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New EU tropo DX record on 70cm: EI3KD - D41CV QRB 4164km !  SpectraVue software for EME tests by SDR.

PA2CHR email & video from DX-ped. A21EME here. Very interesting blog EA3HMJ. WRC-19 is over: what next?

On Sunday check good tropo condx. OK1EM: PWR homebrew attenuator Claimed score of Chistmas contest.

Already 61. OK VHF Christmas contest is over. Components for low noise 20GHz signal generator. SWR meter.

Will be possible produce a noise free transistor? LNA input protection. OK1UFC's radiotechnic tutorials. Ferrites.

Members of OK2KKW Club (we celebrate 30.years of our call) wish to all, who feel hamspirit, happy Christmas!

Remind traditional Czech VHF Christmas contest. This Contest is supported by SW log VUSC. Gallery: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Omnidirectional antenna for horizontal polarization. More. Archived. Any discounts? Small 23cm PA 4 Field day.

EME NewsLetter DF2ZC for 2m band. Full story about successful DX-ped.A21EME. 6cm EME: last opportunity?

Such Chinese dummy loads rather not use on 23cm. UHF/SHF Contest results: DL, F, SP, G. 23cm SSB EME.

Jirka OK1APG, designer of OK0EB beacon, OK0G transponder & particularly good OM, passed away. RIP Jirka!

Some OK logs are missing in the international evaluation of UHF Contest? Probably they were not sent by CRC?

New EME NewsLetter for 70cm and above bands. Manson PS: schematic, mods, tips. IARU VHF Newsletter 84.

Already today is good opportunity for Meteor scatter QSO over Geminids shower.  Results of the MMC: OM, DL.

First QSO abroad OK - 4X on 13cm wkd by OK1KIR.  Radioastronomy OK2ZAW. Winter VHF day: OZ session.

Useful SW tool for DX records on 47GHz + above µW bands. Fabio I6CXB passed away in the age 59 only. RIP!

Reception of 2m beacon in distance 3000+ km! Reminder to Geminids! Already few days and we shall use them.

Peter OZ1PIF passed away. RIP! Pics from Usti/L. ATP session. Oscillator for 24 + 47GHz trv. Dish by RW1AW.

Laboratory test of 122GHz transverter by VK3CV with IF transceiver FT817. 3,6m TVRO dish instalation FR5DN.

Few words abt.antennas HF + VHF on Advent ham session in Ústí nad Labem. Give some points to OL19YOTA.

On 4.12 were tropo condx OK - OH, reports OK1TEH + SO3Z. On 5.12 check better tropo toward F6DBI, IN88IJ.

MMC by OL7C.  Addons by ON4BCB to EME Controller design OE5JFL. Instructions manual for NanoVNA use.

Nice piece of radiotechnic, but not for peace use here. Pics of microwave gear from the East. OK2BPR SK. RIP!

9cm hamradio band and 5G mobile data. Large upgrade of antenna by IK4WKU.  DVB-T2 more sensitive to TVI?

In Sweden hamradio lost 13 + 9cm. MMC by OK6M from 1500m hill. MMC by OL4N + DM7A. RSGB and 47GHz.

Miliwattmeter up to 10GHz by PA0RWE (presentation). Simple 4GHz spectrum analyzer with tracking generator.

Who made the first OK - HI8 QSO? Indeed OK1RD: check this pic! OK1NI had mistake in date. UT1FG/MM DX.

Well known EME op. Donald PY5ZBU got SK. Tanzania by OK2PMSNew W1GHZ article about slot antennas.

2m + 70cm OK1GTH's LNA use BFG540W. More. Closing of the World radiocommunication conference WRC19.

OK1RD registered first 2m connection OK to HI. Congrats! Bending. OK2SBL passed away. Give him reminder.


5H3EME QRV on 2m. When I read results of OK VHF Contests, it remind me this article. Miniature connectors.

New EME NewsLetter K2UYH for 70cm & above. Cassegrain feed. Results UHF-C in Italy. Freq. lock for IC9700.

CRC released on 17.11 final results of VHF Contest IARU 2019. Sad news: DK8SG from DR9A team is SK. RIP!

CRC released today prefinal results of UHF/SHF Contest for final check. Interesting history of 10GHz by VE3FN.

Already 10 years EME enthusiastics are using sophisticated design of OE5JFL antenna controller. Tnx Hannes.

G4BAO released data for his 23cm 45W amplifier. MMC 2019 by: OK1KFH, OK5T + OM3KSI.  EA VHF activity.

Foggy weather in OK, meteorologic survey shows breaks in dew point, but no thermal inversion and tropo condx.

Results list of the Italian ARI EME Trophy 2019. CEPT report about dealings of spectrum changes. SK OK1UJO.

DB6NT's microwave constructions. Microwave web I3OPW. Waveguide relay 47GHz. IK2OFO. SK OK2BDX RIP!

What about the next, 25.Solar cycle?  During Solar drop 1963 were such issue discussed by OK1DE + OK1GM.

MMC 2019 by: OK1OPT + pic, OM3PV, F8KID + pic, DH9SB, S57M. 47GHz beacon SR2GHG. ARRL-C OK2DL.

Code book of SMD solid state active components. Sitemaster + analyzer up to 54GHz. 144MHz band pass filter.

MMC 2019 by: OK1ZHS, OL2J, ON4KHG, F6ETI + 7S7V.  Claimed results at: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA, G & IARU.

