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Thanks to all readers of this web for visit and let us wish you for 2022 lot of felicity, health,success, peace + love! Try the MS DXing on 70cm - already in few days will be good chance. UK Microwavers open Scatterpoint 2020. VHF radioamateurs were always ready to do something at home. Maybe this kits web page will be inspiration.  New microwave PCB laminate. 10W PA up to 40GHz. Christmas 2m tropo condx opening between VK and ZL. Declared results list in OK Christmas Contest. The rule of prohibited use of KST chat + DX Cluster is canceled? Web pages N5PA and F5VIF. This would be suitable info. New 1W Amplifier well usable for 24GHz µW band. Jubilee transmission on VLF is a radiocomm. celebration of our predecessors. SM state have respect, OK not...   OK1KIR established first 23cm QSO OK - HS, congrats. Don't miss Czech 2m Xmas contest on 26th Dec. ARRL EME Contest 2021 - 2nd part by: OK1TEH, OK2PE, OM4XA, SP6JLW. Tropo condx OK/G by M0KBW. Tropo DX record on 144MHz: QRB 2700km! List of more DX records QSOs on 2m. Be ready for 2022 discounts. Pic from Geminids. Let us know, what you made. Don't leave 2 meters for intruders. 23cm: important message. K2UYH released EME Newsletter for 70cm & UP. During weekend will be 2nd round of ARRL EME Contest. DF2ZC released 2m EME Newsletter. TRDX by OK1TEH. How to make horn for 122 GHz's Cassegrain. More. Plan your time for next days! You will have good opportunity to make a DX tropo QSOs OK-G. Power amplifier. MMC 2021 by IK5LWE. OK "Moon Contest" will be in 2022 held as well as at 23cm. When you will be abroad. Geminids activity peak on Tuesday morning. First 70cm QSO OK-ER. Space QSOs records. W5LFL has lost. When is effective agreed a sked of MS QSO. Check radiant elevation of the MS shower. Web update: 1, 2, 3. QRV list for 70cm MS skeds. QRV list for 2nd leg of ARRL EME Contest. BCC corrected 30s period's system. Interesting: amateur digital TV as well as on HF? And in OK? Microwave HW RX3DR. VHF/UHF beacons list. National results of IARU VHF Contest 2021: in OK, OM, DL, 9A, SP, F, PA + IARU. New OP exams in OE. Very good, albeit older Polish VHF/UHF Handbook by SP6LB. WA2JQZ wrote report from  ARRL EME Contest. Await Geminids in few days. BCC MS Contest 2021 and last year results. Beacons frequencies measured agn. EME dish built by SP9VFD. Pics of old 23cm PA w.GS15B. Amplifier unit for 2,3GHz band with BLC8G22LS. 13cm transverter OK1EM. GHz video YO5AXB. SP9FG & OK1UWU SK. RIP! Amplifier, or LNA EMF calc. Gale alert! OK will suffer from vy strong wind on Tuesday. Don't miss excellent GHz videos from Alex RA3EME. P.O.Box 69? OK2KKW received plaque for win in the IARU UHF Contest 2020. Report of OK2KKW from MMC. ARRL EME Contest 2021 1st part by OK1CA, OK1TEH, OK2DL, OK2PE, OK2ULQ, OM4XA, SP6JLW, G3LTF. DL3IAS's Holiday trip with QO-100. LPF OK1UGA for 23cm. UA5Y/RA3EME's antennas for EME, see more. When you operate ADF4351 chipset, you can set up it by recommended SW. Start on microwaves is funny. Tropo condx 19.11 by: OK1TEHOE5VRLON4KHGOK1ADTOK2WO. 47 GHz W5LUA. 24GHz transverter. Found on the hard drive of old PC together with our history by OK2QX militant. Do you have FN33 on 70cm? Tropo condx 19.11 really were, but not as we remember. SP Contests page results. Where to buy adapters? OK regulator CTU prepared web page of calcs - mostly for wi-fi ISPs. US experiments at 40MHz. Es Analysis. Interesting EME web SM5DGX. MMC 2021 by OM6A. Don't miss Friday / Sat improving of tropo condx into UK. It could be useful: 1, 2.  