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CRC publish delayed prefinal results of OK  UHF/ SHF Contest 2018. 23cm NAC by ES3RF. Es in December.

Geminids 2018 by OK1TEH, OK1UGA, OK2PMS, GM4FVM, SM6FHZ. 40th anniversary of article about EVE.

 K2UYH releases new EME Newsletter for 70cm &UP already for Jan.19. Testing of AMSAT P4A transponder.

Some time ago we asked CHMI and the Czech rain radar map show now as well as ham radio locators, TNX!

Final part of HW serial of up to date counter: 1, 2, 3. Dish consideration. Stratospheric clouds.

Waiting for Quadrantids arrival: opportunity for first 2019 MS DX. More. UHF Contest results in DL, OM, G + IK.

Claimed results list of 2m OK Christmas Contest 2018. AMSAT CW activity day will be Jan.1st. Updated links.

Where are power limits just formal and why OM6A didn't released report from UHF Contest. EME 4Z5CP. QRP.

Last 2018 EME Newsletter DF2ZC for 2 m band. Reception reports of SAQ TX. New pics of NC1I EME system.

Another EU locators map for download + print out. Which of 144MHz + 432MHz antennas are currently the best.

 Already within 3 weeks will be opportunity to make a GHz QSO to Cuba. Remind traditional OK Xmas contest.

New project by OK1VM: programmable attenuator. Don't forget to send.  New RSGB EU locators map for sale.

SHF beacon OK0EB is after long time QRV again. When "national" short wave union is silent. On 70MHz in DL.

Czech activity Contest results 2018: we won 23cm. Look back at Summer success. G4DDK's IC9700 thoughts.

OMs shall push IARU with short wave managers to defend DX segments of the UHF/SHF bands on WRC2019.

Another LNA design for 70cm has as well as input BPF to cut of interference. What has released 13 years ago.

LNA for 70cm by OZ1PIF & an additional choke optimalization. How to replace obsolete ATF54143 LNA HEMT.

Geminids 2018 - photo-gallery, shower peak, actual condx & how to start? Modification of TS-2000 by OK1VM.

ARRL EME Contest 2018 - 2nd.leg by: OK1DIX, OK2PE, G3LTF + audio. PA3CSG's historical Eimac manuals.

K1JT has decided open 'Pandora box' & released digital mode FT8 version 2.0, which damage VHF Contesting.

Contest team DR9A released report from IARU UHF Contest. Fortunately on 70, 23, 3cm we have more points.

OK1AIY: history of SSB technology on microwave bands in OK: part 6. PA0PLY updated his EME stations list.

Dummy load by OK2BDQ. Dec.4th. tropo log.  What's new by DJ5AR.  Stanford visit. 2m antenna DR9A. More.

Two papers - OK1TEH and OK1AKT presented at Advent meeting in Ústí / Labe.  DX-pedition 3Y0I on HF only.

Be ready for MS operation during the best (one of) meteoritics shower of the year:  Geminids More: 1, 2, 3, 4.

ARRL EME Contest 2018 2nd leg by: W2LPL, OK1DFC, LZ4OC, OK2AQ + OK1TEH.  EME meeting SM4IVE.

ARRL EME Contest 2018 2nd leg by: DL2FCN, OK1YK, OK2DL, OK2ULQ, SP6JLW. HB0 expedition started.

F6HPP well known French VHF contestman suddenly passed away. RIP Laurent!  Russian digital activity days.

LA0BY's story, how he did 2611km 70cm QSO with UA6 (without FT8), more TR reports by RZ6DD, SM4GGC.

Delayed report OK1KUO from UHF Contest. HB0 still missing? Update of pages: 1, 2, 3. IARU again about HF.

Another view to the N connector fake. Diploma thesis, focused to 23cm PA + use of 900MHz transistors there.

Last EME NewsLetter K2UYH for 432MHz and higher bands.  Tropo condx to North EU.  UHF-C results in OM.

New EME NewsLetter DF2ZC for 144MHz band. Nice Leonids surprise. And what about you? ARRL EME test.

3cm upgrade at OK2KKW. The visitation of radiotelescope ALMA and Greenbank. 70cm ODX IK2OFO in 2018.

Final results of VHF Contestu 2018 in OK. Don't miss UHF /SHF Expedition into HB0.  2m news by OK2PMS.

ARRL EME Contest 2018 - First leg by: OK1TEH, OK1CA, OK2DL, OK2ULQ, PA2V, 2nd. leg is coming soon.

2 amateur radio transponders on geostacionary satellite are already in space. More abt: here, here, here, here.

Marconi memorial Contest: OK2A, OL4K, OL7C + IQ5NN. OL3Y pics. MMC log OK2A. PTT mods of PA Tajfun.

One DX QSO in MMC. What OK1TEH did on Tuesday at 70cm. Waiting for good tropo condx? MMC by OM4C.

Marconi memorial Contest: OK5T, OM3KII +, OM3KTR, DL0GTH, LA0BY, F1AKK/p. Protection diode. Marking.

Marconi memorial Contest by OL3Y & OK2I, DL6IAK+DK2GZ, DA2X. One chip TRX for 24GHz. LNA by G4DDK.

Marconi memorial Contest: OK1OPT, OK1KFH, OM3TIX, F6KFH +, OK5K & DL6NDW+. Ústí/Labem invitation.