UHF-C 2019 u OL1C. QO-100 by OM3KSI Invitation to OK Advent meeting.  PA3DZL construct new EME site.

Will CRC participate in military preparedness for financial support? Few more words abt. IC9700 ALC overshoot.

Prefinal VHF Contest results in OK. You have hust few days for complaint. Bornholm isn't Danish island? More.

Between set of Dallas proceedings were important paper by AF8Z.  Translation here + related info here and here.

Date of this year MMC is the same as "All Souls' Day". Please remind as well as to our common friend OK1RK.

Leave your announce about participation in the CW Marconi Memorial VHF Contest. Weekend weather forecast.

Hundreds pages of GHz info from Dallas hamradio microwave conference NTMS 19.  More from technical library.

IARU UHF Contest 2019 by OK6M. 2m beacon SR1AD. SWR measure by W8BYA.  207km DX QSO at 78GHz.

Very interesting UHF reading - but not for hamradio application.  World radiocommunication conference WRC19.

Delayed contest report by OL7C from IARU VHF-C. OK1DQT in UHF-C on 23cm. OK1UFC: ham radio lectures.

The World best Yagi antennas - new VE7BQH table. G3XDY video about LPF of 23cm transmitter. More to see.

IARU UHF Contest 2019 by OK1KUO + (map 23cm).  Final 2019 UHF Contest results in Italy.  QSO on 288GHz.

Contest report by OK2A from the IARU UHF/SHF Contest. ARI invitation to MMC2019. Horn antenna calculator.

If you have not Argentina on 23cm yet, now you have a good chance. Incredibly simple FM gear for 10GHz band.

World radiocommunication conference WRC 2019 starts 28.10.  For us are above all important following issues.

New EME NewsLetter DF2ZC for 2m band.  1. 70cm QSO OK - A2 by OK1KIR. PC/notebook in your hamshack.

CRC after long time evaluating published final result list of the traditional OK Field day Contest. We won 23 + 3.

How we dispose amateur radio to ourself. More.  I4LCK sent us international results list of MMC1987. Compare!

Multiband DX-ped.A21EME is running. 2m QSO OK - A2 has OK1RD. 2m DX-ped. VP6EME already QRV.

IARU UHF Contest 2019 by F6KFH. OK2A logs from UHF/SHF Contest. Next part of OK µW history by OK1AIY.

IARU UHF Contest 2019 by IZ3NOC. OK2AQ article abt. Space communication. Counter needed? Here. Deepace.

Al, K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm & up. This weekend will be ARRL EME Contest 6m - 23cm.

IARU UHF Contest 2019 by: OM6A, OK1RPL, OR6T, I1KFH, DL & F logs. Few days to EME launch of A21EME.

IARU UHF Contest 2019 by: OK1KPA, 9A2SB, S59P. Visit of F6DKW. Cheap SDR, usable even up to 3,8GHz.

IARU UHF Contest 2019 by: OK1KMP, OK5K, OL4K, OM3PV, G3XDY, IQ1KW, DK0LN (DL3IAS), S51ZO,  ++.

IK4WKU in IARU UHF Contest 2019. OK1KCR sent IARU complaint to SN7L in VHF C-test, but they use LT2S.

IARU UHF Contest 2019 by: OK1OPT, OK2C and OZ8ZS. Claimed scores at: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA,G and YO.

10GHz bouncing of the Mont Blanc. Hamradio convention in UK. Who is as a RSGB? Sideband noise by FT817.

Leave your announce about participation in the IARU UHF/SHF Contest 2019 -> last weather forecast is online.

5th ARI EME contest by: ON5GS, F6ETI, IK1FJI, SM6CKU, PA2DW, SM4GGC. KC1HTT's EME presentation.

5P5T VHF Contest report by OZ1FDH here.  LA0BY: tropo DX.  Unique prefix OR.  OK1OPT lost OK1ICJ. RIP!

Test of 3cm QSO by Moon bounce. Actual EME NewsLetter for 144 MHz by DF2ZC. Really good N connector?

VHF Contest 2019 by: OK6M, IQ5NN, OK2KYZ. Freshen up by really short wave. From DB6NT archive: 1, 2, 3.

Construction tips OK2IMH: cheap 10MHz GPS freq. standard. Microwave part of ARRL EME C-test by OK2AQ.

122 GHz transverter K6ML use TRX120 chip, PCB set out by VK3VC here + here. More details in Dubus 3/2019.

G8CUB's µW projects for 24, 47, 76, 122, 134 GHz and above bands.  Visit YouTube channel of UKµG society.

VHF ham knows it for sure, but for assurance...translation. Bulgarian SG-labs prepare 9cm x-verter. Test in VK.

Nice handheld analyzer (by LY): 70cm till 77GHz. Do you know new line of AZ/EL SPID rotors?  Beko no more?

Will be new transceiver K4 by Elecraft as well as acceptable IF gear for VHF contesting, like present K3S radio?

This weekend 21-22. 9 will be held microwave part of ARRL EME C-test.  Possible tropo condx to GM, LA, OZ?

EI7GL wrote abt. record tropo DX contacts here. Utilization of small ordinary relays as an antenna RX/TX switch.

VHF Contest 2019 by OM3KII (more), video OK2EZ, RK3T, SV1BJY, report SN7L, F8KID (pics) & video IZ8LNG.

Few more words of RSGB' VHF manager to 23cm threat by Galileo navigation.  Hygienic calculator by EU rules.