Actual EME NewsLetter K2UYH for 70cm and above. Comparison of RF PWR devices. This weekend will be held ARRL EME Contest. New RF PWR transistor RF2L16180CB4 for 23cm band by ST. MMC CW Contest 2021 by OK6M. Send your MMC logs to evaluation. On 17.11 night await green Leonids MS. Two design trivialities from my hamshack here, here. Results of IARU UHF-SHF C-test in OM, DL & IARU list. MMC/A1 Contest 2021 by: OL3Y, OK1KMP, OK1HWU, OM3KTR, OM3KHU, F8KID, DK0NA, 7S7V, HG1Z. Antenna by PA0MS celebrate 50 years in OK call service. New ARRL Handbook. Such info shall be completed. Sometime is useful remind several correlations. Meanwell introduced new collection of switching supply units. MMC/A1 Contest 2021 by: OK1OPT, OK2KOJ, DL3IAS, ON4KHG. DF2ZC released new 2m EME Newsletter. MMC/A1 Contest 2021 by: OK1ZHS, OK2KGB, OL2J, OM0FC. Claimed results in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA, G. Bachelor's thesis on LNA with PG103+ incl. antenna relay issue. G4DBN video about production of μW parts. Home brewed waveguide relays for 24GHz. More. Ice on antenna damaged this year MMC from > 1000m hills. What is new in the DUBUS Magazine? Subscription is available here. Content of last (18) technical handbook. Simple design of the mirror of light 23cm mobile dish made by contest team RW3WR & more pics from event. Leave your announce about planned participation in the VHF CW Marconi Memorial 2m Contest. Hall of Fame. We hope, that present ham radio microwaves bands will be resist against IMT pressure. 10W PA for 24GHz. More compatibility analysis of ham radio 23cm band and Galileo. Will CRC support decision of CTU regulator? Predicted Aurora some-how lost the right way. 23cm Yagi antennas by DG7YBN. Small amplifier for 3cm band. On Sun was strong eruption X1, NOAA predicted strong Aurora for Saturday's afternoon and G3-class storm. Results of "Carpathian UHF Contest" 2021. Polish web, focused to VHF contesting. Waiting for Auroral condx? VE6BGT's interesting upgrade of AZ/EL drive. History of SSB & more nice movies. J.C.Maxwell at Czech YT. UHF Contest 2021 by OK2A. On 21.October passed away to hamradio heaven in 96 y. Josef Činčura OK1VBN. Don't miss better tropo condx OK to G. 25el I0JXX for 70cm revised by PA0EHG. Less known Dubus articles. K2UYH released EME Newsletter for 70cm & UP. Preliminary German results of UHF/SHF Contestu 2021. UHF Contest 2021 by F6KOP. Home brewed components for 24GHz band. Crossing Alps on 24GHz. Congrats! UHF Contest 2021: I1KFH, OK2R. What gear for 70 cm contesting? W1E DX trip: on 70cm from Connecticut. UHF Contest 2021 by: DL0GTH, II5PO, SP9KJM. Oscillators with very low sideband noise for HQ transverters. UHF Contest 2021 by: OK2KRT, I4CIV, F6KFH, OR6T. Results of Spring ARI EME Contest. NAC on 70cm. DF2ZC released new 2m EME Newsletter. Do you know ApTeC? RS season by AF4JF. Something interesting. IEEE article: The uncertain future of Ham-radio. More. Xiegu, challenge for the Big 3? S57M in IARU UHFC. SP6MLK cancelled again planned VHF session in Gajow. UHF Contest video IQ0RM/0. PLL LO for 10GHz. Frequency synthesizer upto 12,5GHz with low sideband noise. 4kW PA for 3cm. GaN transistor for 70cm PA. OK2VJC's rig for 122 GHz based on VK3CV. HB100 3cm sensor by N5BRG. WQ5S in 2021 on 10 & 24 GHz. UHF Contest 2021: OK1KAD, OK1KPA, DL3IAS, G3XDY, OK5K, OK1OPT, S59P, IQ1KW. Trip to Ondrejov. First contacts OK-SV5 on 13/9/6/3cm logged OK1KIR, congrats. Don't miss KM15 2m MS/EME expedition. UHF Contest 2021: OK5P, OK2KOJ, ON4KHG, EA3TJ, LZ2T. Not every IARU member association is like CRC. UHF Contest 2021 by OM3KTR, OK1ZHS. Claimed score from UHF/SHF Contest in OK, OM, 9A, S5, PA & G. Leave your announce about participation in the IARU UHF/SHF Contest 2021 -> last weather forecast is online. OK1DIX released new version 7.02 of popular VUSC log. Kuhne released new down-converter for 8,4 GHz DSN. CRC with delay released prefinal results of OK Field day 2021 for final check. OK VHF-C: EME & µW meeting. Gigantic plasma jet above strong lightning in Caribbean sea. News by DG7YBN: small Yagi antenna for 23cm. Contest report directly by SN7L. Well known power supply EP-925 modifications. FT847 modifications update. This week we wait web content migration to another machine. Video of S50C in the  IARU VHF Contest: 1 & 2. K2UYH released EME Newsletter for 70cm & UP. Mont Blanc & 3cm. VHF Contest 2021 by: OL1C, OK1RPL. To be ready in the right place in the right time can you bring miracle. Do you remind records in UHF-C 1995? EI7GL abt SN7L success. JO57 square activation. 