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Ooops - New year again? Well - let's to have in 2014 good health & welfare!  Lot of happiness by OK2KKW team!

140 years of Maxwell equations for modern Radiocommunications. Tropo report by OK1TEH. VHF PA: 2 x GU84.

Interesting I.C. for 2m LNA.  On 17.12 CRC presumably confirmed new Contest rules for VHF / UHF 2014 events.

Czech preliminary final results of MMC / A1 Contest. Tranzistors for 23cm PA? Current limit calc for PCB design.

Info by IARU. Invitation: ARI EME Marathon 2014. Illustrationall, but apposite picture. New OK links. QRN LED TV.

DX activity, good to follow. More here. 23cm PAs. Web F6CSX. 40.years of DK0BN. Changes of UK license rules.

USB interface for WSJT. List of CEPT accepting countries. Testing of SDR Dongle & WD5AGO horn. Web ZS6TW.

How to fix the thermal drift of PWR LDMOS transistors in PA. More here. One "home brewed" solution. Reminder.

Merry Christmas to all visitors of OK2KKW VHF web page! Remind traditional Czech Christmas Contest on 26.12.

CRC pushed DL5NAH to re-evaluate IARU UHF Contest. He did it again to hide incompetence of CRC's managers.

On Christmas eve will be gale in Moravia. Fix antennas! Novelty between switching PS. Well rugged PA transistor.

DARC released international results of VHF & UHF Contest 2013.  CRC did not sent a logs into IARU evaluations!

600W tests 10GHz EME. 70MHz transverter design G4DDK. OM6W works on 1296MHz. Prescaler up to 26GHz.

Do you share Simon ZL4OLM opinion in the CW v. WSJT EME operation issue? Google translantion of his article.

AD6IW presentations focused to SSPAs and LNAs. VHF-Contest pics from W1. Interesting web pages: 1, 2, 3, 4.

EME web F5JWF. Polls result focused to new rules of VHF Contests in OK. Funny disputes drive CRC's OK_list.

OK1TEH released 2m EME Window written for Radiožurnál (incl. previous article). MMC preliminary results in OM.

Geminids 2013 - When the peak arrived? Geminids report by OK2PMS, OK1DQT. Therm. inversion pics OK1JFH.

Where to buy teflon material. Toward bit better DSP? 23cm combiners W2NFA & OK1KIR. SMD surge protectors.

Al K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for UHF & above bands16.Worldwide EME Convention launch new web.

23cm kit by G4BAO. OK1AIY wrote abt. meeting Zieleniec 2013. DL MMC 2013 results. Advent meeting OK1VM.

Pics gallery of MS shower Geminids 2013. Actual condx check: here & here. How to start with 2m MS (FSK441).

Probably final version of Czech VHF Contests rules ignore IARU recommendations. 14.12 peaking Geminids MS.

Well known
VHF op. SP9DSD is SK. Web calculators
. More. Impedance of rectangle coaxial line. GPS standard.

Tropo condx, where were possible to made DX QSOs up to 1700km, are turning from OH/YL to Russia and to YU.

Try to use good tropo condx. Note to OK VHF beacons. Radiocomm.regulator strategy. UHF Contest OK results.

SM6FHZ released copy of presentation focused to dish feeds for EME purpose. Use of  Arduino for CW decoder?

Since Wednesday test a good tropo condx: OK to SM & LY. 6 / 4m DX-trip of SP7VC/8 to KN19. Web OK1KKP.

Results of VHF & UHF Contests in Italy & HB9 (VHF, UHF). Financial collection for Nagano web. Old components.

VHF Club DL0SHF is preparing 3cm EME beacon.  Some aerials were fall down in the gale. CRC shows updates.

Fix your antenna, we can await strong wind. OM5LD sent video from Tatry 2013 meeting. Triton 1 satellite rescue.

EI3KD's 2m tropo report (IO51) from 1-3.Dec. period. Geminids are comming, peak is predicted on 14.12 at 6 UT.

Our measurment of beacons frequencies. Signal of G4CDN in Prague on 2.12. More. Interesting opinions to EME.

New CRC VHF Contest rules suggestion in comparison to the present rule. Traditional 2m NAC on Tuesday 3.12.

Preliminary final results of Czech UHF/SHF Contest. VHF contesting activity is moving East: results of ON, PA, F.

On the beginning of next week could be good tropo condx to G, F. New LW tests by SV8CS. CRC contest awards.

Check the reminder for VHF manager. Next remote SDR and email. How to defend contesting against remote RX?

Sleep well. OK2ULQ released update of CRC Overall conditions of VHF Contesting in contradiction to IARU rules.

Video: Contest season by 9A1CZG. Very interesting device and mixer PE4141. PIC basd wattmeter by PA0EJH.

EME Contest by OK1CS. OL7C in Marconi mem. Contest. New remote RX for better hamspirit. Z35MSK beacon.

Another Google maps searching application by hamradio Maidenhead locator. Copy of place Award received.

FB web focused to Aurora & Sun studies.  DASD - not well known history of DL hamradio before & during WW.II.

ARRL EME Contest 2013 - 2. leg by: W6YX, SV1BTR, KB8RQ, SP6JLW, SP6ITF, OE5JFL, VA7MM + 2, PI9CM.

On the orbit were launched new hamradio satellites. Universal transistor for VHF bands. NPT2022 GaN RF device.

First 2m QSO OK - 7Z1 has completed by OK1RD. Congrats! On 2m MS is active with 50W IH9/IV3IYH (JM56XT).

OM convention Tatry 2013, pics by OM5LD & OM6BB. Article about first EME tests in HA just after WWII: 1, 2, 3.

Czech regulator sent a message, that 70 MHz band will be open for OK as well as in 2014 35 years of Magion 1.

7th. Advent meeting in Ústí / L. will be held on Dec. 7th. New world DX record on 24GHz: 16 883km for G3 & VK3.

Video of 9A1N from MMC 2013. Last edition of VHF Top list in OK, Eu. LPF of real QRO PA by F1FRV. DX shop.

Next year will be IARU conference, among others to frequency spectrum. What about CRC and 10GHz OK issue?

Compare frequency stability of rubidium LO, OCXO & GPS LO box. Results of UHF Contest in OM. Do you use it?

Check good tropo condx. Ducts of dry air were about 1600m above see level.  Collection of some HF PWR relays.

Russian strategic missile is ready to launch more ham radio satellites. 16 -17.11. is running ARRL EME Contest.

