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For 2021 we wish you good health, happiness, peace and be cool as a cucumber! See you soon agn on VHF! We have final results of VHF + UHF Contests IARU in OK. DL0GTH's documents here & here. New devices. Review: MMC by OL2J + more. Mixer for 3cm TX from satellite LNB. 500W TWTA maybe usable up to 47GHz? Geminids 2020 by: OK1TEH, OK1MZM, OK2PWY, OZ8ZS, SM6FHZ, LA4YGA, UA stations. Leonids PE1ITR. MMC OK results for final check. Web GS35b. More. OK1CDJ prepares new dish for 13cm gear. Toward CB. DG7YBN made analysis of older 70cm antennas DL6WU. Coaxial connectors for 100+GHz bands. LWIR news. G4FRE: a bit another all band transceiver (70MHz -24GHz). More. And what your score? Frequency multipliers. Al K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm & above bands. Interesting Guidebook for Lunar observers. Let us wish to all readers of OK2KKW web Merry Christmas and peaceful days with their family during holiday! Combined patch feed for QO-100 satellite. Remind at least dispense points in traditional OK Christmas C-test! IARU released international results of the UHF C-test for final check. It's appreciated. CRC refused GHz bands. Non primary hamradio frequency allocation in DL. Take a trip to mountains on Monday evening to see Big Star! Time for upgrade of your 24GHz gear? Try 10W PA. NRA info. Termination of prefinal OK VHF Contest results? Another super DX QSO on 2m + 13cm. 23cm IARU info. What OK1VR wrote 60 years ago. 122GHz success. Present EME NewsLetter DF2ZC, focused to 2m band. If you have courage use small relay. UT1FG/MM sail. Extreme DX propagation within Geminids? Looking for more MS DX QSOs? Try Ursids! UHF-C results in HB9. This web has no cookies! Do you have EM loc? Oscillators + PLL by DF9NP. UHF-C results in OM & DL. Prefinal Czech result list of the IARU UHF Contest 2020 for final check. OK1AIY's article about 9cm band. Peaking of MS shower Geminids. Meteor Scatter History. Spectrum meeting 2020 + Not only...future of 23cm. More TEP DX QSO w/o FT8. 23cm circulator for small PA. And what about you? Microwave video by VK3CV. Present non-perspective AC Waves, as well as GHz bands maybe will be sometime replaced by 30THz band. No 60m band for Australia. Shop with equipment for hamradio OK1KIR completed on 70cm first QSO to HI8. Arrival of Geminids - one of the largest meteoritic shower of this year. Exploit your DX opportunity! VK3CV μW. ARRL EME Contest: ON5GS + mov1,mov2, OK1TEH, OK1DFC, OK1KIR, OK1YK, OK2DL, PA2V, WB9UWA. TEP condx opening: 6000km DX QSO on 2m. Why next HF band?  We would prefer rather to keep 3400MHz! Bad news from Thursday: quick end of ARECIBO OBSERVATORY: RIP!  And the second one: OK1DKM SK! OK VHF Contest results for final check. Extraterretrial signals reception info. VHF Managers Handbook 9.0. MMC C-test report by OK6M. Radioamateur "Deep space" reception. Tropo GHz QSO & more videos from VE. 117km DX QSO at red light wavelength. And even beyond horizon! Divergence between DL and OK authorities. GHz signal relay 1:4. Good antenna expert OK1ZN is SK. Do you think: is OK1DFC "Septum feed" inventor? OK2KRT abt. UHF C-test 2020. Pics from MMC OL4N. Mistake in the schematics of IC7400 PA unit. More. Well-known VHF designer UA3DJG is SK. One of his PA's. Waiting for Aurora? Justin G0KSC introduced. Which important contest will be held next weekend? Of course ARRL EME Contest! When you try fix failure. MMC C-test reports by S57M, S51S and OM3RLA. K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm + above. New EME NewsLetter DF2ZC for 2m band. 23cm EME audiorecords by SM4GGC. HS0ZOP maybe on 23cm? The largest radio telescope in the western world will be destroyed due to rope failure. Potential repair isn't safe. Kilowatt solid state PA for 10GHz. 12cm magnetrons technology is retiring. 20GHz DDS L.O. QRV from ISS? Superior 0,4dB NF LNA (not only) for 77GHz. Very sad news: Chris OZ2LD passed away. SK of HA8BI. RIP! MMC C-test by HB9HLM + video. November tropo by LA0BY. N9JIM gear for 122 GHz. 100W PA for 12/ 13cm. When you can receive Moonbounce on 13.9GHz, try it! Small 13cm PA. Be in safe Miro! Pics of PE1RKI work. MMC/A1 C-test 2020: ON4KHG, DH8BQA, SF6F, PA1TK. Are you ready for MS peak of Leonids? More here. Logical schematics but who from you use such topology? More. ARRL defend hamradio interests. But here? MMC/A1 Contest 2020 by OM5ZW + French info. HF discoveries. Super tropo QSO on 70cm: QRB 3163 km!  