHF Contest by OK2A passed off in perfect weather as a nice social event.  Contest report will come soon.

May VHF 2011 by: OK1KPA (13), OK2C, OK1EM, IQ1KW, S57O, S57C. Claimed scores: 9A, OK, OM, G, S5.

Live Remote RX used within Contests on 2m in PA & 3cm in HB -> and your opinion?  Leave your vote in survey.

First QSO OK G on 24 GHz done on 4.5. by OK1KIR, more. CongratsStart up of Es season MUF > 95 MHz.

OK1ZHS abt 6m TEP. OK1YK on 23cm. G3SEK's article about EME polarization. Useful VHF Radar-Handbook.

Dubus REF 6cm Contest by OK1KIR & OK1CA. FunCube tests by OK2POI. Exact QTH of OK0ET SHF beacon.

Weather forecast for May 2011 VHF Contest. Leave annonce of your participation here.  EME audios by DK3EE.

New 24 GHz beacon by OK7RA, pic 1, 2. In May will start first EME traffic from EY. On 6.5. use η-Aquarids MS.

Final national results of March VHF Contest 2011 in OK. OM results hereController for 5 x 2m PA by OK1GTH.

Since 30.April is OK0EA beacon on 1296.910MHz QRV again. OK0EL is temporary QRT due to lightning strike. 

EU Telecomm. authorities began to offer our VHF bands for public use. Sad email. IARU members are still quiet.

Do you plan use 2m SDR for contest? Check KL7UW + 2, OK1CDJ + FunCube, WA6KBL, YU1LM & 1, 2, 3, 4..

Why the VHF meeting in Alabama has postponed & how useful were VHF repeaters during U.S.natural disaster.

March VHF Contest results in the Neederland, Germany, France, Belgium. Circulators for your SSPA protection.

Simple PCB diplexer 2m/70cm. How to win over Faraday's rotation within EME. How OK2ZI made mistake again 

For construction of HI PWR SSPA you'll need Low ESR capacitors.  Proven ATC caps can be replaced by AVX.

Web archive of Austrian QSP magazine. What is valid on all bands.  Actual list of DX-peditions. Web of RF links.

Milan, OK1UFL after long idleness of OK1IA and OK1MX relaunch OK0EA beacon on 432.466 MHz. Tnx Milane.

A bit SWR theory will not kill anyone. Related table. SP VHF technical meeting Zieleniec - program, registration.

Great pics from JN99FN from the days of January's tropo condx. Take a part in  Easter VHF Contest on Sunday.

Very good G4JNT's presentation focused to usage of digital modes on µW.  Abt. WSJT SHF beacons more here.

OK2PMS completed 2m WAC conditions, congrats Tři studně meeting by OK1VM.  Preliminary March results.

OK7RA reports RS SSB QSO on 24GHz. 432MHz transverter by S53RM.  New EME NewsLetter for 70cm & up.

OK2M probably improves PWR, OK1GTH prepares Twin GS35 PA combination but works on other projects too.

Precise construction design of 2xGI7bt 2m PA by OK2IRE. Tři Studně OK1DFC's meeting by OK1EM, OK2IMH.

New NASA article abt. actual development of 24h. Sun cycle. New pictures from PJ2/PE1L trip.  JA is on 70cm.

Preparation for 6cm EME by SK6OSO with 25m dish. 2m QSO OK - 5V7CC is done by OK1UGA, congrats.

First QSO OK - PJ2 on 2m wkd OK1CU & on 70cm OK1DFC, Congrats.  New VHF beacon OK0ER on 24 GHz.

Krzyszek SP7DCS built new dish.  DF2ZC wrote abt. trip to Island of Man.  Keyer for beacon and not only keyer.

16.4. on 00.UT starts ARI EME Contest, focused to JT65 mode. Es season 2011 is on. Ukrainians lost µWaves?

Two metre's Caribic DX-pedition moved from PJ4 to Curacao. Interesting 23cm LNA.  Last EME activity from OK.

50 years anniversary since first manned space flight (even space communication were on 2m!). EME on 7 MHz?

Few pics from small EME DX-peds on Island of Man & Bonaire.  EME logs OK1TEH: 2m & 70cm. For new LNA.

OK1IA's 23cm combiner. OK1DFC has first 70cm OK↔PJ4. Antipole of microwave bands. Improved by OK1EM.

Home made Interdigital BPF for 28 / 1296MHz transverter. News on OK1ZDA's web. 144MHz EME log OK1UGA.

YU1AW setup new EU page.  First 2 m EME QSO from OK to independent Bonaire has completed by OK1TEH.

New blog of Herbert OK1QW.  Where to go on 16.4.  Waiting for 3,4GHz in SP. Replacement of wish by real life.