Tropo condx 13-15.9 by: OK1TEH, OK1GTH, OK1KAD + OL2J. Satellite EsHail2 / QO-100 by DL3IAS view. + 2.

VHF Contest 2019 by: OL1C, OL4N, OM3KDX, OR6T, F6KFH + PH4X.  DX trip DL6NCI: on 9cm from JN38 loc.

OK1EM presented his 76GHz gear with new oscillator. 23cm transverter of R1ZH. Super tropo 2m QSOs to CU.

6cm in OK has allocated for WIFI. G4DBN web. OK0ET beacon QRV again, but at new QRG. New by DG7YBN.

VHF Contest 2019 by: OK5T, OL2J, OM3KTR, OM3KSI, DA0FF, 9A2B, S57O, S59P, HA6W, HG1Z, GM3HAM.

VHF Contest 2019 by: IK2OFO, ON4KHG, F6KOP, DH8BQA, SN7L, 9A1UN, 9A4CW, LZ2T. VHF-C on the East.

VHF Contest 2019 by: OK1KFH, DL3IAS, OK1ZHS, S59DEM. Claimed results from:  9A, S5, OK, OM, PA + G.

Unexpectedly good directional coupler. Keep in mind send a log to IARU evaluation. 70th. VHF Field day in OM.

Suggested reading is as well as invitation to UHF/SHF Contest, which will be held on 5 - 6th.Oct. Radio history.

OK1DIX released new version(6.48) of popular VUSC log for VHF/UHF contesting. ON4KHG worked CU on 2m.

IARU VHF Contest 2019 already this weekend. Leave your announce about your plans. QRV list of eastern area.

Will be Chinese GPS system Beidou next threat for 23cm hamradio DX freq. 1296MHz? And Galileo, Glonass?

New smal Icom 705 for low VHF bands and QRP operation.  Will be feasible coexistence of 5G mobile + 9cm?

French REF perceived, that cooperation with non members is key for development. What your representatives?

Results of August contests: OK QRP Contest + claimed list of Alpe-Adria C-test. What about weekend in SP2?

CEPT preparatory Conference for WRC19 has ended. Although CRC doesn't support VHF+, results are not bad.

We have perfect EME condx. Try as well as some real DX QSO!  OK2PMS: what new? OK1UGA's antenna job.

OK1KIR achieved new Czech 10 GHz EME DX record 18213km with ZL3RC (120cm dish + 60W PA). Congrats!

July Field day 2019 by IN3HOG JN72 on 6 & 3cm. DR2X + DL3IAS in AAC / BBT 2019. Holice 2019 by OK1NMI.

July Field day contest in Italy. More. German view to 2m band sharing with aeronautical traffic. A21EME at VHF.

Prefinal results of OK Field day 2019 for last evaluation. Source here. After a long time we are looking to aurora?

CRC meeeting in Holice by OK1EM camera. Are you looking for gingerbread heart? 2m beacon SR8VHL in test.

We were in the G.Marconi museum. Ham radio operators are already very angryWhat abt. your VHF manager?

New EME NewsLetter K2UYH for 432MHz + above. What appeal will send your IARU member?  New transverter.

Preliminary results of 50 & 70MHz Contest IARU 2019. IARU VHF Contest 1968 wasn't accessible for OK hams.

The article in Czech about Prague Spring 1968 and it's influence to OK hams. 1968: mp3 files, TV transmitting.

QRP & Alpe Adria VHFC 2019 by: OK1DIX, OK1GTH, OK1FEN, OK1VOF, OK1RAJ, OE/OL0M+2, OM1HI, S5.

Farewell to Perseids 2019? Results of the Microwave Contest 2019 in OK. Interests from VHF World: 1, 2, 3, 4.

UA's EME Contest. Pirates on US NAVY satellite. Did you seen this still actual article? Who utilizes AD9956?

Next weekend will be held HF +CB meeting CRC in Holice. New 7-element short Yagi antenna for 70cm stacks.

On Aug. 15 our VHF web portal OK2KKW celebrates already 19. aniversary of launch. Thanks for your interest!

Field day 2019 and Microwave contest 2019 by OM3KII. 60 years since first 2m MS QSO in OK (by OK2WCG).

Perseids 2019 peak is history now. What MS QSOs you completed? Let us know. TX7EME 23cm activity plan.

Peak o Perseids today. Vivaldi antenna. Microwave measure set. RF interference on Moon. D4C QRV at 70cm.

Please pay attention to this important notice, focused to MS. AGN. What new is there up? More abt. MS: 1 + 2.

SW decoder morse. EU2AA constructions. More. Modul BPC10M6X2S200.(+). IF transceiver IC7300 measure.

New EME NewsLetter for 2m band. MS DX-pedition EM44T. Field day results in DL. 4X + 5B4 newly at 70MHz.

Perseids are here. More info. Missing Andorra on two metres? Will Pitcairn DX-ped QRV on VHF? ON7EQ PA.

70. Field day by: OK4C, DR5T, DM5M. Elecraft K4 - has purpose? Well known web. AAC by OK1RAJ, OK1NPF.

EI7GL analysis of combined DX condx in June indicate theoretical possibility to make even OK - US  2m QSO.

70. Field day by: OK2A, OK6M, OK1OPT, OK5T, QRO LPF for 23cm. 100W PA OK1UFC. DL- D4 QSO (FT8).

OK2ULQ invites you to Youth C-test CRC (during QRP-C + BBT). Give them points pse. OK2A logs from 70.FD.