Few subjective words to digital processing transceivers. PLL mods of the old hardware. 13GHz divider for counter.

What we can to do on Tuesday 12.11 in 70cm NAC: log of OK1TEH & OK2PMS. Interesting web page of F1SRC.

On 12.11. evening will be held 70cm Nordic Activity Contest. Try good condx to LY. H44HP still QRV EME, more.

Aluminium boxes for VHF designers. MMC: OM6A & OK2KKW. PA for 23cm with MRF9210. LNAs by RA3WDK.

MMC 2013 by: OL3Y, OK7O, OK5T, OL2J, OK2KYZ, IZ1ESM/1, DF0MTL, DR5T, YT7WE, S57M, S57O, 9A2SB.

Expedition IG9Y JM65 is finished: pictures & VHF log. Remembrance to first EME QSO in YU.  UHF-C by TM9A.

Caution! Don't exceed hygienic limits of electromagnetic field!  Calculator is here. Mind the Beryllium oxide! More.

MMC 2013 by: OK2C, F6ETI, IZ1ESM. Video IQ3RO (ITB) from VHF-C. QRO transistor for 23cm. Hybrid amplifier.

MMC 2013 by: OL4A + 2, OK2I, OK5K, OK2KYZ (pics), OL7Q, OK1YK. On 70MHz is QRV SK5AA from JP80MC.

MMC 2013 by: OM6W, OM3PV+, 7S7V + pic, 9A4V, S50C, S51ZO. Well known S54AA is Silent Key. RIP Lane!

MMC 2013 by: OL4K, OK1ZHS, OK1KJV, OK1OPT and OM3WFC.  Claimed scores in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, G, Eu.

IARU UHF Contest 2013 - final DL resultsDX presentation on RSGB ConventionMore about FUNcube satellite.

Construction of the 13cm transverter by DJ6EP. UHF Contest by IK4WKU and IQ4AX. Isolation relay for LNA tips.

Report from the very first QSO OK -SP/DL on 134 & 248 GHz. Congrats!  Weather forecast for MMC 2013 is rain!

Pics of EME gear of OK1KKD: for 23cm & 13cm bands. Few words to OK1ZHS visit of ON5LL. Pics of K9CT ant.

Final OK results of the IARU VHF Contest 2013. "All bands" transceiver based on SDR gadget. 70cm EME project.

On Oct.29 remind 10 anniversary of one extraordinary Aurora. More here. Send your announce for MMC CW 2013.

OK1KIR completed first QSO OK - H44 even on 13cm, congrats. Hurricane 170kmph destroyed EME dish KL6M.

ARRL EME Contest 2013 (I) by OK1TEH, OK1CA, G3LTF, IK3COJ, SV1BTR, PA2V, WQ0P. OK1XR silent key.

First shot of unofficial results of VHF Contest 2013 in OK. OK1KIR succeeded in first 23cm QSO from OK to H44.

OK1KIR worked first 70cm QSO OK H44 and won in Dubus REF EME Contest 2013. Congrats! Logs of OK2A.

Do you know, what is the Doherty PA? More. Afrobohemia web. Have you already SV9? An older & very old links.

On the Sun were observed more strong flares, but probability of Auroral show in OK is still low, more here & here.

This weekend will be held ARRL EME Contest. European beacons. OK2PMS 70cm EME. Telegraph is MGM.

Noticeable Solar flare M 9.3 class from 1877 area,  may even iniciate Auroral condx. More details will come soon.

UHF Contest 2013 by OK2A, OK2KYZ & PA6NL (2). Claimed scores of French stations. Even SSPA may survive.

DF2ZC released new 2m EME NewsLetter. DX signals UR7D. UHF Contest by OK2M & in Spain. Video HA5SHF.

On 144.363 MHz is active since Oct.20 4 & 2m MS DX-ped. IG9Y JM65. More. UHF Contest 2013 by PA stations.

New DX record on 122GHz has QRB 132km. Congrats!  Results of the VHF Contest in OM, DL & HB. 23cm Yagi?

OM convention in Tatras has commercial targets. Duoband PAs by Italab: 2x500W,  2x1kW. UHF-Contest DR5Y.

UHF Contest 2013 by OK1VEI. On Oct.21 will be peak of Orionids shower, SP3RNZ prepares 4m trip to KO13/14.

First 70cm EME QSO OK YJ has wkd by OK1DFC, congrats! VHF page of OM5KV. VHF projects by DD7MH.

OK1CF's response to OK1RD. OK1VPZ note. First 2m EME QSO OK YJ has registered for OK1RD. Congrats!

OK HF Top-list issue by OK1RD. Yagi antenna for 23cm band. Electronic "potentiometer" for better rotator sensor.

UHF Contest 2013 by: OK1FEN, OK1CJH & DL0GTH (statistics). QSL card confirming first 6cm QSO OK ↔ EA.

UHF Contest 2013 by: OL3Y, OK1KJV, OK5Z & spol, OM6A & OM3RRC. SM would be QRV again on 4m, more.

Do not forget to send on 14.10 till midnight your UHF Contest log into IARU international evaluation! Boom drilling.

W6SZ released new EME Newsletter for 70cm and up. Private meeting in Pilsen. Thema of the day: D-star. 1, 2, 3.

Calculation of your antenna wind load to a mast. Useful constructions by W1GHZ. OK0EP beacon spots. N3FJP.

ARI invites you to the traditional Marconi memorial CW VHF Contest. Broadband mixer for gear up to 6GHz.

UHF Contest 2013 by: DM7A, OK2G, OK1KFH, OM3PV, SN5R, F4EEJ, S59R (2). VHF EME DX-pedition H44HP.

UHF Contest of OK2KKW 10 years ago. "All-optical transistor" design.  Pics from MJ/DL1YMK EME DX-pedition.

UHF Contest 2013 by: G3XDY, OL4K, OK5K, 9A2SB. Interesting experiment by NASA. Final result of A.A.UHF-C.

Region I. results of 50MHz IARU Contest. UHF Contest 2013 by 9A1CZG. Frequency synthesiser for transverters.

UHF Contest 2013 by: DL0GTH, DR5T, OK1EM, IQ1KW, S52W, S51ZO. New 2m QRO GS35b PA by OK2PMS.

UHF Contest 2013 by: OK2C, OK1OPT, OK1NWD & OK1ZHS. Claimed score in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, G and IARU.

OK1DIX released new version (6.37) of contest log VUSC 4 WIN ->more. Delayed report of OK2KKW from VHFC.