Finding connection between celestial lightning over strong Thunderstorms & the Es layer incidence. More here. Use present excellent EME CondxSMA connectors for high microwave bands and development. By DG7YBN. New overview table of the worldwide best Yagi aerials by Lionel VE7BQH: 144 + 432 MHz. Tropo condx to OH? Transitions between rounded and rectangle waveguide by RA3AQ. 13cm BPF. New, IARU 87.VHF Newsletter. Today on 10th November will be held classical 70cm NAC, don't miss good tropo & activity to North / North-E. MMC/A1 Contest 2020 by: OK1OPT, OK1ZHS, OM0FC, DL3IAS. Claimed results in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA. Don't be afraid of power transistors in a plastic case. Compare it here. More here. It may help you. Reminder. 1296MHz expedition EME project KB7Q. Video to 139km DX record on 122GHz. Actual contest score of MMC. Leave your announce about participation in the CW Marconi Memorial 2m Contest. Check out the WX forecast. Our contests related database were updated - see here, here + here. MMC on VHF: Contest within Covid times. Useful tool for precise turning of Azimuth and Elevation at EHF tripod. Article about upgrade of DSN 43 in VK. PA0EHG wrote article about cooling of 6mm LNA (NF) & image noise. On Thu and Fri check FB TR -> G! W1GHZ released FB photos from his visitation of big radio telescopes in VK. Results of ARI EME Contest 2020 Contests overview has updated. Well known VHF ham Alex RW1AW passed away. Yesterday on 2m in NAC. 122 GHz tests by: OK1AIY, OK1EM, OK1UFL, OK2QW + OK2IMH + 2 and OK1TEH's note. Interesting videos. PA0EHG's article about set up of the feed for EME. VE4MA's interesting EME articles (TNX!): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Do you have on 2m IP80XD? Till Monday is there QRV MS GM6VXB/p. Waveguide - microstrip interconnection. October equinox show us again Mystery of TEP condx. More. And in OK? Check OK1MS log! DX tropo condx? UHF C-test by OK1RPL. Remind, what you here (maybe) read a year ago. Where FT8 leaded the ham radio. New 70cm antenna DG7YBN - good for small 4x14el. VE4MA: about 77GHz EME - beat the next final frontier? Report of DL0GTH in UHF Contest 2020. UHF Contest by DH5YM. More info: 122GHz by K6ML. MS by EI8HH. 207km DX QSO on 77GHz - video. More abt. superior microwave DX QSOs in EN57 loc. 200+W PA for 13cm. OK2KKW Contest report from the IARU UHF Contest below OK2A call. Mods. of PA w.2x BLF7G22L for 13cm. Pressure to kill VHF Contesting? Why not enrich HF Contests only? FT8 is a way from hamradio to internet. 122GHz Cassegrain feed made by use of 3D print (25MB by W5NYV). More info about antennas for 100+ GHz. Hope to hear you soon above 100GHz. On the way to single chip 248GHz transverter? TEH's tropo log update. Invitation to MMC 2020. It looks well, as well price is low, but be ready to change an oscillator + add image filter. Meteoritic shower Orionids. What you think abt. MS DXing? Have you still interest? Dual band feed 10+24 GHz. GHz. NTMS released N5RJX presentation abt.10GHz gear. OFCOM refused responsibility for EMF of hamradio TXing. What new by DB6NT (2), DG7YBN. Sleewing drive failure. Public consultation EU focused to EMC directives. Contests logs OK2A of UHF Contest 2020. G3DWG observed 24GHz EME beacon DL0SHF. Chile on 23cm. IARU UHF Contest 2020: OK5K, OR6T, OL1C, OK2KOJ, OK5P, OK1KAD, I1KFH, IZ3QFG. 2m kW PA US0KW. Still about VHF Contest IARU - nice report by 5P5T. VHF Contest by IZ1ESM, pics: OL3Y, OK1OCL + 9A4QV. IARU UHF Contest 2020 by F6KFH, IK4WKU + abt. more Italian ops. Old, but.. OK1UGA news. Web R-Quad. From the HW of commercial data network. IARU UHF Contest 2020: OL3Z, SP9KJM, 9A2KI. Optical DX QSO. When you have SSPA with 50V DC Supply, you can use this. If you wkd YO, send them your log as well as. International results of the IARU 2020 VHF Contest for final check. Possible comments till 30.Oct. to OM3BH. This weekend we have next part of ARRL EME Contest. K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm & up. IARU UHF Contest 2020 by:  OK1KWV, YO8RXP, OM3CQF, SN5R. Russian rotator? More. Burned LNA note. Maybe good for U. More. Helpful? When on 70cm you don't use "twin pipe" LNA system, but diversion relays. IARU UHF Contest 2020 by: OK1KUO, IQ1KW + delayed info OK2KYZ, OM7KW, OK6M, DK0NA from VHF-C. IARU UHF Contest 2020 by: OM3KTR and IZ3NOC/5. Small PA for QO-100, or like a driver for bigger 13cm PA. IARU UHF