70. Field day by: R6DZ, EI7T & DO1PGR. Invitation to Summer OK QRP Contest. DL BBT. Log. per. ant. calc.

70. Field day by: OL1C, DL3IAS + 2, DR5T, HA8V, F6KFH, I1KFH + F-stn. Test IC7300. DL bazaar. 9cm in OZ.

22-24.7 was 2m Es in OK/OM. Final resul of June contest Memorial OM3AU. OK1AXH - Snezka in VHFC1981.

Petr OK1AXH, well known VHF DXman and good guy, passed away. RIP Petr! 70.Polní den: DK0NA + DL0GTH.

Remind. Radiocommunication gear of Apollo program. More. Video of DX-trip: VP2EMB. OM microwave C-test.

New EME NewsLetter K2UYH for 70cm + above. Field day by DB6NT: 20km QRB at 241GHz. Field day OK5K.

70. Field day by: OL3Y, OK2KOP, G3XDY, DL6NCI. Well known G3JVL became silent key on 17th May, RIP.

New 144 MHz EME NewsLetter by DF2ZC. IARU president declared support for 2m band. Field day by US4ICI.

How to keep working 42y old equipment working. An EME dream? Who will make 1st VHF tropo QSO Eu-Us?

Big update of KKW web: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Do you miss anything? Please write us. VHF QRP low interest?

70.Field day by: EI7T, RX3DRU, OK1KMP, OP5Y/p, UA3ATS, OM3KSI, DL1HQE, GM3HAM. VHF-FD in UA.

3cm beacon OK0ET is temp.QRT. IARU released new IARU VHF Newsletter  + VHF Managers Handbook 8.50.

Real revolt against threat for 2m band: VK, OE, ZS, G, CT, IK, NL. What abt.your IARU society? Unique QSO.

Cheap spectrum analyzer for most popular V/UHF amateur radio bands. 9cm will stay usable for OZ hamradio.

Results of Spring part of ARI EME Trophy. Prefinal Contest list:Memorial OM3AU. Beacons:SR9SIX, SR2KDS.


70. Field day by: OM3KDX, OM3KTR, OK1KPA, OK2IMH, G3PFMTest report focused to IC9700 + more info.

Cheap VNA for ham radio application. Invitation to VHF Contest: Estonian Field day will by held in a few days.

Digital receivers and SDRs for ham radio application: (1, 2, 3) a Comment.  Prefinal results of OK µW Contest.

70. Field day by:OK2C, OM3TIX + 2, SN7L, S50C, S59DEM.  Claimed results from: OK, OM, 9A, S5, G + PA.

OK1DIX released new version (6.47) of popular VUSC log for VHF/UHF contesting. On 2.7 were 2m Es OK/EA.

Extreme Tropo Propagation on VHF and up - nice presentation by LA0BY.  G4SWX's comment to 2m petition.

OK1EM described construction of his 150W PA for 23cm band with module from US4ICI. Do you know WACC?

Remind to leave your announce abt. participation in July VHF Field day Contest. Weather forecast check here.

FT8 versus JT65 + translation. IARU asked member societies for support. FG8OJ DX QSO. Field day in 4 days!

OK1TEH has on 144MHz already years completed DXCC with 2 m single 10.el.Yagi + now he completed WAS.

13cm PA ON7UQ. Will you sign such few words? Why CRC clam up again? Jubilee OK Field day. 1949 C-test.

Synthesizer with ADF4351 by SV1AFN and from UR3IQO hamshack. New on-line web focused to weather data.

Field day 2019 in Australia (video). Minutes from the CEPT meeting focused to radioamateur bands 2m + 23cm.

After several storms were in Prague well visible mesopheric clouds with possible correlation on sporadic E layer.

NASA: about antennas in the space. 24GHz by EB3FRN. Note. Miliwattmeter. Web PA0RWE for RF designers.

Beneficial links for VHF designers. RSGB found again effectivity of VHF only licence? Precise oscillator for L.O.

Prefinal results of May OK subregional Contest for last check. Friedrichshafen this weekend. Microwave history.

Successfull test by use of FT8 QSO over "big pond"?  New EME Newsletter for 144MHz. Es condx on 16.June.

Remind today (16.6) at least give away points in Alpe Adria UHF Contest and  in IARU 50 + 70MHz VHF C-test.

Well known designer Roman DJ6EP passed away. RIP!  RS appliance for 10GHz. On Saturday next RS condx.

RainScatter condx in June on 3cm, reports: OK1TEH, OK1JKT, DL3IAE, OZ7Z. Gajow 2019: SP9AF + OK1UFL.

Video of G4DDK's presentation about Iceni transverter. On 9.6 was 2m Es from TA,SV - EA. 2m Es by G7RAU.

Final OK results of the March VHF Contest. Claimed scores of Italian microwave contest.  Thermal conductivity.

On 9th June were 2m Es I - EA8/D4, D41CV was received in Vienna JN88. It create new 2m Es record 4807km.

SHF Contest 2019 by: OK1KUO, OM3PV, OM3TIX, HA5KDQ, S59P, S57O. Dubus 6cm EME Contest: G3LTF.

Gajow 2019 - photos from Pavel, OK1AIY. RSGB VHF manager sent info about threats for 2m and 23cm bands.

SM6VTZ has new 70cm TR antenna 8x9el for QSO > OK, see pictures. SP7VC prepares expedition for 70MHz.