Next session, focused as well as to the hamradio bands. IARU C5 + Handbook 8.12. What abt.CRC? Zero agn?

Marconi memorial Contest: OL4N, DR9A, ON4KHG, OK1ZHS. May FT8 kill amateur radio? SO3Z tropo condx.

EME convention (2018) - videorecords of presentations. Newsletter Mods DK. One chip RX. Christmas gift hint?

IARU UHF Contest by IK1KFH. Claimed results in the Marconi mem.contest: OK, OM, S5. MMC by OM3WFC.

OE5JFL released FB presentation dedicated to Pulsars. Laser QSOs of DL0GTH. Tropo by: IK2OFO, DH8BQA.

Prefinal OK VHF Contest results for public check. Weather forecast for MMC. UHF Contest by DL0GM. Join us.

IARU UHF Contest 2018 by: OK2A and OK2M.  Delayed report from VHF Contest OL7C.  ARRL EME: ON5GS.

During my visit in Paris I found on the roof of Modern arts museum really unusual + for us up to date work of art.

New EME Newsletter K2UYH for UHF bands + above. New Russian EME Vestnik by RA4SD, here older issues.

25.10 was fb tropo from Prague to Bretagne, more at OK1TEH, OK1ZHS. ARRL EME SHF Contest by OK2AQ.

On 22nd October OK1KIR worked on 10 GHz first QSO OK - ZL and new OK EME record 18 058km, Congrats!

Rex ZL/VK7MO is QRV 3cm from New Zealand, he already worked new world record with G3WDG 19 116km(!).

QSP de Ivor, OK2VWX: On Friday 26.10 will be lunched stratospheric baloon, beacon 145.525 MHz, see more.

Where is your favorite place of bounce? OK1TEH look back at 18th. EME conference in the Neederland. ALMA.

SM7THS EME antenna. Tropo condx by OK1TEH. Next weekend remind ARRL EME Contest. SP9KDA UHFC.

New EME NewsLetter DF2ZC for 2m band. Looking for new land of DXCC? 13cm WebSDR. UHF Contest in S5.

Results of ARI EME Trophy: Spring + Autumn leg. List of ARI EME Contest 2018 points. Orionids are underway.

122GHz tests not only by OK1AHO. More pics of OK4C from UHF Contest. What is CRC position for WRC19?

IARU UHF Contest 2018 by: DL0GTH, DL0HB, OK5Y, OK5YY, OK4C. F5NB: big wheel antenna. Tropo condx?

Download your Certification from ARRL EME contest. Works on report from UHF Contest. Logs are online now.

On two metres from Nepal. SP6MLK info. Calculator of inductance. Field day results in UA. G4NNS's 3cm HW.

UHF Contest: F6KSD, F1TDO, video LZ7J & S59DGO.  Don't forget send your edi log into European evaluation!

UHF Contest by OM3KTR. CRC with delay publish final results of the July Contest.  Propagation in GHz bands.

UHF Contest by OM3KII + and OK1RW. CW part results of DUBUS EME Contest. Congrats!  Tr. log OK1TEH.

UHF C-test: OK1OPT, DL6GCK. 3cm EME test SP6JLW. Tropo condx 9.10: OK1TEH, SO3Z, SP2IQW. Next?

Tropo condx: SP2FRY, SP1N.  FT857 failure. Overview of SU RF PWR bipolars. Upgrade of EME logger HB9Q.

IARU UHF Contest 2018 by OK5K. Tropo DXs SO3Z. EME meeting for "chosen". Where to buy RF components.

Looking for replacement of obsolete RF tranzistor?  Study, but rather not use in contest. Transistor 4 PA driver.

Check improved tropo condx to SM during 70cm NAC on 9. Oct. Tropo report of DK5AI. UHF-Contest by PH4X.

IARU UHF Contest 2018 by: OK1KPA, OK1UFF, OK2C, OL4K, G3XDY, IQ1KW. Claimed scores in PA and G.

UHF/SHF C-test IARU 2018 is over. Claimed results in OK, OM, SP, S5, F. In the age of 100 years OK1LU SK.

VHF C-TEST 2018 by 5P5T. 10GHz beacon in OY. New transverter DB6NT for 76GHz. SN7L will be in JO91QF.

Delayed VHF Contest report OM6A. IARU is preparing defence of HF 6m end, what abt.defence of GHz bands?

Leave your announce about participation in the IARU UHF/SHF Contest 2018. Last weather forecast online now.

First QSO OK - 4U at 13, 6, 3 + 1,2cm wkd by OK1KIR, congrats! News by OK1YK, OK2DL, OK1CA + FR5DN.

What polarization have Man made electromagnetic noise? OK0C outage. ARRL VHF C-test 2018: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

New IARU R.1 Tropo DX record 4431km D4Z - G3SMT. Interesting radioastronomy articles not only from China.

I0NAA released new version of Murmur 7.0.0 SW for pulsars detection. First 9cm QSO OK - 4U1ITU by OK1CA.

OK1DIX released the very new (6.45) version of the digital SW log VUSC for VHF contests. What new it brings?

Actual 144MHz EME NewsLetter by DF2ZC.  EME trip OK1DFC tnx to OM1AM!  C21GJ EME activities on 6m. 