Contest 2020 by: DL3IAS, OM0FC, S50G, S59P. Modification of 122GHz TRX for better modulation. IARU UHF Contest 2020 by: G3XDY, OK1OPT, OK1ZHS. Claimed results at: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA and G. DF2ZC released EME NewsLetter for 2m band. IARU VHF Contest by OL3Y + 2. Activity contest by OK1FJZ. Leave your announce about participation in the IARU UHF/SHF Contest 2020 -> last weather forecast is online. Is it flashing for better times? FT8 will go out? Web E74ALM. Weekend after IARU UHF-C will be ARRL EME. OK1DIX released new version (7.00) of popular VUSC contest log. External ALC for K3. WaveG transitions. . LNB "Bulls Eye" for QO-100 from web. VHF Contest 2020: DF7EE, DK0NA. FD 2020 OM results.  Delayed reports from the IARU VHF Contest 2020: OL9W, 7S7V, ON4KHG, OK1TEH, OL7C. ARRL in battle. Teflon boards up to 60mm thickness. Somewhere are radiotelescope for µW in build, elsewhere in demolition. Some practical comments to my radio designs include PA Tajfun modification. Amsat DL symposium video (8h). More presentations from RSGB Convention. Let's await Aurora? How precise could be inflate  d dish in space? How about signal polarization, when reflected from Es? Connectors and cables: not only for big VHF stations. Interesting presentations archive, focused to VHF up bands, on WCARC web. updated photo layer. Tropo condx 17-20.9 by OK1TEH. ARRL & ARI EME C-tests by: OK2AQ, OK1CA, OK1UGA, OK1KIR, G3LTF. If it help you a bit, after 2 years we measured again precise frequency of some beacons, identified in Prague. Jirka Sedláček OM3CDR (ex OK3CDR), passed away. He was one of the legendary OK VHF DX enthusiasts. Final results of the Summer OK QRP Contest. Where participants (w/o FT8) w. 10W wkd QSOs? Amsat info. Sad message: on September 17th. during antenna construction works Marek OK2VVD tragically died!  RIP! We will remind you. International results of 50 + 70MHz C-test IARU. Who from OK kept pwr limit, which shall be already increased? Abt. 2m DX beacon F5ZRB. More. 3D print of rotator (OK1IEC). ITU Radio regulations 2020. YU has 70MHz. On 17.9 evening and on Friday await improved tropo condx into UK directon. ARI EME Contest this weekend. Interesting series abt. radioastronomy satellite Spektr-R. First 3cm QSO OK-CX wkd by OK1KIR, congrats! 47GHz band 20W PA. SDR reception on 10GHz: project Hydra. OK1DAK at Radiocommunication conference. VHF Contest 2020 by: F6KFHOL7M. VE4MA: video abt.waveguide WR28 & EME in the desert after 5 years. Logs from OK VHF Contest were sent, check claimed list. Troubles with OK0EB beacon. It is ignominy of CRC. VHF Contest 2020 by: OK1RPL, OK5T, OM3KII, OM3KSI, OM3KDX, DR2X and SF6F. 12.9. meeting Kozakov. VHF Contest 2020 by OK2DDS, OK2KAB + video of IQ7FG. For 20+W PA pro 24GHz make a trip to Carlsbad. DB6NT gear for 13cm has 800W out.  How to install PWR transistor on Copper heatsink? Video rec. here, here. FCC probably will save for ham radio part of 9cm band beside 5G tender. But in OK such effort CRC damaged. VHF Contest 2020 by: OK1OPT, OL1C, SN7L, OM3KTR, 7S7V & HG1Z. On 8.9 were good tropo condx. More. September UA VHF Contest has been open for all usual bands. It is an year old, but did you read it attentively? VHF Contest 2020 by: OK1KUR, OL2J, HB9HLM, IK2OFO, OR6T, S50C, SO3Z, F8KGU. VHF PWR level 1960. VHF Contest 2020 by: OK1KFH, DA0FF, OM0FC, 9A2B. Claimed results list in: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA,  G & Eu. New EME NewsLetter K2UYH for 432MHz & above. OK1UFC released new paper for QO100 satellite operation. Remind share an info abt.your participation in the VHF Contest IARU R1. Weather forecast for the Contest here. Transatlantic 2m SSB QSO between human operators with QRB 4842km! Article about DX QSO: EA8 to FM (!) EA8CXN created few days ago new 2m TR DX record 5246km. Congrats!  OK1EM on 122GHz with VK x-verter. On 31.8. we have 68 years anniversary of the first 23cm QSO v OK. Content update - not only DX records table. Next very long cross-mode DX QSO:  3700+ km QRB on 144MHz has completed even with failed RX EA8CXN? As well as traditional Weinheim UKW Tagung is QRT this year. Web pages G4DBN. More + 122GHz  feedhorn. EME beacon DL0SHF now QRV on 24GHz with 110W. In the present crazy time aren't destroyed statues only. 3 years since 23cm EU tropo DX record IARU: QRB 2662km! SK OK1IKP. Remind. August Contest by F6KFH. Perseids 2020 by: OK1DIX, OK1TEH (2), OK1UGA, OK2WO, DH8BQA, S50C, S56P, UA6. OL4K leaved QTH. RW3BP gear for 77GHz. Use RS condx. Optical QSOs in SP.  2m VO freq.plan. Results of July VHF: DL, OM. Few pics related to "microwave mortuary" issue. More here, here, here + here. Send us pse your pics as well as. Radioamateur hobby is as well as about education. More.  