3.millions licenced hams worldwide. Cheap antenna relays. Repeating - mother of wisdom: S-meter, power level in dBm, dBm in table. Calculator of pre-amplifier cascading. VHF Contest 2021 by OR6T. OL3Y in JN69JJ lost the shack. Tel.keys collection. Known 2m OP SV2JL is SK. Gallery OK4C from VHF Contest 2021. Video SV6NNZ, F8KCF, TM100AA, F5KDK, UV7U + antennas F6KOP. OK1AIY - History of 122 GHz band in OK. VHF Contest 2021 by OK1KMP, DF0UM, F8BRL. September NAC. New Croatian VHF Contest record: 9A0BB, 805 QSO, 335 ths. points. Video: 9A0BB, F6ETI, IZ1ESM & TM5L. VHF Contest 2021 by: OL7C & F8KID. Remembrance to VHF R1 Contest 1981. HB dualfeed for 10/24 GHz.  Next RZ4HD article translation: 23cm PA 150W on the FR4 PCB. IARU VHF Contest video: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. VHF Contest 2021 by: OK1OPT, OK2KRT, DR2X, F6KFH, TM0A, S57O, HA6W, HG1Z. Manual for RS VH501. VHF Contest 2021 by: OK1KKD, OK1KTW, OM4C, OM3KSI, 7S7V +pic, IZ1ESM. Web + blog of OK1KKA. RZ4HD's article about 23cm PA design with MRF8S9260 transistors. VK1OD - how to test cable loss by VNA. VHF Contest 2021 by: OK1HWU, OL2J, OK2KOJ, OM2Y, ON4KHG, DA0FF, EA3LA, S59P, S59DEM, S50C. VHF Contest 2021 by: OK1KFH, OK1KPA, OM0FC, DM7A. Claimed results in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA and G. September 2m NAC by OK1TEH. 23cm by OK1ADT. 23cm EME expedition in KH6 is shifted to March 2022. Do you miss KN55? Web site, which could be very helpful. Heard on 2m during IARU VHF Contest 2021. Perseids 2021 by: OK1TEH, OK1DIX, OK1DMP, OK1UGA, OK7GU, OM8WG, SM6FHZ, GM4FVM, S51ZO. Perseids 2021 by: OK1DQT, OK2WO, S56P, S50C, RO3X. First QSO OK - TX7 on 23cm made by OK1KIR. Don't miss enhanced tropo conditions from OK1 into UK and Ireland. On 2.9 is smaller chance for 2m Aurora. Field day 2021 results in OM, DL. What abt.OK? 23cm EME from Tahiti. KA6U trip around Eastern U.S. locs. 1.9 is the 162nd anniversary of the Carrington event, when massive CME changed radiocommunication forever. DG7YBN news: 18 el.Yagi for contesting at 432MHz. Leave your announcement to VHF Contest participation. Short note to the FT8 poll. Tests in 175GHz band. OK1DOM sent us results list of Summer OK QRP Contest. Final results of Alpe Adria UHF/SHF Contest 2021. Holice 2021 by: OK1NMI, OK1MHK, OK1IF and OK2BJW. SHF meeting Zielenec 2021 - larger comment and photos by: OK1TEH, OK1UFL, ON5GS, SP3NYF, SP6SG. Real Big Gun! - 23cm PA, PWR 30kW out with water cooling. High IP3 mixer for 24GHz and 1W MMIC device. New 2m EME Newsletter by DF2ZC. Visitation of HA1KYY. Preliminary results of QRP contest. Rainy Holice. Amazing tropo just few days ago open condx for SSB and CW QSOs between EA8 and Caribbean islands. Several suitable 23cm PAs for ambitious rivals. Summer OK QRP Contest OK1RPL. Few days ago on 70cm. 15.8 we celebrate already 21 years since start of operation of hamradio info web OK2KKW. Tnx for support! Perseids were extraordinary. Maximum was delayed at least one day. Do you know, what is Goubau feeder? Gene, KB7Q made amazing presentation about his 23cm EME trip across rare US states (for EME WAS). Video reports from Alpe-Adria Contest: OE5JFE, IZ8IBC and DL0HAL. Mapping of European MS DX-ing history. Transistors with 100V supply give us chance construct 3+ kW PA for 23cm band! Nifty poster for your shack. Give OK1TEH an info abt.your DX QSOs within Perseids. VHF Handbook v. 9.01 for download at IARU R1 web. Perseids 2021 - latest photos, radar, ZHR, UA6LQZ LO10 is QRV 2m. 3cm RS 30.7 by DL3IAS + OK1TEHAlpe Adria VHF & QRP Contest by: OK1TEH, OE/OL1P, OK2KJI, S50C, S59DEM. August S5 ham meeting. Within this week will be maximum of Perseids MS shower. Observe bands & sky not only on 12.8. More here. Updated web of OK2KKW: contest results, Club results, Awards, C-test reports. FT8 marketing style survey. New 9cm gear of OK1EM. During July Field day C-test were hidden 60.anniversary of the first OK 3cm QSO. Well known EME op.F2TU SK. RIP! These designs could be usable as well for you. Check: here, here, here. GHz oscilator with low sideband noise for microwave transmitter. Invitation into OK Summer OK QRP Contest.  