UHF Alpe-Adria Contest + IARU 50 a 70MHz Contest. Special 4m OK licence for 20. New licence rules (Sept).

DK1KR + SP7JSG SK. RIP!  Result of Czech VHF Championship 2018.  Web ON7UN + EME antenna upgrade.

SHF Contest 2019 by: 9A2SB, S51ZO, HA8V. Claimed scores in: OK, OM, 9A, S5, PA. QO100 sat by F5LEN.

SHF Contest 2019 & OM3AU Nenorial: by OK1OPT, OK1ZHS, OK1VOF, OM3KSI, IQ1KW, DL3IAS, DH8BQA.

New EME NewsLetter K2UYH for 432MHz and the above bands. More presentations from Örebro meeting 2019.

Important, but not such hot, as were presented. XV9DF QRV EME. Small 20W PA for 13cm. Do you know this?

Description of 76GHz gear OE2IGL. At QO-100 is active as well OK1AIY. Sergej RW3BP:  76GHz SSPA  1 + 2.

Enjoy this year Microwave Contest and July Field day, probably last time on 6cm. This band will use WIFI soon.

Nice 2m Es on 28.5, OK1FD (Aš) wkd. 2384km SSB QSO with CN8LI. Congrats!  DX-cluster without FT8 spots.

Leave your announce abt. participation in the Microwave Contest. Actual weather forecast 4 contest check here.

May VHF Contest: DK0NA (with DL0GTH). ČRK change the date of VHF Contest for Youth to OK QRP Contest.

Found on "ulož to". Quadruple patch feed OK2AQ for Oscar 100 uplink.  Es opening on 26.5, but mostly on FT8.

On 26.5 has completed nice 2m tropo DX QSO from Senegal (6W1TA) to Azores (CU3EQ) with QRB 2815 km.

FT8 chaos during sporadic E. Satellite communication as well on 76GHz? Written 10 years ago. Compare here.

K1JT decided stop his EME operation. Many hams criticise him for damage of real VHF DXing due to FT8 mode.

Awaken of Es? Connectors for sale. Interesting books: 1, 2, 3.  Looking for Wyoming on 2m?  Dielectric lenses.

May 2019 VHF Contest: OL1C, pics OL3Y. Visit of OM0MS. Report aimed at 5GHz RS meteoradar Skalky site.

Genesis of Es still uncovered. Already has known correlation with stratolightning. But what abt. the gama burst?

OK0SIX beacon in ordinary operation. Observe probability of Es arise. Added new QSLs into OK first QSOs list.

Audio rec. of traffic OK2EZ within May VHF C-test. Still you can learn abt.µW. Meetings by SM4IVE, SP6MLK.

ART2K0FE, most-rugged 2kW transistor for 144 and 432MHz. May VHF Contest by OK4C. 150W PA at 13cm.

Reports OK2ULQ, OK1CA from ARI EME C-test. 3kW 2m PA OK1RD. Trip with OM3CLS. Wait to RS condx?

Good to (not only) read it. Claimed results of May VHF C-test: in DL, PA and F. More pics of colour display K4.

May 2019 VHF Contest: OK2A. Report OK1DIX in ARI EME Contest. OK1KIR wkd 1.QSO OK - SV9 on 70cm.

New Elecraft K4 - next toy with touch colour screen only, or serious IF transceiver good even for VHF contests?

May 2019 VHF: OL2J. Have you a spunk to carry via such angle adapter high power? NAC is not a FM contest.

3D view to principal ant. performance. New DG7YBN antenna with optimized noise level. May C-test by F6KFH.

Web with useful calculators. Trip to EME inactive and rare US locators. Kozákov exchange. OK2A C-test logs.

On 14 to 16.5 is higher probability of 2m Aurora, more here and here.  Precise grid mesh calculation for a dish.

Nice SMD device: thermal conductor! Calc of surface + weight of parabolic dish. Only a few chosen people can.

May 2019 VHF Contest: OK1KMP, OK1UFF, OM3KDX, DR2X, DL6NCI. First 9cm QSO OK-SV9 has OK1KIR.

ARI + DUBUS EME Contest by: OK1TEH, OK2AQ, PA2DW, SP6JLW, RA3EC + RN6MA. UR3VKE on 5,7GHz.

Claimed list of OK May VHF Contest. OL3Z and OK7O claimed on 2m results disparity just 10 points only.

First 13cm QSO OK-SV9 worked by OK1KIR. Congrats. VE4MA letter to FCC. Russian 2m EME C-test 2019.

May 2019 VHF Contest: OK1NPF, OK1VM, OK5K, OK5T, OL4NPI4GN, OZ8ZS, DA0FF, HA5KDQ, S59DGO.

First 2m QSO OK-KH0 has completed by OK1RD, who obtain new 2m WAS. Congrats! DX-ped. SV9/HB9CRQ.

This weekend has been held EME Contest. Try it as well as - use excellent EME condx. DX success OK2PMS.

May 2019 VHF Contest: OK1OPT, OK6R, OM3KII, OM3KTR, PH4X, IQ1KW. New 2m EME NewsLetter DF2ZC.

May 2019 VHF Contest: OK1KFH, OK1KUO and OK1KPA. Claimed score: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA, G and IARU.

Actual EME NewsLetter K2UYH for 432 MHz and above bands. Service manual for IC-9700 (courtesy

"Winter" May 2019 VHF Contest. C-test report in preparation. May VHF by OL2J, info OK2C + video by OK1RW.