Tropo condx 21-24.Sept. by: OK1CRM + OK2BY (map) at Cerchov hill & report in Funkamateur. Next TR to SM4?

Tropo condx 21-24.September by: OK1TEH, OK1ADT, OM2VL, OK1DOL, EA2TO, DF0HF & DK2EA, DG0VOG.

Leave your announce about participation in IARU UHF/SHF Contest 2013.  Weather forecast for contest in JO60.

QSL card for first 3cm QSO OK - EA. First 3cm QSO OK - MJ wkd OK1KIR. New 76GHz transverter by OK1EM.

First 6cm QSO OK -MJ worked OK1KIR, congrats. We made update of Czech national records in tropo contests.

Tropo condx 21-24.Sept. by: EI3KD, OK1ES, OK1DQT, OK1NWD, OK1ZHS, OK2AF, S51ZO + reports at MMM.

SHF EME expedition MJ/DL1YMK on air, first QSO OK - MJ on 13cm wkd OK1KIR + on 9cm OK1CA, congrats!

First QSO OK - OM / OE worked on 134/248 GHz, see more. OK1DFC completed 100 DXCC na 70cm, congrats!

First 6cm QSO OK - EA wkd OK1KIR + first QSO OK - TA na 70/23cm wkd OK1DFC. VHFC 013 by IK4WKU/6.

DX condx are still on. From OK has wkd GI, GU, GW even on 70cm. Good time test first 2m QSO over "big pond"?

Tropo condx reaches OK border. And what about you? Send the msg pse! PSU 13,8V/100A. W2SZ/1. More here.

Tropo condx EA1 to DL are slowly opening, on 22.9 will be QRV EA2TO from IN83. Similar situation like in 2008?

Interesting device for 23 and 13cm transverter. VHF DX-ped to TA may give you new locator. SWR and return loss.

Don't trust your national representative and send your log from the VHF Contest into IARU international evaluation.

More pics of FP (EME) DX-peditionNote: on 21.9 may start nice tropo condx! DL7APV's article abt. 70cm EME.

First 23 and 13cm QSO OK - FP wkd OK1KIR, first 70cm QSO OK - FP wkd OK1DFC, congrats. Web SM4GGC.

VHF Contest by OL7C, OM3KDX (2). Interesting link -> SW for SDR spectrum analyzer. More SP VHF meetings.

More pics of  VHF projects by LU8ENU. IARU Contest by OM6A, F4EEJ, pics SP3KWA, 9A6NDD & from LZ, E7.

New 2m EME NewsLetter by DF2ZC. First 2m QSO OK - FP registered by OK1UGA. Congrats! Frenštát meeting.

DK7ZB presents New generation of 2m aerial. VHF Contest by DM7A. 1st 70cm QSO OK - 5B4 wkd by OK1KIR.

VHF Contest 2013 by: OL7M, OL9W, DQ7A, OK1UFF. Video from VHF-C: PC5T, F0FVK. ARI EME CW Contest.

VHF Contest 2013 by: IS0BSR/IS0 (2), OK2R, OL2J.  4m MS DX by LA6Q. On 15.9. look for EME DX-ped to FP.

Extraordinary result in July VHF C-test by TM2GThey wrote new chapter in VHF history. Our results list update.

14/144MHz transverter DL6NAA. VHF Contest: OM9WM. A bit another signal generator. Video F6ETI, TM02REF.

Call TM2W (JN37NV) was after one year active in IARU Contest. More. VHF Contest 2013: OK7O, OL3Y, PA6NL.

Mitsubishi introduced 12V 80W out hybrid IC for 2m small PAs. VHF Contest 2013 by: LZ7J & OK2C (1kW QRP).

More info abt.super result of 5P5T team. DX-pedition: VHF log 3B9EME. VHF Contest: 9A1CZG, OM6W, YT1VP.

VHF Contest 2013 has presumably won by 5P5T (482k points & 916QSO). Report: SN7L (1), OK1EM, SV2DCD.

First 2m QSO OK - 3B9 and his 100.DXCC wkd Jarda OK1RD. Congrats! IARU R1 record on 70cm has corrected.


VHF Contest 2013 by: 9A1CZG, 9A2L, F6KQV/P, S59DXX, OE1W(2), S51ZO, S59DEM and several PA stations.

OK0EA on 6,3 & 1,5cm QRV again, rubidium PLL was fixed, some pics of beacon. Comment to July VHF C-test.

VHF Contest 2013 by: DL0GTH, 9A4V, 7S7V. K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 432MHz & above bands.

VHF Contest 2013 by: OK1GU, OK1NWD, OK1ZHS & OE1W. Claimed scores in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, ON, G & Eu.

Final results of Czech July Field day C-test 2013. Perseids by LA0BY JP40Zieleniec 2013 meeting by SP3IYM.

TR report LA0BY. Do you know the best result of HB9 VHF Contest? View back to OK2KKW VHF Contest 2003.

First 10GHz QSO OK - EA has completed by OK1KIR, congrats. July VHF C-test results in: DL, HB, ON and PA.

Perseids 2013 by: OK1TEH, OK1UGA, OK6TW, OK2PMS, OK1MDK, ES3RF, EI3KD, HV0A and other stations.

Leave your announce about participation in the IARU R1 VHF Contest 2013. Weather forecast & condx: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Pics from visit of ES3RF EME QTH. On Sept. 5th look for 3B9EME. On 20.9 check start EME DX by PE1L in TA3.

Start of FB tropo condx, 2m tropo report of OK1TEH from Sept.3rd. 2m report EI3KD, tropo condx from EI to EA8.

Few pics from SP EME & SHF meeting in Bydgosc. SV8CS made tests on 136 kHz. Pics from J45EME DX-ped.

Take a part in contest, where someone will win only due to Remote RX?  Connectors cleaning and Nf of EME RX.

Almost final results of OK July VHF- C 2013. Reverse DDS for µW oscillators. MorePretty nice 250W transistor.

Already on 2. Sept. look for 3B9EME team. New 4m beacon IW9GDC/B JM78Waiting for next FB tropo condx?

Pics of OK1VM from DL4DTU visit. Holice 2013 by: OK1EM, OK1OPT, OK1QUIDO, OK5TOK2ZDL and OM6BB.

Another kind of QRM? EME DX-ped.J45EME. 1st.70cm QSO OK - SV5. Holice 2013 pics by OK1AIY & OK1AYR.

On the SP VHF convention was introduced VNA project. More. Even more pics. Interesting 10GHz 30W hybrid IC. 2m QSO OK - HK registered by Jarda OK1RD, congrats. CT1HZE has published in PDF free DUBUS release.