OK1UFC: generator of precise freq + remote control. Online RF calculators. OE2IGL wrote not only about waveguides, but as well as about his microwave hardware. In the IARU VHF + UHF C-tests we will meet rivals from DL Multi OPs. Low temp CZ soldering for PWR SSPA. Note to IARU R1 discussion issue about Contests Multi OP here. CRC released for final check preliminary lists. IARU R1 wrote, that they will adjudicate Multi Op.Category of VHF/UHF/SHF Contests, if IARU members agree. W5LUA completed 122GHz transverter by VK3CV. G8ACE on 122GHz QRB already 28km. Suitable Al boxes. Big PA with single transistor. As well as for 2m. Abt. transistors cooling issue. More. QRV 725 GHz(!)  Details. Already 15.8. will be held OPEN LY ( + EW) VUSHF CHAMPIONSHIP 020. On 16.8: OK PA, YO U/SHF C-test. Just at midnight has launched 2m Russian EME Contest CW + MGM. If you have some web anniversary notes. On 15th. Aug. we celebrate already 20 years since start of the hamradio news web OK2KKW. TNX for support! DF2ZC released EME NewsLetter for 2m band.  Perseids 2020: condx + gallery.  Lightning rod at OK1KUR ant. Summer QRP Contest by OM/OK1FEN. Forgotten jubilee of linear transponder OK0A. New 2m record S51ZO. EA3ADW SK. W6IQ wrote 47GHz adventure. KB8VAO and his microactivity + more interesting microwave links. Al K2UYH released new UHF/SHF EME NewsLetter 8/20. Did you wkd IM79? MS Perseids are here. IARU Info Within next few days is peak of Perseids MS shower. Keep the rules of MS operation incl. 30 seconds periods! Why the power 23cm microstrips PAs in ham radio use often burn out? Integrated power couplers and splitters. SK7MW are leaving after 21 years their QTH JO65MJ. 2m NAC by OK1TEH. Nice article OK1IN abt.Pluto SDR. Alpe Adria VHF + QRP Contest 2020 by: OK1KFH, OK1OPT, OK1TEH, OL2J, OK2G. 71.July C-test OK1KUO. When we are playing with higher PWR, sometime we lost PA OK2A, OK1KIR, OK2DL, ON0EME (2), by F6ETI. Don't forget to 2m NAC on 4.8, F4VSG & PA1TK JN38 will be QRV. July Field day by DL3IAS. 1EM's success. Russian 144MHz EME Contest will be on 15 - 16.8. Glue for electronics. Is the 40MHz band rather HF, or VHF? Results of Italian Apulia Contest 2020 in July.  RCC VHF/UHF Championship. Claimed result list of A-A. C-test. On Sunday: at least give them some points!  Old, but still valuable article. Few words to the 122GHz oscillator. OZ 122GHz experiments with VK3CV transverter. On this Sunday will be held beside A-A C & OK QRP BBT C. July Field day by OK1KEO, OM3KII, ON4KHG + DR5T. On 28.7 was nice 3cm RS. SSB traffic on 4m continue. Delayed report of OK2A/OK2KKW's club from July Field day contest. Traditional meeting in Holice is cancelled. DF2ZC releases new EME NewsLetter for 2m band. Report of Stefan LA0BY about trip to an unsettled locators. VHF Beacons in the far North. Web by UA1ZFG. Tropo OZ - EA8, QRB 3709km. Paper LA0BY about tropo DX. July Field day by OK1KMP, OK2DDS, IZ7EVZ (2). With SDR measure up to 22GHz? Holice meeting cancelled. July Field day by RW3WR. On August 2nd. will be held not only A-A Contest, but as well as OK QRP Contest. July Field day by F8KID. K2UYH releases new EME NewsLetter for 70cm+. Test QSO not only w. YO on 23cm. Old, but still valuable and witty G4BAO's meetings paper. Documentation focused to well proven 23cm 40W PA. July Field day: OK2KRT, OK5T, OL4N, OK1KVR, PI4GN, UT0V, OK1KKP. GPS locked oscillator up to 15GHz. July Field day by: OK1RKS, OM3KII. TA VHF/UHF July test. Microwave EME article by G4BAO and G4DDK. July Field day by R6DZ. DX FT8 QSO 3000+km tropo on 144MHz. Why not CW? LA0BY QRV in JP21 + JP22. We received from IARU plaque awards of the win on 23 + 3cm in the UHF/SHF Contest IARU. 76GHz DX QSO. July Field day by OM3KTR. For your consideration: chemical products for electronics + article focused to BIAS. July Field day by: OK1OPT(pic), OK2G, OK1KKD, OK2KLF, DK0NA, IK3GHY(3cm), OL4A(3cm), S50C, S59P. July Field day by: OL2J, OR6T (2m+70cm), OK1UFF, OM3RRC, G4YSS, IQ1KW, PA0K(+), DH8BQA, IZ3NOC. Your log from Field day Contest wanted in YO.  