OK2A delayed contest report from July Field day 2021. For awards collectors. What new on EI7GL web page. Adds to Polish VHF Convention in Zieleniec - HB9BBD paper. Invitation EN, DL, CZ, PL. Nice 10GHz SSPA. Field day 21 by OK1OPT. RS season continues - 3cm report of DL3IAS. OK SHF Contest preliminary results. Microwave wisdoms "judged by the thumb"". Results of ham radio survey in DL & G besides other about FT8. K2UYH released July EME Newsletter for 70cm & up. Field day 2021 by OK5T. QRP activity by OK1ZHS/p. LNA by OK1GTH. Final results of MCR 2020 OK VHF Championship on 2 & 0.7m. Inspiring power transistor. Super tropo and Es opening: 3000+km from EA8. July VHF Contest 2021 by OL7C, OL1C, OK1KMP & I1KFH. Company, where you could buy interesting RF components. Staszek SP6GWB sent us invitation to Zieleniec. Old info abt. FT847, but for transverters still useful. Take care - OK QRP Contest will be held on 8th August! Field day 2021 by: OK1HWU, OK1RKS, OK1RPL, OK2KRT, OK2DDS, DR2X (DL3IAS), F6KFH, GM3HAM/P. Within Es of 8.7 were 2m opening between EA8 and DL. Nifty solid state device for construction of SSPA. Video shots from Eastern Field day Contest by R3KR, UA3RUV, UN7MWA, UW5EHB. Time for logs is due. Field day 2021 by: LZ2ZY, YP2DX, OK1KKD, OR6T, S50C, M1MLM. 50W solid state PA for 24GHz. Brutal Es. On July 7th passed away well-known OK SHF op.Jan OK1AYR. RIP! July Field day: HA50KYY, S57O, HG1Z. Famous Italian e-shop RF Electtronica is moving below Welco Srl control. July Field day by OK2KOJ (70, 23). Field day 2021 by: OL4N, OK1KFH, OK1KKD, OK5K, OL2J, OM3KTR, S59P. On 8th July was 2m Es OK-EA. Is already hamradio segment of 9cm band in EU allocated for commercial services? IARU do not defend it. Prefinal results of the MČR on VHF 2020 Championship for final verification. Do you need suitable circulator? Field day 2021 by: OK1ZHS, OK2ZB, OM0FC, IQ1KW, S50C. Claimed results in: 9A, OK, OM, PA and G. Preliminary OK results from May contest 2021 and final results of March contest 2021. New chance for RS. K2UYH released EME Newsletter for 70cm and above. Contest report OK2A from Microwave C-test. Our logs. Leave your announce about participation in the July VHF/UHF/SHF Contest. Weather forecast for 72.Field Day. GES Electronics has fell into bankruptcy. New DX record on 30THz. Or maybe it is not a real radio band? OK1UFC introduces GPS focused article. Next Es on 25.6: EA + CT. OK Field day results 70 + 50 years ago. OK2KKW's Field day Contest 20 years ago. Remember 4m activity without FT8. Ham radio crisis on 1938. Dreaming about Great future, when digi mode Q65 will replace "obsolete" CW/SSB Rainscatter on 10 GHz. Tornado in OK destroyed more municipalities & create extraordinary RS condx: S51ZO wkd on 3cm SP2HMR. Quite interesting meter for VHF/SHF designers. 6cm amateur radio band in OK is over. CRC didn't defend it. DL3IAS made perfect text (not only) about Rainscatter. RS season continues, IK3GHY on 3cm FM in Prague. When you participated in the Alpe-Adria UHF Contest, you may send a logs to YO. Rain Scatter DX again today? Sporadic E over the "Big pond". Friedrichshafen convention will be again virtual only. 23cm Yagi by ZS6JON. SHF Contest 2021 by: F6KFH, I1KFH, IQ1KW, S59P. IK3GHY: 23, 13, 3cm. Zieleniec SP convention 21-22.8. New EME Newsletter DF2ZC for 2m band. Searching for replacement of RA18H1213G. More. New RF devices. When you need improve 23cm driver, look here and/or here & here. And read attentively this Application Note. Super DX QSOs via Es from Lebanon + Israel to Western EU. As well as from EA8, CT3. Why not in CW/SSB? On 12th May became Silent Key well known technician Yukio, JA8CMY, RIP. SHF Contest by DH5YM, 9A5M. On 10th June was 2m Es opening, listen 9H1GB, more successful was 4X/OM2IB. SHF Contest by OM3KTR. SHF Contest  by OK1KRQ. In OM3W were erected new 70cm antennas. Tubes museum. Tech. Library K5TR. Draft of update of the Czech Electronic Communications Act. Next update of CTU public notice related to SRD. Octopak measurements on 76 GHz by W5LUA. Patch feed PY2BS for 70/33/23cm. FT8 vs CW: test your ears. SHF Contest 2021 by: OL70KRT, OK1CDJ. Claimed results in: 9A, OK, OM, PA, S5. New 2m antennas 5P5T. K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 432 MHz and above. 