New VHF Managers Handbook 6.12. Transvertor DJ6EP for 13cm. More here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. VHF blog SP8AQX.

Additionally re-evaluated international results of IARU VHF &  UHF Contests 2012. 3cm audio records by IK3GHY.

Few pics from SP VHF meeting by SP9XUD & OK1TEH. DL5NAH's invitation to IARU Contest. QRP C-test result.

We participated on SP VHF convention in Zieleniec with two presentations. Report and much more in preparation.

Jak si OK1DQT testoval MS na VKV. Oslavili jsme další výročí provozu nezávislých webových stránek OK2KKW.

When you need to win on 2m, then this is PA for you! More here. And why not GU57A? EME tests by OM3WCF.

Perseids help to open unexpected 2m Es condx. Your log from August Contest already sent? Feedhorn from SM.

DF2ZC released 2m EME NewsLetter. New World MS DX record on 2m 3377km QRB EA8TJ ↔ S50C. Congrats!

Perseids 2013: actual ZHR nr by IMO. Photogallery: 1, 2, 3, last forecast and how to begin with MS using WSJT.

DL5NAH's response, why in European IARU Contests evaluation are missing OK stations. Field day C-test OK2G.

European results of the IARU VHF and UHF / MW Contest 2012:  message, comment, error logs VHF-C, UHF-C.

MS web G4NOK. Nice HF antenna. MS tests on 28MHz. From the history of MS operation: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.

From radio history: not only by TESLA. July young ops. contest. Mini MS DXs on 4m (JN82). ON4KST chat copy.

First 9cm QSO OK - KL7 registered by OK1KIR, congrats!  Maximum of Perseids MS shower will be on 12 - 13.8.

K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm and above.  Perseids MS shower DX-peditions list here and here.

Info abt. OK0EWW. Maybe last call for OK0EC?  MW Contest 2013 in OK has final results. Advanced RF switch.

4m Es sezóna u OK1TEH a OK2BX. 3cm RS z 27-28.7 u OK1JKT a OK1TEH. 29.7 byla opět Eska z DL do CT3.

Matching microstrip line for 70cm DK7ZB antenna. Next crunchy discussion on public OK_list CRC. RS OK1JKT.

Private microwave meeting by OK2VJC. Es QSO of last week. Who collect the points in OM3AU memorial C-test.

How the CRC board  with full "democracy" manage, that since now only members of such entity may use ok_list.

Claimed results of July VHF C-test in v DL, SP and IARU. Interesting ISP chat.  Don't miss nice RS condx. More.

Power supply for solid state amplifiers for EME purpose.  July VHF Contest reports: IZ3NOC, IZ1ESM & DL7AFB.

During weekend nights you will have the opportunity complete your first 144MHz EME QSO. Polish VHF meeting.

Synthesizer for 23cm gear. Actual beacons QRG. VHF Contests on 3-4.August: OK, OM, DL, SP, 9A, UR, F, G.

DG7YBN's web with valuable info abt. design of antennas incl. last hit - bended radiators!  July VHF C-test OK7V.

Remind Summer QRP Contest, please! July VHF 2013 by OK2M. OK0EA beacon has on 6 + 3cm service outage.

OK2KKW's report from the July Field day Contest. Copy of GHz chat OK-OM communication in July VHF Contest

July VHF by: OK2G, OK1VEI, OK2BSY & OK2ILA tandem. EME gear can't be always "High tech". BPF 144MHz.

One opinion poll results related to the VHF Contesting in the Czech rep. July VHF by OK1KOB, UT3XA. Fatigue.

Would you support such proposal for VHF Contest rules update? VHF-C: F1NSR, DR5T, YT1VP, F0FVK, G3KMI.

Czech Microwave Contest preliminary results. Check the tropo condx!  NFD by OM3RRC. Don't forget send a log!

Actual 2m EME NewsLetter. New world 70MHz Es DX record QRB 5235km. 23cm 9A EME discussion forum.

July VHF-C: IQ4AX/4, OM6A, Z38C.  Interesting, albeit not new video from DR9A. How to control SDR remote RX.

Single, or Multi? Copy of hot discussion of OK5Z manners. On 4m over Atlantic.  Brutal 2m contest by EA2DR/1.

July VHF-C: OL3Y, OK1UFF & OK1KJV. Launch of MS DX-ped. SM/DG5CST.  SK6OSO 23cm EME by 9A4QV.

July VHF C-test: OL9W, OK1KJO, OK1OAB, OK1UNL, G4CDN, G3XDY & IK4WKU/6. Russian VHF DX records.

July VHF C-test: OK1YK, OK5TOK1KUO, SM7LCB, DL5YWM & friends. How to send a log to IARU evaluation.

Small VCXO with very low phase noise. Pics from the July VHF Contest: OM3RRC, SN7L (+ report) & GW0AAA.

July VHF 2013 by: OL7M, OK2KYZ, OM3KDX. This weekend would be QRV 23cm EME SK6OSO with 25m dish.

In July will celebrate 70. birthday OK1AIY, OK1CA and in August OK2BPR. Congrats, nice QSOs & good health!

Final international results of the Marconi Memorial Contest 2012. July VHFC 2013 by OL4K. Next 2m Es on 11.7.

July VHF 2013 by: OK6R, OK1FEN, OL7C, OK1EM, OK1CJH, OK1FHI, OK1VM, OK2I, DF0MTL, OM9WM (2m).

This transverter will be presented in Zieleniec. CRC on the web still publish false data. Es from 10.July. More here.

July VHF 2013 by: OK5KS51ZO, S50C, PA6NL & next PA stsns. Tropo condx between OK and G were 3 days.

Microwave web G4HJW and his simple 10GHz RX. One more peek to Eastern contesting. UKW Berichte E-shop.

July VHF by OK7O. Smart mechanical components. Updated contests list. Pictures PA6NL, UN9L and OK1AKE.

July VHF by OM6W. July VHF in UR. More. Russian VHF contest log. SP2DDV QSOs. How to improve vacuum.

July VHF Contest: OK2C, OK1IN, OK1JKT, OK1STJ, OK1OPT, OK2IMH Preliminary results OM3AU Memorial.

July VHF Contest by: OK1KPA, OK1NWD, DL0GTH, IQ1KW and 9A stns. Claimed scores: 9A, OK, OM, G, S5.

New beacon OK0EWW. July Field day. RSGB's effort to defend VHF bands. Tropo report by EA1EBJ /IN73.