Leave your announce about participation in the May VHF Contest, actualized weather forecast is available here.

New recorded DX QSO on 241GHz in UK. ARI EME Contest already next weekend. DFS oscillator for µW TRV.

OK1DIX released the new (6.46) version of the SW log VUSC for VHF contests. 76GHz radar use septum feed.

Is IC-9700 stable enough for WSJT EME? You will find answer at VK7MO's article (docx) and at this YT movie.

Claimed results of Czech Easter Contest 2019.  Don't miss SV9 EME HB9Q's expedition on 70/23/13/9/6/3cm.

Meeting session of C5 IARU R-1 in Vienna. 13cm circular polarization antenna by G3RUH. Last VHF Handbook.

2m Es season started, on 26.4 were heard in YO beacon from OH2. Es forecasting presentation paper G7RAU.

Updated 2018 contests results list, however evaluation of several contests were not in compliance to CRC rules.

VHF amateurs are looking for new IC-9700 due to strong commercial presentations, but it has few imperfections.

K1JT released new digital contest mode FT4, however it may stop classic contesting at HF and low VHF bands.

Just few days ago well-known Jindra OK1VR celebrated 92 (!) birthday. Congrats!  Amateur DVB TV via satellite.

On 21st April will be held OK Easter and Activity contest. VP2EMB will be QRV 70cm on 21.4 for the last time.

The World amateur radio day. Home made tracking generator for spectr.analyzer HP8561. Cheap plasma cutter.

Prefinal results of March Contest for last check. Hovewer: where are DL and other logs for verification? Missing?

New 2m beacon in Poland: SQ9KFZ from JO90NS. Presentation: EME project SM4GGC. More. Bigger is better.

First 70cm QSO OK - VP2E. Congrats! Low noise linear stabilizer. More, than 20 years old, but still valid article.

Oficial final international results of the UHF& SHF Contest IARU 2018. We are very pleased by our good results.

Updated table of Sun noise measurements of well known EME stations for 70cm & above.  Meteo radar Skalka.

First 23cm QSO OK - VP2 worked OK1KIR. Quadrantids 2019 - delayed reports: OK1TEH, OK2PMS, OM5CM.

First 2m QSO OK - VP2E! Do you know Patch feed 7N1JVW for 2,4 GHz. Compare. UA1LO?

First 6cm QSO OK - LY! Web celebrates 20 years of activity. Congrats! Fan controller for your PA.

Breakthrough observation -> 1st direct image of near area around black hole M87. How to detect M87 on 74cm.

Good news for us: we believe finally completed results of the IARU international evaluation of UHF/SHF Contest.

Next weekend will be held 23cm leg of DUBUS EME Contest! New EME Newsletter K2UYH for UHF/SHF. Note.

Sun activity forecast for next 11 years period. GaN transistor for 23cm PA. WIFI ISPs night mare. MW&RF web.

Spring DARC VHF activity. At least give them few points! How to manage fast expansion of many digital modes?

23cm DUBUS/REF EME Contest: already this weekend! TS890 has 4m - video. CMPA801B025F: 37W at 3cm.

Interesting chips: programmable controlled GHz attenuators. GHz trip to LY. EMC issue by DL NRA. ADF4371.

Where to buy power supply connectors for YAESU?  Uplink trv for EsHail2.  VHF activity story of West.Ukraine.

Be ready for VP2EMB DX-trip on ordinary bands. Video. DK7ZB: Delta loop antenna for low bands. PWR tubes.

Discussion about draft of the new ham radio rules.  Well known OM, pioneer of cm bands OK1VMK is SK. RIP!

The best 50MHz antennas. Statistics of VHF C-test. Archive searching brings success. 10 + 24 GHz on Siberia.

Oficial final IARU R1 VHF Contest 2018 international results. Did you seen this? 4U1UN activation on 144MHz?

Some inspiration. Nice gift. And if you already have EME dish? W6PQL paper abt. last development of SSPAs.

TO2MB DX-pedition has finished, results here. In April would be active VP2EMB. LO for sat LNB. OK1AKJ SK.

LNA suggestion by OK1GTH. Short note. Italian "activity contest" has been held parallel with Scandinavian NAC.

Marconi Memorial Contest final international results list.  Contest report OK1TEH added.  EME news OK2PMS.

OK1EM: his EME construction effort gallery. Some probability of Aurora. Old screened bannana plug + socket.

March VHF Contest: OK1TEH and OL3Y. 70MHz beacon SR8FL. PA1A: much higher mast, than has expected.

First QSO OK - TO on 23cm agn by OK1KIR. Congrats! EME milivoltmeter. More here. Kick out them from VHF.

March VHF Contest: I1KFH and IQ8XF First 70cm QSO OK - TO assigned to OK1KIR.  DC load by OK1UGA.

Dual feed by OM3CLS for Oscar 100 utlize 13cm patch antenna. More. Well known David GM4JJJ passed away.

Good opportunity worked Ceuta on 2m (EF9LZ). Valuing of UK ham radio spectrum use. Precise signal on UHF.

K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for UHF + SHF bands. MRF13750H is for 275 €. Why exactly 50 Ohms?

March VHF Contest: OK5T, DM7A. Actual IARU beacons list. Video of the DX record RS QSO at 3cm. 1127km!

March VHF Contest: OK4AC, OM4C, OM3KSI. OK1DST via Oscar 100. Attenuation calculator of usual cables.