144 MHz Es season continues, read more. Don't forget leave your announce about participation in the IARU Microwave Contest. Another Es condx 31.5. After winter May Contest we are looking forward to June C-test forecast. Pics of hamradio gear by Jarda OK2JI. Results of the spring part of the ARI EME Contest. Audio mp3 records of first 2021 Aurora in OK. Good web. VE7BQH updated again his table of the best 2m EME antenas. Did you sent all of your QSL? NLCs are back. Es opening from May 25th. Even up to QRB 3000km. Another interesting DXs 4X/OM2IB. New prepreg for µW. Nice Es on 23.5 opened us direction to UA. More here. Surge protector for VHF/UHF. SM6VTZ and EA8CXN. May EME NewsLetter DF2ZC dedicated to 144 MHz band. 70cm mini EME expedition in Yellowstone Park. Dubus 23cm CW EME Contest: OK1CA, OK2DL, OM4XA, ON5GS, G3LTF, PA3DZL, IK1FJI, I1NDP, PA2DW. Es 19.5 by OK1TEH: 2m, 4m. Few photos and movie from successful attempt of WR record 289km on 76 GHz. On 19.5 were long sporadic E opening in dir. to EA, G, EI... At 4m were SSB SO1WS! 12.5.Auroral Audio rec. OK2A / OK2KKW Contest report from May VHF/UHF C-test. News from the defence of 23cm SSB/CW: 1 + 2. OK1DFC wrote: EME 2020 Conference in Prague will be postponed again. Shorter DL µW Contest. Amplifiers. Just 100 years ago was the most strong AU of 20.Century. More bands with single dish by VK5ZD & DL7QY. On 15-16th May join popular Dubus CW EME Contest on 1296 MHz. May VHF contest 2021 by OL1C, I1KFH. Licence extension for OK0EP operation till 2026. 23cm Gemini PA on reservation. Higher bands connectors. After  3 years were opened again 2m AU condx from OK. May VHF Contest by French stations. 300W 23cm. Update of manuals page. Thermal consideration of SSPA design. OK1AMO (from OK1KEP) passed away. RIP! May VHF contest 2021: OK5K, OK5T, OK6M, OL4N-pic. On 8.5 & 10.5 were first 2m Es of 2021 more here. May VHF contest 2021 by: DL3IAS, HA6W, HA50KYY. Fixed LO solution by K5RUS. Nano VNA by W5LUA. On 4th May we lost well known author of LNAs Gyula, HA8ET, RIP. Meteoric shower Eta-Aquarids is peaking. May VHF contest 2021 by: OK1OPT, OL2J, OM3PV, S59P, OR6T (2m + 70cm map), IW3FQT/5, 9A6C (1, 2). May VHF contest 2021 by: OL4N, OK1ZHS, OK1JHM, OM0A, 9A2M. Claimed results in: 9A, OK, OM, PA, G. Such ETSI documents are valid across EU. It's time check Es. 1st.2m opening await around 23.5. Dir.coupler. When your 2m signal shall be more powerful. Erect it on ball. Tighten match of 23cm BPF IW4BLG. Compare. Suitable for someone? For Es condx monitoring - upgrade to EI$RF beacon. DX condx? Multihop Es EI - VP8? Don't forget to leave your spot about expected activity during May 2nd Subregional contest. Weather forecast. Low noise MMIC for 3cm band. DX-pedition SV5 has postponed by year. Another QSO mode. 8m HF beacon. Bright Full Moon in perigeum. What about turn antenna there? British microwave museum - 24GHz by G2DSP. K2UYH finally completed 23cm WAS. Congrats!  DCF77-simple way. 30THz DX record VK3CV. 35W for 3cm. Eda, OK1EM made new tests of his VK3CV¨s 122 GHz transverter. Good chance for 2m Aurora on 25th April. Not actual, but still interesting presentation. Lyrids MS shower. If you have 2 k€. Visit of EME station PA5Y. US tropo DX rekords on 47 & 76GHz. This weekend are good EME condx & ARI EME C-test. 150.DUR C-test. K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm and above. Dubus 3cm contest by SP6JLW. 90y old story. Beside TEP on VHF bands isn't clarified yet the LDE. On HF it is quite simple, but what about on UHF bands? Today we look on the history of those who were the first and in whose footsteps radio amateurs follow. WRAD. Chinese telegraph paddles. Universal Yaesu rotor controller. Future of digital broadcasting is rather as DRM+. This weekend will be held DUBUS EME 3cm Contest. Plans of VHF session. Gajow in June? Missing budget. Did you visit already private OM Callbook? Interactive Antenna Table: G/T vs G/Ta - Another view by UR5EAZ. On 14.4 has birthday (94!) Jindra OK1VR, nestor of OK VHF DXing and VHF condx