Enrico I5WBE sent rules of EME Contest A.R.I. which will be held 16 & 17.4.  Ham radio meetings: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Thanks to OM6BB & OK2BNG  are on the web OK ham radio articles from VHF meetings (not only!) since 1971.

Reminder to my old dual conversion 432MHz transverter (1984).  Presentations from last year's EME convention.

K1JT's article to Moon libration. Results list of ARRL EME contest 2010, participants from OK won 5 first places!

Remembrance for OK1VPZ's two mixers 70cm transverter article (1984). Presentations from 2010 EME meeting.

OK1TEH releases his EME Window 144MHz written for Radiožurnál. First 2m QSO OK - 9N7 wkd by OK1UGA.

Bad route due to poor management of national (mainly HF focused) IARU members is matter of my deliberation.

Curiosity related with OK2KKW's club abbreviations: VUSC, OK2A, DIX, TEH, VPZ, BAF, KKW, RK, ZAD, XNG.

Nepal is first time in history QRV via EME on 2m. OK0ET 24GHz beacon is QRV. ZS6WAB on 4m by SV2DCD.

How to design bended microstrip linesPreliminary results of OK Winter QRP Contest.  OK1DOM's comments.

TEP opening on 70MHz has repeated again. EME activity from China. 4m & 9cm bands in SP are not active yet.

SV2DCD & ZS6WAB + ZS6NK on March 28th completed first 4m TEP QSO - QRB 7151km! Congrats! See this.

Already 43 years ago has designed first EME progenitor of WSJT?  More you'll find in this updated EME history.

Claimed scores list from OK March VHF which has taken for evaluation. G4PMY not only wrote abt.OL3Z. R161.

New world DX record on 13cm between VK3NX & CT1DMK.  Don't forget April's 2m EME DX-pedition PJ2 & PJ4.

Detail DL2AM's info abt.New world DX-record on 76 GHz. Claimed scores of March Contest in DL. PA6NL's info.

Digital SWR meter, usable after mods as well on VHF. Reminder for 14 years old 10GHz World EME DX-record.

When you are looking for suitable band pass filter. Microwave session in Frenštát. Video DM7A from March VHF.

On Monday 28.3 at 20.50h check STV2 TV channel, the programm will be focused to VHF ham radio contesting.

Presentation for useful contemplation about bias circuitry of LDMOS transistors in PA.  KJT"s Contest log page.

Moon images from Saturday's night pergigeum: 1, 2, 3, 4. Try push the Moon a bit. Aerials & S51ZO ham shack

A bit from distance written OK1TEH's report from March Contest.  Well done design of 144MHz DD0VF's aerials.

The list of OK ham radio stations has been fulfiled by more links. But still send us an info, what is missing there.

Super Moon. Petr OK1WPN wrote article abt. reflecometers. Macom's combiners AN. Russian PWR tranzistors.

VHF DX-ped. into Shangri-La. What made OK1KIR in DUBUS EME Contest.  Gallery of historic tubes collection.

OE5XBM beacon is after upgrade QRV again. How OL4K lost antenna in March VHFContest. Next CRC trouble.

The cash - only the first reason? -> HB9MOON is QRT. How OK2ZI shoots off. Info & pics of record's DX 76GHz.

Spring microwave session in Frenštát. DX-record QSO on 47GHz - QRB 228km.  OK2KJT made first 3cm EME.

SP9MX, well-known on microwaves, is SK DF2ZC published new EME NewsLetter for 144MHz. Antennas pics.

Few words from JH1KRC about JA earthquake. March VHF contest by OK7RA / OK1VAM. Au from 11th March.

March VHF by: OK2KOG, OK2KJI, DL6NAA, S57C, HA8V, DR4M, SO3Z and at Youtube: OK2C, S57C, SO3Z.

March VHF by: OK2M (2m: 891 contacts, 352 000 points!) and OL3Y, OK1KFH, OL7C, OK2FKF and OK2KCE.

News by three Bubikos. March VHF by: OK2KYZ, OK1CJH, OK2IMH, OK5Z, IQ1KW, OK2C and OK1KPA pics.

On March 3rd. we lost Evžen OK2BCT. RIP! Small sequencer by OK1CJH. Distributor of electronic components.

W6SZ & K2UYH brings new EME Newsletter for 70cm & higher bands. Next weekend try DUBUS EME Contest.

Attack of commercial services on our best VHF bands is growing. 70cm in U.S. is under threat. More here, here.

March VHF by: OK1KUO, OK1EM, OK1KTT, OK1VM, OK1KPA (23). Claimed scores in: 9A, OK, OM, G & S5.

On Moravany web was by admin's fault free accessible full list of Contest logs of March VHF contest participants.

Tom OK2PWY sent us for public check drafts of multiband evaluation of last year national list of U/SHF Contest.