Interesting presentation SP5XMU abt.VHF beacons in Warsaw. Within contest check the tropo condx to SM, LA!

Leave your announce abt. participation in the July VHF Contest, pse!   Actual weather forecast for contest is here.

First 13cm QSO OK - 9X registered for OK1KIR, congrats! More pics from 9X0EME DX-ped. 2m MS by OK2PMS.

Best LNA contest results from EME meeting in Orebro 2013. Measurment of side lobes of Yagi antenna KB5WIA.

Will SDR replace superhet? CRC is loosing members!  Over 10% hams are gone within a year. Wrong CRC data.

On 29.6. were 2m Es: OK1 to ES/UA1/6, more. OK1DFC completed first QSO OK - 9X  on 70 + 23cm. Congrats.

Last VE7BQH's comparison table focused to the VHF aerials performance. New EME NewsLetter for 70cm & up.

Results of MGM EME Contest ARI. EME log of 9X0EME DX-ped. Will CRC as well as support us like RSGB did?

First 2m QSO OK - 9X registered for OK1RD. Congrats!  Stastistics of Es within last 7 years. Antenna for OK7O.

Preliminary final results of May Contest. Hamspirit by OK5Z. MS de SW8EA. June Contests by: OK2M & AF4JF.

Within last days were nice RS condx. OK1TEH's 3cm log. Short 2m Es from OK/OM to GM on 20.6 by OK1ZHS

As well 19.6 was 2m Es from OK to UA and EA, more. First 4m QSO OK - HV. Link to pics of abandoned aerials.

2320 MHz DUBUS EME contest by: OK2ULQ, OK1CA, PY2BS & SP7DCS. Septum feed presentation SM6FHZ.

2m Es 18.6 by: OK1TEH, OK1ZHS, OK1ADT. List of OIRT transmitters include locators. GM0KZG QRV MS now.

A lot of YAESU gear papers. If you didn't forget Russian language yet. How loud was 18.6 Es on the "other side".

SM7FJE's web. Variations of OM6AA / OK1CA loop feed. More here. Large Es condx on 18.6. VHF  9X via EME.

Last days for logs upload into European evaluation of Microwave Contest. On 17.6. was again short 2m Es UA - I.

Give the points on 22.6 in 9A VHF QRP Contest. Claimed scores of Alpe Adria UHF Contest 2013 (reports here).

Change of OM QSL service address. June Contest by IQ4AX, F6KRK & F6KUQ. New World DX record on 76GHz.

When you want to get OM license. 144 & 70MHz DX-trip over Norwegian locators. Ukrainian radio league motion.

Precise VHF beacons in Warsaw. OK2FKF termination due to motivation loss? How to make a power transformer

Some tension in CAV? Check Es condx & IH9YMC from rare loc JM66 + IG9Y from JM65. We are not the same.

On 12.6 were 2m Es condx OK2EI. LY44WFF is QRV MS on 2m from KO05. First 4m QSO OK - Z3, congrats.

How active was 2m Es on Tuesday 11.6. June Es on 4m in Prague. Searching of coincidence. MCR awards sent.

Already this weekend will be 6m IARU Contest. Missed calculator? Transvertors by F1JGP. 3cm DX by DK1MAX.

DH8BQA/MM - unique opportunity for 144MHz DX QSO into "wet" locators JO85, 95 & KO05. Z31MA gear for 4m.

Microwave Contest 2013: OL9W, OL7Q, OM6AS51ZO. On 9. June was 2m Es from OK to EA7, EA9, CN, more.

Wave short and even shorter - 50 years of ham radio effort on THz bands. More here. No interest abt. TM2W QSL?

May VHF Contest by DR9A & final DL results. Good to know. Useful measuring gear. LA0BY's web. JP68 DX trip.

Amateur radio on 14MHz is not promissing? YAESU museum. Do you plan trip to DL250W transistor for 23cm.

PE1L team prepares EME DX-ped. to Rwanda, web page here. On June 3rd. observed short 2m Es CT/DL, more.

Microwave Contest 2013: OK2KFJ, 9A2SB, 9A4QV, IQ1KW, DR5T. On 2m is active MS FSK441 TM57M  / IN77.

Microwave Contest 2013: OK1KUO, OK1EM, OK2C, OK5Z & HA5KDQ. OM3AU Memorial C-test claimed score.

Microwave Contest 2013 & OM3AU memorial: DL0GTH, OK2KYZ  & OM3WFC. Claimed score: 9A, S5, OK, OM.

P-HEMT powering. Worked TM2W in UHF Contest 2012  & looking for QSL?  Czech VHF Championship awards.

Short 2m Es on 2.6 from DL to EI, more. Do you know Italian web page Groenland is QRV on 4m.

How to modify MHW1915 for 23cm. Broadband IC & LNA filter. First 4m QSO OK - SK has registered for OK1KT.

On May 30th were observed first strong 2m Es from OK1 to EA7 more. This weekend will be first time SK on 4m.

The very first 23cm QSO via reflection from ISS.  Low noise PLL VCXO. About Czech TV prehistory. Synthesizer.

Leave your announce related to the participation in the Microwave Contest. Weather forecast. 4U1ITU QRV @ 6m.

Ham radio applications for Android OS.  Low pass filter for HI PWR 2m PA. MS opportunity for June. Wattmetter.

K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm & above bands. New EME antenna HB9Q. Tower link from SM6.

Important OK1VPZ's article, our service were consider as enemy by CRC. May VHF by IK4WKU/6. Meteoprobes.

Modified Invitation by DL5NAH for 50MHz IARU Contest 2012. Contest log shall be uploaded directly to the IARU.

Miniature rubidium OCXO. Nice device for 23cm LNA. Test of IC7800 & comparison. OK Christmas C-test results.

DL5NAH's invitation to participate in the 50MHz IARU Contest.  Updated list of 4m beacons2m EME from OH0.

QSL confirming the World DX record on 24GHz. New web of DR9A. OK1ZHS abt.6m. 4m opening. OK1TEH's rec.

Broadcasting in OK celebrate 90.years anniversary, more. Unique QRM from broadcasting history. 23cm by GaN.

Case of CRC is developing. More.  Supporting circuits for 2m kW PA. Noise meter for EME RX path optimization.

On 70MHz was by QSO with A92IO set new OK DX record. DUBUS EME Contest: OK1CS, OK2ULQ & OK1EM.

May VHF Contest by OK2A, OM3KDX, G3XDY, TM57M. Interesting info -> CRC development. More.  Es season.