expert. Good health Jindro! No, he was not. WSPR and unexpected usage. News on G4DBN web. For sale. Microwave condx by DL7QY. Important anniversary: 60.years since first flight of Man into space! More.OK1GM. 7th. ARI EME Trophy 2021. CRC withdraw controversial 34 hours time frame for contest logs delivery. Such ideas shall be discuss first! Did you visit QRA of JO60WQ? View into history. When they want to win a VHF test and no hill is far and wide. Ladder crystal SSB filters OK2JI. W7GJ prepares EME expedition to Polynesia. OK1KKP: do you remember? April issue of 2m EME NewsLetter DF2ZC. Who is looking to get new egg? Article focused to electronic fuses.  QRP Contest DL3IAS. 122GHz by OK1EM. International Hamradio day. New round of Transatlantic tests. Updated links of OK and OM hamradio web pages. Thanks for help! Will hamradio repeaters survive year 2020? In OK await on April 5th. wind + snow fall. On 24-25.4 join ARI EME Spring Contest. News by OK1CJB, OK1IF. Al K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm and above. On April 4th. join the OK VHF Easter contest. Simple GPSDO oscillator by OK1UFC. All year 47 GHz contest. 2m antenna by PA1TK. 47 GHz slot radiator. In OK await on April 5th. wind + snow fall. On 24-25.4 join ARI EME Spring Contest. News by OK1CJB, OK1IF.  Simple oscillator GPSDO OK1UFC. 47 GHz Comulative Contest. 2m antenna at PA1TK. 47 GHz slot antenna. Web pages HB9RYZ. Preparation of changes in General conditions of VHF/UHF contests. News of ON0EME. K1JT celebrates on 29th March significant jubilee, happy birthday! KB7Q continues with 23cm EME expedition. Dubus 9cm contest by: OK1KIR, G4CCH, G4NNS, PA3DZL. Test gear for hams. Excursion of V.O.A. station. JA1WQF, DC7KY and DL7YC saw each other on 25th March on 47 GHz off the Moon, GL with first contacts! On Tuesday 30.3 are predicted better tropo condx, check the DX Cluster. Local oscillators for µW transverters. We kindly ask you send us update (and add new) of your web pages / blogs links. We shall share good news! March 2021 "Covid" Contest OK5K. Falkland islands ham radio (incl. VP8EME): video. Icom IC7300 bad TX. N5RJX's EME portable project: steps toward Moon. Desert beacon for Texas. EA Micro session presentations. We hope there are still hamradio designers in EU who will be able to use such machine effectively. TEP again. March subregional by OK2KKW. First two metres? CEPT is closed till 1st.Sept. Simple antenna elevator gear. OK2BDS passed away. Next active OK VHF OM, who will be missed on the band...RIP! 76GHz feed RA3AQ. New EME NewsLetter DF2ZC, focused to 2m band. Production of SPF5189Z is over. What about QPL9547? Results of the OK QRP Winter Contest. QSO 144, 432 MHz. Winter BBT in DL. DARC don't need logs till 34h. Possible wording of the new British Ham radio direction. How important influence could impose it into EU rules? On Monday 22.3 Roskosmos launched OM/HA satellite OM9GRB. More here. Something would be beneficial. Helix feed for 23cm EME by G8HAJ. 9cm EME weekend Invitation. On Sunday will be held Activity contest. March subregional 2021 by I1KFH. One more notification abt. IARU Contests evaluation - not as CRC wrote. Actual VHF_Newsletter IARU, v.88 here. "Magic band" EME DX without FT8, CW + JT65 only! Chinese 2m PA. Attractions, or junk? Some other "UFO DX QSO" found? ARRL EME Contest 2020 results. CW is the boss! OK1EM's waveguide attenuator for 47 GHz band. 23cm NAC by OK1TEH + IQ3LX in Dolomites 2511m ASL. YU1CF suggest new, robust contesting antennas for 23cm and releases new cross 2m EME Yagi for DX-trips. So far unclear last years DX QSOs from EI to RA6 area. TEP(?) as well as on the new HF band? And real CW! SM3AKW SK RIP! Remind him. OK1SC is in hospital due to fall down from antenna, SP6MLK w. Covid. Keep well! Videocard from Brasil. When your transmitters are not registered, you may loose it. OK Easter Contest. We may await time of Amateur radio power restrictions. Annotation of the week. More here. Compare VK3UM. Take care! This link is not focused on FT8 operators! More. Summary: DL0GTH in the last UHF/SHF Contest. March VHF contest 2021 by: DL3IAS, OM3KTR. POTY antenna by OK1UFC. PSU CAN control by OK1UGA. Gale is awaited. Fix your antenna in parking position! 