In March VHF Contest were condx from OK to G. Congrats to all, who had DX QSO. DB6NT has 1kW 23cm PA.

Last weather forecast for March VHF. Microwave beacons in SP6 changed the call. How OK3RM made his 6cm.

Have you already Curacao on VHF? Wait until April. Calc for design of heatsink with fan. Italian VHF beacons list.

Nice weather attract microwavers. Yesterday wasn't only tropo condx, but Aurora too. EME antennas by YU7EF.

How to fix an aerial? Tropo condx were today open to North. OE5VRL upgrades OE5XBM beacon.  OE beacons.

Tropo condx will prepare for us maybe some DX surprise.  Weather forecast for March VHF Contest.  More here.

Last VHF DX achievements of OK2PMS.  Modification of Russian PA for 70cm. Some pics of inversion situation.

DB0FGB 23cm beacon is QRT, probably due to EMC with primary user of the band. 3el.Yagi for Medium Waves.

Already next weekend will start 2011 VHF Contests season. At least give a points! New LZ1DX's 70cm antenna.

Nice pics of Sun & Moon. One sigh. List of last OK1KIR's EME achievements.  What is behind the EME initials.

Technical blog OK2ULQ. 150W attenuator OK1GTH.  C56EME DX-ped is over.  2m EME by: OK2POI, OK1TEH.

Found in archive: LPF 50MHz. OK1DFC has first OKC5 70cm QSO.  OK1YK's transverter.  VK3UM's records.

PA designed for contest stations, who are looking for remote RX & declare i.e.1500W only. At least 3 units pse!

Useful software for amateur radio designers.  Web page of TF3CY.  Less known supplier of RF PWR transistors.

One historical video from the time of EME beginning. History of EME communication in US NAVY service. More.

1982 video from EME project of YU1AW 12m dish. OK1EM's new 122GHz beacon. DX record 160km on 76GHz!

Pics from C56EME EME DX-ped. are here & videoshots here. Within these days are the best EME condx 2011!

Few more OK1VPZ's technical articles were translated (CZ -> EN).  New ICOM transceiver supports remote RX.

DJ8FR's observation of FT897 PWR peaks, which may damage connected gear, if the rig's ALC wasn't modified.

Two CRC's proposals for IARU meeting. However OK2ZI suggestions, were not discussed in OK VHF public yet.

On the Sun has observed X2 (!) errection. It's first CME of such intensity since 2006. Maybe would be 2m Aurora.

OK1TEH released new OK EME Window 144MHz, written for Slovak Radiožurnál.  23cm EME SSB by OK2DL.

First VHF info from Gambia here. How would be in these days visible Moon in Gambia you can look here 1, 2, 3.

Bernd DF2ZC released new EME NewsLetter for 144MHz. Transistor, which would be great to use in 23cm's PA.

Comprehensive Calendar of EME events for 2011. FK/DL2NUD on 23cm by OK2DL. Tropo reports from Feb.

New World DX tropo record on 24 GHz - 581 km between DL7QY & F6DKW.  Within few days look for C56EME.

On 2m is active again FK/DL2NUD from new loc. RG37FS. Remembrance for VHF QSO by FK1TK OK1KRA.

Next volume of Winter QRP Contest by OK1KUO, OK1KCI, OK1MCS, OK1FEN, OK2KOG, OK1JFH, OK1ZDA.

Tropo came into OK1, in Prague are on 70 & 23cm stations from JN18 area. Condx fall down on Tuesday 8.Feb.

EA2TO IN83FD will be on Sunday on 2m-23cm from 1450m ASL. Interesting japanese project of large reflectors.

May tropo condx on Sunday & Monday open duct to EA? This Sunday 6.2 will be held OK Winter QRP Contest.

Collection of PA's time sequencers designs VK3HZ, PC5M, PA0C, GM6NX, W1GHZ, OK1VPZ, W6PQL, OL7C.

Great pics from thermal inversion of last days by OK1VAM from JO70UR and HB9.  Water cooling for GI7b tube.

Still interesting article abt.70cm EME (1982). Completed tropo report by OE5VRL. CQWW 160m: OL7M, OK5Z.

Almost traditional startup of OK2KKW's contest season: CQ 160m CW Contest.  European VHF beacons maps.

CQ WW 160m CW by: OL4A, OL0A, OM7M, TF4X, J28AA, P33W. Tropo reports (31.1) by OE5VRL/5, G4DHF.

On Monday as well as on the end of week await pleasant tropo condx. ON4KHG  web, focused to SDR and EME.

Foggy weather remind us probability of tropo condxAfter one year OK2KKW club startup again Medium waves.

We made by edi logs maps of all stations locations who were evaluated in the IARU UHF contest 2010 on 70cm.

Short, but useful presentation by VE7BQH.  DX-ped. to FK8 is moving. QRV would be on Saturday.  New DXCC.