May VHF-C by: OK2M, OK1VEI, OL7Q. New 2m EME Newsletter. Es on 4m. Log OK1TEH. Transceiver NR6N4.

Focused on U.S. VHF contesting. More here, here, here. May VHF-C 2013 by: M1CRO, OK1NPF and OK1OUE.

May VHF-C by OL9W. No more discussion here? New FTDX-1200 - will be better as IF for VHF then the old TRX?

Few words to CRC Bulletin. No future for radio amateurs on GHz bands? DL2ALF released his new SW Airscout.

May VHF-C by: OK1UFF, OL4K, OK2KYZ, OK2F, OK5T, PA3CQE & others in PAMS shower η-Aquarids in EI.

May VHF 2013 by: OL7C, OK1KJV, HG1Z, S57Q, DR5T. 2m MS expeditions F6KUF IN86 and GS3PYE/P IO76.

May VHF 2013 by: OL3Y, OK1OPT, OK1KUO, OK1KFH, HA5KDQ, S51ZO, DF0MTL, HB9EFK. MS η-Aquarids.

May VHF 2013 by: OK1STJ, OL2J, OK5K + OK2IMH.  Al, K2UYH released EME NewsLetter for 432 MHz & UP.

May VHF 2013 by: DL0GTH, OL7M, OK2C, OK2KLD, OK1NWD, OK1EM, IQ1KW, SM7LCB, 9A2SB, more 9A.

May VHF 2013 by: OK2I, OM6W, S57O, 9A1CZG, OK1VM, OK7O. Claimed results: 9A, OK, OM, G, S5, IARU.

First 2m Es opening on 5.5 and next one on 6.5 between OK - LZ. Read "How to work more sporadic ‘E’ on 2m".

60th anniversary of TV broadcasting in former Czechoslovakia, see more. W stations on 4m and JO39 expedition.

Weather forecast for May VHF Contest: 1, 2, 3. During last weekend were observed first Es opening on 4m band.

OE1MCU released minutes from VHF / UHF Interim IARU Vienna's meeting. Compare results vs original agenda

How IARU want defend commercial pressure to hamradio bands on the next World radiocom.conference WRC15.

European results of VHF&UHF Contests 2012 will evaluate by DARC. 10GHz issue in OK will be discussed soon.

Presentation of OZ2M focused to New generation beacons.  DL1YBL introduce: Digital voice on hamradio comm.

Who are interesting in satellite communication: new Turksat. More. Do not forget send an annonce about contest.

Another side band noise measure: FT1000MP (trv out), FT1000MP + Xtal filter, LO trv Javorník, LO DC8RI (FA11).

Prepare 3cm rig for rainscatters!  Short RSGB's QSP abt. Vienna meeting. CRC say nothing. Rhombic antennas.

On 27.4 will be last chance for 2m QSO with 9G5EME. 300W PA & 10el Y.would be OK.  Chat abt. RAS rotator.

Do you know author well known control circuits of tube PAs?  G0KSC LFA antennas are popular. We met Justin.

New world record on 24 GHz 16385 km has achieved by OK1KIR, more in comment and presentation of VK7MO.

OK1TEH updated gallery of EME stations active on 70cm band. 4m expeditions LA4YGA JO39 a GS3PYE IO76.

Interesting articles of David Morgan about radioastronomy. SETI and technology for ATA. OK EME meeting: 1, 2.

Czech final results of March VHF Contest 2013. First 70cm QSO 9G - OK. OK2SIA SK. MS shower Lyrids 2013.

VK3UM released new EME Calculator v. 9.3. First CW QSO of OK1CJH, congrats. First QSO OK - 5H on 23cm.

First 23cm QSO OK-9G was achieved by OK1KIR, Congrats. MS expedition LA6Q JO58. Photos from 9G5EME.

Results of the Czech Easter contest 2013. New 23cm beacon in SP3 region. EME/MW meeting Tři studně 2013.

Attachment to the agenda papers for Vienna IARU meeting. Special call OL140FIRE. Transverters from VK3XDK.

OK1TEH released new 2m EME window. Time to consideration. LNO of Vackář type now as VCO for VHF bands.

Ukrainian amateur radio league push their authority in the issue of operation approval for 23cm & up bands. More.

Silent key for EME op John W5UWB Digital SWR meter by OK1EM. OK1VM's pics from Neumarkt flea market.

432MHz kW PA by F5FLN.  Last news from EME DX-pedition 9G5EME, pics. First 2m OK - 5W wkd by OK1RD.

Web page of  GW8IZR. Article focused to 2m & 70cm NAC participation with QRP from Prague. 18GHz PLL chip.

CME hit Earth on 23UT of 13.April, but was much weaker and not start up Aurora. SV2DCD abt. 4m TEP of 11.4.

Arrival of CME is possible to monitor via ACE satelliteimpact on Kiruna, Tromso and DK0WCY magnetometers.

DL6NAA sent us addition to Low noise oscillator article. Another LNO for HF was designed as Vackar's oscillator.

High performance VHF transverter needs brilliant transposition XO. Small 2m PA. Ham and spirit. PA3DZL's web.

First ever 2m QSO OK - 9G has achieved by Jarda OK1RD, congrats!  SV8CS's 136kHz. 4m TEP is open again.

Based on new data, the CME would hit the Earth on 13.4 abt. 12 UT.  Check the Aurora on Saturday's afternoon.

On 11.4 at  7 UTC sunspot AR1719 produced strong M6-class solar flare with high probable Earth directed CME.

Al K2UYH brings new EME NewsLetter for 70cm and above, DF2ZC released new EME NewsLetter for 2m band.

Are you still missing Pantelleria isl. on 2m or grids JM56 + JM66? VK3NX's new projects. New S5 beacon's web.

The final results of ARI EME Contest 2012 and new rules. 22nd EME meeting of OK VHF Club (tnx for invitation).

SM6CKU' movie from his visitation of G3LTF. 23cm converter OK3RM. Final results of ARRL EME Contest 2012.

23cm LNA by OK1GTH. Last news from EME expedition 9G5EME. An interesting article about TEP on 6m & up.

March contest 2013: preliminary results in OM + final results in DL. 2m transverter DH5FS. 5W0M active on 2m.

Final agenda of VHF IARU R1 conference in Vienna. Notably check articles 07 and 27.  No suggestions by CRC.

Award of amateur radio mobile operation. Calc of safe distance from transmitting antenna. 160W 13cm transistor.