2m beacon reception at 7000km QRB? Listen yourself. DB6NT and DK5NJ made during March contest new IARU R1 record on 241 GHz band, QRB 64 km. Congrats! March VHF contest 2021 by: OK1ZHS, OK2WO, OK5K, DR5T. Claimed results in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA, G. Update of  OK2KKW web page on the end of C-test season 2020: our results, contest results table & Awards. Clean pattern design of the 13.el. G0KSC long Yagi for 2m. International results of MMC2020 available here. OK1DOZ SK. Into collection of problematic 23cm PAs. Good opportunity, how to enlarge hamradio knowledge.. Septum feed for SHF. Vaclav Sirko, OK1VYR is SK. Weather for March contest. LNA DH5YM. OK1DSZ at YT. W5LUA wrote presentation about TWT power supplies and 6cm antenna. March tropo by OK1TEH, OK1ZHS. Handful info abt. DX connections in 77/80GHz band by N9JIM. Insurance against FT8 + interference in USA? Final results of the Russian EME Contest 2020 here. VHF contesting in USA - short info AF4JF. 3000+km DX. Is the forthcoming free limit of ERP in Britain (10W EIRP only) appropriate response to the rage of "Greens"? On 2nd March will be held 2m NAC with good tropo from OK to OZ/SM. Dubus CW EME Contest at SP6JLW. Leave your announce about planned participation in March subregional C-test. Check your Weather forecast. Next meeting of IARU and Telco regulators about compatibility of 23cm band and satellite navigation service. Lockdown in OK within March Contest. CB trends in VK ham radio licensing will help to destroy SHF bands? Results of the German Winter BBT. On 23cm was even QRV OK1IF? Total 227 DXCC on 2m only. Good score. Claimed stations list of Winter OK QRP C-test.Will CRC at NRA defend interest of hams, how G4SJH believe? Due to Coronavirus attack number of hamradion novelties is going down, Sad to say,OK5YY died due to Covid. Will be this year held European Hamradio show Friedrichshafen? Mangers believe, Sat dish rotor controller. Interesting virtual microwave meeting in EA. Look at the US4ICI design products. 24GHz beacon by G4BAO. SSPA for 76GHz. TWT up to 70W. Experiments w. power up to 500W at 47GHz + 100W on even higher GHz. Leave announcement of your estimated activity in the present DUBUS/REF EME Contest this weekend please! Video shots from several EME and VHF+ DX-peditions: 1, 2, 3 + 4, 5 + 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15. Short movies of some of low bands DX-peds: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. When you need new scale for panel meter. More. For adjustment you can simulate thermistor by fixed resistor. Preliminary international MMC results creates questions. Next contest already this weekend! QRP is < 100kW.
Web pages of OK1JTZ. Upgrade VK4GHZ for rotator controller by K3NG. G3LDR start up his μW enthusiasm. New IARU R1 record in 241 GHz band: 38,5km. Large life gallery PA0SSB. VK3CV's 122GHz at OK1UFL. Microwave adventures G1DFL. 70cm PA w. BLP05H9S500P - note. And what 23cm? Quadrantids 2021 peak. OK1DIX fixed mistake in VUSC. New island in JO35/36? Worldwide 47GHz EME development by PA0EHG. Winter QRP Contest & BBT by: DL3IAS, OK1MWW & 1VOF. EB3DYS's pics of 47GHz 1W SSPA failure fix. Winter QRP Contest & BBT 2021 by: OK1TEH, OK1KUR, OK1ADT, OL0M. New 2m EME NewsLetter DF2ZC. 47GHz Snow scatter QSO 110km QRB. Last year UHF/SHF Contest IARU and VHF MMC by statistics view. New UHF/SHF EME NewsLetter K2UYH. Such Monthly Journal introducing hamradio guys is missing in EU. Don't forget to 6th Feb. Sunday BBT (+more) and OK Winter QRP Contest (70cm 09-11 UTC, 2m 11-13 UTC).  Last update of performance measure of IC9700 + sideband noise of next gear. WA6JBD talk not only abt. μW. For "big IARU" probably end of GHz bands in EU isn't crucial? Destroy of VHF DX traffic due to HF unification. YU1CF and Antennas-amplifiers company has for sale low attenuation narrow-band filter. IARU melting pot. Maybe you may have an interest participate in this workshop. Web 7arrays.  Low noise, high IP3 TQP3M9036.