July Field day 2020: OL1C, OK2C, OK1KFH, OK1KPA, SN7L. 71st. OK Field day Contest: nice weather + worse tropo condx. Claimed scores EU, IARU, OK, OM, 9A, PA, G. OK1DIX today released new version 6.50 of the Contest log SW VUSC. Check out new web of DK0NA & OK2G. Remind to leave your announce abt. participation in July VHF Field day Contest. Weather forecast check here. Al released new issue of K2UYH's EME NewsLetter. On 1st July was nice 2m Es from OK/OM/OE into 7X2RO. µW C-test by OK6M, OK1RPL. A-A by OK1OPT. Splitter for two 70cm antennas. Horizontal 2m omni antenna. RS 26.6 by DL3IAS, OK1TEH. SHF Contest by: I1KFH, DJ5AR. 6m contest at DM3F. 1st 4m QSO EA8 - UN. June Microwave Contest -> participation report OK2A.  List of our contest logs. Unexpected magnetic anomaly. Delayed final results of March 1.subregional. Send your logs from Alpe-Adria Contest as well here. Calculators. Note to M2 antenna repair (for 38.el at 432MHz). Your contest logs from 4 & 6m IARU Contest send IARU here. CRC doesn't represent Czech licence holders. Already 70% of OKs aren't members of CRC. Insurance needed? SHF Contest 2020 by OM3KTR. Es on 16.6. News by DL6SH. SHF convention in VK & in U.S.  23cm 600W PA. Glass cups for winners of 2018 - 2019 VHF/UHF Championship were sent. Remind UHF/SHF Alpe Adria C-test! 35 000 ops in UK NFD? And how many in all 1.Reg. ITU?  Just few days to the IARU 4 / 6m Contest. Be QRV! Useful web, which may help you: here + here. RF couplers + utilization of it. Where in July Contest. What in UA? Still we have Rain Scatter Condx. Use it. More here, here. Nice DX QSO: 1600km QRB at 3cm.  Antenna relay. CEPT -> as well as about amateur radio spectrum issue. And what about WGFM discussion aimed at 10GHz? Antenna beaming by phase shifting of ant. array. Bizarre power supply. First Spanish 122GHz QSO by EA5JF. Kuhne released in e-shop new version of the 3cm transverter. From Maxwell formula to waveguide & cavity filter. Fotky HB9Q z EME mini-expedice do JN46. 70W PA k majáku na 4m. Málo známé přednášky F5DQK o SHF. SHF Contest 2020 & Memorial OM3AU Contest: 9A2SB, 9A5M, 9A6AR, DH5YM, OM3TIX, OK2DL, OE6RKE. SHF Contest 2020 by: DL3IAS, DL6NAA, OK1ZHS, S51ZO. Claimed scores from 9A, OK, OM, PA, S5 + IARU. Presentations W5LUA and DB6NT about 122 GHz. 50 MHz & UP > U.S. SHF articles. Microwaves in EA & CT. DF2ZC release new EME Newsletter focused to 2m. Microwave Contest support RS condx. New 70cm x-verter. Interesting 47GHz presentation. WA1MBA articles focused to 47GHz band. Older, but still fully valid calculator. QSL for first QSO OK-S5 on 24GHz. 1st. 4m QSO OK-EA9 wkd 29.5 OK1MAC s EA9IB. Congrats!  SHF in VK. Leave your announce abt. participation in the IARU Microwave Contest 2020. And what about weather forecast? Article abt. NASA PTT roger beep. Such strong was in Prague A92HK on HB9CV ant. Good Rain scatter paper. List of Es 2m + 4m QSOs OK1TEH within last few days. 4m audiorecord 5B60AIF. More amateur radio calcs. In these days are excellent EME condx. We believe you will exploit it.  Prague EME conference has postponed. Forecast Es was wrong by Probably the best opening within 10 years? Did you heard as well as D4VHF? Interesting reading. FT8 opinion. How were made new antennas for 70cm. More. Check the next Es to EA / CT. On Monday 25.5, Tuesday + Wed. 27.5 were Es condx. In Prague on 2m were hrd  EK1RR. Noise: 50 + 70MHz. Microwave EME book article by G4DDK & G4BAO. Archive documents from 50MHz+up web. Check the 2m Es! May subregional C-test: DL3IAS & OM7KW. On 4m again with SSB / CW. OK1UGA is completing his 6m dish. Sad news - Jirka ex OK1AFQ from OL7C is SK. Next notice abt.FT8 from EME ops.  10W PA for 47GHz band. EME as well as for shortwave ops? And Moon operators response? Technical page for 4m. OK1TEH celebrates. Final results of MCR VHF Championship 2019. Cups are in process. YO-VHF Marathon on 3rd.Sunday like AC. Written 15 years ago. Plug and play 300W PA for 23cm by VHF Design. The only VHF & up will stay operational. Already on Monday 18.5. Es came. More. Unfortunately not for OK. 10GHz WI-FI in OK celebrate Pyrrhos win. IARU VHF Newsletter 86. Remind of KB8RQ (SK) EME antenna group.  This year first 2m Es is behind doors? May subregional C-test by I1KFH. Well known Klaus, DJ5HG SK. PA microwaves. Do you know web DK4RC? K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm & UP. OK2KKW's logs from May contest. OL4N's new mast. May subregional C-test:OL7C, OK1RPL, OK1EM. VA3TO by 47GHz. 3cm Remote RX in JO42. DSN EB3FRN. Elevation jack-screw at EA3HMJ. 24 GHz horn-feed by OK2AQ. SHF expedition JN46. 