QSL confirming the World DX record on 24GHz and first QSO OK - VK. Looking for 2m QRO PA? DK7ZB's news.

OK1DIX released new version (6.36) of Contest log VUSC 4 WIN, more info here. March VHF-C: IQ4AX, YT7WE.

News from IARU C5 - beacon OZ7IGY use new mode PI4.  OK Easter contest at OK1OPT & preliminary results.

New CRC VHF manager OK2ULQ will be supported with English translator OK1FCJ as IARU C5 Liaison Officer.

We received message that well known Russ, G4PBP is S.K.. New beacon on 23cm HG7BUB on air, read more.

Meteorscatter Sprint Contest 2013. OK3RM's LNA. 23cm antennas on web I1WQR. April remote control jammer.

Transverter OK2UKG for "nonpromissing" 13cm bands.  Gysel power splitter / combiner is better, than Wilkinson.

Microwave DX-trip to Estonia. Maybe selfcensorship?  DL6NCI returns back to "nonpromissing" microwave bands.

Video shows EME operation. World DX record over AO7? DL hams close DARC membership & creates new one.

Who could be new VHF manager of CRC? Microwave bands discussion in Vienna. Claimed DL score of March-C.

Let's save HAM-radio for future? IARU has troubles with contests evaluation. March VHF-C by DL0GTH & TM57M.

Remind OK Easter VHF Contest, will be on 31.3! OK1RI's email to OK1VPZ. His response. OM3KFF's new web.

PA stations in March VHF Contest (tnx PA1TK for translation!). Round table RSGB 27-28.4. 9cm project G3XDY.

50 years anniversary since first SSB VHF QSO in OK. Feeling of CRC's convention visitor. CRC business results.

Cease fire proposal to OK1RI. Next reflection to CRC's convention. Articles you should to know, were completed. 

CRC convention in Hradec Králové is over. We got a report from correspondent. OK1SQK's msg abt. CRC. More.

March VHF Contest by OL4K. Planned 2m DXpedition to OJ0 is postponed. Cheap 70MHz transverter by HA5IW.

On 17.3 during Aurora condx was created new World DX record on 70MHz: 1683km. Article written 12 years ago.

TX5K's 6m EME operation results. OK1TEH's March VHF contest log. March bolid.  X-ref 10 MHz for FT-8x7.

Digital termometer by OK1DXQ. Reminder: how CRC's VHF manager represents "East block" countries.  HSCW.

2m Aurora on 17.3 condx opened even from OK, reports: OK1TEH, G4SWX + more (+2). Mach VHF-C: OM3KDX.

Claimed results of the March VHF Contest in OK. OL3Z release new web. Written 10 years ago: 23cm combiner.

On 17.3. morning hit us CME impact from M1 flare, maybe this evening would be week Aurora even in OK & OM.

Al K2UYH brings new EME NewsLetter for 70cm and above. 1.EME convention in Moscow. March VHF-C: OK5T.

Crisis of mutual confidence and unability identify new direction, the same like in CRC, troubling DL hams as well.

OK1KIR set the new World EME DX record on 24GHz 15931km. Congrats!  DUBUS EME contest this weekend!

Full English translation of OK1TEH's report from March VHF contest. Results of ARRL CQ WW VHF Contest 12.

March VHF-C : OK2M.  Updated article about OK3RM's driver with SD-56120M. Photos of 4m beacon HG8BVC.

March VHF-C: OK1TEH, OL3Y, OL9W, OK2KZB, PA stns. On March 16th join traditional DUBUS EME Contest.

March VHF-C: OK1OPT, OK1NPF, OK2KYZ, DR4M, IZ3NOC/3, S57M, HA5KDQ. New 70MHz beacon HG8BVC.

March VHF-C by: OK1KFH, F4DBD, SP1WSR & SO3Z. Preliminary Czech QRP Contest results. 4m transverter.

March VHF-C by: OL3Y, OK2I, OK2R, OK1KJV, DR5T (2), S51ZO & F8KID. Updated OK2UKG's 9cm transverter.

March VHF-C by: OL7C, OK1UFF, OL2J, G8GXP. Claimed EU scores. SSB EME Contest by: OK1CS & OK2DL.

On 5.3 check good tropo condx to OZ & 2m NAC. Start of 6m EME DX-ped.TX5K. Dirty burglars visited OK1DST.

March VHF-C by: OK5K, OK1VM, OK1CJH, OK1ZHS, OM6W, IQ1KW, DR5T, S55M, 9A1W, 9A4V+(2), 9A2SB.

March VHF-C by: OK2C, OK1NWD, OK1STJ, OK1EM, OK1FHI. Claimed scores in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, SP and G.

Nice tropo condx from OK1 to UK has open, let's hope to be active for the March IARU Contest!  I2SG's designs.

Interesting discussion in UR. Original here. More. Opinions exchange: how to be a new ham. Shame as by CRC.

Calendars of VHF contests, listed in more countries of IARU Region 1: OK, OM, SP, DL, IK, 9A, F, ON, G (2), LZ.

Tropo condx of Feb. OK1TEH, OK1ZHS. VHF meetings: 1, 2, 3. Video reminder to last year VHF Contests.

OK1DIX released new version ( 6.35 ) of Contest log VUSC 4 WIN, more info here. New articles on IZ4BEH's web.

News from preparation of  9G5EME DX-pedition. K1JT released new mode JT9. Change of MS calling frequency?

Leave your annonce abt. participation in the IARU subregional contest 2013. Weather forecast here and here.

23cm transverter design by OK2UKG. QRO aerial relay. Simple signal source. FT5000MP sideband noise charts.

How CRC represents own members. Funny result. More to World DX record on 24GHz. EME DX-pedition Samoa.

Al K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm & above bands. Receive of first EME reflections on 77,5 GHz.

New EME World DX record on 24GHz: QRB 14 497km (VK3XPD - W5). Do you know the Big EU radiotelescope?

New EME Calculator v.9.0 by VK3UM. How to lock FT847 to external frequency standard. Yagi antenna for 23cm.

Reliable 12V transistor for drivers on 2m & 70cm. How much you will pay for 1kW transistor?  QRO PA by OL7C.

DF2ZC has new EME NewsLetter for 144MHz band. Converters for SDRs by OK1CA. QRP contest by OK1DOM.

Next week will QRV 6m EME DX-ped.TX5K. Maps for Rainscatter via GSM BTSOZ7IGY beacon running JT65C.