End of summer and gale arrival, fix the antenna. VHF-C 2018 DP9X. Frenštát meeting. What new by OK1UGA.

First microwave QSOs OM-OE. KDZ Headphones New PWR transistors: BLC2425M10LS250, IGT5259CW25.

23cm EME - really cool presentation N5BF! Result: "go ahead"!  YU/OM3TIX in KN05LB.  OK1TEH's tropo 9/18.

October EME Newsletter K2UYH for 70cm & above. For morse lovers already this week. VHF-C 2018 by RT3E.

VHF-C 2018 by DM7A + video. How to erect mast? Claimed results of VHF Contest in: DL, F, UA, SP/so & YU.

OH2PO SK. Info with EME content. Equinox magnetic crack. From the AT&T archive. Admire him! CB like a HF.

VHF-C 2018 by: G3XDY, DA0FF, OK1TEH. 70cm EME QSO with dipole antenna. Linux for older ham operators.

VHF-C 2018 by DL0GTH. On 11.9 were tropo condx in a 70cm NAC, OK1TEH report. OK2PMS agn QRV EME.

ARI EME Contest 2018 by: 9A9B, F6ETI, IK1FJI, G3LTF, SM6CKU. SM7THS work on XP 70cm EME antenna.

Integrated circuit celebrates 60.birthday. EU parliament against free internet access?  OK1DFC and his 24GHz.

VHF-C 2018: OM4C, OL3Y. Look back at Perseids. 70cm antennas by RA3AQ + DG7YBN. DL7APV's big rake.

VHF-C 2018: by the Netherland perspective + DF0TEC, F8KID, IQ7FG, SP1B. Aurora probability? Check condx.

VHF-C 2018 by: OL1R, OM3KDX, SP9KDA and EA3LA. EI7GL wrote about results of his FT8 tests on 144MHz.

Compare: (A, B, C); (K, L, M); (O, P, Q); (R, S, T); (X, Y, Z). Swedish national regulator limited hamradio power.

VHF-C 2018 by: LA0BY, OM0A. ARRL VHF Contest - EME QSO opportunity. QRP C-test OM0A. DJ5AR's DX.

VHF-C 2018 by: PH4X, OL1C, R3EG +.  PA3FXB sent another pics from EME Conference. Wattmeter F1FRV.

VHF-C 2018 by: OK1NPF, SN7L + pic + map, DR5T, 7S7V. 2m QSO OK - TR completed OK1RD, congrats.

VHF-C 2018 by: OM1TIX (1,2), OK1UFF & OM3KTR. New LNA chip. Visit of  Arecibo. Remind 2010 EME event.

VHF-C 2018 by: LX/PA1TK, SV1BJY. 5 bands QRP transceiver. PA monitor by US4ICI. Send a log to IARU list.

IARU has representative in CEPT (WGFM). Why we don't see any comment of this article? Due to GHz bands?

IARU VHF Contest 2018: OM3KII +, ON4KHG, OR6T, OK5T, OL4N +, TM9A, EE2R. VHF Newsletter IARU v.79.

Weather in OK within VHF C-test was really poor. What position in the claimed results list would match to you?

SN7L: founded on Snezka. Bulgarian 23cm PA, LNA incl. Perseids combined w.tropo by EA8BTV. 9+6cm EME.

30 years since first 3cm EME QSO. Russian EME Vestnik RA4SD. OK1RR's technical hamblog. TRX Lapwing.

Leave here on the participants list your short announce about your plan of activity in the IARU R1.VHF Contest.

Prefinal results of OK July Field day contest 2018 show OK2KKW's hattrick.  IC-7300 & 4m?  Yaesu FT-DX101.

EME 2018 - large pictures gallery and several video records (1, 2, 3, 4), combined with OK1VPZ's impressions.

On 26.8 appeared 2m Aurora in OK, more here and here. August tropo QSOs by DL6NCI, OK1TEH a OK2BFF.

Perseids 2018 by OK1DIX, OK1OTM, OK1TEH, OK1UGA, OK1VOF+2, OK2PWY, OM5CM, GM4FVM, UA stn.

Perseids 2018 by S50C, S56P, MU/SP7VC, MJ/SP7VC, DH8BQA. Holice meeting 2018 by OK1NMI, OK2AQA.

OK QRP Contest 2018 (Summer run) results. Did you visit 2018 Holice meeting? Claimed list of YU July C-test.

A bit unexpected Aurora allowed on 26.8 few nice auroral QSOs even from OK.  Overview of 2018 2m Es condx.

New signal on 2m band: OM4AJD beacon in JN98DV. Calc for reflection att. from near hill? LNA with PGA103+.

OK1FEN: QRP Contest from JN77BU. Alpe-Adria Contest by OE1WED. IN3ECI: how to connect MIC for ur TX?

Good opportunity for your first 9 & 6cm EME QSO!  Design upgrade of well-known Javornik transverter from S5.

Final results of July C-test in OM. Czech CRC didn't publish even regular prefinal list of Microwave Contest 2018.

OK1GTH publish in RZ 23cm feed by DL4MEA in the same design as OK2KKW. News by OK1EM. Added pic.

In JO22HO on 19.8 were end of the World EME convention. We have > 500 pics and prepare a report. 50. years.