DX record QSOs on 24GHz in Australia. Update of DX records, results + awards lists. March Contest by OM3KII.

Helix antenna OM7AQ as a feed for Oscar 100 uplink. Don't forget send a March contest log to IARU evaluation.

Uplink TX for Oscar 100: for 25 € only. Antenna feed OM6AA (A75GR) for Oscar 100. March C-test by OM3KTR.

March VHF Contest: OK5K, PH4X, OL4N (+), PI4GN, OK1UFF + DF0TEC.  Magnetic North is on the fast move.

March VHF Contest: OK1NPF, OK1OPT, OK1VM, ON4KHG, DR2X, F6KFH, HA5KDQ, HA6W, S59P, 9A4QV.

International results of IARU R1 UHF/SHF Contest 2018 for final check. Some OK logs sent (?) by CRC are lost.

March VHF Contest by: OK1KFH, OK1KUO, OL4K, OK2C.  Claimed results in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA, UK + Eu.

March VHF Contest: OL2J, DF0TEC, IQ1KW. OK1RW's 9cm transverter. TI2AEB became SK. Oscar-100 RX II.

Review of "no name" signal generator from e-bay.  Funny mystery of spy TV series Local oscillator on request.

VP2EMB QSP. Let us to know. March contest weather forecast. Worldwide survey of amateur radio community.

Combined antenna patch feed for communication via Oscar 100 satellite. SR6VHF 70cm beacon is temp. QRT.

Geometric model of the parabolic dish in CAD SW. CRC managed 50MHz interference. 60m news. TF on 16cm.

Current EME NewsLetter K2UYH for 70cm and higher bands. Will IARU supports use of FT8 in VHF Contesting?

In March will be EA9 on 2m. During May check on 2m QRV KH0 from QK25. OK1DIX wrote abt.DUBUS C-test.

Leave your announce about contest activity in the March IARU Contest. FTDX101d works as well as at 70MHz.

We have register already more, than 4 milions visitors. Tnx! Satellite receiver for EsHail transponder for 8€ only.

Reasonable price of 23cm driver transistor. Usable tips & tricks. On the IARU web are prefinal results of VHF-C.

Dokuments for Vienna IARU meeting of VHF Commitee (C5). Nothing by CRC. Discussion to C-test evaluation.

DL6WU, antenna designs expert, passed away. RIP!  New OK beacon: OK0SIX.  13cm WIFI PA isn't for WIFI.

This weekend observe tropo condx. Japanese SPSUs. G4CQM antennas. OM0MUC beacon is temporary QRT.

All delayed contest logs were processed, so the preliminary list of Marconi memorial Contest is available again.

New 144MHz EME NewsLetter DF2ZC. G4DDK and his HW for Oscar 100. Useful info + SW for download here.

Transceivers by Kenwood were often consider as "user friendly". How well will go their new ship TS890 at VHF?

Web pages G4ZTR and his article abt. Air plane Scatter operation.  HF activity, which will not help to anything.

Microwave web page G8CUB. Burned N type connector: but why?  Bulgarian xverter + 20W PA. 76GHz and up.

Results of completed OK evaluation of the IARU UHF/SHF C-test.  DX-record: 10GHz beacon in 1281km QRB!

Just now is
held CW
/SSB DUBUS EME Contest. Share points. EME-pedition VP2EMB has planned for April.

Try to use tropo condx forecast. This Saturday. DK7ZB published in Funkamateur analysis of OK1DE antenna.

Jacques ON4AVJ chairman of VHF Commitee C5 IARU R1 put the resignation. Maybe opportunity for OK1RI?

International results of the Marconi Memorial Contest. ES-Hail sat 13/3cm geostacionary transponder is QRV.

Geostacionary satellite with amateur radio transponder on board would be QRV since 14.2. Suggested reading.

European results of the IARU VHF Contest 2018. 50/70MHz IARU Contest results. New 23cm PAs by DK2FD.

Atypical fault of PA BEKO HLV1000. Observe probability of tropo condx. Do you know web of UHF SATCOM?

K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 70cm & UP. Winter QRP contest by: OK1MWW and OL120AB + 2.

Ore Mountains (OK1KSO QTH) in January. Visitation of OK2KKW's QTH on 3.2. Results of ARI EME Contest.

Wrong video links in our contests reports were fixed. 144MHz tropo QSOs from Prague on 5th.February  2019.

OK Winter QRP Contest: OK1FEN, OK1KUR, OK1VOF. Beta version: new web page of ČAV. May it help you?

Good to see: MIT Haystack Observatory. More. EME operation needs stable frequency: OK1UFC fast solution.

OK1TEH rebirthed memorable call OK1AB.  1.geostacionary hamradio transponder ready to launch. µW video.

On 2nd February has held 70cm Contest Romagna and BBT on SHF. On 2m MS was active UT1FG/MM IN67.

On 1st February we can expect possible 2m Aurora opening. In August we can look forward to CY9C on 6/2m.

ARRL released final results of the ARRL EME Contest 2018, note great success of OK stations at top places.

Different tools for AL constructions. 76GHz by UA3AVR. Video of EA3HMJ. Equipment for Es'Hail. GHz news.

History of microwave deep space communication. Constructions on KE5FX page. On-line calc of heatsink data.

Producer of heatsinks for SSPAs has CZ web as well.  Well-known ES1CW died.  When compare, we are OK.  