3cm EME by OK2ULQ. What new on DB6NT's 12mm? EME transverterAnother way to RF PWR measure. Es watching: 8m beacon. 9.5 in the age of 77 one of the most legendary EME OMs, Gary KB8RQ passed away. RIP! We will remember! May subregional C-test: OK5T, OM3KTR + OM6KW. ARI EME Trophy Contest 2020 -> spring section result list. Broadband PWR GaAs MMIC for 24GHz band. Antenna rotator from Russia? It works! 7.elem.Yagi for 6m band. Equipment for 70MHz band. DX QSOs again only by FT8. Why? Germany extended 6m band & reactivated 4m. May subregional C-test: OK1NPF, OK1KFH, OK2EZ, DJ5AR, G3XDY, 9A4QV. K1JT released updated WSJT-X. May subregional C-test: OK1ZHS, OL2J, OK5K, OM7ANT & OM8WG. Claimed scores in: 9A, OK, OM, PA, G. OK1KIR completed the first 24GHz QSO OK to S5. Congrats. 3cm Dubus REF C-test by OK1CA and OK2AQ. OK1TEH's delayed report from the March IARU VHF C-test 2020. Compare RSGB "RadCom" with your journal. If you have intention to participate, leave announce abt. your acting in the May Corona Contest. Technical rules. Simple 70cm PA OK1UFC. Next part. Hamradio projects by YO5OFH. March subregional contest 2020: OL7C. Father of legendary kW PA for 70cm Dick K2RIW SK. RIP!  Looking forward to RS Condx. Do it. PEP W-meter. Weather forecast for May 2.subregional Contest. Lectures from RF technology. Satellite archeology. OE8WOZ. DUBUS 6cm EME Contest with WIFI interference. Romania held new UHF/SHF Activity Contest similar to OK. Update of OK1TEH tropo log.  Next shortwave band with limited usage + usable radio. We are waiting for 4m Es. Peak of the Lyrids MS shower extended even on Wednesday 22nd. Prefinal OK March C-test list for last check We got pic JN99FN from 8.4. Activity contest as wel as in SP. EY on 2m. Such idea. The noise factor definition. Friedrichshafen Hamradio show 2020 has cancelled. ENR measure of noise source + measure of sideband noise. Next extension of FT8 DX record. Astro tracking system and more links. Some nostalgy. Web page K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm & up. DL2ALF has new SW Airscout update. Easter C. points. Miliwattmeter w. AD8317. Two days of remembrance: 59 years since Gagarin flight & 50 years since Apollo 13. OK1IKE SK. Remind his activity!  We have Christian holy days. OK Easter Contest today from 10:00 local time. Extended DX record FT8. Why they don't use CW QSO? Useful EME software VK3UM (SK) for download here. N - connectors: how not to buy poor quality connector. Note to VHF DX QSOs over Atlantic. OK1VR's Birthday! We wish you Happy Easter and remind to traditional Easter VHF C-test! 70cm would be the best "magic band". ARI EME Contest 2020 by: OK2AQ, OK2DL + OK1TEH. DX 2m QSO over Atlantic. Flashback to OK DX record. DF2ZC released new EME NewsLetter 144MHz. Because old PC has problem to open it, the copy has saved. Take care for quality first! Good connectors are available as well as here?  Philippine satellite still QRV 0,7 / 2m. OK1DIX today released new version 6.49 of the Contest log SW VUSC2kW out transistor ART2KOPE for 2m. Make a time today for your first EME QSO. Long yagi + few hundreds W is OK.  About antennas - see page 18. Small radio with limited performance for contest points adds and remote IP TRX for representants w/o pwr limits. Abt. week ago IARU suggested in May Contest cancel Multi op.category. More members agreed, CRC doesn't. Czech Government extended extraordinary status. In May C-test from home only as Single op. Friedrichshafen? March C-test 2020 by OK6M. Make a simple power divider. Do you have already loc. CM95?  VK4CSD 76GHz. Already this weekend: ARI EME Contest. VHF contesting in U.S. 432MHz 400W PA with new BLP05H9S500P. 10GHz beacon DL0SHF for testing of EME condx is on air again.  OK1EM verified L.O. by L.Bodnar on 47GHz. 47GHz EME - possibility, conditions, ways - translation of paper by DL7YC.  