Thanks to all, who wish us to jubilee. OK2GM succeeded his first EME QSO. DL6NCI is QRV µW. OK1AGC SK.

On August OK2KKW VHF-UHF web celebrate the birthday.  We'd like to say thanks to all of readers.

Non-correct results of OK Microwave C-test? CRC didn't use all available foreign logs for verification of the QSOs!

Solid state 70cm PA with components of obsolete UHF TV transmitter. QRP Contest by OM1HI. 14. years ago.

MS trips into less populated locators for MS DX QSOs. Field day by OL7C. QRP C-test: OK1KAS. AAC: OL0M.

New MS DX record. Remember how to do it. Perseids are already overhead. Do you plan make some DX QSO?

New tropo DX record IARU R1 on two metres: EI3KD wkd D4Z, QRB 4163km. QRP Contest: OM0A & SP6LUV.

In the age of 81 years passed away Czechoslovak EME legend, Jano Polec, OM3DQ (ex. OK3CTP).  RIP Jano!

Bernd DL7APV detected 3460 ly distant pulsar B0329+54 at 70cm. News of 23cm EME construction OK1UGA.

Watch 2m Es, on Aug.2 were condx to SV8. On 5.8. weekend will be held 2m Alpe Adria contest + QRP C-test.

New 2m EME Newsletter by DF2ZC.  Final results of Youth operators OK Field day 2018 + evaluator comments.

CRC released final results of May Contest. We won 70cm, on 23cm "we missed" 1.QSO. Super DX QSO 13cm.

FD 2018 by: OR6T, EI9E/p, R3KBO, R8AZ, PI4HLM, RC9YC, R2FBK, HB9HI, UR4RWO, UR4ZWF. Abt. EB104.

Be prepared for Perseids, it's good chance for MS DX QSO. Will CRC complete final result of May 2018 C-test?

UZ3I: how OMs from Donetsk took off for Field day 2018 at EU border MS trip SP7VC to GU + GJ at 2m a 4m.

10 days left: OK Summer QRP Contest 2018. SHF meeting in S5. RX OL7C in UK. List of C-test in LZ. FD Z35U.

Field day: OK1KMP, F6KFH. Results of Microwave contest in OM. And in OK? MS DX-ped.RC4HAA from LO51.

Field day: OK2A, OM3KII +, I1KFH, OK5T, ON4KHG, OL2J, F8KID, OK2KYZ, UZ3I, OL1C, F6KRK & OK1KEP.

Maybe first Es of this season, which open DX communication from JO70. 23cm single band transceiver SP3OSJ.

DL6NCI wrote about interesting QSOs: RS on 47 & 76GHz. American contest. Amateur fast Digi TV on 70MHz.

Field day: OM6A, OK2M, OM4C, OK1KTW. G4DDK: Iceni upgrade. EME Newsletter K2UYH pro 70cm  +  above.

New EME Newsletter DF2ZC. First EME QSO OK - 4L has OK1RD. New 23cm beacon in SP1. Field day: OL3Z.

69. Field day by: OK1KUO, R6DZ, OK1OHA, F5KDY, R8AFG, RW2F.  Claimed list of July contest delighted us.

VHF Newsletter IARU # 78. New connectors - replace of 75 years old N connector? Not EME, but ME. NFD G2L.

69. Field day by: OL3Y, OK2KOP, OM3KDX, OM3KTR, OK1FHI, OM3TIX +, OK1OPT, OL4N + OK2KLF. Tools.

Start of MS season of DX QSOs. On VHF across Big pond. Archived: filters for 23cm + up. Collection by DD1US.

69. Field day at: OK5K, GB0SNB, OK1RAW, GM3HAM, pics by OK1KEO, OK1ZHS + OK1VWK. Video DA0FF.

69. Field day at: R3KR, UA6LJV, RT3X, EW6BA. Competitive with your points? Thanks for your visits of our web!

69. Field day at: OK1KFH, OK2BFF, DL3IAS, DA0FF, SN7L, SP6GWB, IQ1KW, S57Q, S59DEM, S59P, S50C.

69. Field day at:  DL0GTH, OK2C, G3XDY, OK2G and PH4X. Claimed scores in: OK, OM, 9A, S5, G, PA + SP.

Report DL6NAA abt. his µW activity from Breezanddijk island - (JO23OA). Presentation about future of beacons.

Upload your announce about contest participation in Field day Contest!  It is traditional C-test!  Weather forecast.

When you will have in Field day C-test strong splatters, remember old articlesfocused to phase noise matters.

Comparison of QRA64 and JT4.  DL1YMK: support construction for EME antenna.  And how to fix it in the East?

Flurry abt. "new DXCC Z6" is probably over. Even IARU already confirms, that Z6 is a illegal prefix.  Alike as T10.

Beacon SP3VHX is QRV again. Actual measuring of beacons frequency, as received in Prague. Es above KN loc.

I5WBE sent results of Spring part of EME ARI C-test. Construction of Groenland telescope. More. Here? Shame.

New 70MHz beacon in SP9. OK2A logs from microwave C-test here. Reception of 70cm TX from Moon satellites.