Results of OK Christmas Contest for final check. Reminder which is better to forget. Ham radio nation social net

VHF-UHF NewsLetter IARU by OE1MCU.  Useful kits and what to do with it: i.e. network analyzer by DG8SAQ.

Al, K2UYH brings next EME NewsLetter for 70cm & above bands.  144MHz antenna with optimalized sidelobes.

When you need precise frequency standard. OK1DFC has for sale his smaller 2kW 70cm PA. QRP by OK1CJH

First OK↔FK8 2m QSO has completed by OK1UGA. Congrats! Nice video of bolid. 2m tropo QRP by OK1ZHS.

How OK2ZI defends interests of ČRK members and what says SP VHF manager. Actual info abt.VHF from FK8.

Another type of SDR receiver.  Piotr SP5QAT sent us his comment to our UHF Contest evaluations comparison.

Comparison of the UHF Contest evaluation by OK & SP here.  EME DX-peds. FK8/DL2NUD RG37 and to RH42.

First 2m QSO Norfolk Island - OK wkd by OK1UGA. List of actual EME DX-records. The next 1kW PA on 23cm.

SP5QAT published first draft of complete results of the IARU UHF Contest 2009. For error log click on the points.

Remembrance of January's tropo condx 37 years ago. And 3 years ago was detected DX tropo opening OK - EA

VHF Contests & hamspirit? Hope is dead!  3cm interference at OK1TEH's shack. OK7RA's therm.inversion pics.

Polish VHF community probably will acquire 70 and 3400MHz bands soon. Draft of new regulation is on the way.

We measured frequency of more beacons, which were heard in Prague. Freq. measurment here, note (CZ) here.

Final OK MMC 2010 results. Final results of OK VHF Championship 2010.  Congrats!  VK3UM's EME calc SW.

Few of OK1VPZ's HW construction articles has EN version now: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. DL6NAA's 70cm HW 2.nd part.

On 10.1 was anniversary of the proven EME test. Even older EME observation in 40-ties in DL+ 2, HA.

Fascinated article by NASA: antimatter starts Es layer? Lionel, F1JRD sent us link for video from 1kW PA tests.

Jarda OK1RD has completed 2m OK↔FG4 QSO, congrats! Low cost 70cm homebrew transverter DL6NAA.

Updated list of first OK↔abroad QSOs & a table of DX records achievements. Invitation into new Italian Contest.

OK2KKW's web visitors - December 2010 overview by countries.  Since 9 till 19.1.will be active VK9NA via EME.

Quadrantids 2011 by OK1TEH (+4m), OK2POI, OK2PMS, photogallery.  In the peak Quadrantids reach ZHR 89.

Preliminary results of OK VHF 2010 Championship. Data file for check-up here. OK2KKW's note to 2010 results.

PA3BIY's LNA by TK5JJ, DG2KBC, OK2KKW.  Intelsat ham radio transponder on geostacionary orbit cancelled.

LNA construction by OZ1PIF, home made by TK5JJ. Radioamateur VHF transponder on geostacionary satellite?

Some info to OK1TEH's MS 70cm QSO.  Sun activity forecast story.  Couple Matej's pics of Sun partial eclipse.

New OK Meteor Scatter DX-record on 432 MHz -> QRB 1932km. Sunspot's graph presents Sun activity periods.

Second & clear observation of 23cm MS reflection after initial OK2POI's record. Inspiring V/UHF MS radar tests.

Qadrantids MS shower will peak on 4.Jan. on 02h UTC. Present MS Dx-peds: R1QA/P LO08, UT5UBD/P KN49.

Actual optical observation of Quadrantids. MS radar here.  On 4. Jan. will be during Sunrise 80% eclipse of Sun.

On January the EME key of F3VS stay abandoned. Claude was one of the most wel-known EME operators.

QSO to Gambia you can try in February. 144MHz LPF by OK2AIA. Winter OK QRP Contest has new organizer.

New year's note related to the future of OK2KKW web. DF2ZC released new EME NewsLetter for 144MHz band.

We wish to all visitors of our web all the best in 2011 - particularly good health, happiness, and lot of DX QSOs.

 ================================================  PF 2011  ===============================================

OK2KKW's Flea market is QRV on the new IP address. History of Quadrantids MS shower.  On 2m try FG4KH.

For eyewitneses: selsyn & magnesyn. New RF chips. Web SQ9MTS. 24GHz gear by OK3RM.  Web

QSL for 70cm QSO from OK to Easter island has received by OK1KIR.  Congrats!  RU1A web. Quatrantids.

Low pass filters for output of PA middle & high power class by DJ9KW, PA3CSG, OK1GTH, OK1ANQ/OK1VPZ.

Beacons...    QRB    Maps  (2)    Profiles




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