Cold and dry air attract µW hams. Non-metric screws. Zieleniec SP-UKF meeting has postponed. Cheap 145MHz 15.el antenna. ARI EME C-test. As well as RSGB temporary cancelled MO Category. Results of ARRL EME Contest 2019. Inox screws e-shop. Due to IARU suggestion DARC decided the May 2.subr.C-test will be held for Single OP category stations only. Novelty by DG7YBN: low noise 13.el. antenna "Aquarius" for EME on 70cm even with remind of Apollo 13 flight. HB9AMH, well-known 10GHz ham, passed away. Microwave meeting in JA: 2018 a 2019. Papers + flea market. March C-test 2020 by I1KFH. New NanoVNA even for 23 & 13cm. Another kitchen + pocket VNA. Date change. Pre-production tests of Australian transverter for 122GHz. Radio-amateur DX records accepted by professionals. Preliminary list of OK V/UHF Championship 2019 for verification. IARU suggest time out of VHF Multi contesting. Interesting info how to fix HI PWR transistor onto Copper heatsink. Info about PLL for IC9700 and  "how to do it". Before Es season: how to modify Mitsubishi PA modul RA35H1516 for 70MHz band? 432MHz PA with BLF861 New Construction Act: for antenna + tower above 8m will be needed approval! External PS must be SPSU only. March C-test 2020 by HA8V. If you speak French.  Milan OK1UFL had 70. birthday on 16.3. Be as fit as fiddle! March C-test: OK5K, OK5T, DK0NA, OK2KOJ (23), F6KFH, F5PVX, OL1B + OK1KKD (++). Who QRV in Italy? March C-test 2020 by: OL3Y. Comments from F. Changes in 70cm band. Cancelation of more hamradio events. March C-test: OK2PVX, OK5P, OL2J, EA3HJO, OE6V, OK2EZ. First 24GHz QSO OK-CT. GJ + OE6V EME trip. Response from IARU confirms our win on 23cm (and on 3cm!) in IARU UHF Contest 2019. Tnx to all for points! Italian RFMicrowave e-shop + CEPT closed. Amateur radio meeting in LA canceled. March C-test by: OK1VOF. Completed contest list of all major OK VHF Contests in 2019. Construction Act 183/2006 Sb abt.amateur radio. March subregional C-test OM4C, OK1KFH, OK1NPF, OM0FC, OM3KTR. GAN PA: 30W at 10,10W at 24GHz. Magic weather. Shame, nobody with 122GHz were there.. QRB 88km. IARU R-1 results of MMC + VHF-C 2019. Complete international results of UHF/SHF Contest IARU 2019. Maybe some threat for Prague EME convention? March subregional VHF-C: OK1KUO, OK1OPT, DL3IAS & IQ1KW.   Claimed results: 9A, S5, OK, OM, PA + G. March subregional VHF-C IZ3NOC, OK1ZHS. AD6IW at Web "milllimeter waves" & EB3FRN. March subregional VHF-C OK2KJT. Well-known K9SLQ passed away. RIP! Luxury software for FT8 enthusiast. Due to virus disease has canceled radioamateur meeting + DX-ped. Special licence: 13cm in HB9. These days. Remind send an Announce about your March Contest participation!  Large Weather forecast for your QTH here. Space microwave projects by F5PL - presentation. Hamshack F5PL + more.  SBMS µW Newsletter by W6IFE. Audio records of two strong EME signals here, here. Nice GHz presentation OZ1FF. Other VHF events: 1, 2, 3. VHF Newsletter IARU nr.85. Tropo condx 28-29.12 in OZ. Web VK3UM (SK) QRT nw. And what about antenna? Final results of OK Winter QRP Contest. In May (15-17.5) will be held traditional PK-UKF Zieleniec Convention. Due to PJ2T activity on 70cm is relative lot of QRO EME stations connected to HB9Q chat, ask them for tests. PJ2T on 70cm but with single Yagi. Results of OK Christmas Contest. 47GHz slot antenna. Interesting articles. Elegant transistor (by power + price) for ur 70cm PA. OK1DIX in brief from EME DUBUS Contest. Funkamateur. How much the LNA cooling will decrease noise? On the way to high performance of low noise 70cm transverter. Do you have Jersey island?  23cm transverter AD6IW.  Indeed?  HV PSU from μW Oven for tube Pwr amplifier? How to make a small PA for 2m. More. OK Winter QRP Contest results. Interesting web. How much on ur RX? First QSO OK-FJ on 2m assigned to OK1UGA. PA0EHG build up to 47GHz EME. But where find HI PWR PA? Historic, but still interesting articles focused to EME. How EA5HMJ made radom of the dish.  QSL by A21EME. We sent a complaint to IARU due to incorrect evaluation of 23cm MO category winner. Check on related article. Al, K2UYH and other hams released new EME NewsLetter for 70cm & up. 70cm EME with LU8ENU on Feb.09. DB6NT show off his amazing videorecords of supermicrowave DX QSOs. Congrats! See more here, here + here. Videorecords from DX record CW QSO on 122 GHz. SP4 µW meeting. PK-UKF Society assembly in Zieleniec. Claimed results list of Winter QRP Contest ČAV + reports OK1FEN, OK1TEH & OK1GTH. Tropo logs OK1TEH. The World DX record on 122GHz: QRB were 139km!   Prefinal Czech, European & German result of MMC2019. We won 10GHz Multi in the IARU UHF Contest 2019. And 23cm? No surprise happen. Funny. Galileo vs 23 cm? Addition: next QSLs for the first QSO abroad. OK1ASA - reminder. Preliminary European results of UHF C-test. Solution of IC9700 instability - summary by PA2V. 24GHz transverter by DL2OCB. Be aware of GPS shut-down. News from Florida - Icom released SDR radio even for IF, WI-FI, Bluetooth, D-star, GPS, FT8 and contest noise? Quadrantids 2020 by OK2PMS, OK1TEH. 9cm in Australia. 