µW Contest 2018 by OK2KYZ. QCX. Embarrassing note. Nordic Activity Contest 6/2018 by OK1KKA + OK1TEH. by OK2AQ. Weekend activity DH8BQA. More info by OK1GTH. Proceedings of 2014 Austin meeting.

Dubus EME 3cm C-test  by UR5LX. Pics from Gajow. Alpe Adria UHF C-test 2018 OK2KKW. 3cm blog BD4SY.

Dubus EME 3cm C-test  by: OK1CA, OK1KIR & OK2ULQ. First 3cm QSO OK - BY wkd by OK1KIR. Congrats!

Nifty component for 23cm PA design. 3cm beacon in Kaliningrad (UA2). Advanced reminder. Satelite "Field day".

Confirmed: prefix Z6 is illegal. UK enlarged 70MHz. 3 cm EME. Presentations from Scandinavian meeting: 1, 2, 3.

µW Contest 2018 by OK2A. Two new beacons in Slovakia. Invitation by S51FB. Newsline podcast and combiner.

µW Contest 2018 by: OK2M, I1KFH, OK1JKT. RS in June & 10GHz remote. Contest weekend: 1, 2 + 3. More +.

Let's believe, weather during July Field day will be better. QRO relay for 144MHz. On 4m we found 4X1GA via Es.

K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 432 MHz + higher bands. On 17.6. don't miss Alpe Adria UHF Contest.

Reminder: On 16 to 17. June will be held 70MHz (+ 6m) IARU Contest. 4X has 4m band. Published logs + errors.

µW Contest 2018 by: OK1KUO, OK1OPT, OL4K, DL3IAS, PA0O & S59P. DL2AM updated articles (year 2017).

Unexpected tropo at OK1TEH + SO3Z. Did SP6GWN's meeting harmed good tradition? 2m MS expedition JO98.

µW Contest 2018 by: OK1UFF, OM3PV, DL6NCI JO72, DJ5AR, OE3JPC > 23 +13cm, IQ1KW, 9A2SB, YU1LA.

µW Contest 2018 by: OK1RW, OK1ZHS, OK2C and DL0GTH. Claimed scores in OK, OM, 9A, S5, PA, SP, EU.

Results of Q-team's microwave EME expedition to EA6. SP7DCS wrote presentation about his 50years on EME.

Toshio, JA6AHB announced his new world EME records, congratulation!  Don't miss everyday Es on 2m and 4m.

New 2m beacon SR8ZBW in KN09RR. G4SWX wrote to Newsletter IARU. First 6/3cm QSO EA6-OK did OK1KIR.

ARI EME Contest 2018 by: OK1CA, OK1DIX, OK1TEH, OK1YK and SP6JLW. Well known DF5NK become S.K.

How many EME QSO initials were collected by OK1KIR? Congrats!  OK1UGA construction steps on 23cm EME.

GDPR and a web pages of OK2KKW. DL6NCI trip to launch JO72AK locator on microwaves. Weather in Contest.

DL3IAS sent report from rainscatter condx 27.5.  Monday's 2m Es doesn't hit OK stations. Remind to µW C-test!

Find the place on the map and locator. What PA3CRX wrote as a response to IARU Newsletter. And what CRC?..

May VHF-C: DM7A, OK1UFF.  Update of table - best antennas by VE7BQH.  VHF / UHF Newsletter IARU nr. 77.

How to fix FT847 failure due to reverse polarity of the DC supply? History of the SSB on microwaves in OK: part 5.

May VHF-C:  OK2A. OL100LU: who from OK hams has born in Austrian-Hungarian Kingdom? DKARS magazine.

Contest logs of OK2A from May VHF-C. Contest report in preparation. Map of DL amateurs QTH. UHF traffic que.

May VHF-C: OL1C, DF0TEC, OL4A, OK2PVX, OL6A, EI3KD, in LZ. Antenna for remote rig? Did you met Woken?

May VHF-C: OK2PNQ, OL3Y, F8KID + F6KRK. What you wkd in ARI EME C-test on 70 up? 70cm on Moon orbit.

May VHF-C: SO3Z + DF0YY. Step by step development of DL7APV antenna. Video by Dirk ON5GS: EME + MS.

May VHF-C: OK2M. Unusual setup of contest stack. Ireland is waiting for amateur radio bands on the edge of HF.

May VHF-C: OM3KII, OL3Z. EME Newsletter K2UYH for 70cm + up. 4m beacon SR9FHK. Es beacon TF1VHF +.

May VHF-C.2018: OK1NPF. C8T: game is over. Contest results were updated by VHF + UHF C-tests IARU 2017.

May VHF-C: DL0GTH, OK1KUO, OL4N + pic, OM4C, OM3PV. Photos of OK1AIY from Kozákov microwaves day.

Es season started at 70MHz, and even on two metres as well. Mods of SPSU. Did you wkd on 2m Mozambique?

No QSO with Ukraine is possible legally on 1296 + 10368MHz. 6m beacon A71A is QRV again for new Es season.

Final results of the March VHF Contest in OK, OM. Pics of PE1RKI products. PA from Thailand, Indonesia? Web.

May VHF-C.2018: DH8BQA, F8KID, HA5KDQ, HA6W, PH4X, PI4GN, S59P & ON8CF/p. On-line claimed score.