And what prepares CRC in order to Czech on WRC19? Will be it again zero defense of µW bands?

MMC 2018 results: DL, F, OM, IK, ON, PA, G. OK1DOM sent an invitation into OK Winter QRP contest. More.

Pictures of Lunar eclipse in JO70EC on Jan.21. How to "retune" circulators? Waveguide adapters + coax.relay.

Preparation of VHF DX-pedition Botswana. Check out Scatterpoint magazine 2017. FB Movie from: EME 1994.

Video found: OK1RK in the UHF Contest 2018. For water cooling SSPA? Annual rental fee of OK0EP has paid.

OK1KIR wkd the first 70cm QSO OK - 9K2. Congrats!  2019 SSB EME Funtest: ON5GS, OK2DL & OK2ULQ.

Presentations from EUCARA 2018 meeting (remote DL0SHF, PI9CAM SDR, MS research, pulsars and more).

French results of M.M.C. 2018. Change of 13cm bandplan in OZ. New 5P5T's presentation about VHF-C 2018.

Yes, it's true. Bad news, which hurts all of us: David is SK. More info soon. OZ7IGY on 13cm is QRT for years.

Funny: re-evaluated prefinal results of UHF C-test on CRC web :-) - it mean: you have 7 days agn for comments.

Graphic overview of MS efficiency of 2018 meteoritic showers. French microwave bulletins "Hyper" for download.

OK1IA released results of OK Christmas Contest 2018.  When usual MS reflections debries aren't big enough?

Results of OK MMC Contest (A1 Contest) and few asks. Preparation of shocking message. Icom self-applause.

Invitation to Slovenian meeting + prize ceremony of Alpe-Adria VHF - UHF C-test 2018. 35 y.old OK2TU antenna.

EME NewsLetter DF2ZC for 2m. Strange OK results of UHF/SHF Contest - missing cross check with OM logs!

Spelling alphabet of more countries by OK1SB. More +. Web page of PA2S. Evolution of locator map: 1, 2 + 3.

Remind to leave your vote in the opinion poll of the best 2018 DX-pedition. Dummy load for test of SSPA PSUs.

DX trip TO2MB. MS Sprint Contest results. EU duty free list for next period - page.127 - PCB boards materials.

Nice presentations focused on EHF dishes for radioastronomy: 1, 2, 3, 4. Murmur SW I0NAA aimed at pulsars.

XMAS contest 2018 by: OK1TEHOK1OPTOK1KFHOK1KAD. Map of the most wanted Eu squares on 2m.

Rumours has confirmed - planned DX-pedition to Cuba has postponed ad acta. MMC/A1-C 2018 results in OM.

Winter Contest Romagna. Spring VHF meetings 1, 2, 3 + 4. News by DG7YBN. Why not to buy it? 6,5 € LNA!

Spots of our beacon OK0EP in 37th. year of operation. Interesting link. Compare. Local suggestion. Handbook.

How to optimize AADE SW in WINE. Let me know about your MS DXs via Quadrantids 2019. Tr.condx OY-F6.

WW locators wkd by OK2A / OK2KKW on VHF mostly in Contests since 1990. Helix feed by G8HAJ for 23cm.

Preliminary Czech results of A1 Contest (M.M.C.) 2018. Quadrantids will have maximum on 4th January 2019.

On Jan. 1st. on the VHF agn. SBMS Newsletter. EME Vestnik RA4SD. GHz Tagung Dorsten. Scatterpoint 17.

CRC publish delayed prefinal results of OK  UHF/ SHF Contest 2018. 23cm NAC by ES3RF. Es in December.

Geminids 2018 by OK1TEH, OK1UGA, OK2PMS, GM4FVM, SM6FHZ. 40th anniversary of article about EVE.

 K2UYH releases new EME Newsletter for 70cm &UP already for Jan.19. Testing of AMSAT P4A transponder.

Some time ago we asked CHMI and the Czech rain radar map show now as well as ham radio locators, TNX!

Final part of HW serial of up to date counter: 1, 2, 3. Dish consideration. Stratospheric clouds.

Waiting for Quadrantids arrival: opportunity for first 2019 MS DX. More. UHF Contest results in DL, OM, G + IK.

Claimed results list of 2m OK Christmas Contest 2018. AMSAT CW activity day will be Jan.1st. Updated links.

Where are power limits just formal and why OM6A didn't released report from UHF Contest. EME 4Z5CP. QRP.

Last 2018 EME Newsletter DF2ZC for 2 m band. Reception reports of SAQ TX. New pics of NC1I EME system.

Another EU locators map for download + print out. Which of 144MHz + 432MHz antennas are currently the best.

 Already within 3 weeks will be opportunity to make a GHz QSO to Cuba. Remind traditional OK Xmas contest.

New project by OK1VM: programmable attenuator. Don't forget to send.  New RSGB EU locators map for sale.

SHF beacon OK0EB is after long time QRV again. When "national" short wave union is silent. On 70MHz in DL.

Czech activity Contest results 2018: we won 23cm. Look back at Summer success. G4DDK's IC9700 thoughts.

OMs shall push IARU with short wave managers to defend DX segments of the UHF/SHF bands on WRC2019.

LNA for 70cm by OZ1PIF & an additional choke optimalization. How to replace obsolete ATF54143 LNA HEMT.

Link to 2017 News. Statistics.

Beacons QRB Maps (1) (2) (3) (4) Profiles

Sporadic E web  ES-map    Live MUF

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