OK1TEH released his 2m EME window written for Radiožurnál. First QSO OK - 9A on 3400MHz. More. Congrats!

Winter QRP Contest by OK1KCI & OK1FEN fulfil his report. Cheap 23cm counter Interdigital filters by OK2UKG.

Winter QRP Contest by OL1B, OK6TW, OK1TEHMore articles about Deep Space Network. 5W out on 47GHz?

On 15.February will be close crossing with 2012DA14 asteroid, EME hams discuss possibility of radio reflection.

We would use invitation of CRC vice-chairman. Winter QRP Contest OK1KUO, OK1FEN. 4m transverter OK3RM.

Winter OK QRP Contest OK1ZHS, OK1CJH, OK1JFH and OK1RKS. Romagna 70cm Contest report by IQ4AX/4.

Final results of the OK-VHF Championship for 2012. You will have an opportunity for 23cm even QRP EME QSO!

Short Agenda list for the IARU Region I. C5 VHF Committee meeting Vienna 2013.  Who refused our suggestion?

Pics of OK2KZB from Winter QRP-C. & OK1KAD in BBT. OK1GTH abt.efficiency. Check this as well. FG4KH 2m.

On 3rd Feb. together with Winter QRP contest was held Contest Romagna, on 70m was QRV  IQ4AX/4 (> more).

Stations in IK and IS0 have allowed 4m band. OK1GTH wrote article about anode circuits for VHF amplifiers (CZ).

New technical collection of DUBUS publisher. Low pass filter. DX spots of OK0EP.  SWR and isolation of REV16.

Davos 2005 reminder! These submitions are still hot! On January 20.expired time for Vienna. What OK2ZI will do?

How to lock IC910 to rubidium cube. More.  Why the others do it better? VK3UM's presentation Cambridge 2012.

Web pages of SP4K, focused to EME adventure.  ON0EME beacon - presentation from the last EME convention.

Such VHF manager would be very invited by OK - VHF ops as well as! Do you know? 10GHz gear on SDR basis.

Calendar of VHF Contests for 2013. New World 24GHz EME DX record 10216km. 70cm PA by OK2M use GS35.

Thermal inversion reminds tropo condx of 70 & 80.years. Actual news from opposite to VHF bands. More: 1, 2, 3.

Invitation to the OK Winter QRP Contest.  Relation between MDS and sideband noise of microwave connections.

Ionospheric influence to the 2m EME. OK4MT & his EME preparation. Another hypothesis of Es. UA's 3cm. Key.

Until the Sporadic Es begin look here, what initiate it. OK1CJH's 10GHz test. Amateur radio blog of Sam G4DDK.

Preliminary results of Czech "MČR" championship 2012. OK1TEH's activity on VHF bands from the home in 2012.

K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm & higher bands. DL0SHF has for sale 300W TWT for 3cm EME.

70MHz SPAC & NAC contests.  News in OK1EM shack and on 24GHz web. EME DX-ped. Ghana in preparation.

DF2ZC brings new EME NewsLetter for 2m & suggestions "how to do it". SP5MG's aerials.  Z3 on 4m postponed.

Final MMC 2012 OK results. Antennas gallery on the SP4MPB's web. OZ1FF 10GHz EME. DFS PLL for 10GHz.

Polish microwave discussion space, bourse & invitation to June EME. VHF SP6 convention will be held in August.

Useful tricks by OK1TI here, here. For satisfaction of 3cm OK DX-fans. Preliminary SP results list: UHFC, MMC.

4m transverter. DB0FGB temp.QRT 23cm. OK1GTH prepares QRO. TNX.  New construction act cut aerial height.

23cm beacon DB0FGB temp.QRT again. Thanks to all who supports us. New construction act limits mast height.

Solar cycle Earth influence.  Simple antenna for 50MHz EME. PA0EHG and his large 24GHz EME operators list.

Quadrantids 2013: OK2PMS, OK1DQT, OK1TEH, OM3WFC (more). EME OM3RRCDK5EW MS. Tropo condx.

International results of IARU 50MHz Contest (comment). Really 7 OK participants only?  144MHz PA by G4DCV.

Info abt. OK2KKW web here. Universal, robust, cheap & wideband tranzistor for drivers and small PA up to 23cm.

Reminder to OK-VHF convention 54 years ago (new photo). Quadrantids by IMO. HV0A would be 5.1 QRV again.

Quadrantids probably peaked on Jan.3. about 12h UTC, some pics here.  6m EME web G4IGONAC with QRP.

First EME QSO W-JA on 24 GHz. Interesting comparison of SW for aerial modeling.  New SHF devices from UK.

144MHz EME DX-pedition 9G5EME start in April.  OK1CZ remembrance of middle waves operation 40 years ago.

On 2m MS are "on air" DX-ped. HV0A (144.388) & R1QA/P from LO19 ( .377). Interesting design of UA9TC aerial.

A bit concealingly were on "Moravany" published preliminary MMC results in OK. LDE mystery: new observation.

Quadrantids MS shower is comming, radiant promise the best MS condx for QSOs on Jan.3 & 4. morning to OH.

How to make your first MS QSO read here (cz). History of first MS QSOs in EU.  Estimated MS DX-trips in 2013.

G7RAU SW and rool for optimal use of Aurora for DX QSO.  Jozef ZL/YU7AA almost exceed the world DX record.

Christmas Contest 2012: OK1TEH, OK1OPT, OK1KFH, OK1KJV & claimed scores. Check FB tropo on Jan 5th.

We wish to all readers of OK2KKW's web during 2013 year good health, happiness, success & no contest QRM!

===================================   PF 2013   =====================================

OK1TEH wkd first 4m QSO OK-HA. Who will be OM? Old 70cm PA OM3PV. Sideband noise K3 and EMC.

On 30.12 became in HA effective new frequency table which gave for amateur radio right deplete the 70MHz band.

Since Jan.15 would be active on 4m Macedonia (Z3). Z31MA pics. 4m DX-cluster activated SW filter against 40m.

Tesla VÚST & OK1KRC remembrance. DJ6BU & OK2OP SK. SPANFI by OK1UGA. HW web & Tesla catalogue.

OK1TEH completed one of his ham radio achievements. Preparation of DX-pedition 5W0. Keep in mind copyright!

Audio RF clipper by OM3WZM & his other HW projects.  One presentation from Dorsten DL-GHz tagung articles.

How to operate safely together with transverter, or LNA, "single output" VHF transceiver. 70cm EME NewsLetter.

An older news from previous years - please click here: 2012201120102009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001 & 2000