May VHF-C.18: OK1KFH, OK1KPA, OK1OPT, OK2G, OK5K, OL4K, DK5AI, DJ5AR, IQ1KW, G3XDY, ON4KHG. 144 MHz OK - C8 QSO assigned to OK1RD. Congrats. Preparation of 23cm EME trips Rhode Island, 4U1ITU.

Take care! Lightning: 1 + 2. Ham radio HF design and fixation?  Where amateur's can transmit: in UA & UR. More.

May subregional C-test 2018 was accompanied by nice weather. Claimed scores in OK, OM, 9A, S5, PA, G, SP.

Leave your announce about participation in the May VHF/UHF Contest 2018, weather forecast you may see here.

Active mixer and multiplier for 134GHz band. About digital operation mode + OK1RR comment. Collection of links.

Technical web R3GC. Unusual failure FT847. 3 digit LED display PCB for rotator. VK3ANX's web for constructors.

How to lock IC706MKII in frequency reference. OK2DL fixed problem with his 23cm 250W RKI' module. SV9 /4m.

Dubus EME-C. 23cm by: OK1CA, OK1KIR, OK1YK, OK2DL, OK2ULQ, SP6JLW, PI9CAM & ON5GS + YouTube.

We did big update of QSL cards for the firsts QSOs abroad and > 6m DX records (check out 23 and 9cm EME).

Dubus 23cm EME Contest 2018 by: DL6SH, F6ETI, G3LTF, G4BAO, IK1FJI, LA3EQ + W4OPTwitter EA3HMJ.

New DXCC for OK. FK8CP will be QRV 29-30.4. 70MHz in DL - temp.allocation for Es season. 6m beacon A71A.

EME convention info. VHF-pedice Lesotho is QRV. EME activity from Mauritius is over. Start of RS season in OK.

Results of March contest for final check. LNA stability: older, but useful info W5LUA. LNA and SSPA by AD6IW.

EME Newsletter DF2ZC for 144MHz band. For sale. 10GHz beacon SR9XHK is QRV again. At 3cm from Kosovo.

Consider brilliant EME condx! OK1TEH wkd PJ6E in EME QSO single/single Y.  First 2m QSO OK-PJ6: OK1RD.

Unusual project of OH2BNF: where to go this way? Friedrichshafen replaces Microwave C-test? No!  Even China.

K2UYH released new EME Newsletter for 432 MHz + higher bands. June EME from Wyoming. YU7XL comments.

Construction and the replacement of LCD display for popular old FT290R transceiver, suitable as IF for µW bands.

High level amateur development by OK2TPQ. Lithium cells news. Technical web of VA3IUL. Funkamateur E-shop.

200W PA for 70cm band designed for commercial purpose. OK1RKS activity. Amateur radio - state of the hobby.

On Sunday has held traditional Czech activity Contest. Check the 144, 432 + above bands after 10h. of local time.

DM7A team trip to KO17- 18 - 19. Anti TVI filtr for HF, VHF, UHF bands. UA3DJG EME trip 2006. News SP3RNZ.

Licence rules in U.K. RSGB defended valuable segments of 13 + 9 cm. VHF trips: 3B8 (?), 7P + maybe as well C8

What has published here 10 years ago: QRP EME on 1296MHz. Analysis of VHF-C 2008 & "fascinating hobby".

Stratospheric lightning annonce start of Es season? Meeting, where we are not invited. Success secrets on VHF.

Well-known HEMT transistors of ATF family are on End of life. RIP!  Why OK2KKW club sugested 9cm changes.

Rise of EME activity on 6cm and fall in OK. Still actual reading about QSL. VHF + microwaves activities in Texas.

Missing Connecticut for WAS?  Next days we'll send delayed glass pints for winners of MČR VHF championship.

EME Vestnik RA4SD. Sad reality of amateur activity 2018 year?  Have you KN02 loc? Newsletter SBMS 1,2,3,4.

Rich activity in NAC of April.4, OZ included.  Email conference OK - list of CRC for someone only has alternative.

Czech Easter VHF Contest by: OK1KFH, OK1TEH, OK1ZHS, OK2KJI. DJ5AR written abt.reception  DB0TUD/B.

Australian VHF DX records. Fragments: OK1VM abt. March-C. + OL3Z PA3/18. CR2EME: time is gone. 2m IOTA.

Remind the Czech Easter VHF Contest.  EME Newsletter K2UYH for 70cm & above. First QSO OK - BY at 6cm.

Claimed International points list of March VHF Contest. And where is your call? Try truly unusual MS experiment!

2.nd part of IARU UHF Contest results. With delay we got sad info, that legendary HB9RG is SK. More. CR2EME.

OK1TEH report from March VHF Contest. He needs last 2 states only for WAS with single Yagi.  UHF IARU final.

EME trip to Cuba postponed to Jan. 2019. CR2EME. Three VHF meetings: 1, 2, 3. Written already 13 years ago.

Fake or mistake (?) of 23cm hybrid PA module Mitsubishi RA18H1213G.  Final result of Winter OK QRP contest.

Claimed results of the March VHF contest in DL. First OK -TD na 70cm. 800mW IC for 70cm. Kit 600W UHF PA.

New 2m EME Newsletter DF2ZC for March. CR2EME trip with Tajfun. 13cm EME. OK1KHI/p is still the very best.