First QSO OK - VP8 on 70cm completed on 1.2 by OK1KIR. Congrats! Overview of W6PQL SSPAs solution. BG7TBL has for sale (not only) generator up to 15GHz. TF extended 70MHz. Winter BBT & next VHF C-tests. 122GHz external mixer by OK1FPC. EME condx today. Telegraph web page OK1RR. Interesting discovery. 13cm echoes. OE5VRL/OE4WOG agreeds our translation of 122GHz article. OK1DIX released new VUSC log. Will be HS0ZOP as well QRV on 23cm? Gallery of pics from VHF DX-peds. What about CRC members list? Technical memos of NGVLA project. IEE: Uncertain future of the amateur radio hobby. AB1OC: EME station. You know it, but for completion. OE2IGL created 10GHz portable EME gear. More. KC6QHP Reactance labs. Parabolic dishes for even shorter waves. Use of 27 m. dia. big dish for EME. Li-Fe battery for ordinary use. News in filters production notably for 5G. OK2TEJ abt.coils. Ham radio ways to home made switching PSUs. Remembrance to amazing tropo condx on Jan.1974 + 2008. HS0ZP QRV 70cm EME. OK1UFC' generator. Czech National regulator move ham radio band 6cm to WI-FI. CRC keep silence. Cheap components 4 SPSU. Result list of REF/DUBUS European CW EME Contestu 2020. PicoVNA network analyzers. RLC SMD meter. ICOM 7400 reparation. G8AGN about transvertor VK3CV for 122GHz. New 144 MHz EME NewsLetter DF2ZC. Good results on VHF bands needs brilliant operator, low noise HF transceiver + x-vertor, X-tal filters, PA & ant. Within these days let's remind David OK1RK amazing operator and great guy, who passed away 2 years ago. 300W Pa kit for 144MHz. Soldering station for SMD. As well as here. Future of broadcasting. More. SWL-ing. Very low phase noise oscillators. Such changes in OK would be real pleasure for CRC? KA6U on the road. Final of OK November MMC results 2020 were released. Final Contest results of MMC in DL, OM, IK, F & PA. CRC as well as IARU changed VHF Contests rules. Log shall be sent within 34 hours! More here - page 80. OK2PE is newly QRV EME on 23cm. Congrats!  Invitation to OK Winter QRP VHF C-test 2021. TVI protector. On the UKμW Group web is available volume 2019 of Scatterpoint newsletter. Maybe brass-hats tests of Es? On Wednesday Jan. 13. you may discuss 122GHz transvertor VK3CV. Rotator controller YAESU by VK4GHZ. W5LUA released new article about his tests on 122GHz. Interesting QRO devices: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Beacon keyer. Interesting and public open book. Important, but prone to forget. Where to buy w/o  tax & VAT? VHF DX book. 365GHz QSO video. ISS crossband repeater. Video abt. radiotelescope FAST Antenna production for ALMA. IARU released info abt. 23cm & Galileo EMC. Analysis of ATV + RNSS EMC. See p.31+ Solution: stop ATV! Wet snow & icing impair narrow band antenna performance. Notably in JO50TI hill. January NAC by OK1TEH. Zdeno OK2ZW passed away. Controversial guy, but brilliant operator. SK of PA0SSB & LA8KV, EME legends. Home made light parabolic dish. National regulator consider bandwidth as data troughput. A bit about greasing. K1JT release next version of the WSJTX SW...why? FTDX10 w/o VHF: CB op.dream? 2kW SPSU for 28V PA. On January 3rd. remind peak of the MS shower Quadrantids. More. On Sunday will be held Contest Romagna. For 2021 we wish you good health, happiness, peace and make love, not war! See you soon on V/UHF bands! We have final results of VHF + UHF Contests IARU in OK. DL0GTH's documents here & here. New devices. Geminids 2020 by: OK1TEH, OK1MZM, OK2PWY, OZ8ZS, SM6FHZ, LA4YGA, UA stations. Leonids PE1ITR. MMC OK results for final check. Web GS35b. More. OK1CDJ prepares new dish for 13cm gear. Toward CB. Another super DX QSO on 2m + 13cm. 23cm IARU info. What OK1VR wrote 60 years ago. 122GHz success. Extreme DX propagation within Geminids? Looking for more MS DX QSOs? Try Ursids! UHF-C results in HB9. This web has no cookies! Do you have EM loc? Oscillators + PLL by DF9NP. UHF-C results in OM & DL. Logical schematics but who from you use such topology? More. ARRL defend hamradio interests. But here? PA0EHG wrote article about cooling of 6mm LNA (NF) & image noise.

Link to 2020 News. Statistics.


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