23cm history of OK1KIR. Even bigger PA HW. Add. SDR Pluto mods. 13cm driver. Low noise oscillator (-160dBc/Hz@10kHz) for transverter. Manual of next PLL LO. 47GHz EME test W5LUA - JA1WQF: is 6W at feed of 2,4m dish enough for QRA64D QSO? 6mm EME AD6FP. Delayed report from the MMC2019: OK1TEH, OL7C, OL4N, OL1C. Web DL2OCB. Web "hamzavody". Firework? 158km on 47GHz EA - F QSO. Update of our Results + Awards board. This weekend go: DUBUS EME Contest! This weekend are excellent EME condx. Try EME opportunity!  High wind on Sunday, fix the beam. Martian Es. DX record between VK and ZL on 23cm has QRB 2459km. How much Galileo will increase the noise on 23cm? The first 2m QSO OK - C2 assigned to OK1RD. HW pics of ON0EME beacon. RX reports of that beacon signal. GS35b tube 2m PA F1CXX. Will automotive industry create a threat for bands 24, 77, 122 GHz? DX by C21MB. Good protection of antenna contacts and matching. THz bands: video lecture. Winter OK QRP contest OK1KUR. Tip for trip: TESLA Museum in Třešt. Note to OE5JFL EME antenna controller. News K6ML: 122GHz band HW. Where is a phase center of different feeds? More. Prefinal results of IARU VHF Contest 2019. 5H3UA EME story. K7ULS from Utah on EME DX trip. VK4GHZ sent info abt.DB6NT PLL. Sachsen activity test. Test your CW skill. Monthly journal of Californian µW SBMS. New IARU web. Push FT8 as option? Freq. regulator issue. XV9F QRV. DL3IAS sent us his gear report. UHF Contest Romagna 1-2.Feb. Winter BBT + OK QRP-C. CT1BYM, OE8WOZ. We got sad news: on 25.1 passed away well known VHF operator and a good friend Jirka Stehno OK1ASA. RIP! Rotator controller OK1VM. 122/134/241GHz by OE2IGL. Scatterpoint 2018. 15.2 will be SHF meeting in Dorsten. Michael DB6NT announced new IARU R1 DX record. QRB 65km on 134GHz, more. Congrats!  4X QSL on 13cm. TR condx and 13cm Side scatter by DJ5AR. EME Fun contest by: SM4GGC + 2, OK2ULQ, OK2DL. C21 on 2m! HF quirks + unvalid QSOs?  New 2m EME NewsLetter DF2ZC. RA18H1213G production is over. Web KD8MRK. Circuit analysis SW Micro CAP now free for download. OK Christmas contest: OK1KFH + OK1TEH. CW vs FT8. Spanish 2,4W PA on 47GHz. Web VK4GHZ. List of  "Cubes" wkd by OK2KKW club. Mitsubishi RF PWR parts. 24GHz PA design JA8CMY. News by OK1UGA: 1,2. On Tuesday check tropo condx OK - G? NAC/UKAC 21.1. Heelweg Microwave session echo. MMC results: DL, OM, F, IK. Backscatter to download. VK5DJ ant.controller. Quadrantids by OK2PMS. Free to download: VHF/UHF DX Book 2017Invitation to Czech Winter QRP Contest. UK 122 GHz tests. OK1TEH tropo logs update. Historical Microwave Handbook (1985). UK Microwave museum. Interesting info by US4ICI about 23cm PA. Czech VHF activity contest 2019 results. Mods of FM radio 2m PA. HW training class OK1UFC SWR + Smith circle. More. Interference damages HF. Low noise LO for cm bands. Well known Heelweg SHF meeting on Saturday 11. This weekend will be held traditional SSB EME Fun C-test. Brutal game of CRC society? From DB6NT archive. SSB EME Funtest. VHFactivity test. 70cm: QRB 4644 km. New year's EME NewsLetter K2UYH for UHF and above. Preliminary + claimed results of OK Christmas C-test. Russian 2m SSPA: 500W for 600$. SG Labs suggest new 9cm transverter. CRC in OK ceased new licence act. Pics from RF HW seminar in NL. From DB6NT log: even w/o FT8!  ITB news. OK1DFC's project. Keep on mind! DUBUS CW EME Contest 2019 results.  2m PA RV9WMY.  Antenna calculator F5FOD: analysis of G/T level. Start of short, but rich Quadrantids MS shower with peak on Saturday 4.1. morning. More here, here + by IMO. Next VHF DX record of the current tropo condx. Final OK results of the IARU R1 UHF/SHF Contest 2019. More. New tropo world record 4562km QSO between Cape Verde Islands & Scotland wkd on 70cm. SpectraVue SW. All the best in 2020, notably felicity, health, peace and success to all visitors of our web by OK2KKW members. New EU tropo DX record on 70cm: EI3KD - D41CV QRB 4164km ! SpectraVue software for EME tests by SDR. PA2CHR email & video from DX-ped. A21EME here. Very interesting blog EA3HMJ. WRC-19 is over: what next? Already 61. OK VHF Christmas C-test is over. Components for low noise 20GHz signal generator. SWR meter. Will be possible produce noise free transistor? LNA input protection. OK1UFC's radiotechnic tutorials. Ferrites.

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