Coaxial attenuators here plus thin instrument cables. Effective reading for µW designers. Microwave components.

Handy wattmetr with counter to 13cm & 50W. G3LTF proposal: weekends. EME on GHz from EA6. G7DDN letter.

March VHF Contest by: DL0GTH, DM7A, OK2KLF.  23cm SSPA modules: US4ICI, W6PQL, PE1RKI + SM4DNH.

23cm transverters EU2AA, VK5EME, KK7B, W1GHZ, VK4ADC, VK5TX, LZ5HP, F1OPA, Down East Microwave.

Will be on Mont Blanc 10GHz beacon? Sad to say: in OK WI-FI ISPs have priority on 10GHz. March Contest in F.

On Tuesday 13.3. will be held again the Nordic, Polish, Italian activity contests on 70cm. March VHF claimed list.

Some statistics from the last IARU VHF + UHF Contest & MMC. March VHF Contest: OK2PNQ, OK2M, OM7KW.

How the part of Serbia received contrary to government decision marking of new DXCC. PA2CHR abt.last DX-ped.

New EME Vestnik RA4SD. How to calibrate VA N1201SA. DX-ped. Z6EME. Consideration: Linux and ham radio.

Dan Glanc OK1DIG passed away due to fatal sickness. RIP! First 2m QSO OK - V26 assigned to Slavek OK1CU.

March VHF Contest by: OM3KII. 28MHz / 70cm transverter G4DDK. Power restriction 200W + licence cut in SM?

W/o measurment is no knowledge: USB spectrum analyzer up to 6GHz. USB signal generator 4GHz. IR camera.

March VHF Contest by: OL4K, OK5T, OK1KFH, OK1NPF, OK1UFF, OK2KOJ, 9A1CRS. Small broadband driver.

March VHF Contest by: OK1AIY/P, OK1OPT + pic, SM7LCB. 1kW 2m PA (900$). GHz Tagung Dorsten @ DR5T.

March VHF Contest by: OL4N + 2, OM3KTR, IQ1KW.  Claimed score from: 9A, S5, OK, OM, SP, PA, UK, IARU.

SW YagiCAD for antenna design here. V26PD will be QRV at 2m. DB6NT offers new 1/4 W (!) 76GHz transverter.

If you plan to be on 14.4 in KO85, consider this. March Contest by OK5K, OK1KPA, SP8MRD, DA0WRTC + UK.

Well known EME OM UA4HTS died. RF measuring bridge from e-Bay. Home made counter 2.part. Silent kW PA.

Web calc for dynamic wind loading of the dish antenna.  Are you ready give away the contest points? Cuba EME.

Large offer of µW products. Update of the beacons list on G0LGS web. Splitters + combiners phase set for SSPA.

Pics from DX-pedition Guatemala.  EME 23cm PA F5JWF. Weather for March contest: slush. Your participation?

Amateur radio community still wait for beacon on the Moon. Will Vodafone help us? First 1296MHz QSO OK - TD.

FT818: new IF transceiver, good for microwaves bands, or just a facelift of FT817ND?  76GHz waweguide bending.

Short view to F8KHO. More. We got an email of OE5VRL. DX-pedition Guatemala on air. First QSO wkd OK1RD.

Useful SW tool. DB6NT discount prices. New RF detectors. Promising transistor. DG0VE shop is gone. He's SK.

Transverter from LZ as well for 13cm. More. Splatters + next ugliness from digital mode FT8 TX. GEOsat use 3cm.

EME 23cm ODU F6ETI. Bulgarian transverter. More. 23cm feed of the same source. DUBUS Contest in few days.

Milan OK1VHF is SK. He was one of legendary OK VHF DX-guys. VHF DX-ped. to Guatemala and Curacao PJ2.

Czech VHF Championship results for 2017 here. On 70cm tropo "by the fireside" in Feb. NAC. FT rigs TCXO units.

EME by OK2PE in Feb.2018. EME project SM7GVF. DK5AI: 23cm - first Moon signals. EME reflections on 15m!

From Nepal on two meters? W6PQL starts production of commercial 23cm 600W PA. 144MHz Zig-zack antenna.

Test operation: 2m DX Cluster w/o FT8 modes. Compare 6m here + here. QSL for 2m OK QSO w. Indonesia.

Prefinal European results of the IARU UHF/SHF Contest 2017. International list of CW Marconi memorial Contest.

Al Katz K2UYH + Bernd DF2ZC released theirs EME NewsLetters for 144MHz as well as for 70cm & above bands.

DX-pedition Bouvet again? Unfortunately only on wrong bands. OK2KCE: sensors pics for AZ/EL. Web of G0ISW.

70cm Rainmaker type antenna is good for EME. At times are diploma thesis fairly close to amateur radio issues.

Amateur radio kits prices from East of Ukraine. EME report of OK1CA.  Last 144MHz NAC OK1TEH's QSO map.

Chinese kit of 150W (?) solid state 2m PA. More.  Annual rent fee for space + energy of OK0EP beacon has paid.

Reports from the OK Winter QRP Contest: OK2PPK, OK1IPS + OK1VM. Electromobiles charging on 160m band?

Winter QRP QSOs made by OK1TEH on 144 + 432 MHz from home. Attendance record. 10GHz Air scatter QSO.

Funny Czech results of UHF/SHF Contest 2017. Local oscillator for transverter. Preparation of Guatemala DX-ped.

24GHz gear by OZ1LPR: 20W + 1.4dBnf. QRP test. DX-pedition 3Y0Z: aborted landing. Meeting. OM4EX 2m EME.

Japanese producer of amateur radio PAs. More. 2m PA M1BXF. EME C-test reports: OK2DL, OK2ULQ, OK1CA.

Access into hidden menu of FT991 transceiver. When will start operation of 3Y0Z? How to fix ICOM 746 PA driver.

Can be CRC democratic national IARU member? No. Long 70cm antenna GTV70-34. SBMS news. QRO LPF 2m.

Video channel by DJ3JJ with collection of 23cm EME QSOs. Video of Northern lights nr. TF (from board of plane).

What paint for EME 10GHz dish?  Transverter 28/144MHz by R1ZH.  Activity development in CW DUBUS Contest.

Suitable stabilizer for low noise XO? Dirk ON5GS via SSB EME. More. Similar to Oscar 7, satellite has "awaken".

Questions to the evaluation of (not only) OK Cristmas Contest? WA3LBI SK. OM3ID's update of OM beacons list.

Use of forgotten antenna for ordinary VHF bands.  OK Christmas C-test result. F5SE memorial EME Fun Contest.

CRC after all released prefinal Czech results of UHF / SHF Contest for public check. Spring VHF meetings: 1, 2, 3.

OK0EP is a private UHF beacon in operation since 1981. But the nr.of spots is decreasing. Should it be turned off?

Harmonic traps from UK VHF manager. More. Do you know abt. rich IOT communication on 2.harmonic of 70cm?

Exciting World of amatur radio communication in 10GHz band by AF6NA. VHF DX book by G3SEK and his team.

Invitation by ARRL for this weekend!  On Feb.4 will be held Winter QRP Contest.  G-fast interference. Space com.

What new on W1GHZ web pages. Proposal. RT2M web. A bit old PA by IT9VKYMuseum. For simple oscilators.

Fix your antenna! Strong wind (JO60, JO61, JO70) forecast. MMC VHF 2017 OK results. UHF C-test? Nothing yet.

OK Christmas contest results for final check. Interesting messages to opinion poll: most wanted DXCC & locators.

OK2TPQ improves his rotator control system. Big dish EME test in IO70JB. SPSU for your SSPA? Cheap bridge.

Contests calendar  2018 by DARC. Well-known OM3KII club has 60.years anniversary. They are focuse to VHF+.

Transceiver IC7610 is maybe still behind K3S. Microwave trips of DL6NCI. Update: 1, 2. Please help us w.upgrade.

New 2m EME NewsLetter DF2ZC.  Reminder to 3cm DX record. 6m beacon A71A QRV. Home made µW counter.

137kHz? Read this article. QSO by airplane scatter on 10GHz. IC7300 + transverter. Your proposal? Another radio.

Tropo log OK1TEH from first week 2018. VHF Newsletter IARU 76. On Feb.3 will be Contest Romagna + OK QRP.

Heelweg, Dorsten, Seigy meetings. Useful web Microwaves101 doesn't works on more PCs. Use another browser.

Bad polarity protection. Web page PA4TIM. DX-ped. 3Y0Z - soon on air. GHz antennas DJ6IY. Subscription 1 + 2.

Arecibo back in game. What OK2PMS worked via Geminids. Real long Yagi antenna. ARRL EME Contest results.

Polish PZK supports activity on VHF bands and due to it announced 6 hours contest within subregional contests.

Re-evaluation of MMC in OK - any comments till Jan. 7th, pse.  VK3ANX moontracker. Where to buy a circulator.

23cm PA: 600W out with one transistor. Programmable GPS based frequency standard. MS peak time prediction.

Overnight 3 to 4.January await MS shower Quadrantids. OK1EM: 76GHz transverter of 4. generation. Scatterpoint.

Radioclub OK2KKW wish to all readers of this web lot of happiness, good health, friendship & peaceful year 2018!

PA2CHR has video from EME DX-ped. 3DA0MB. Invitation into NAC/IAC activity test. NAC: OK1KKA + OK1TEH.

DARC sent us cups for winner of Region 1 UHF/SHF Contest 2015.  CRC till now not completed UHF-C-test 2017.

On 27th December suddenly became silent key (in age of 78) Jan Szarowski, OK2BFH, Czech VHF legend, RIP!

K2UYH released new EME NewsLetter for 432MHz + above. OK1TEH's 2m report from Czech Xmas contest 2017.

IARU Survey results, focused to possible changes of VHF Contests. IARU Contest rules for next year. Comments.

During Christmas look up to starlights and remind two voyagers. 2m MS OJ9X. DUBUS EME Contest dates 2018.

DARC requests report from hamradio users, how are amateur radio bands interfered. We look forward to CRC ask.

New EME NewsLetter DF2ZC focused on 144MHz. G4CQM antennas. Prefix 1L on 2m?  Evaluation of U/SHF-C?

We've just got sad news that well known Franck Tonna, F5SE (son of F9FT) died on 20th December. RIP Franck..

New 423/2017 Sb. Act: National frequency table - frequency allocation as well as for amateur radio service in OK.

Link to 2017 News.

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